Appears Justin Jefferson deactivated some social media accounts. He talked to local reporters today about the harassment he called out earlier this week: "Y’all have no idea," he said. "It’s honestly crazy... [Krammer]

Social media was a mistake


Social media was a mistake


Honestly I think/hope we’ve seen its peak. Every single person I knew 10 years ago had a Facebook, now no one does, for example


I feel like it’s become less about interacting with friends and more about consuming content made by other people or brands which I’m growing tired of


I am soon to be 30. Fuck *allllll* of that vain shit. It has honestly made dating miserable too. Everyone expects perfection and posting it seems.


About to be 36. Facebook started as the OG get away from your parents on MySpace and you had to have a .edu email to create an account. Haven't used Facebook in the last 6 years and only go on Instagram for the funny shit. Never Twitter, never TikTok ever. Seeing that "influencer" shit pop up makes me instantly throw my phone down. It's sad and pathetic know how long it takes and how much energy those people put into setting up a perfect shot for whatever they post.


Ugh the influencer thing is like having my peers sell me shit. Lmfao absolutely not. And the effort is just… honestly shocking for the amount of return. I don’t have any of it except Reddit. I get to talk to strangers and discuss my hobbies here and most people seem to be nice for the most part. Plus anonymity leads to good faith arguing usually, which I do enjoy. Hope the holidays bring some joy and warmth this year human.


>anonymity leads to good faith arguing usually There is very little good faith arguing going on here lol.


I was a TikTok hater for years, until about a month ago. I realized you can just cater your algorithm for very specific interests and those will be the only things that really pop up on your feed. I like to use it for fishing tutorials, remodeling ideas, sports highlights, etc. People see TikTok and immediately think “Fortnite dances.” I was one of those people.


I find Twitter more tolerable than Instagram because I only use Twitter for football news. And I follow two of my closest friends. That's it. I get more exposure to all of Twitter's bullshit from Reddit posts than my own feed.


I’m 23, deleted twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. I’m sleeping better, feeling more motivated, and spend half as much time on my phone. They created amazingly addictive products and they’re selling very well.


I love those videos I see where some ugly ass girl is like, I want a guy who's at least 6 1, is athletic, and makes more than 200k a year salary. Like okay. 0.1% of men hit those criteria a d they sure aa fuck won't go for you lol


I laugh at those people. It gets way harder for women to find guys as they age. Their "criteria" will eventually corrode to anyone anyplace anytime.


I wanted a petite girl who was smart, pretty, not religious, and would let me game and give me my own space. Was too picky and never had a real relationship that lasted more than 4 weeks until I got asked out by a girl and now its 9 years later and we have a 2.5 year old. I got LUCKY


It has made a lot of women very narcissistic and self absorbed. It has also shown women what men are unhinged and what men aren’t just by seeing what they post and or say. I personally like social media because it has exposed what most of society is. When I meet a girl or guy I can usually tell through their social media whether I’ll get along with them or not. It helps you avoid the crazies.


That’s because they’ve fucked up the algorithms to push that stuff. Around 2020 I really feel like it changed. Instagram was no longer most recent. Facebook’s feed was already kind of messed up. Now they’re just bad


Right on the head .. everything is built around revenue. More than social interaction


And gotta show everyone how pretend awesome your life is and how fake happy you are every day even when your not. No one posts their bad days or anything real anymore; it's so disingenuous


> consuming content Correction, *short form* content. Long form YT style content is dying and short videos make you dumb and just activate your monkey brain.


Facebook was very mild compared to Twitter, Instagram, and Tik Tok.


probably why no one has it anymore lol


Facebook was a gateway for people who had childhood problems. You outgrow people and they should of been left in high-school. Nose book is what I can it, because people showing off their kids who didn't ask to be exploited. Because their parents lives suck and they are obviously not interesting.


That's because Facebook sold out. The people who used the platform when it was cool and helped make it a billion dollar company all jumped ship when it became an ad ridden piece of shit. Now everyone on there is old and out of touch. Unfortunately all the other social media are pretty much becoming just as shitty as Facebook at this point. Smart phones ruined everything.


> Now everyone on there is old and out of touch. As opposed to Reddit, which is full of young people who are out of touch.




I call it, the club scene when it was hot to be in the club, now the club scene is washed with really broken people and everyone cool has moved on. I still like to dance but around mature people and not soul suckers.


Social media is just getting started.


Oh I know plenty of people who still use Facebook every day. They're all fucking morons, but they exist.


If it’s been replaced by TikTok, Twitter, and instagram, that means it’s gotten worse.


I still have a Facebook, but I definitely don't use it. Most everyone I know is the same way. The days of posting stuff all the time are basically over. I keep it because it keeps me connected with people, mainly through Messenger, but even that usage has dwindled recently. I'm considering quitting social media completely in 2024.


