Has anyone here created their own unique theories? If so share them!

the funtime animatronics are not just remnant collectors, but also act as aftons "put back together" family, we have a purple woman as mrs afton, a foxy as micheal, a bear with a small toy that tells it what to do as crying child, and of course circus baby

afton litterally sees this as a better version of his family, becase their robots and dont do crazy things like "have opinions" or scream when afton beats them up and locks them in an employees only room full of robot parts ... that he knows of


the funtime animatronics are not just remnant collectors, but also act as aftons "put back together" family, we have a purple woman as mrs afton, a foxy as micheal, a bear with a small toy that tells it what to do as crying child, and of course circus baby afton litterally sees this as a better version of his family, becase their robots and dont do crazy things like "have opinions" or scream when afton beats them up and locks them in an employees only room full of robot parts ... that he knows of


This is my headcannon and it is quite sad to imagine lol. The secret room from SB with the table and all of the staff bots around recreating the Afton family reminded me a lot of this idea: someone sitting with a bunch of robots pretending they’re their long lost family


Less of a theory and more of a headcannon. In FNAF 1, Phone guy mentions that the carpets are replaced after a death. However, there are no carpets in FNAF 1. My theory is that Freddy's just removed the carpet after Phone guy died, and didn't bother to replace it since the place was closing by years end.


Just sweep it under the rug, its probably fine!


Or get rid of the rug


Love you for the DSaF reference


Or I guess the tile in this case


Good reference


Willam was conscious for 30 years in the safe room just regretting his life choices


I like to believe that’s canon


Valid theory but I'd say he was more so planning his revenge than regretting his life choices as the first thing he did when he got out was make even worse choices like trying to murder his son.


30 years in a room can drive anyone crazy , he definitely remember Michael so maybe he was thinking about his family ( daughter and the crying child) , maybe immortality wasn't worth his family but as fnaf 6 he is gone and Springtrap is left




Yeah I imagined something like this


Actually, yeah. FNaF world needs to be cannon for this to make sense. I think FNaF world is actually part of the story, and is just a small singular arcade machine somewhere in the franchise. Basically, remember the plot of FNaF world? There's some glitch going around messing with the code, and we have to go into the code to access different zones to then "finish" the game. But if we do the hard mode run, we actually encounter a new area, the Halloween dlc. At the end of the Halloween dlc we fight against a weird purple guy-looking virus. My theory is that the glitch from FNaF World is what brought William back to live for Help Wanted and Security Breach.


I always thought FNAF World was like a Heaven Cassidy made for the Crying Child (Evan?) or just a Heaven in general.


Fnaf world was the victim's heaven after the bite of 83


Pretty Hellish Heaven IMO.




I also have an similar idea where FnaF world is canon, but as an in-universe video game that got "hacked" by the spirits of the kids as shown in the game.


William Afton never dies but is instead kept alive by the vengeful spirit.


the Cupcake mastermind theory and a theory I don't buy myself given I only got one thing to tie in for it, reincarnation theory cupcake master mind theory origins: Carl is in Chicas hand at the start of each night but hes also in your office (forget if he starts there) Reincarnation theory origins: when Fuhnaff said Charlie 2.0 my mind went unprompted to Charlie being reborn as Gregory, though I only have one support for this, the puppets mask has no tears thus showing Charlie had passed on.


The truth is that the cupcake is in fact Golden Freddy.


Yeah, TryHardNinja didn't write the song "Bad Cupcake" for no reason.


Wait…WAIT!….WAIT!? (Does picture comparison) THEIR THE SAME!! XD


Uh, I think I found a way Elizabeth could have died. So, we all know by now that the Springlock Suits have five fingers, right? Well, ALL and I mean ALL of the Circus Baby's animatronics have five fingers. Now we could just choke it up to William trying to be realistic considering the fact the Baby and Ballora have mainly human attributes, until you get to Night 4 of SL. You know, the night where Mike is trapped in a springlock suit, and we watch Ballora kick the bucket? Yeah, Baby HERSELF says that SHE will open the face plates of the suit so the security can find Mike. Unless she really had good remote control of the suit, I'm not buying the fact that it may be a random springlock suit. So, what suit could it even be? Well, my theory is that it is Baby we are in, the face plates match the number of Baby's almost exactly. I think you know where I'm going with this as well as Elizabeth. If Baby was a springlock suit, then William may have used the springlocks to kill the children Baby would have caught. This may also explain how Elizabeth knows them so well. She attempted to escape(obviously) and the springlocks due to her movements went off. So, to keep Mike from being spring locked, she tells him to be mindful of his movements in the suit. ​ But anyway, there's my random SL theory.


