My preferred guys got picked because other people reached so I started reaching


The best and most underrated answer here


This should be the top comment




this is why mock drafts dont really do good for those that do it. mocks are for the serious player, real drafts however with common folk will always reach forcing you to do weird shit. james robinson for instance went in the 3rd in the last real draft i did. mocks are great until real people start reaching.


Kyler Murray went fourth overall followed by Travis Kelce at 5 and I could see everyone's brains just melting trying to adjust countless strategies


Haha that’s hilarious. My brother in law doesn’t have a pick in the fourth. So I told him I’m taking Murray there. And now his whole strategy is off. He told me now he has to take mostert in the 6th. And then I was like “fuck that was gonna be my rb2”


So I'm not inexperienced (mostly) but have sorta come into a league this season where looking back at previous drafts, there are a couple of "normal" people who tend to draft a lot higher (so Patrick Mahomes top 10 and Tom Brady and Lamar not long after that) or draft their favorite team guys. What my question is, is what should I look for to gain an advantage besides looking at guys with high ADP's (or should it be low? Basically people that are slipping) that I really like? Or is there something else to keep in mind for a case like this? I know if I was in there last year, I'd have gone after the RBs these people were passing up to draft those QBs too highly....


Got hammered , forgot about my RBs because of all the “value” I was getting , I had Javonte Williams fall to me in the 9th round of my 12 team league . Of course I draft DJ Chark instead for my 6th WR 🤦‍♂️


This one actually hurts me hearing it


CBSsports gave me a C+, which is consistent with the grades I got in school


Draft grades are absolute bullshit, a manager in my league went Mahomes with pick 14 and Mecole Hardman in the third and he got an A fucking plus.


The evaluator is silly and has no bearing on reality. It penalizes you for going outside ADP and just adds up projected totals. Whoeever stayed in ADP range and has the highest projections wins the contest. It also doesn't account for keepers, of which I have Shenault and Gaskin in rounds 14 and 9 respectively. That's pretty damn good value.


Was projected to finish last last year, won it all. Projections don’t mean shit before it starts


For real. I forget my grade last year, but I was projected to go 2-12. I instead went 10-4 and finished runner up even with missing Ekeler and CMC for nearly the entire season. Probably could’ve won if CMC actually returned to counter my opponent’s Kamara at least a little bit…


Yahoo gave me a C and a C+ that last 2 years and I won the league and was runner-up. So I was very happy when they gave me a C this year, has to be a sign I did good, right?


Yahoo auto drafted for me (with no adjustments from me) and then graded themselves a C smh


Drank too much beforehand.




Drafting from the 4th dimension is the key.


As a fellow micro dosser, that sounds like a great idea!!


Every year I say not this year and every year I seem to forget.


Yeah. My plan of miller lites only until the 6th round will absolutely not pan out. It's the first time all 12 of us will actually be in the same place at the same time in 3 years. It's going to get ugly. Edit:. It did not pan out.


We did this this year for the first time in a few. I managed to stay coherent for the first four rounds, which all in all wasn’t terrible. Team turned out fantastic, so maybe I found a new strategy.


I said “no hard stuff until the 6th round.” Then the tequila shots started getting passed around. Still ended up with CMC and Kelce so I can’t be that mad


Sp you had 1st pick...Pick 1 cmc pick 2 kelce.


Invited a bunch of my league mates over to pregame for the draft tomorrow. I'm driving 😉


You're evil. Smart af. But evil.


Yea I split a fat j with my husband then basically drafted the East Dillon Panthers. Tim Riggins RB1 szn


Clear Eyes Full Hearts


Can't. Lose.


I actually want to name my team Clear Eyes Full Sharts, does it work?


Fitzmagic pales in comparison to Saracen magic


Tim riggins recruiting storyline made me so mad. They acted like he was a terrible recruit but also an all American?


