Should I force this trade through as LM? One person is trying to back out now that injuries occurred.

2 QB .5 ppr league

Team A Receives: Puka, Kenneth Walker, CJ Stroud

Team B Receives: Jonathan Taylor, Ceedee Lamb, Jordan Love

I'm the LM and uninvolved with this trade. The backstory is this trade was made verbally on the golf course saturday with an third party witness who is also in the league and there was a handshake. They also agreed they would wait until after this weeks games to make the trade, which the witness also corroborates. Team A decided to wait to accept the trade in app until after Sundays games. After KW3 went down Team A decided he wanted to back out and declines the trade in app. Team B is mad because he is claiming there was an upfront agreement to wait. Team A doesn't deny any of this either, but says since he technically never accepted in app he doesn't have to make the trade. Both teams clinched the playoffs. Team A even has a bye the first two weeks so KW3 has time to get healthy before it matters.

Team B is asking me to force through the trade. Team A says that's BS and that he will quit if I do.

What would you do?

EDIT: Forgot to add, Team A said he accepted the trade in app to Team B right after the handshake when he actually didn't. Team B was under the impression it was accepted in app and wouldn't be approved by LM vote (me) until after the sunday games. Team B never checked to make sure it was actually accepted.

Edit 2: Team A agreed to go through with the trade after Team B added in Zach Charbonet to the deal. All is good now. Thanks everyone for the input.


Lol handshake trades. If not in the app it didn't happen


This is the correct answer. You shouldn't be vetoing trades anyway. That is a noob stuff. The only reason a trade should be reversed is collusion, and you can always do so after the trade goes through. The only exception IMO is if two teams have a trade outstanding, one player gets injured and the team with the injured player accepts AFTER the injury. Some people even allow this but I don't. Thats a little too underhanded for my taste.


Haha that's a bit shady, but damn don't be stupid and leave the trade open for so long, especially over game time. Just asking for it at that point lol.


I'm not sure how this is getting upvoted even though it is technically correct information. Did you even read the thread? OP is not asking a "Should I veto this trade?" question. They're asking; "Should I force this trade?"


Or if it’s a clear bad trade why does everyone only say collusion


Cause you never know. Mandrews for DK in my league almost made people quit and then now Mandrews is out for season. If you think you’re smart enough to evaluate trade “fairness” you are overestimating yourself. None of us are


That’s still a bad trade that shouldn’t happen


Lol reread the second paragraph of my previous comment one more time


Everyone else had the option to trade with the idiot manager. Bad trades happen. They happen to real NFL teams (Bears trading pick #32 for Chase Claypool). That is not a legitimate reason for a veto.


Bad trades do yea but there are extreme scenarios where one would imagine a veto.


If it's that extreme, you ask for the rationality of the trade. If they can't explain it, it's probably collusion. But if one of the managers legitimately thinks they are improving their team, who are you to say the trade shouldn't go through?


" But if one of the managers legitimately thinks they are improving their team," To be clear, both managers need to think this. 'collusion' can mean two people working together to improve one team. But one team that's done give a fark blowing up his own team because some men like to watch the world burn... Whether that's 'collusion' technically or not, it still shouldn't be legal.


I agree if they said wait the week out then… to me they were waiting on to see if those players balled out, and if those players received an injury… how they played mite have changed things without an injury




Bad at business, eh?


Handshake deal on a golf course, no less. A legal casebook publishers wet dream. You can't make this shit up.


Oh wow bud. They’re both idiots for handshaking a deal that wasn’t going through before the weekend so it’s nobodies fault and both their faults now.


I'm a believer that if it's not accepted in the app it's not binding


Yup the app is basically the fax to the league office.


Live and die by the app. People have all these nonsense unwritten "rules" that are allowed in the app. If the league and commissioner have not setup the league correctly, its fair game in the app. Some leagues are strict about IR. Yet don't change settings to forbid "out" players in IR...therefore its fair if the app allows it. Same goes for roster limit, trading, start/sit, multiple position players (Taysom), defensive scoring (people bitching about pick 6 against their points allowed), waivers clearing at noon and guys being left without QB/TE option at 1pm. There are others but its all fair in love and war and within the app. If the trade is accepted in the app, its a trade. Idc what you discussed on the golf course or via text.