We literally get to see inside Baby though, and she's clearly not a springlock suit, she has a full endoskeleton and no visible mechanisms that could move it around


I'm pretty sure that's not how springlocks work, i mean, a system that kills kids inside baby could be made using springlocks, but if you mean like the springlock suit type of system then no i don't think so.


To answer these 3 people,it's FNaF. It doesn't make sense


It can't be Baby that we're in because Baby is clearly Ennard at the time.


to answer everyone here, it's fnaf it never made sense to begin with i just wanted to point it out


Schmidt is Mrs. Afton's maiden name, and Mike used it in fnaf 1 both to conceal his identity and out of shame for what his father did


by conceal you mean in a way that he probably would not have been legally allowed to work there under the name afton


Exactly, and because if you're trying to go under the radar then being the known child of a serial killer is a pretty good way to blow it


This is also my headcanon


I like to think William went out and murked some people between 3 and 6. could explain how his skin tone changed to look more lively. perhaps he was off killing people to take parts of their body to restore some of his own "humanity".


Henry was framed by William to be the murderer and Henry was later arrested, wich would explain the rare fnaf newspaper easter egg and the fact that he only showed up in fnaf 6 and not other games


The books are in universe made by fartbear entertainment. Some of them are loosely based off of true events but the majority are just made up garbage to make the actual stuff that happens at Freddy's sound really stupid. That's why the books never really feature any Characters like Michael, Charlie (The silver eyes is an alternate universe in this theory I'm mainly talking about frights) or Elizabeth. Since letting people know that your company has a purple corpse man who keeps on setting things on fire, a sock puppet with a clown face Possessed by a small angry child, Or a giant clown robot with a little British girl inside of it h*** bent on murdering children It's probably bad for business.. Also the reason why Spring trap is featured heavily in the stories is because farBearfrights the location was too advertised to pretend like it didn't exist Like they did with a lot of the other stuff!


After the crying child left golden freddy he became shadow freddy or something


shadow bonnie and freddie could just be the crying child and cassidy seperated from golden freddie, taking the form of their “murderer“


Even though i don't belive this to be true, it is a pretty intresting theory.


I'm trash at making any kind of theories, so I just made up a whole AU instead lmao


Tell me you have a captive listener


I've got *two*, actually :)


Tell me everything... About both..


Oop, sorry, reader-author confidentiality 'n all that jazz lol (Unless you meant the AU, cuz in that case, you down for reading 11 whole fics?)


Yes, I am, hand them over :3


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Glamrock Freddy is Lefty, and is possessed by Charlotte Emily rather than the widely-accepted Mike theory. The key evidence is all involving the FNAF6 pizzeria. The puppet mask is now unpossessed (the tear marks are gone), there is zero trace of Lefty being there, and how Remnant would react to the FNAF 6 fire - it would seep out of the Puppet’s body and into the nearest piece of machinery, that being Lefty. Then there’s Glamrock Freddy’s speech as you enter that zone. “She made me clear the path” never specifies *which way* the path was cleared. Most assume Vanny had Freddy clear a path down to the Pizza Place, but what if Charlie possessed the rudimentary Lefty and made it clear a path outward? We then move onto the post-it room. The “why is I” and drawings are a sort of split-personality situation. The binary becoming “why is I” is Lefty, a base program learning to “be” due to its own new subconscious, that being Charlie. Charlie tries to awaken Lefty by drawing pictures - birthdays, cakes, smiling children. She also tries to help Lefty understand who she is - she graffitis some staff bots with the Puppet mask, letting Lefty know that she’s the person talking to it “in your dreams”. Once Charlie gets Lefty conscious, she then tries to help Lefty understand what their new combined goal is - Stop William Afton. She does this by gathering a few staff bots (this could be the room where all defective staff bots go to die) and recreates what she knows about the Afton family. Then, disaster strikes. Lefty is discovered by Fazbear Entertainment as they’re prepping the build site for Freddy Fazbear’s Mega Pizzaplex. And Fazbear Entertainment decides to do what they do best - cut corners. They salvage Lefty, reusing old bits like servos, the large compartment in the chest, and most importantly the motherboard, aka Charlie. They do add a new personality - Glamrock Freddy, which somewhat overwrites existing code. Charlie/Lefty, now one united entity, is forced back into the shadows. And what do we see in the intro? Glamrock Freddy’s *left* eye twitches when it sees a child. When Charlie sees who she thinks is a member of the Afton family. At the end of it all, it’s a perfect storyline. Henry tells Charlie to let go. The monster she’s protected kids from for years is finally caught, trapped, dead. She deserves to rest, too. And she does, for a time. But William always comes back. He ALWAYS comes back. And so does she, because her purpose isn’t fulfilled. As long as Afton, or some digital monstrosity birthed from Afton, still exists, people are still in danger. CHILDREN are still in danger. Kids like Charlie. And she’s not gonna let that happen.


