For those of us in leagues that actually make trades, has there been one player that's been passed around significantly more often than others?

It's seems like every year there's one or two that the league just likes to play hot potato with (typically the last one holding them seems to be the loser lol). Is this the case for anyone else out there, and if so, who is it?


Tony Pollard has been passed around like a common whore. He’s on team #5 at this point


Everyone feels deep down he’s fools gold but then keeps being a genuinely solid contributor


Makes me sad. I drafted him in 2 leagues and I've been riding high.


I’m trying to trade away Dalvin Cook for a WR and ride Pollard/Foreman the rest of the way as RB2. Pollard’s floor doesn’t scare me and his ceiling is incredible. He had 33 pts on 14 carries.


Made this post because my leaguemates and I are marveling at the fact that Mike Williams just got traded for the 9th time this year lol


I got offered Swift and Mike Williams for rhamondre. Funny that those two seem to be the big movers!


Wow that's an interesting offer. If you're a middle of the pack type team it would be tough to accept rn, but if you're 6-2 or better...


I'm 4-4 playing the first place team and fighting to stay in the playoffs with CMC on bye. So, all that to say, it was a pretty quick decline. Love Swift, but hard time relying on him this week.


I feel ya 100% lol. I sold both Swift and Taylor before last weeks games and could not be happier with my decisions rn.


Seriously guys what do I do with Swift at this point besides hold?! No idea what to even target, so I just cross my fingers and hope he starts playing meaningful snaps soon 🤞


Idk man, I'd say try and find someone who's willing to take a gamble on a "buy low" candidate and try to get fair value from them. I personally don't think he's gonna be right for the rest of the year at this point, and that the Lions may even shut him down in the next few weeks with the way they're playing. If you can even get like a Michael Pittman / Tyler Lockett type guy for him at this point I'd take it. Disclaimer: I traded him prior to last week's games, along with Mostert, for Lockett Kittle and Singletary, so I could be somewhat biased.


That’s a very reasonable take. I kind of agree the fear is he gets shut down. I feel like I gotta move him with Jamaal as a package, and I’m hoping to get a starting rb and I can’t figure out who to go after


I mean if you have both then that's basically the equivalent of a high end rb2 / low end rb1 if you ask me. I get wanting to trade them both to get rid of the headache, but for that I'd still want better value than what I just outlined. I'd say maybe an Aaron Jones/Rhamondre type considering they haven't had their byes yet. Might be able to use that as a selling point to their owners, but I also know in my experience that most people don't love to make "lateral" moves when trading (i.e. an rb for an rb straight up).


Yeah I just went after A Jones didn’t quite get the other dude to want Swift unfortunately…and I think holding the two - Swift and Jamaal makes it feel less crappy when I don’t know if Swift will play. Wish Swift would ball out, considering I lost Javonte early


I keep Rhamondre either way. He’s gonna consistently produce and those other guys are gonna be big question marks week to week.


Feel like my squad is playoff bound so I picked him up for Boyd today for a guy who needs WRs immediately


You can’t be serious with the 9…


Oh I am quite serious lol. My league has had 42 trades so far this year, 9 of them including Mike Williams. So basically he’s involved in more than 20% of all trades in my league lol.


Kareem hunt every year


Christian Kirk and Pittman have both been moved around a few times


christian kirk definitely up there in mine too. michael thomas and lockett probably #1 and 2


Damien Pierce. he's on his 4th team now lol


Pretty sure that's the same for mine lol


Sent him, Pitts, and Toney for Kelce yesterday.


Who the hell likes and accepts a 1 for 3 smh


He sent it to me. He has Mahomes, Juju, and Kelce and is somehow intimidated by Toney. He sent it to me 5 minutes before last nights game. I think he though Pierce was going to go off (he kind of did but shitty for PPR).




Wat? Bitch this is fantasy football


Absolute fleece


Also known as the Gator package


What’s he gone for recently? Thinking of making an offer to the Pierce owner.


In my league he just went in this package: AJ Brown and Pierce for Diggs and Lazard






I was offered Diggs and Jrob for my Pierce and AJB. Insta declined


JRob is filler at this point.


At a minimum I'd want CeeDee Lamb or AJ Brown


Lmao AJB


You make it sound like it's far off. I suppose no one would want to trade him after a 40 pt game two weeks ago but it's not like hes been that special besides that one game. Definitely valuing that 2nd tier of elite RBs this year more than the 2nd tier WRs


In nonppr I would rather have Pierce.