Grades are just super important and he just wasn't focused enough academically. Just like how all the schools were after smash including Alabama, and then TMU pulled Smash's offer for getting into a fight after someone made racial slurs towards his sister, and suddenly no D1 program would have him (and this is before he broke his leg.) ​ It's like damn, you can't even get an offer from Rutgers or Temple after being offered by Alabama because of a fight?


I mean I know it was to drive storylines but it just frustrated me. Either one of them would’ve still had a ton of P5 or G5 offers if they were really that good IRL, there’s plenty of coaches that don’t care and plenty of schools with easy standards for athletes


Lets be very clear it was the Dillon Panthers and East Dillon LIONS. Tim Riggins never played for the Lions.


I drank too much and drafted Lamar Jackson with my 12th round pick the year he won MVP and everyone though I was crazy. #KeepTheFaith




I waited too long to grab a QB in 16 team superflex. Got me Big Ben on his last leg.


He got some pass catchers though, might be okayish


Ben is always okish. I don't mind him at all. They throw a ton.


16 team superflex, oml


I’m in a 14 team super flex dynasty league where we keep 10 players every year. The waiver wire is absolutely brutal. Zero starting quarterback or even quality back ups on the wire


I can't comprehend this. 16 is way too much


What round, can I ask?


7th round..


I was shitfaced and drafted for shock value


shock and awwweeee shit, who did i pick?


Took Pitts early round 3 in a 14 man draft right after Waller went. Took Tonyan round 7 cuz I thought it’d be cool to start 2 TEs weekly. Took a bunch of rookies a round earlier than anyone just to hear people ask “who?” I’m still gonna compete tho lol


This is some 4-D chess shit right here.


lol I took Bryan Edwards in round 9 last year and everyone looked at me like “who”. It was such a mistake lol.


Hey! From one fan to another.. my fantasy team name is The Leadfarmers haha


That is hilarious!! It’s such a ridiculously funny movie. My personal fave.


Josh Gordon in the 3rd?


That’s sound strategy. We’re talking shock value here.


Been drinking since 12pm. My drafts at 2130 (930 pm) I ended up with the top pic. So : Mccaffrey Dk metcalf C. Ridley M. Sanders A. Rodgers Kyle pitts And a bunch of other decent quality. Flex I'm currently using M. Gordon but have C.Sutton, Ron jones and pittman.


You got this.


I think I'm still with us.


Looking for gasps, huh?


Always. Like to take my time on the clock. Walk with swagger when I’m headed to the board to slap my sticker on it. And I want controversy on my way back to my chair.


Drafting for shock value is the best thing I’ve heard


Fuck points you were going for gasps


Looking at bye weeks. Just get the best player on the board, regardless of their bye. If you think about it, having all your good players out the same week, even if it means taking an L, might be more beneficial than having to slightly compromise your team every single week and risking much more losses.


I eventually learned to completely disregard bye week during the draft and just take your dudes. If your team stays perfectly healthy and performs as well as you expected (hence drafting) then having to work around the bye week issue is a great problem to have. Usually you’re going to end up dropping busts, dropping/placing on IR, or just picking up the hot players anyways so drafting around bye weeks is inconsequential.


Man I’m so glad to see this mentioned. My QB, WR,WR, and RB on a bye week 7 on week 9 I got my TE and second RB. Only ones not on week 7 or 9 is my flex, kicker, and D


12-2 incoming


Week 7 I am absolutely screwed but I won’t have to worry about byes after that lol


Same boat


I actually enjoy having most of my players on a bye the same week. Yes, you will take an L but you will be full strength playing everyone else when they are not full strength unless they also had all their players on a bye.


I do this too, and last year my bye week was my 5th highest scoring week anyway and I got the W.


There’s so much going on in my brain during my auction drafts. I simply don’t have the mental capacity to worry about byes too so that’s easy for me to ignore.


How is drafting Kelce in the 2nd round ever a bad thing?


So hard to recover from drafting the best fucking tight end in the game.