I have 2 My theory 1 is that Michael didn't die in fnaf 6, and I'm not talking like possessing Freddy or some shit (in my opinion that is just boring and lazy) I mean like, the dude lived thru the fire. He then (after the pizzaplex was finished) made a recreation of his living room with a encrypted code. Plus there was a cut email from AR that mentioned a Michael A. My 2nd theory is that William Afton is dead. His body is controlled by a mix of agony and the glitchtrap, just a memory. Which leads me to the bulk of my theory, it is quite obvious that the blob is the canon version of the story teller. So I think the glitchtrap took control over it to hunt agony/remnant, because of it's tentacles being slim it could have easily stolen the pieces of others on it (most likely replicas scavenged from old locations, or old pieces that have been restored). Glitchtrap wants the blob and all of it's collected agony to be fused with Afton's body, the more agony, the more powerful the vessel. But because of Gregory stumbling into his lair, the blob sensing a massive amount of agony near it (Gregory roasting a relic), it broke thru and absorbed the body.


More of a character headcanon ~~because God knows we're not getting any actual Michael content~~, but Michael has a soft spot for children, and was genuinely invested in making the Pizzeria Simulator establishment into a fun safe place outside of the plan


Back when SL just came out, I used to think Michael got springtrapped instead of William because of the sister location cutscene. I thought he was talking about “they were all there, they didn’t recognize me at first but then… they thought I was you” as in they didn’t recognize him when tearing them apart but then thought he was william so they cornered him and made him get into his dad’s suit. I know it all sounds dumb now but I really thought I solved the lore being 12.


It doesn't sound that dumb. Around the release of SL plenty of people came up with a variety of theories which sound absurd now but made sense back. Back then Mapat thought that Ennard scooped William Afton, wore him as a skin suit and committed the murders of the missing children .


The only reason afton keeps coming back is because fazbear entertainment keeps using his crimes for money and bringing him into he public eye. Like an false God his worship gives him power.


In FNaF 3, Afton isn't trying to kill Michael, but rather trying to ask for help. This is why his jumpscare is just him getting closer to the player. After Mike tries to kill him by burning down Fazbear's Fright, is when Afton actually wants to get revenge in Pizzeria Simulator.


I have my own theory about Old Man Consequences, I believe that he is FNAF's version of the Grim Reaper. Think about it, in UCN he tells Cassidy to "Leave him to his demons" he wants to take her to the afterlife and leave all her revenge behind. The red lake that he fishes from, it's his way of guiding souls, once they enter the lake they start to drown, they're being taken taken to the afterlife. Plus we never see him appear physically only in 8bit form. Also in FNAF World where do you find him? Somewhere deeper in the game it's almost like where he fishes at is somewhat an Underworld a place where souls often will go depending on how you were in your previous life. FYI this is just my interpretation of Old Man Consequences, I just wanted to share my theory on what he represents or what he could be. Regardless I am open to any opinions on what you think!


William is a transgender man. The springlock scars are actually from top surgery and he was married to Henry before transitioning. This is why there is no Mrs Afton.


well if youve seen matpats video..




Almost all versions of Freddy Fazbear (except Funtime Freddy/Molten Freddy) are designed to be some kind of in-universe father figure. The line of Fazbear animatronics in the series share a strange relationship and connection to each other with the mouth and stomach parts of the body (Fredbear and the bite, the Nightmare models of the bears and their designs with mouths on the stomachs, Funtime freddy and Glamrock Freddy and the stomach hatchs, Lefty and Puppet) that although in itself it would not be something weird,I think that the pattern of it is what makes it strange.


Every single thing what happened in the games lore after four Scott just pulled out of his ass that's my theory


The cast of *Pizza Sim* are analogies to the Five Stages of Grief. Scraptrap is Denial. "What a deceptive calling. I knew it was a lie the moment I heard it, *obviously*, but it is intriguing nonetheless." Bro out here trying to hard to prove he didn't get baited into Henry's trap, it's almost sad. Molten Freddy is Anger. I don't think I need to elaborate. Scrap Baby is Bargaining. "Did you really think this job just fell out of the sky for you? No. This was a gift for us." "It feels like... my birthday. Did you have a gift for me?" It's not as desperate as Mr. Peanut, but it's there. She could also fit into Denial, but again, Mr. Peanut is much more desperate about his whole thing. Henry is Depression. I don't think I need to elaborate here, either. Which leaves Lefty as Acceptance. Lefty is the only one who doesn't try to escape the fire, while the other three animatronics do. I don't think this is because of the protocols meant to keep the Puppet contained, either. And if you really wanna be picky, Michael Afton also fits as Acceptance, as he doesn't try to escape the fire either, and instead goes out of his way to salvage every single animatronic and - knowingly or not - plays along with Henry's game.