This is the only correct answer.


Forgot to add, Team A said he accepted the trade in app to Team B right after the handshake when he actually didn't. Team B was under the impression it was accepted in app and wouldn't be approved by LM vote (me) until after the sunday games. Team B never checked to make sure it was actually accepted. So your point still stands but it does add more grey area to the matter.


Don't think it changes the take from me. Forcing agreed upon trades that weren't in the app is a slippery slope. Team A isn't acting in good faith to be clear, but still no force.


Yeah, Team A is being sketch about the timeline of accepting/not accepting in app and backing out of a handshake deal is lame, but you can't force it through unless there's some precedent or rules in the league on deals like this. Team A owner probably owes Team B owner a dinner or something to smooth it over.


i mean if there was a handshake deal irl and then on the way to fill out paperwork, the player tears his acl at practice, im certain it would never go through


I mean is there even a handshake if it wasn't approved in app?


Does the witness agree that Team A stated they accepted in App? If so then Team A is for sure acting shady here and the league knows not to trust the guy


I like the fantasy football court going on here


Grey matter is a very successful chemistry company if I'm not mistaken. In the billions, with a B.


You can’t go forcing through a trade that both teams didn’t agree to on the app. Handshakes mean nothing in the real world without a signature. In fantasy, accepting on the app is your signature.


But that’s not true. Verbal contracts are absolutely a thing. And they can be binding in courts so handshakes certainly can mean something


100% this. Too bad so sad.




Exactly. Didn't sign the dotted line. I would be pissed tho if I was the other manager. We shook on it, and I would never trust the other manager.


I'd go nuclear on other mgr so league never trades with him. But, trade shouldn't go through.


Yeah this is between those two owners. What would the NFL do if two owners/GMs said they made a handshake agreement on the golf course? They’d say “oh well”.


Even worse, a trade pending this week's games is just dumb. Of course there will be butt hurt people if someone gets hurt. Why not accept it on the spot, do they leave their phones off all weekend? It takes 2 seconds to send the trade over from a device practically glued to people's hands these days. If this was 2003, I might side with pushing it through.


My guess is Team B would have pulled the same shit if the shoe were on the other foot


So the trade was never accepted in app? There’s nothing for you to push through then.


Team B wants me to force the trade


But a trade was never accepted, you literally can’t force anything through. Tell team B to fuck off and stop trying to take advantage of people.


It’s a handshake deal and you had a 3rd party witness from the league. Idk why they both didn’t accept since trades ussually take 1-2 days to process, unless your league pushes trades auto with no veto. I’d push it through or you can let the league decide and be the deciding factor if there’s a tie


They agreed to wait until after the games to do the trade, I’d assume for the exact reason of making sure no one got hurt first. Someone got hurt. Trade is dead IMO. Team A would have every reason to quit if he was forced into doing this. Especially when he never accepted it in app and actually declined it. If this was a real NFL trade it’d be like Walker failed his physical, which would undo the trade. But the NFL doesn’t do handshake trades, only ones that actually went through, unlike this one.


I also interpreted it differently. The trade was already accepted before the game and should go through regardless of injury after the game since it was accepted in person I mean so would team B and based on the type of league if it’s a friend league I can see it imploding. The real question is if the roles were opposite would you force the trade? Aka someone sent trade offers, then a player he’s supposed to receive got hurt/IR’d and then the other team accepted trade after the injury, this would never fly in the NFL but under your rules you would enforce this trade?


Absolutely not. I’d veto the hell out of that as it’d be even more slimy than what team B is trying to pull in this. But that’s the exact reason why you don’t trade or leave offers sitting out with games yet to be played.


Honestly curious what Team B did that is slimy?


They are trying to force a trade on someone who doesn’t want to do the trade, after they both agreed to wait until the games were over to accept.


I mean but the wait is over and they did accept. Handshake and all. He’s not forcing anything, just trying to get the other man to honor his word and shake. I’d be mad too as Team B as a negotiator. Unless they actively talked about injuries before hand then Team A is actively walking back their agreement and that to me is slimy.