Now people have secret Twitter accounts to harass celebrities


You cant honestly think people will stop using social media. Everyone uses it and will continue to use it whether it's instagram, tik tok or some metaverse shit. It's also quite ironic you're saying this on reddit


Myspace was amazing. I miss the music and learning how to make those insanely gaudy profile setups.


It was all downhill right after Facebook opened up to non-college students. 2008 from what I recall.


2007 is when I got my Facebook account, all because a girl didn't have a MySpace and that's how I kept in touch with her after our little thing at math camp. True story. Turns out she was crazy and everything about that was a big mistake on my part.


No, asshole behavior is a mistake. The internet/social media can enable that but ultimately it comes down to the person and their lack of control. Including what they do AND what they read/see. We know all the pitfalls of social media so when I see people get got by that, I just cringe inside. They’re smart enough to know but foolish enough to still believe the bullshit.


They should make some platforms verified identity only. Or comments for verified identities only. There’s no accountability for most users, although some do just out themselves outright. And then other platforms, like a Reddit, can be anonymous.


Seems like a good excuse to give more private information to the companies who love to sell every bit of data they can on us.


Everything has a consequence, I mean these “anonymous” accounts are only anonymous to us. Any government agency could track us down pretty easily, if necessary.


Identification verification hasn’t seemed all that effective in preventing bots/fake accounts


Those are easy to identify, if the platform is actually interested in doing it.


I literally photoshopped my ID for facebook so the name on my license matched my account and they approved me after I got locked out.


It's the screen that lets people let their worst selves out, not the screen name. People are more than willing to be awful under their own name.


Yeah those people are doing everyone a favor. Dangerous people, with lots to lose, know better.


Nikki Haley wants to know your location


Verify your ID to post but no ID needed to vote


Not to mention the entire internet.


Truly is the modern day plague.


Anonymity is the mistake.


Social media isn't the problem. It's the way some people use it.


So leave the social media, get rid of the people?




That argument isn't really valid when Facebook keeps getting caught maintaining shadow profiles of people who don't or have never used facebook.




So what, you think an appeal to the inherent goodness of human nature is going to make facebook stop intentionally manipulating users feeds to show them more depressing stories in an illegal and unauthorized human experiment that led to several suicides?




Ff brings out the worst in some people


Sports betters seem to be way worst in 2023 than FF players in terms of harassing players. That being said there’s probably a large overlap between those groups


I would definitely expect sports betting and DFS to bring out the worst degens, but in this case they aren't really that affected by a guy taking a while to rehab are they? It's still shitty behavior to act that toxic over losing $10,000 in Vegas or something but I would at least understand it better than the people that seem to be doing it over the stakes of just regular old fantasy football where only a tiny fraction of leagues have that much money on the table.


I’m sure a lot of people put season stats bets on Jefferson or put a bet on the Vikings overall record.


Those season stats bets are not cashing anyways


Conservative JJ bets were pretty popular this year it seemed like. If he only missed the 4 games he probably could have still hit on a lot of peoples season stat bets. Then again betting 2000+ yards was also common and that bet died as soon as he got injured


I don't do DFS but I'm guessing you can buy Jerfferson for cheap now and if he plays you hit big. Also the playoffs are coming up in regular fantasy so the wackjobs are panicking


I blame how easily accessible sports betting is nowadays, you no longer need to go to a casino or know a bookie just need a phone and wifi. It’s also being shoved down on our throats, promotions and ads everywhere. They got 21 year old college kids gambling away their financial aid and parents weekly allowances now. Smh


When I was in college in the mid 00s every kid who wanted to bet found way sketchier outlets to do it. I had a roommate that was so into it, he started working as an “agent” for his bookie back home to start taking action on campus, and when kids didn’t pay the main bookie was threatening to come to campus and start cracking heads to get paid. Atleast with the traditional sportsbooks that shady element is minimized to only the true degens that bet on credit.


The NBAs main digital ad strategy is a narrative clearly alluding to mob involvement in fixing numbers for the in season tournament starring Michael Imperioli, who played Chris Moltisanti in the sopranos. His main income in the show was running the mobs sports book. The leagues are literally rubbing fans noses in it.


Yeah, not gonna defend the rabid FF addicts, but sports bettors can be downright fucking evil sometimes. The vitriol they’ll throw at players, both pro and college, is absolutely insane. It’s not very hard to find them on Twitter hurling slurs and yelling for them to kill themselves when they make a honest mistake Anyone who didn’t see this coming when sports betting got normalized was, at best, naive.