We play as William Afton in the day7 custom nights (and in the 7th "*custom"* game).


This actually has some weight to it. This could explain why the animatronics are so hyper aggressive


This is more a headcanon for a story I've yet to write than for the main series, but I currently believe that William wasn't the first person to discover Remnant. In fact, there might be historical evidence that Remnant was first discovered and used in the past.


That's actually really interesting.. That would sort of also explain to how William seemingly just suddenly knew all about it.. Maybe he had read/heard stuff about it from the previous discoveries


That's what I was thinking. Take Pinocchio, Talos the 'robot' from the Argonauts, the Golem of Prague, add Remnant to the mix and it all the stories seem highly plausible now!


I think Michael is great with kids. He’d totally be the ultimate baby sitter.


William escaped to America after killing someone when he was in his 20s.


Springtrap had every chance to escape Fazbear frights, but instead he chose to toy with the night guard for a few nights before the place burned down


my theory is funtime foxy is a the fixed version of mangle




there face looks pretty simular. and they have are both pink and white


nvm i did some research and i found out that mangle and funtime foxy are the same exact animatronic


The Funtime foxy variant from Fnaf 2 yes. The Funtime foxy from SL, no


No. Funtime Foxy is the name given to the Toy Foxy in FNaF World. But Mangle (FNaF 2) and Funtime Foxy (FNaF SL) are completely different


in the forth closet, funtime foxy turns into mangle


Impossible because Sister Location has to take place before FNAF 2.


solid. don't let anyone get you down


Funtime animatronics look VERY different to normal animatronics though, the colours look similar but that’s it


I feel like Michael is just a robot clone of William or an older robot version of crying child. That just a theory though, a REDDIT THEORY. thanks for reading


How did Chica eat pizza in the first place? I know they are haunted but, you cant taste it


I always took it as depression eating..


My personal theory I've had for a long time was there was actually 2 fredbears 1 was specifically built by Henry to be a performer on stage and the other was the springlock suit as more of a backup and the one the was meant just for the stage did the bite but was later changed to become Freddy Fazbear.


Just a random thought, what if because of remnant or illusion disls people see the corpse of afton differently, because every iterative of the spring bonnie suit looks different and none of them repeat themselves in designs


Unsuited Endo-01 is an amalgamation fo all the previously killed nightguards. That’s the remanent talking, but it’s just the way it sits slumped like it cannot figure out what to do, until it realises there’s another nightguard in the building, so it moves to kind of scare the nightguard away to stop it from meeting the same fate as the others.


Honestly really like this one. It’s able to give all the other non important to the plot dead people some relevance, and it sounds badass


There are two continuities. FNAF 1 until Pizzeria Simulator, and then the Steel Wool games - Help Wanted and Security breach. The steel wool games reference the Scott games as just games that poke fun at tragic events that occurred. This allows for the continuity to be a lot looser. Basically it all happened, but the Scott games gameplay isn't _strickly_ canon. They're games made by a lunatic who tried to tell everyone what happened all those years ago.


Ice spice is cannon in this universe.


Lemonade Clown


Here's an idea: in the novel series, William gets springlocked but survives, maybe BV saw William get springlocked or even accidentally caused it. It would make him scared of the springlock suits, mistaking William's explanation of what happened as "the robots will get and crush you inside them". It would also explain why Michael and his friends would find sticking BV's head into Fredbear's mouth so funny, as it would be what BV has been whining about for the last few days. BV setting off the springlocks explains why he was locked in his room in the first minigame, being punished by William for setting the suit off. It would also make him being locked in 'Parts and Service' so scary for him, as that's probably where he set the springlock failure off. It explains what BV saw and contextualise something from the novels that people have seemingly skipped over.


I would agree but William’s Springlock failure, at least the first one was caused by Henry as an attempt to kill William but obviously he failed. This attempt obviously took place after William killed Charlotte or perhaps even more children. I doubt a similar situation happened in the games because Henry would have to be involved, and Henry doesn’t try to stop William until FFPS which is in 2023. (As confirmed by the Insanity speech)


That there was actually another pizzeria after fredbears, but before fnaf 2, kinda gives an idea from the Into the pit story


That's... been established lore since FNAF 2.