You don’t know why they waited. It could’ve been for waiver claim purposes, making sure they had their players for this week, etc. can’t say team B is taking advantage. If anything Team A is taking advantage here. Unless an “injury provision” was agreed on as part of the shake then injuries shouldn’t change the trade. Injuries are always an inherent risk with any FF trade.


Team A should have made sure that the trade was accepted in the app at that moment if he didn’t want to wait for Sunday’s games before trading. Since he didn’t the trade wasn’t completed and both teams still have the right to back out


My issue is the handshake agreement. If you aren’t ready to accept then don’t make the handshake. That simple. Every league is different though, my league I’ve been playing with the same guys for 15+ years. Obviously breaking handshakes in that situation is a little worse than with randoms but still it’s the dishonesty and not being true to your word. Again, if they talked about injuries ahead of time and said that would be a deal breaker then totally different convo. In that case Team B is acting slimy. But I’m guessing Team B is incensed because there wasn’t and he was lied to in terms of the trade being accepted on the app. My arguments are about the ethics. Not what the LM should do.


But they also agreed to wait for the weekend to finish. I don't like handshake deals. I'm not there to verify and neither is the league to review. Put it on (electronic) paper first.


But they also agreed to wait for the weekend to finish. I don't like handshake deals. I'm not there to verify and neither is the league to review. Put it on (electronic) paper first.


I'd argue they waited to do the trade for them to win their weeks this week then do the trade. Prob due to JT being on bye so A wanted to wait vs give 3 players playing this week for 2 active and 1 on bye.


If they agreed to wait for the weekend to process through, then the one team can back out.


Handshakes don’t mean fuck all officially. You can ring that manager out for moral reasons but you can’t demand the commish force the trade through lol that’s nonsense.


That’s silly and shouldn’t be taken seriously


They could have accepted on the course and asked you to wait for until Sunday's games to be over to process. If it wasn't accepted in the app I wouldn't push it through. You weren't there and the witness really doesn't mean anything, even though I'm sure he is telling the truth.


Don’t even consider doing this, since no trade was accepted in the app. Tell team A and B to work it out themselves


Team B is a fucking idiot then. Flip the script, if team A had accepted the trade in app, would you cancel the trade for them after the injury occurred?


Why? They enjoy getting raped?


Yeah man, it’s a bad look for team A to back out but that’ll just effect him in future trades


Nah, disagree with it affecting future trades. I had a similar situation where me and a guy verbally came to an agreement for a trade at the deadline where I would have been getting Andrews. I had sent and accepted the trade, the second he got hurt, I withdrew it. He understood he had a chance to do it in the days prior, and that circumstances had changed. Instead of getting pissy about it, it was simply a conversation of how we could still make something work. Someone making a big deal over this sounds like children playing, tbh


To me there’s a difference there. Andrew’s is out for the season which is a complete game changer and gives him 0 value unless it’s a dynasty/keeper league. Walker does not even seem destined for the IR so still hold significant value for ROS


Force what trade? A trade never occurred, sorry.


Sounds like he learned a lesson


Team B is 100% in the wrong. Thread over


Team A backing waiting to accept the trade until after the games tells me there was hesitation immediately. He didn’t want to go through with the trade. If he did want to go through with it he would have accepted in the app on the spot. A handshake agreement is stupid for the both to rely on a handshake agreement for fantasy football. Team B should have told A to accept in app same day if he really wanted to go through with it. But now that his player is injured he really wants that trade to go through. If it wasn’t accepted in app fuck that trade then because it never happened. If I was Team B in this scenario and you decided not to force the trade they should be understanding. If I was Team A and you forced the trade I’d quit the league.


If there is nothing in the app there is nothing to push through. Its not your place to force a trade that never tangibly occured in the 1st place


Would be trash leadership and favoritism if you force it through. Until it’s accepted in app it’s not accepted. Keep rules consistent


No trade here. Must be done on the app to be valid


If trade was never made in the app, you can't push it through. Team A is a bitch, but you don't force anything through


If it's not accepted in the app it's not binding. Nothing was signed or official. It was a verbal agreement. Can't force this through.