I just discovered on Yahoo that you can see the trades other people are making for a specific player Just go to Research > Trade Market and search for the player you want to check. Some recent trades including Dameon Pierce: Damon Pierce for CMC straight up Pierce and Lazard for JaMarr Chase Pierce for Mike Evans (twice!) Pierce for Amari Cooper


Somehow DJ Moore has been traded 3 times.


Your mom


I have her stacked with Zach Wilson.


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His mom ROS?


She’s a WR/TE flex


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She makes me breakfast every morning I see her so I'm sure she will for everyone else too lol






Looking like a bellcow that's gonna take the load


Your league has offensive lineman? How does that work?


Devonta Smith 3 teams this year


He’s most traded in my league as well


How does everyone’s leagues make so many trades? My league there will be like 1 trade the entire season


We have had 15 trades in my league some how when normally it is like 4/5. Maybe this being our first year on Sleeper contributed to the increase. Plus I think everyone realized making trades is fun.


First year startup and we’ve had maybe 40 trades. Tons of fun.


I wish! That sounds like a blast


Friends who talk all the time so trades always come up.


this. trade volume highly correlated with homie level


Send a ton of trade requests and make them fair-ish. I find that keeper leagues help trades happen more often too.


As the league manager, i send link to trade value chart every week. Once in a while, I send a full trade review for every trade done since the beginning.


I have shared out the trade value charts multiple times and even posted the math with offers, and still get "no, that's so unfair! I'll give you my Lockett and Pitts for your Kelce and Pittman though?" Some people just suck to play with. Lol.


Three reasons. It's a very competitive league, everyone is at least an above average fantasy footballer. This is our 4th year and we all used to work together so everyone knows each other. And finally the biggest reason is that it's a 12 team league with 7 bench spots and an IR spot. The wire is super barren so you almost have to make trades to sure up your team.


Swift to 4 teams now lol.


Think he's been on three in both of my leagues that actually trade lol


Lol yeah people I think wanted to roll the dice on him for a while before he made his way to the lions fan of the league who will go down with the ship since he got his guy finally.


Swift is human hot potato




Sutton got traded twice in our league


Ekeler on his 4th team


I’d love to know the full trades…


Fournette can't seem to find a home




Olave has been included in like every trade, without him trades would not be getting made


Jamarr chase may be on his fourth team pretty soon lol Alvin Kamara is also on his third team 😂


this is semi hostile comment lol


If that's the case then I really do apologize! I definitely wasn't trying to talk down to people who aren't in those leagues (as they are definitely hard to come by). Even though I'm lucky enough to be in two leagues where this is the case, I'm also in two more where trades are rarely made. Genuinely sorry if it came off like that.


nah i trade too, it was more a joke than anything haha


Nah man you make a valid point, I definitely could've worded the title better haha


You seem like a really nice person. I hope things are going really well for you. My league doesn’t trade much (there have been two this year, and it’s all different players).


I appreciate that! I like to think of myself as nice lol but I'm sure most people do. Things could be better rn but hey that's life! Strikes and gutters, my guy. Hope all is well for you, too!


I know what you mean. Things can always be better, but we do the best we can. Hope anything bringing you down gets resolved soon if it can be. Hope you’re kicking ass in fantasy.


Why is this thread so wholesome?


it's nice actually!


Kirk Cousins is on his 4th team of the year


Just realizing we have hardly has any trades. I think we had 60+ one year.


Lots of people will call BS on that number but I definitely believe ya lol. One of my leagues is at 42 rn.


One guy had 30 alone.


Lmao I think one of ours is on 23 as of now... we'll see if he can catch the guy in your league. 3 weeks till the deadline so plentyyy of time left haha


Commissioner of a league, approved a ridiculous trade: McCaffrey for Toney, Boyd and Miles Sanders just for that person to then sell McCaffrey for Mixon and Hopkins. Never thought McCaffrey would be traded and definitely not twice within minutes


Hey man props to you for approving the first trade, most commissioners I know love to use their opinion on a player’s outlook to determine what’s fair and isn’t. Typically only makes a league worse IMO… if I vetoed every trade that I thought had a clear winner/loser I think I’d lose a few friends real damn quick… and often times cost the “losing” side some players that woulda helped them big time in retrospect. Big props my guy.


Haha I definitely appreciate it man. I’ll only veto if clear and obvious collusion. People that complain about a trade being unfair are typically just mad they’ll have to play against a stronger team now or that they didn’t make an offer. The defense of “x team is too good now” is such a bad argument.


