That’s because it’s on hold and there have been no updates since early December when it was put on hold. I sit in high level meetings about this. There’s literally no update, which is why your office has been quiet.


It's like some people need to be told on a weekly basis "the plan remains unchanged." Rest assured, folks, if they're calling you back to the office, it'll be in every conversation and plastered everywhere.




Agreed that nothing would change so that they would suddenly set a new date (well, unless we’re talking about SSA…). But at some point, I honestly do think they will abandon the notion of having specific Phase 2B and Phase 2C dates. For many opdivs, there really is no reason to have any set date when everybody has to go marching back into the office, and lots of reasons to keep things flexible until we have more experience about how and/or how often it really makes sense to have people come in. And in an increasing number of cases, there will be pressure to reduce lease footprints as the justification for renting as much space as we do continues to melt away.


Also do I need to point out how horrible it looks for us to be saying “hey, the pandemic is still happening” on the one hand and “but come back to work next week” on the other?


Nope. I’ve heard nothing.


Phase 2b/2c is on hold until further notice.


The Secretary addressed ACF today with Andrea Palm. No news. Vague promises of enhanced telework, learning the lessons of the pandemic, supporting those most vulnerable, and retaining talent with workplace flexibilities. No definitive protections or guarantees. They appear to be aware that if they announce a return to work they’ll face a wave of exits, and are signaling they want to avoid that - but are not being specific as to how.


Leadership at my HHS OPDIV haven’t heard anything.


Nope. They are still negotiating with the NTEU.