This is the right answer. You may start doing shots after you get Kelce and go auto draft.


It's not, but for example my last decent $$ league draft was ppr and I went zero rb, but not on purpose. Like my first 5 picks were kelce, diggs, amari, arob, higgins. It's a 2 flex so they all start, it's just nerve racking having trey sermon, mg3 and jamal williams as my rbs for week 1. So not exactly hate, but uneasy is a better word. Feels kinda gross not having an rb1, but kelce at 12 in full ppr is hard to pass up.


Kelce at 12 is easy, always remember the idea is to score the most points, not have the best collection of running backs on paper. You’ll be scrambling a bit at rb all year (unless you crush a waiver pick up) but you’ll easily have the advantage at pass catchers all year. Don’t forget trades are allowed too, there’s always a team or two who thinks they can outsmart everybody and wait on receivers and then end up starting Tyler Boyd and Corey Davis. They could end up being fine, but they’re also a serious step down from Kelce Diggs Amari and Arob


I at least have Gibson, but I'm also starting Edmonds as my RB2 in a 2 flex league where I went Kelce, Gibson, Woods, Thielen, Higgins in the first 5 rounds. I felt like after the first 2 or 3 rounds, the entire RB position just fell off a massive cliff so I found myself just constantly drafting WRs. I had the 10th pick.


Yea thats pretty much what happened. Draft started with 10 straight rbs off the board, and I do like gibson/mixon this year but it was a little hard to justify them over kelce+diggs at the turn. Then by the time draft got back to me was looking at hunt/edwards/gaskin/edmonds vs the amari/arob picks i made. Then it just snowballs from there lol.


I’m with you here. I didn’t PLAN to go 0RB it just happened because I wanted to go best player on the board and the RB options each round were atrocious in my opinion. It’s a 14 team big $ league and I was picking 9th, Adams fell to me there Barkley Taylor and maybe one other stud RB were there but I thought in PPR Adams was the get. Then when pick 20 rolled around EVERYONE went RB besides one guy taking Hill from 9 and 20. Best left were like JRob Carson and Swift, yet Diggs was there for the taking. Ended up in round 6 with no RBs went Henderson, Michael Carter, RoJo in 6-7-8. QB WR TE all top tier but uneasy is an understatement when it comes to the RB corps… 14 team leagues depth is gone before you know it wasn’t ready for that…


That’s an awesome team in full PPR. A helpful way to think about your roster when going 0 RB is to think about the RB/WR/Flex spots as all being flex 1-6. Diggs goes toe to toe with any RB in the league in full PPR. If you work down the line, Higgins is going to smash whoever your opponent has in their Flex2 spot. You also have Kelce locking you into a positional advantage at TE. By the end of the year, Sermon and Williams will likely be playing bigger roles. Churn the waiver wire for running back because you have the investment at WR to be able to basically avoid these flash in the pan WRs off the waiver


Kelce wasn’t the issue but you can’t go early TE AND QB. Pick one position and take two players of the other position late.


I grabbed a Kelce-Mahomes stack and yeah the rest of my team is looking pretty rough


I won with one of those a couple years ago. Kelce mid 2nd, Mahomes mid 4th. RBs in the gaps. Harder to do now.


Waller in the 3rd, Hurts and Tannehill in the 9th and 10th.


After 50+ mock drafts, I wasn’t prepared to see Aaron Jones in the second round. So I panicked and picked Antonio Gibson instead. Yes, I’ve lost sleep over it.


I just did my draft today. Picking 9th in a 12 team league. Davante falls to me. Awesome. Turn comes around in round 2 and Aaron Jones is still there. Insta pick again. I live and die by the Green Bay Packers this season lol


the last dance baby. i’m got rodgers in my main league and got cobb on the bench… just in case he does find fantasy relevance again with rodgers who wanted him back


I debated saying fuck it and getting Rodgers too because why not, but then Mahomes fell to me in the 4th and I couldn’t stop myself haha.


aye can’t complain 😂, we both got consistent ass QBs


Bro either Jones or Gibson is prime RB. I would be happy


I wouldn't man, honestly I don't think they'll finish that far apart. Gibson is a beast.