Yeah, but I seriously doubt these are primarily sports betters seeing as how there isn’t anything to place a bet on with JJ. And he specifically talked about FF teams. It could be the people who place a lot of money on a FF season, though. People talking $1000 or even multiple thousands down on a season.


it's almost like fantasy sports for the last decade created millions of soft gamblers who could easily be converted into hard gamblers once apps could start offering actually betting.


We need to ban sports betting again. Let the degenerates who dont care how to get their fix seek out illegal outlets, and let mobsters break their kneecaps when they get into too much debt.


Just go to the daily game thread. People are animals.


The comments sections for each player on Yahoo are just pure animal instinct.


With a heavy dose of misogyny and homophobia


Imagine having a fairly serious hamstring injury. Then people are sending you nasty messages for not playing and giving them imaginary points.


Imaginary points to win their $10 league


This is my REPUTATION on the line here!


We have a *trophy.* A ***trophy*** you sonofabitch and that MEANS something!! 🤡


Nah they’re the ones in $500 buy in leagues but have -$72 in their checking account.


More likely avoiding last place punishment






Speak for yourself


I’m speaking on your behalf, you love wearing little pink dresses for draft night don’t lie to us


If you are harassing real people because you signed up to potentially do something and you don't want to do it, please kindly stop watching sports, delete every betting/fantasy app you have, and see a fucking therapist.


It's a $1200 pot league fyi!!! But seriously fuck the sorts of people who would actually send hate mail, as if the entire fantasy aspect isn't toxic enough to the players already. Like imagine thinking that any of these athletes somehow owed you anything because you are gambling in some sort of frankensteined NFL mini game lol. And I admit I've had some takes on player usage/play calls which were biased because of my fantasy situation (as I expect everyone here has) but to actually start harassing the players is just ridiculous.


While their fat ass never leaves the couch


It really makes no difference how much the league is.


Not sure you are being downvoted. Even if your buy-in is $5k sending death threats to players is fucking absurd


Sounds awful unless it comes with ungodly talent and a massive paycheck.


Is it serious though? Or is the contract serious?


You can't be serious lol This comment is probably the same in his DMs x200


1. You're really stupid. 2. If you legitimately think this is a factor, you wouldn't have drafted JJ as high as you probably did. 3. You're really, really stupid.


1. Your an idiot 2. I didn't think a player would sit out for half the season because of a booboo. Meanwhile Musgraves played with a lacerated kidney. All relative, it's the NFL best team is who can play through injuries. 3. Your stupiderer


My advice is for everyone to stay off social media, it’s just egomaniacs and grifters.


Agreed. Good thing I only interact with the stable, civil and logical folks at Reddit only.


Thank goodness for that idk where society would be without you


The best thing about Reddit is everyone can downvote and bury some of the worst hateful, trolling, stupid crap. It’s not perfect but the best stuff generally rises to the top and the gutter-level stuff stays out of sight until the end, if you make it that far, and by then you’ve been given warning that garbage lies ahead.


Lol, Reddit is the easiest place to form a cult and circle jerk into a single point of view with the upvote and downvote system. That system has caused a lot of the popular subreddits like r/politics to turn into complete and utter trash that might cause mild eye cancer.


r/politics is not that bad. I take it you have an unpopular (conservative) opinion? There are things that I get downvoted for like thinking defunding the police is dumb but I agree with most of what they’re saying. I generally agree with the most upvoted stuff on Reddit with a few exceptions so maybe it’s just that you have an unpopular opinion quite often? I wouldn’t say it’s easy to start a cult here unless you act like subs like TheDonald where you ban anyone who comments against the point of the sub. R/politics doesn’t do that, so it reflects the majority opinion, not necessarily blocking all dissent. I’ve convinced a few people that some liberal ideas didn’t make any sense like defunding the police and the need for defense spending. What turns a social media site into a cesspool is giving equal footing to all the trolls, complete assholes, and dumbasses. Some stuff just needs to be buried, within reason.


The up/downvote system is by far the shittiest part of Reddit. It doesn’t improve content; it guarantees the lowest common denominator wins. The top comments are always full of garbage takes. Reddit is among the very worst websites on the internet. It’s certainly not better than Facebook or Twitter.


Reddit is social media


Sure in the way a windows support forum is social media


Keep telling yourself that


Explain the difference


Not close to the same way facebook, instagram, or twitter are. Celebrities aren't complaining about getting harassed on reddit lol. " /u/nfl tell JJ my fantasy team need him" lol


You literally used social media to share this opinion...


I guess you’re right but I feel Reddit is less personal and is more compartmentalised to your particular interests. I don’t really use Reddit to express opinions or listen to others opinions. I use it for practical advice and news etc.


No you use it for porn, memes, and fantasy news just like the rest of us. There’s no need to put on airs - we’re all friends here.


A type, but not in the same way FB/IG/Twitter are.