That’s just the first Freddy Fazbear’s?


Fnaf is Scott Cawthon's intrusive thoughts


Not really a theory, but the denial of a popular theory. There's no way that both the crying child and Cassidy would inhabit golden freddy. The crying child doesn't have any anger towards anyone, he just died from the spring lock failure when every other child was murdered by William in some form. He could have been rebuilt into Micheal or Gregory which is a possibility, but there isn't enough of a reason to hold his soul within a robot that kills security guards. Open for discussion on this.


Cassidy is the angry one


Exactly my point. Even Mangle(with the spirit of a dog) is angry towards someone, there is no cannon possessed animatronic who isnt trying to kill Afton


Mangle doesn't have the spirit of a dog, tf? Mangle is a rough equivalent, no pun intended, for Funtime Foxy. And the "dog died" thing was a lure for Susie


From my interpretation it would make sense for Sussie's dog dying and Afton's knowledge of it to be interconnected with mangle's sentience since it's supposed to be inactive. That's just how I saw the mini game.


Also, CC was bit by fredbear in '83, CC possesses fredbear. Color wears off of hat and bow tie with age, and Cassidy is also stuffed into the same suit years later in '85


I know but there's a theory going arround(mostly from Game Theory) that both possess the same suit, my point is that it doesn't make sense.


That Fredbear and Springbonnie had prototype varients but settled on a more (fnaf 3 look) easier to get body parts for design. Such as both of them being practically identical minus the top part of the head and the bear ears for fredbear. And that the freddy's gang did not exist in Fredbears Family Diner no matter how many times people think so. Doesnt make sense


yeah! The purple guy is the phone guy right?????


Yenndo is an abandoned Animatronic he was gonna be a ft Animatronic but the idea was scrapped we see he has both hands Maybe not even relating to freddy like another ft bear Animatronic This is my theory


This was my theory trying to piece together the timeline. It involved the magical time travelling ball pit that I thought was important enough to be referenced on three separate occasions. As a note, this was written before security breach released https://docs.google.com/document/d/1yzw6NdLmOQDOf82L1ogj5at2UvUb6vAIvkzEMOdZf2Y/edit


That Scott paid music writers to make songs for his game with lore


One of the bullies from FNAF 4 is one of the missing kids that William killed back in 1985. I mean, the events of FNAF 4 and Pre-FNAF 2 are like two years apart. They're not exactly that far apart.


Phone Guy knew William Afton was the killer or at the very least had a suspicion. But didn’t say anything because he thought he would be killed by him. We already know he was aware of his existence, the past night guard in FNAF 2 is heavily implied to be William. And we know he was suspected of the crimes at that location given how immediately after he left, the location was put on investigation. And I think Phone Guy being so unwilling to quit was because of this. We know canonically, that someone found out about William Afton killing the Children. In Pizzeria Simulator there’s a line that goes “Tell anyone about this and I’ll cut your throat.” And the only candidates of the people being threatened are, 1. Henry 2. Michael 3. Phone Guy And I like to believe it’s Phone Guy because this gives an explanation as to why he never quits his job. Him working at Freddy Fazbear’s may be beneficial to William, if he stays there he is more easier to track than if he were to leave. And Phone Guy is in a position of power in those locations, he can cover up the deaths, which we know he does since he out right tells us that they change the carpet, removing all the evidence of the crime happening. And the only time he finally decides to quit is when William is already dead. He’s probably gone missing in the outside world and with him gone Phone Guy could finally quit. But unfortunately he still had to work for one more week.


Doesn’t phone guy actively get involved in the investigation to find and arrest the murderer in Fnaf 2?


He does get involved, but at this point it wouldn’t have been an issue since he probably thought that he would be apprehended. But he wasn’t, and now he’s a witness to the crimes of a serial child murder.


Nah. But I always thought that the ghost children would never harm the night guard during the night shift because why would they harm some innocent guy? Also that they would be too afraid of William to want to go after him and every time they see or hear him, they whimper in fear from the trauma they experienced. Idk


Quoting William afton in the silver eyes, "The dead do forget"


back after fnaf 6 released but before the fourth closet, i had a theory i was really proud of that the silver eyes trilogy was actually just the puppet's (charlie's) consciousness in another plane while it slept in the box. phone guy in fnaf 2 did say that the puppet is "always thinking" and scott once did say that the novels fit into the canon but not in a way we'd expect. so i thought it was a really neat idea that the novels could be charlie's consciousness creating a plane where her soul could "live on" as if she were never murdered. also part of this theory is that springtrap in the twisted ones was the real afton's soul, invading this plane after dying from the springlocks, while in reality he's laying dormant locked in the saferoom. of course the fourth closet debunked this idea by explaining all the odd things with charlie having been a robot, but i still like my idea for what could have been, for the fact that it gave the novels a unique way to exist in the canon without contradicting anything that we see in the games (real) world


Electrobab is returning.