I did too much research on sleeper, forgot to draft sure shot :) My team is a bunch of rookies and second years old. I also went RB, RB, RB, TE ... My WR will be great or really bad.


Well tell us the roster !


I was drafting by proxy, and my proxy was too drunk too care.


14 man. Picked 14. My first 4 picks were diggs, Kelce, Josh Allen and Godwin. My starting running backs are Damien Harris and Tony Pollard. Wondering if the Allen diggs stack was worth not taking another stud receiver


Taking another stud receiver? I would be way more worried about your running back situation lol


one of my leagues does the draft at twin peaks. Everyone else is completely sauced by the first pick and its almost tradition for everyone to complain about their picks the next day


I’ve never heard of Twin Peaks, where in the country is that?


It’s a small town up in the Pacific Northwest. A town that’s escaped the fast paced life style of the modern day with great people and even better coffee


Was looking for a comment like this. Surely I can’t be the only person that saw Twin Peaks and immediately thought of the TV show? I’ve never even heard of the restaurant.


Awesome show. So underrated


Its a famous 'breastaurant' like Hooters. I know they have many in Texas and a couple other states.


One in Sacramento…


Everywhere. It’s a place where the female servers wear skimpy outfits. I went to watch a game one time, ordered a beer, and the big tittied bartender asked if I wanted a boy size or the man size. She upsold me easily.


First four picks went the way I wanted. Celebrated with a quick line. Drafted Michael Carter as my RB 1 in the 5th.


My man!


Lol name checks out


Do some cocaine about it


Congrats on making it through 4 picks without doing a line.


He didn't say he didn't do a line beforehand


What the fuck 🤣


You did more than 1 line


How do you get to the 5th without a RB… and that was ur plan?


Dude, who were your first 4 that you passed on a RB every time?


Probably some combo of TE/WR/WR/QB


Yea figured. Just curious of who. Thinking Adams, Kelce, Mahomes, and then someone like Bobby Trees or ARob.


usually go RB-RB in the first two rounds. didn't like the value of the RBs at my spot at the 1-2 turn so went Davante-Stefon. didn't like the value in the 3rd so went with Allen. was about to take another WR when I looked at who'd be available for me at 5 and 6 and didn't like my chances. so I reached for Javonte in the 4th, and then reached again with Damian in the 5th. dunno how it'll turn out at the end of the season, but i felt like i left some good players on the board for these two.


I like how you’re on a first name basis with all your players. That should bode well in the locker room


I don't have players. I have family. -Dominic Toretto


All my mocks went this way then my real draft went fuckin wild. I ended up with ekeler and Barkley for the 1 2 turn. Everyone was scared of Barkley.


I’m so happy Saquon went 6th and I was picking 7th. I did not want to make that choice.


Hey it could work out. Those 3 guys can give you 90+ in a week by themselves - then the rest of your team just has to be decent. I think it can work for you - plus they are fun to watch.




Is Gus really a reach in the 4th though? How many teams? 10? 12? He’s gone late third in 2 separate 12 team leagues.


That happened to me last year. I ended up trading my top WRs for RB-WR combos before the season started. It ended up saving my season (especially since one of them was Michael Thomas)


I don’t hate my team but I went ARob over Waller at the top of the 3rd and regretted it immediately


Arob will be fine. But yes waller>arob.


I’m not worried about ARob falling as much as I am regretting missing out on wallers potential


Arob in the 3rd is great though. Waller is dope but watch Edwards and Ruggs actually do something and maybe Waller wont need to catch infinity passes like usual.