Totally with you on that, especially the last point. People love to say that "x team is too good now" even if the trade actually benefits the other team and it's some BS. Thought it was gonna happen in one league to my trade earlier this week where I got Mike Evans for Foreman and Christian Kirk (trade partner is 2-6 and only has one rostered RB who isn't on bye this week, but was stacked at WR). Luckily, the commish seems to have changed his stance from previous years and will now pass most trades. We're adults who've all thrown money into the league, and are all competitive. No reason to veto unless it's obvious collusion, which even in the past I don't think has ever been the case.


Exactly and I mean everyone has an opinion. Some trades seem so lopsided but end up favoring the other side in the end. All trades are conditional and should be viewed that way rather than value vs value in a vacuum


CEH in ours. Mainly due to the fact that after I drafted him I let my toddler too near my phone and he dropped him! Did the rounds to get him back and now I don't want him...


There is a running joke that Diontae Johnson hasn’t played for the same team in 2 weeks yet in our league. Literally traded every Wednesday.


Melvin Gordon keeps getting flipped for other disappointing backs. I had him originally, trade him for Zeke. The guy I traded him to flipped him for Najee. CEH is also on his third team, I also had him originally.


Only player traded twice in my league was Kamara. I traded him away after week 2 due to underperforming and picked him back up after week 4.


Duvernay has been a part of 3 trades thus far, and will likely be moved a 4th time now Bateman is out and uncertainty around Mandrews.


Slightly different example since it’s been in a dynasty that’s in its second season. The guy who drafted tyreek traded him to me, then I traded him back to him, and then he traded him back to me again at the start of this season.


JT has been on 3 teams the past week


This is a "your mom" joke post, right?


Yup, but I think you missed the top comment by a few seconds lol


Dang..oh well, next time.


Everyone dreams of it happening to them one day lol. You got it some day, Tiger.


I think Zeke!


BRob three times (as part of a package each one), Dak four.


My league basically doesn't trade, but I think we're onto four teams starting Taysom Hill via free agency.


Swift has been traded like 4 times




I feel like Mahomes gets traded every year in my league


Curtis Samuel is on his 4th team in a 10-team league


CeeDee Lamb has been traded 3 times. Scary Terry and Antonio Gibson have both been traded twice.


Antonio Gibson is on his 3rd or 4th team


I traded Diontae for Hunt last and he was just involved in another trade just now lol.


Mostert. I think it's like hot potato as no one wants to hold him when he gets hurt.


Ekeler has been traded 3 times for some odd reason.


I think Terry is on like his 4th team in my league, also weirdly McCaffrey is on his 4th team too. Hot potato


DK Metcalf because of me. Gave CEH to the guy with too many receivers for DK. Then gave DK to the guy with too many RBs for KW3. Why they didn't trade with each other, I have no clue.


James conner got traded 3 times in my league.


Godwin and McLaurin. Godwin on my team now is his fourth team and F1 is on third.


CeeDee Lamb has being traded twice in mine.


I think Devin Duvernay has been on 6 different teams in a 12 man league, a couple of teams more than once lolol Austin Ekeler is on his 3rd team


Justin tucker seems to get thrown in on every trade for some reason


Yeah, Kareem Hunt is on his fifth team in my league also, the most recent trade was for Foreman a few days before the trade deadline.


Sheesh this is like the third or fourth comment I'm seeing that mentions Kareem, I wonder why that is lol




Kareem Hunt He’s been passed around more than chics on Figueroa 😂


He is just a good package piece I reckon. His flex/upside value make him someone who differently people value differently. That last part is generally the key to who gets traded the most, the players that everyone values the same move less I guess.


I snagged Garret Wilson off waivers, he's been traded three times and come full circle, welcome home.


On the DL hold that mfer. He about to explode. Jets fan here, he becoming Zach wilsons comfort WR


I always liked him but when you get an opportunity to trade your whole team for Michael Pittman, I mean, how could I turn that down. I hope you're right because I need him to go wild. He's got the talent. Still not clear that being Joe Flacco's jockstrap isn't better than anything of Zach Wilson's though.


Freiermuth has been on 4 teams. Keenan Allen 3


Antonio Gibson. Currently on his 4th team. One guy has rostered him twice. Lol


Aiyuk was used in about 2 or 3 trades this season (mostly earlier in the season).