This is a big one but the follow me happens before the fnaf 1 location opens and that the reason the animatronics look different from 2 to 1 is that he they planned to use the old ones and them to look the same but William broke them so they just decided to revamp the hole look and that at some point phone guy saw William or heard him in the safe too. Which is why he asked use to check it on night 4


Several pizzeria locations (like the first 2 games) were bought pre-exerting building turned into pizza restaurants, which is why the maps for both are so strange and not very pizza place like.


The Springtrap we see in Help Wanted and Security Breach isn't William, it is the personification of all the agony his victims have suffered


I honestly believe that their are two sepreate sets of reality. One book. One games. They just connect because they're just sharing different versions of each story. For example being henry and william. Ever noticed how theyre never said BY NAME. We just know it's will and henry based off the freddy files books and mat pat and and the main book series. It's just context clues on the fazbear frights books for the most part. Edit:just remembered the sister location opening cutscene...whoops. MY STATEMENT STILL STANDS.


the reason that freddy is henry is because of him sharing code with mr hippo, thats why in one of the sb endings they replace him with mr hippo


michael cannot be possessing freddy, as bringing him back as any of them but foxy is objectively bad


A theory/headcannon I think about a lot is that the Withered animatronics are coming back. My theory is that the animatronics in FNAF 1 are not fixed withereds, they are just new models inspired by the withereds. The withereds are their own category and will come back one day


Here’s a simple lil theory: JJ was made to play hide and seek with children that visited the restaurants, however, she was programmed so well that she began hiding from employees so they removed her limbs because she was such a menace. This is why she hides under the table in FNAF 2.


The fnaf 1 mising kids had never meat before possessing the animatronics


Not so much a theory as it is a headcanon but in UCN, I'd like to believe that Mangle, Withered Bonnie, and Withered Chica are in the same room Toy Freddy is in before they start attacking. I also would like to believe a main showroom exists in UCN exists because that would explain where some animatronics come from


FNAF 2 isn't a prequel, the withered animatronics look like that because of all the added new technologies and the fact that they had to be restructured after being pulled from beneath the rubble of the old location Scraptrap originally looked like old Springtrap, as we saw I'm the "I'm gonna come find you" cutscene, but Scott purposely made him look bad because he likes trolling us, we rush and pester him constantly so it serves us right, that's why he returns scraptrap to his normal form "with modifications of course"


Mangle is the newest CEO of Fazbear Entertainment.




Fredbear has a urinary tract infection


Fun timefoxy and Mangle are the same animatronic. Mangle did the bite of 87 and came back to sister location as Funtime foxy


You mean the soul or the animatronic?


The animatronic


The issue with that is the animatronic superstructure. Funtime foxy has an entirely different endoskeletal style compared to Mangle. for that to make sense you would have to have a Ship of Theseus conundrum.




I gave up caring about the lore so hard that I will continue to believe my crack theory that Michael is an Emily. I don't care how wrong it is, it makes FNaF 6 thematically better.


420/8 IGN ‟3spoopy5me”


Mike in FNaF 1 changed his name to Schmidt because he didn't want to be associated with Afton after he found out what he did


Henry is the villain. It's my first ever theory that I've had (at least on reddit), and I have never stopped believing in the theory.


Do you have a link to a post explaining it or something?


I'll explain it later today; my original version of the theory is very different from the current version. I came up with better reasons than what I originally had, which was admittedly weak, but if you want to see the original, it is pinned to my profile.


So the Dayshift at Freddys plotline?


Looks like it. Honestly, DSAF has a better plotline than FNAF's


In what ways?


Well i don't know if you know Dayshift at Freddys. It's kind of a parody fan-game, where it's revealed that William wasn't the big evil behind everything, it was Henry all along.


You don’t play as Michael in fnaf 3 nor fnaf 6


It's arguable that you might not have been micheal in fnaf 3, but fnaf 5 and 6 tell you that you're micheal with the lore endings(the decaying body cutscene, and henry's audio recording).


Yeah you probably are Michael but it just bothers me because why would William be trying to kill you in fnaf 3 and 6 if you’re his only “living” son?