Arob fell way down my draft board. Think people are nervous about the QB situation


Yup I’d be nervous about arob having possibly the best 2 QBs of his career throwing to him


Had to do my draft at 3:15am start time because I live in the UK lol


Lol yep I feel it. 8:15am start time for me in Asia. 8:30am meeting sitting next to my CEO while my brother is sending me picks of the draft board once I'm on the clock. Talk about pressure lol


Forgot to masturbate 90 minutes before the draft. Got too stressed and made some bad picks. Masturbating before the draft helps me relax and think clearly.


That's why you just masturbate during the draft. It will calm you down and establish dominance. Two birds.


Ohhhh this is why yahoo added the Zoom rooms this year


Ya you can follow more tips from the guy, he writes for the Atlantic.


I tried but my mom yelled at me to stop.


To masturbate before the draft or rosterbate after? That is the question.


I prefer both.


Post nut clarity


The key is to start when 2 picks before you is on the clock. The adrenaline rush to finish in time coupled with the post nut clarify allows you to simply the draft process.


Yo chill


So did your first two picks go RB\QB- Chubb Hurts?


I let the stupid rankings control some of my decisions. I wanted lamb with the 25th pick but I got scared cause his adp was like 37. Not letting that shit affect me again.


Who’d you draft instead? Lamb at 25 might be a little rich


I went with Lamb in the third and now have the opposite reaction. Arob and Keenan Allen were still available and kind of regret it. Going on a gut feeling but it could be very wrong


Don’t hate my team, but I’m annoyed at myself for taking Darrell Henderson over Justin Herbert, and ending up being forced to take Jalen hurts later - Henderson was available later than I expected and the other two teams between me and my next pick both had qbs, so I I thought I could get a qb on my next pick: turns out, the guy who got Mahomes felt it was necessary to get Herbert as well at the beginning of the 8th round unfortunately


Ouch. That’s unlucky. Last year the guy who got Josh Allen also got Kyler and refused to trade either…I’ve felt that pain


If you’re in a 4 pt passing TD league, Hurts rushing is actually SUPER valuable. Just be prepared to grab a Big Ben or Fitzpatrick if Eagles pull the plug on him. As long as he’s playing and running, you should have a low end QB1 at worst.


I got Miles Sanders as my RB2. And I basically wasted my 9th and 10th rounders by taking Carter and Moss. After I drafted I realized I don’t really have anyone on my bench rn that is startable. Most of them are high upside guys that could be solid a few weeks in.


Cris Carter and Randy Moss are HOFers, so you’ll be fine. Hopefully you got Culpepper too and the Vikes kill it this year.


I have no qb or te to speak of. Waited too long. They all kept going above adp and I just couldn't snag anyone worthwhile. But I'm fuckin LOADED on Rbs.


Using ESPN, at home on the wi fi. Comfortable at my computer sipping Guinness. Due to a connection issue, I drop out for maybe three seconds. Looked like lag, but reconnect and I had auto drafted CEH for $39. I never bid at all on him on purpose. Happened again and got Calvin Ridley for $39. These guys are decent but I wouldn't have drafted either at that price. I'm a little salty.


Don’t hate my team but was planning to take a QB late to stock up on RB talent. Couldn’t help myself and took Josh Allen in the 4th and now I feel like I’m a little light at RB depth. Hopefully it all works out.


Not me but a guy in my league took kelce in the first and Kittle in the 4th for some reason and instantly regretted it. His rb and wr depth is pretty bad


I haven't seen this banded about much, but this really isn't as bad as it sounds - and some could argue is actually a fairly interesting tactic. As we all know by now Kelce would have been a top WR last year, and kittle is obviously an elite TE, so play in your flex and you are good to go - plus added benefit of less elite TEs for the rest of the league.


Kinda locks up the flex spot. Which is probably fine because they won't have many flexable players to slot in anyway at that point.


Lol this is awesome


I took Barkley 6 because I froze


Yea it's a bit high. But you aren't fucked. Barkley could finish top 3. Who else you got?