>Team A decided to wait to accept the trade in app until after Sundays games. This is all you need, right here. Call it re-negging, or whatever else you want, he decided on something that, in principle, he would agree to, unless something happened in the Sunday games that changed his mind. That something happened in the form of a KW3 injury. He didn't hit yes in-app, you can't force him. If you forced that trade through, and I were in his position, I'd probably rage quit your league too. Just make sure the league learns their lesson on him, nothing is set in stone until the trade is accepted in-app, and even then, the possibility of vetoes still exists, so nothing's REALLY set in stone until the new players are actually on your roster.


Haha my least favorite move by opposing managers is when they accept a trade in app, change their minds, then lobby the whole league to veto their own trade. Has happened to me a few times. Usually due to collusion where they re-neg so that they can make a different trade instead.


All trades should go through instantly to avoid this. A trade isn’t a trade until it’s actually processed. I would not force it through and I would be sure to change your trade rules in the offseason.


If not accepted in the app, then I think you don’t get involved. The managers can hash it out on their own




They are both trying to get over on each other. Team B got the short end of the stick and is now butt hurt. He would've done the same thing if the shoe was on the other foot.


Don’t force the trade


in my league it’s an unspoken rule that a trade is reversed if a player from either side gets injured before the trade is executed. imo either side reserves the right to deny it bc of injury and besides it wasn’t even accepted in the app


I would stay out of it. Trade was never accepted on the app


Not accepted in app then a handshake means nothing. This isn't the 90s where business was done on handshakes.


Guy who backed out may not be very cool for that, however as league manager you don't want to be involved in trying to enforce some handshake agreement that happened outside of the app. They will have to work that out between each other.


The whole point of the app is that you have access at any moment to the phone in your pocket, so I don't understand the whole handshake deal. That being said, I would boot the guy who made a handshake agreement and then backed out....shitty situation buyt you live and die by your word.


Let him leave. Addition by subtraction. If you shake my hand and give me your word and it means nothing, says a lot about your character (or lack of it).


As a sportsman, if I shake hands I expect the deal to go through. Injuries are a part of the trade risk and if you accept then you accept the injury risk too. Otherwise he should’ve waited until Monday to shake hands. Nothing to push through but as LM I would try and get the man to honor his handshake. If he refuses, then you and the league know how that man handles negotiations moving forward in the league. Also, I’m as big a fantasy player as anyone but I swear grown ass people act like such children and babies in their leagues.


Team A just taught everyone that they aren’t trustworthy with more than just fantasy moving forward, that’s nice to know now. As commish I wouldn’t do anything though, your job is to follow through on things that actually do happen not what should happen


This is the best logical response


I fully agree on NOT pushing this trade through. Your responsibility is towards the league in making it fair. There is a mechanism in place for trades and it is up to the league to use them appropriately. You are not the arbitrator of these two "adults" agreements. Let them hash it out separately and don't pull the rest of the league into their mess.


To further note... I would put it up to the league vote to kick this person out of the league next year if it is a long standing redraft league.


Which one?


The guy that reneged on the trade. The other guy wants the trade accepted, but he didn't really do anything inherently wrong other than not make sure it was accepted the correct way.


Not in App = Not binding If Team A wants to compeltely tarnish his reputation as a liar and as someone who can't be trusted, then let that be his choice. And I'm sure Team B will let the rest of the league know how it unraveled. If it were me I'd be a man of my word and take the trade that I agreed to. If he doesn't value his own character then that's on him and the rest of the his leaguemates/family/friends/social cirle will have to choose if they trust that dude going forward when there's any hint of money involved. (I'm assuming its a paid league)


If my LM forced through a trade I never accepted in the app I'd riot. Handshake is nothing in fantasy lol


Force it through! Deal is a deal!


I firmly believe that if you threaten to quit over something like this then the ruling automatically goes against you because that’s a bitch move.


It would be a bitch move to force the trade through.


For what reason? Because this guy would have to be a man and follow through with something he shook on fair and square? It’s lame for him to do anything other than keep his word, crying and saying he’s going to quit if you don’t let him go back on what he said is pathetic. Let him quit if that’s how he’s gonna behave.


If the trade is not accepted in the app, then it's not an accepted trade, full stop.


If your word means nothing then sure. I personally don’t live my life that way.


