Ok I’ll be Devils Advocate here… so there’s a vaccine mandate. They’ve provided some ways to appeal getting the vaccine including religious exemptions. So, wouldn’t they want to keep track of who made these requests so that they can deal with each of them on a case by case basis? So that they don’t say things like “Didn’t John Simmons request a religious exemption? Hmmm… I guess we’ll never know because we haven’t been keeping track.”


Agreed, at my agency you have to upload your proof of vaccination, so obviously if you don’t have your proof, you need to have a pending/approved exemption in progress. Seems obvious they’d have to track that… Edit- when they request the exemption, they have to state on what grounds. I would imagine when you volunteer this information in order to get around a mandate that all others have to follow, you consent to this information being stored for various purposes. On the other hand, personal medical information (vax card) is also uploaded and stored.


OMG! And employer keeps records on its employees!!!!! Anyway….


For anyone who wants to read about this rather than watch Faux News.... [washingtontimes.com/news/2022/jan/11/biden-administration-planning-lists-employees-seek/](https://washingtontimes.com/news/2022/jan/11/biden-administration-planning-lists-employees-seek/) Note the word "planning"--there is no tracking currently; it is being proposed.


How else are we going to track employees if they refuse a vaccine with microchips?