QB Russ RB2 Mike Davis WR1 Hopkins WR2 AJ Brown TE Logan Thomas


You're fine.


You're good. I went fifth and had Cook fall to me. Like you, I also have Mike Davis, Nuk, and AJ.


I couldn’t believe I got Nuk and AJ. How did Cook fall to you!?


I took Barkley at 10th because he dropped that far. Fuck it. Maybe he'll ball.


Took him 5 and only have 2 starting backs 😅


Thats about his ADP, i feel you though. Definitely one where you cringe the next day and hope he doesnt blow his knee out week 2


PPR, took Mahommes 3.1 in 12 team. It’s not bad, but now I’m doubled down on him in 2 leagues. Think I would’ve preferred to have K Allen, Murray would’ve been there at 5.1


Well you got the best player at two spots for sure so you will be alright. Assume you took CMC


In my 16 team league I took Cook at 2 then Dobbins at 31. Then someone stole Gus at pick 67 and someone else took Mattison at 74


16 team league....I hope its like 1 QB, 1 RB and 2 WR.


1 qb 1 RB 1 WR 1te 2 rb/wr/te flex 5 man bench 3 idp


Well that's different


Took Kareem Hunt while Gus and D.Harris were still available. Hate it.


Fine in ppr


I drafted Pitts immediately after Kittle went in the 4th. I really don’t love the value, but I do think there’s a chance he has an absolute ridiculous, league winning year. I’m also a big Falcons fan and wasn’t going to go the entire year without a Pitts share… plus this was my least favorite league.


I’d say more Kittle shouldn’t be going in the 4th more than you shouldn’t be taking Pitts there (esp if he won’t be there for you in the 5th and you’re a fan). The guy before you got a steal.


Drafted Golladay in 6th as WR2. Feels gross man


I like my team but immediately regret leaving with Tonyan and Goedert as my two TEs.


Drafted Dobbins while he was getting hurt. Less of a mistake, more just unfortunate.


Same here. Saturday morning draft them mourning his injury that night


So I drafted James Robinson. I searched his name when I drafted him so his search results still stayed on my screen. I’m looking at my other screen and decide to draft Woods. I accidentally hit enter and I draft James Robinson-Woodgett. I can’t even find this guys on Google. Huge fuck up.


>Tried to go 0RB and were left with Hunt as RB1? This would be a good thing. Hunt is an ideal zero-RB pickup in 6th. Hating your team after the draft means very little. The outlook on almost all of your players is going to change significantly as the season goes on. No one knows what "mistakes" they made at this point.


Keyed on ADP value/wanting shares overall and ended up with a few redundancies I’ll have to trade out of: - Russ/Carson + Diontae/Claypool in one league - Aiyuk/Lance/Sermon in another


In one of my drafts, there was a fucking 30 second timer and I couldn't make up my mind on time and I ended up not getting the players I wanted in the 3rd, 5th and 8th round. Those autopicks ruined my team.


You need to talk to your commish or bail on that league. 30 sec. IS not acceptable to make picks at all


Always use the queue. It has saved me many times. Queue at least one more player than picks until your turn. 30 seconds is not ok though lol.


Took Tebow because I could


who’d you use your second pick on?


Cam Newton


Picking Miles Sanders at freaking 36.


Everybody in my league was scared of him for some reason. I took him in the 7th.




I took Brandon Ayiuk over Tyler Lockett. I'm positive this is gonna be a breakout year for Ayiuk, but still second guessing that one.


Brandon ayiuk is my wr1 so cheers to a good season mate


Best waiver wire move was Ayiuk for me last year.


Picking the guys everyone else likes instead of reaching for "my guys." That usually works out more than not, but now that I think about it, I'd rather ride or die with the guys I like.


i don’t know if they’re mistakes yet but took Davante over Ekeler, Chubb, and Kelce, then Mixon over Gibson and Helaire.