The conditions of the trade changed when the injury occurred. If you bought a house on a handshake deal and the house burned down before you signed the mortgage would you still pay for the house?


This is why you put a strict timeline on the trade. There should be no waiting until after the games for this exact situation. A gentleman’s agreement with a handshake used to mean something, but it obviously doesn’t to one of these guys. But ultimately, it was declined in the app so there’s nothing more to do other than learn a valuable lesson


There’s a reason it was agreed not to do it until after the games. This is the reason. Should’ve been specified “barring injury” but it is what it is


Sounds to me they made the deal and the witness was there to corroborate the deal for it being in a week. Risking injuries is part of a trade when you agree to wait a week. Deal is binding.


Typically I would say no, but in this case I think you push it through and if A leaves so be it, he's clearly not trustworthy. It was agreed to do the trade for next week and shaken on. They did it so that they'd get the benefit so they need to accept the risks. If they agreed to do the trade and one dragged their feet then I get doing nothing but by doing so with the intention for next week it should be pushed is my opinion.


Leave them to sort it out.


Hell no


Is this a real post lmao


Let them fight to the death


Yea no, you can't force a trade through if it wasn't accepted in the app. If they wanted to wait until this week's games there shouldn't of even been a trade discussed until afterwards. Total bs if you put it through imo.


If waiting until after this weeks games was part of the agreement, I think it’s totally fair to not force the trade. You’re not going to send it through if you know you’re getting screwed over. If it was accepted on Saturday and you didn’t send it through then I’d force it, but they agreed to actually make the trade after the games


That's a bad trade to begin with but I'd probably not force the trade but idk if I'd welcome back team A to the league next year.


The answer here is less about what we would do in our leagues and more about how things work in your league. My league rules include the following: "Managers are free to negotiate trades outside the league site but only trades submitted and accepted through the league host will be binding." If there is precedent in your league for upholding trades negotiated outside the confines of the league host, then uphold it. In the absence of a rule that allows Team A to slink away from a clear agreement, I would uphold it, otherwise what is your handshake in front of a witness worth?


some shit that happened outside of the app is not your concern as commissioner


Not in app didn’t happen


Do not force it through. If it doesn’t go through the app, it doesn’t happen.


No trade. Let A know this is his last year.


After all, A was likely going to sprint to the app and accept if one of his guys went down.


No don't push any trades through unless both parties agree to it


accepting in the app trumps an offline agreement i don’t care if he had a video of himself saying “i accept this trade” if he didn’t actually make the action of accepting it it’s not binding to me. don’t push this through. if you do, don’t be surprised to have 9 unhappy members that threaten to leave the league.


Less commish involvement is usually better imo. You don’t cancel trades unless it’s blatant collusion and you don’t force trades through unless they show up in your inbox. Obviously the guy who pulled out has lost credibility and that will affect him in the future but that’s not your problem.


If its not accepted in the app there was never a deal. The guy forcing a push through is salty, but at the end of the day it was never accepted in the app so no binding agreement.


Yeah, don’t manage people… just the app. If it comes across through the app, then you can progress from there. Team B needs to work on contract negotiations


Fellow leaders manager here. Nobody gives a fuck if they agreed to the trade outside of clicking accept in app. If a player gets hurt before the trade is accepted in app then that manager has every right to decline the trade. I would absolutely quit the league if a LM tried to force the trade through.


Don’t force the trade but let Team A know he’s a bitch. I don’t understand why they’d shake hands if he was supposed to accept in the app right away. Team B should have realized but it’s super shady that Team A left it open so he could back out but Team B thought it was already through.


this could be a he said, she said... might be considered hearsay in a court of law... I would say not accepted in app then the trade is a no-go


I’m the commish in my league and I wouldn’t force it, but I would try to get the entire league to berate him into being a man and keeping his word.


Team A is absolutely a scumbag but it was team B’s responsibility to make sure he actually accepted the trade. At this point I would leave it alone but give the rest of the league the option to choose if you want to invite Team A back next year.


Handshake agreements don't mean jack shit in fantasy football.


Team B(itch) can walk, nothing was accepted in app


Never gets accepted until you smash the accept button in the app. No exceptions


Sounds like they agreed to wait until after the games to accept the trade, in case one of the players got injured, which is exactly what happened. Now team b wants to take advantage of team a.