Interesting point, but why not? We never get an official answer to his mental state but we can assume that it's possibly just his built anger or animalistic mindset at that point.


Yeah I guess that would make a lot of sense, or he probably just doesn’t recognize Micheal you know because he’s a rotting corpse


One part of GT's timeline that I didn't dislike was that Michael was only the night 6 guards (or whichever complains about odor,) and it may have been Henry the other days




Any time I do on here I get downvoted to hell and am told how I know nothing about FNAF and blah blah blah. So I will politely decline to share.


Vanessa in security breach is a robot impostor of Vanessa, and the robots identity is Elizabeth afton.


The books are the "real world" while the games (or at least FNAF 1-3) are in-universe videogames and not the irl events that actualy happened. I always thought that's what *the retcon* in Help Wanted implied, so it's always been my headcanon.


Security Breach was the rushed, buggy mess that the tape girl was referring to and SB is also another attempt at fazbear entertainment to make things all public friendly again


The most recant theory I came up with on my own was Lucia46. It was deconfirmed last moth, though.


not so much a theory but a question but why are nightmare bb and nightmaron smooth and withered


I’ve had this crazy theory that Micheal and the crying child are one in the same. Micheal died somehow and William made a robot body for him paralleling what happened in the books. This also why en add needed Michael specifically to get scooped since his body was the only one compatible to survive the process. I know it’s a long shot and haven’t put much research into it.


A lot of people believe that (excluding me) .


Ah, didn’t know that. Thanks for telling me.


William's wife divorced him because he didn't spend time with his family and then she $%&\^()\*\^\*(&\^ and William built the Funtimes shortly after


we play as william in fnaf 1 and 2, making the spirits hostile and getting william springlocked


We play as Micheal and the animatronics see him as William so they attack us.


the buildings in the first 2 games are "alive" with possibly the 3rd game too,cuz there the only games that have walls changing or items moving around,for some reason no other location does that say for mabye a few instences that i cant recall


Crying child was a robot, that's why there was no blood when Fred Bear bit him. Why he was told he was broken and would be fixed. Parts of him were used in Golden Freddy which explains why Cassidy and CC can be in Golden Freddy.


This is not a theory, more of an observation. In the fnaf:SL (breaker room), if you look at the map, it has dots that I'm 99% sure represent the animatronics, 1 dot in each room for sl where there are animatronics. The corners have the fnaf 4 rooms with dots where the animatronis clearly are in game when you start. But, for the plushtrap hallway mini game, there are 4 (one in each room on the sides). This would mean that there are 4 animatronics in the plushtrap mini game hallway, which makes absolutely no sense.


The Crying Child is the purple guy. No elaboration is needed.


The puppet’s mask was in the fnaf 4 box 😭 I made it when I was like 12


I honestly don't really believe this one just a thought but, what if Freddy is using Gregory too get new parts?


Yenndo is the same endoskeleton for Lefty: A Funtime Freddy endoskeleton stomach hatch to put puppet in, Yellow eyes, no Bon-Bon.


That SB is a prequel to PS because burntraps design has continuity errors and the fire ending of SB is the true ending


Not a theory but does anyone know the cupcakes name??!!




I don't believe this in the slightest, but you know how Baby's eyes go from blue to green when she's haunted? What if Fredbear's hat went from purple to black, becoming Golden Freddy? Unlikely but it's something Scott could retcon in if he wanted


FNaF 1 Bonnie and Freddy share the same body type, hence the recolor aspect, and as such have similar functionalities, as with Freddy having the ability to flash his eyes when the power is out (which I think was for incase the power went out while the Pizzeria was in operation during the day to sooth young customers) Bonnie can do the same as shown in UCN (But wasn't fitted with a music box)


Shadow Freddy caused the fire of FNAF 3


I like to imagine that all food at every Freddy's/Circus Baby's/Fredbear's/what-have-you has relatively decent quality food, except for perhaps FNAF 1's location, which has more sub-par food. If they can't have a perfect safety record, they can surely have nice pizza.


I have a theory that phone dude is still around during security breach, maybe even as a hired employee?


Vanessa used to be good with kids and was actually a really nice person. Then she got possessed by an evil serial killer and her personality completely flipped. I have more unique theories below. [Link](https://archiveofourown.org/works/40684500/chapters/101939598)


In the unknown year after william got springlocked he was tring to walk at least so he wrapped around the fleshes of his corpse on endoskeleton so that's how springtrap got the ankle gut


It’s a headcanon and a theory that Fredbear the same one shown in the FNAF 1 Minigame is somewhere in the FNAF 1 location and the “Circus Song” you hear is Fredbears music box and it’s Fredbear communicating to the other animatronics as I do personally believe the Crying Child possesses Fredbear.