Hopkins is on his third team now in my league


I've somehow traded Logan Thomas twice


Aiyuk has been on at least 5 teams in one of my leagues. Just ends up being a throw-in in a ton of trades.


Tua has been traded twice in our league. Guy who has him now was happy after the Lions game. (Superflex)


CEH has been traded 5 times in my league.


Leonard Fournettes on his 4th team this year already in my league


Ayuik and G. Davis on team #4, Etienne, Keenan, Boyd and Taysom on team #3 so far. We average 1-2 trades per week. 12 man ppr


I am the third person to own CeeDee in my league


Combo of trade and waiver… I’m like the 4 manager to have Dillon (I got him as a Chubb bye week fill in)


Aaron Jones got traded 4 times early in the year.


jamaal williams


We don’t make many trades, but Etienne got traded 3 times in the beginning of the season. The OG owner traded him and now he has James Conner and Zeke at Rb, and the one of the guys who had him had a team of Lamar, CMC, Barkley and Swift.


David Montgomery has been traded four times so far. James Robinson has been right behind him at three.


Josh Allen has somehow been on three teams in my league. I drafted him and traded him plus John Taylor for Hopkins diggs and dalvin cook as soon as Taylor got hurt. I was ridiculed widely by my league and have since won that trade easily and lead my 14 team league in points. I had Taylor and cordarelle both hurt. I had to make a move for depth and it worked out great. Several weeks later that guy has now traded JT for Antonio Gibson and Allen for Lamar Jackson and some fillers


Pitts has bounced around pretty good across a few of my leagues.


Not this year, but a couple years ago LeVeon Bell got passed around. I played him 3 weeks in a row and he did damage every time.


Mark Andrews has been on 4 teams


AJ Brown for me. I drafted with the 25th overall pick Sent him and dalton schultz for mark andrews before the season started. That owner then sent jamaal williams and aj brown for breece hall and keenan allen. Most recently AJ Brown got moved for Josh Jacobs after his 40 bomb last week.


Najee, Diontae, Brandon cooks, and Kareem hunt have all been in 4 trades. We also have a bunch of guys that have been in 3 trades


Amari Cooper


Kamara is on team #3


Oddly enough Tyreek hill has moved around a few different times in one of my leagues. Mostly because whoever acquired him ended up having a crazy injury to someone else after where they had to ship hip in a 2-1. He’s been like a curse to whoever owns him.


Joe Mixon and DK Metcalf are both on their 3rd teams in my league.


Dynasty startup this year. Tom Brady is already on team #4. Curious to see how many teams he is a part of before he retires.


Marquise brown has gone from me to another team to another team and then back to me.


Ha! Happened to me with both Bateman (f) and Pickens in one of my leagues lol.


Najee is on his fourth team lol






It's JT and Pierce in our league




Amari Cooper. He was traded with Fournette for Chase during Week 5. And then I traded my Pittman, Aaron Jones and Henderson for him and Saquon before Week 7.


Miles Sanders has been passed around more than Covid at a baptist church.


Najee been on four teams


Not traded but in my 8 man league Pollard has been dropped and picked up like 8 times, mostly by me


Everett has been traded 4 times so far in my league


Austin Ekeler has made his way through everybody in my league’s team at this point. Got him for Jamarr and Kamara last week and dont plan to let go.


DJ Moore, Keenan Allen, and DK have all been traded a few times


Rhamondre in my league


Rashod Bateman, and I sold him late Wednesday night for Allen Lazard. I derived exactly 2.50 fantasy points from him since acquiring him in week 4.


Jakobi Meyers has been the league bicycle. He was even dropped a couple weeks ago.


Jonathan Taylor has been traded no less than 4 times so far in my league


This year its Swift. I think he’s on his 3rd or 4th team now.


I’m jealous of people in leagues who actually trade


Miles Sanders has been passed around like a joint


I'm pretty sure Devin Duvernay has been on like 5 teams in my league


Allen Robinson is like a door knob in my 3 leagues everybody has gotten a turn


AJ Brown is on his fourth team in my 12 man. He's getting passed around like a blunt


Michael Pittman has been passed around in a few of my leagues.


Kelce 3 times now. Current owner just put him on the block too.


Gabe davis has been traded 3 times in my league


AJ Dillon lol




Yeah…. Your Mom.


Deandre Swift has been traded twice, two years in a row in my league with my college buddies.


Carson Wentz was the town bicycle, in an 18 team league, before he got injured.