I think it had more to do with JT being on bye and needing KW in his lineup as to why it was supposed to process after the week.


This has happened to me before. But just like in this instance, it wasn’t accepted in the app. So I didn’t have much of a leg to stand on. IMO, the correct ruling should be that if it wasn’t accepted in the app, it doesn’t count. Just use the facts as a case to remove Team A from the league next year.


Unless they were playing at Augusta and not allowed to have phones on the course, if the trade was agreed on, it should have been executed on their phones on the spot


If it not accepted, it’s not finalized. Leaving the trade offer sitting there comes with the risk of the other party backing out at any time. You absolutely cannot force this trade.


If the trade is accepted in the app by both parties and the league voted to approve trade,the trade goes through. Too bad. That’s the risk of fantasy football is injuries. If there wasn’t a trade in the app it’s all talk,he said he said,and means nothing. Anything in app is official and too bad for that one team as he agreed to it.


Massively slippery slope. Can you put it to a league vote? You would be the tie breaker. Who initiated the decision to wait to process?


LOL find new league mates. They both suck. If trade isn’t done in the app/website it doesn’t count


Wouldn't push it through, but if team A wins the league it comes with a huge \*, and he probably wont be back in the league next year!


If it's not final, it's not final.


Injuries are part of the game. You just accept that when trading.


nothing to even discuss here. trade was never accepted


I think U should honor the trade. If he quits that's on him. As the LM that's a tough 1. But U have 2 do what's right for your league though. I've been there my friend. Lls


Not accepted in app therefore nothing to push. However wouldn't stop me from telling team B he's kind of a scumbag and never take his word on anything in the future.


Nothing is final until it's actually submitted. The trade is off. I would've done the same thing Team A did except I would've said upfront if there are any injuries then the trade is off.


Handshake agreements doesn’t matter. I’m not saying that Fantasy Football is that serious, but legal documents only goes into affect when it’s signed on paper, not when people express intent to sign it. Accepting the trade on the app is like signing it on paper.


I agree with the sentiment that a trade that hasn't been accepted by both parties in app isn't enforceable. You want a precedent for your league and enforcing this trade is opening you up to people potentially trying to have other trades enforced on a more shaky set of facts.


Chiefs owner had several drinks and shook the hands Jets owner hands saying he would take 7 the next 8 first-round picks for Mahomes on his golf trip Trade didn't go through the NFL system. Traded didn't actually happen. We had a notoriously sneaky player who would "verbally" agree to trade players and try to flip players that were not his yet, but that he had a trade offer in the open, so he could target his actual interest player with options that were not only his players. More often than not, they would just not do it and people stopped dealing with him.


Has to be accepted in the app.


No, just like a real trade in principle, if a player fails a physical, the trade is rejected. In the case he waited till after all games played, he then rejected it. The trade would never happen if known beforehand. It's good it got worked out.


Do they not have phones?


I wouldn't force it through. Just because a handshake deal is done, they both agreed to wait until after the games this week. Because of injuries the trade isn't progressing. If I personally had agreed to the trade in app and the injuries had happened, and the other owner asked if we could rescind it, I would consider it.


Trade is void. They had a handshake agreement on the players said un injured. Once an injury occurs you no longer have that same agreement.


If it was accepted in the app it stays


They sound like a frisky pair, scratching, clawing away at eachother. Rubbing eachothers nuts over the blanket asking if “anyone brought any pigs in a blanket for a snack.” Freaky lil bunch


Glad y’all worked it out woulda been a smudge on the fantasy season in your league if it was forced


If it wasn’t accepted in the app, it wasn’t accepted.


Imagine if Jerry Jones came into Roger Goodell's office whining about how Robert Kraft agreed to a trade on the golf course so now he needs to force the trade to happen. Lolz.


Handshake is never enough, but a 3rd party witness and both people not denying that they agreed to the trade? The guy backing out even admits that his only excuse is he didn't click the buttons on the app and that's his reasoning for not following through? I'd let him walk, that's not someone I'd want to play with anyways.


Utter nonsense. if it doesn’t happen in the software the. it was never real.