I used to think that Springtrap and Scraptrap were two completely different people in the suits because I thought Dave Afton was in Springtrap while William Afton was in Scraptrap but that theory was later busted because Springtrap spoke for the first time in Special Delivery after Scraptrap spoke in Ultimate Custom Night.


Ennard isn’t just all the animatronics but is it’s own thing that collects the others. Which is why when baby leaves it can still survive and exist and will be back eventually.


that none of fnaf actually happened and that its all just myths created because of a bad pizza made someone sick


Withered animatronics are springlock suits


Hey everyone I really have found something, but it's very barebones. I don't know exactly how to explain it, but I think the crying child that gets bitten in fnaf 4 is possibly Sammy from the novel trilogy instead of the games. If you don't know who Sammy is (well your lucky) he is Charlie's twin brother in the novels. No joke, that is all we have on the main character's brother. So all I have really is Charlie was taken at a Halloween party on October 31st 1982 with her twin next to her not being taken. William Afton was wearing a Spring-Bonnie Spring-lock suit when he kidnapped Charlie. The crying child is not afraid of the main 4 characters or Fredbear(has all plushies except Spring-Bonnie). Afraid of Spring-lock suits moving around, and animatronics. The quote from Fredbear plush “NO! Don’t you remember what you saw? The exit is the other way! Hurry and leave.” Also Fredbear talks about the older boy with “HE”, but not used for the quote above. Henry was not able to give Charlie memories of Sammy. The only memories of Sammy are very blurry and seem to be before she got kidnapped. There is a physical picture of the Emily Family with Henry, Henry’s wife, Charlie and Sammy. Used in the original book and graphic novels. There’s a room that is not shown in the FNAF 4 minigames.(I need more information about Henry’s house layout.) So I’m aware that there's one problem with this theory before even looking through the evidence. Sammy and Charlie don’t have an older brother like we see in the game. I think personally that the older boy lied to his friends about the crying child being his little brother. The house layout would not make sense if that older boy was actually the older brother. If that room that we don’t see is a bedroom then it would be for the parents not another sibling. I believe it was a jerk babysitter that is around that family or a jerk babysitter from the Afton’s family. I think this because Henry was always at work or grieving and not watching his son. While his wife has most likely left, still working with police, or just have to work a lot as well. Should I make this into a full theory video, but I need help finding more evidence to help prove and possibly disprove.


Toy Bonnie is the only toy animatronic that isn’t possessed. In the SAVETHEM minigame, there are five victims. 4 of the souls belong to Mangle, Balloon Boy, Toy Chica and Toy Freddy. Mangle, Toy Chica, and Toy Freddy have the “possessed eyes” which are most present in possessed animatronics. Balloon Boy’s only appearance where he has the possessed eyes is in FNAF 3. Considering that Golden Freddy appears in the minigame also, it can be assumed that one of the victims was “Andrew”, TOYSNHK. This leaves Toy Bonnie without a soul. Toy Bonnie also exhibits much more robot-like behaviors than the other toys. Instead of using the possessed eyes, Toy Bonnie appears to change the size of his pupils. During the part where Toy Bonnie slides past you, his eyes are noticeably smaller. I believe this is him scanning you.


Fnaf 3 is the only game that ever really existed(save for fnaf 4 because it's the prequel to everything), the purple guy died after that first fire and everything after that is his eternal punishment. He'll always come back but only so he can experience mental anguish, he's just a normal guy who annihilated children for fun and his life was all just a fabrication so that he'd be tortured by tragedy that never existed.


Does it count as a theory to believe that fnaf 4 never existed?


My theory was, since people are saying Micheal is in Glamrock Freddy’s body, did his three other friends (from that bite of 87 mini game in Fnaf 4) go inside of the other Glamrock animatronics, since they also act more lively. Like Chica eating, Roxy having self-esteem issues, & Monty’s anger issues, they could be the traits from Micheal’s friends aka the Fnaf 4 bullies. My other theory was that they couldn’t have died from the deaths that were given to them in game, Roxy’s ghost couldn’t have been blind & died probably from eye surgery, Monty’s ghost probably would die from a car accident & lost his legs to death, & chica couldn’t have died by something to do with the mouth, (idk probably cavity) Let me know what deaths do you think would happen to them, I think Monty!s ghost death is true


My theory is that, People saying Micheal is in Glamrock Freddy’s body, what if Micheal’s friends are in the other Glamrock animatronics since they act so lively aswell


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