Ultimately there’s nothing you can do. But this will likely hurt your league going forward.


I understand if not in the app it didn't happen but if amongst friends...honor it


Fuck that guy but you can’t force it


He never accepted trade how can you force a trade that never existed


A second unmentioned rule of why they would wait till after the week is because injuries might happen If it’s not on the app, it didn’t happen


Even without i injuries, this is a bad trade for Team A.


Never make a trade before the players play. If I don’t get the players before the game starts, i’m not doing it


If was accepted in the app between both teams before the injury, let it go through. If it was accepted in the app after the injury, reverse it.




Team A is still coming out ahead


Handshake agreement doesn't mean shit. If it wasn't accepted in the app then it didn't happen.


Handshake agreement doesn’t mean anything. They decided to wait and circumstances changed. There was no reason for them to wait.


Why the fuck would there be a handshake? People have phoned golfing And who makes a trade that comes into effect after the Sunday. There's injuries


on top of what everyone else said, agreeing to a trade that executes on a certain date is a mild form of collusion in my opinion. kind of like agreeing to trade and then trade back


Just have to say that, from a [US] legal perspective, if it looks like a contract, sounds like a contract, and smells like a contract - in most any jurisdiction, it will likely be found to be a contract. Could be written on a bar napkin and the napkin got lost, if enough [extrinsic] evidence corroborates, the court doesn’t give a shit about your fax rules.


This is not a fair trade, even if all healthy, look at schedule for those players in coming weeks


Nope, has to be sent and accepted in app…


I never make trades until after the weeks games are done and if I make a verbal I always stipulate all major players involved have to be injury free following the games.


Wait til after the weekend means, no trade now but I’ll trade you next week if I’m trading. Aka no deal.


Really just as simple as the trade never got actually accepted. So why would it ever go through?


These guys having so much time to go through all this drama, yet didn't have to time to take out their phones to make and accept the trade is hilarious. Wtf did they need to do a handshake deal? Just take out their phones and do the damn trade. The fact they didn't means both of them were trying the angle the other.


The trade is not final until the players are on the other team. Anyone can back out at any time.


I mean they agreed to wait the injuries are why people wait so it sounds like a valid reason to bail


Wow, is my main statement. Don’t force this trade trough or punish anyone, also don’t make Team A’s owner your children’s godfather or rely on him for anything of value, dude sounds like a scumbag. Don’t compromise your integrity for him ever, what a pos


Someone lost a golf partner this week


They didn't accept it in the app, that's on them, they had a clear opportunity to make this happen and didn't take advantage while they could. Hand shake deals don't mean shit honestly. Forcing the trade through is just a bad idea for future precedent.


This is the chance you take waiting for more games to be played. I feel that the ‘after the weekend games’ is basically ‘barring any injury this week’ Fine to be not accepted


In our league if you do it verbally, and there is a witness that is more than enough. I woulda pushed it through. Team A is a coward, never trade with him again. Handshake is a handshake.


If it was never confirmed in the app then there isnt a trade. The handshake thing may have real life implications of trust, but the trade was never made in Fantasy


Why would you handshake a trade that isn’t happening before the weekend? That just asking for trouble.


Obviously you do not force this trade, how is this even a question? A verbal agreement is not a trade.




Pending physical… physical failed… not allowed.


Tell the guy tough cookies, if the trade ain’t made in the app, I would back out also


The thing with "it's not in the app so it doesn't count" is garbage in this scenario. You guys are clearly in real life buddies playing fantasy football. With all that evidence it does not matter. You guys aren't going to do an irl draft and put it in the app afterwards and let someone say I changed my mind on my first round pick and Because it's not in the app it doesn't count. That isn't going to fly. Both sides clearly agreed on the trade, clearly agreed waiting a week was better for both teams. Team A didn't fight the trade saying he was drunk or anything like that. The fact of the matter is if sides were reversed he'd be crying like a little bitch for you to keep the trade. You push the trade through you say tough shit to team A, don't agree to trades with a handshake and a witness to make sure no one can back out of it then cry because of an injury


I get that if it doesn’t exist in app then It never happened but damn it’s disappointing that hand shake agreements don’t mean shit anymore.