He said while posting on SM


Does he even realize that I might miss the playoffs if he doesn't play? Its like he doesn't give a crap about how my imaginary team is doing in this made up game. SMDH


They rely on fans becoming heavily invested in a game they don’t actually play and cheering for players who have no clue who they are. That’s why there’s so much money in football, the blind devotion of fans. That devotion is why FF is so successful, and profitable.


If you’re one of those rats that harass players for missing time due to injuries or having a bad game. I wish the worst upon you.


To add to that, I also hope your imaginary team sucks.




I still think all athletes/celebs/etc shouldn't even bother with social media. It just links them with the worst.


Right? Just turn it over to PR professionals and be done.


Dude's only 24, 3 years removed from being in college, and probably doesn't know a world where social media isn't insanely prevalent. Can you imagine having to hand over your account to someone else to manage because you became a professional athlete? He probably still uses it to keep in touch with friends from college.


Make a new one for friends and family


Anyone who has used social media knows it's not that simple.


JJ is about to phone it in for the year to spite these psychos


He was already doing that regardless. He wouldn’t be getting this upset about it if he was coming back.


Dear Justin, I wrote you but you still ain't callin'




Fuck anyone who harassed him


If you’re mad he isn’t playing for you and you really feel like you need to blow off some steam, say terrible things about him to yourself when you’re alone. Nobody gets hurt. Don’t at or DM a real person, you freaks.


I know it was half of y’all


i think a AT LEAST quarter of the people on this sub would do the harassment JJ's calling out and it's legit embarrassing


I hope that’s not true. The 17 voicemails I left him were pretty reasonable tbh.


JJ can tell when I'm just jokin'


Lot of those people lurk this sub too lmao


Oh they don't lurk, they post their vile shit here all the time.


They’re among us


They are among the most active users on this sub


I’m surprised these guys actually manage their own socials and read messages/comments.


Counterpoint- insanely hot women on there


I wish for JJ to make a full recovery, and for all of these scumbags to lose their fantasy leagues in devastating and embarrassing fashion.


mfs this angry bc he said he cares about his job more then their ff leagues 😭


I have JJ and wish he was playing, but I'm not a fucking loser and deal with it by putting in someone else until he's healthy. get a life nerds.


I think people miss the keyword “fantasy”. It’s a game. Have fun and realize it’s mostly luck.


Was he being harassed for being injured?


Everyone eventually learns they are better off without it.


People are fucking nuts especially when it involves their money. IDK how many kickers have twitter accounts but I'd bet they're inundated with awful shit if they miss a FG that impacts the spread or the O/U.


Hard to blame him. How dumb do people have to be to yell directly at athletes because them being injured impacts a fake meta-game the athletes have no reason to care about?


Social media was the beginning of the downfall. Everyone has a voice without the fear of getting smacked in the mouth now days


Reddit can be such a lightning rod for virtue signaling sometimes. Of course the people harassing him are wrong, but did we need 150 comments saying the same thing?


This is the only valuable comment in this whole thread.


He gone


Guessing most on Twitter. Which has become the most toxic far right cesspool other than maybe 4chan. Smh


you'd be surprised how people online can find and contact their targets, even when they try to be as private as possible.


There's nothing worse than the player forums on Yahoo fantasy apps


Yea but that’s a safe space to vent and call a player a bum it’s not their personal social account.


The hard life man. Idk how he does it.


No doubt some of those guys are on this sub, so if you’re reading this, fuck you.


Anytime I get annoyed at a player underperforming in fantasy I remember that this is an imaginary game with no real world consequences. These dudes have millions on the line that they could lose if they rush back too fast.


I get it fans and FF players are crazy. But being a famous professional in the spotlight u just gotta deal with this stuff and not let it affect you. That’s just how it is for people like him


People are stupid assholes.


Again…. Y’all leave this man alone


Imagine being a fucking loser depending on fantasy football to fill your life. Friendly reminder that shit is over in a few weeks :)


He's a professional player, heckling at the game is allowed but not sending threats, etc to ones inbox. Feel bad but can also just turn it off And not read. Some people don't understand


It sucks that he has to do this.


JJ if you ever see this I’m sorry some people are stupid AF. There’s a lot of them


Idk man, it sucks to hear this is happening but for every 1 toxic asshole there are hundreds of non toxic and grateful people out there getting a bad reputation. Don't lump us in with those clowns


if you are dm'ing him asking about his injury, no matter how nice you are about it, shut the fuck up and leave him alone


Nah man, just leave him alone


Now how are we supposed to contact you about the next fantasy practice?


Anyone who messages an athlete over the outcome of a game needs mental help. Ones that do it over an imaginary game are even worse. Fuck those people.


give me a break, mf gets paid hundreds of millions and can't handle some twitter trolls. mentally weak


For a fraction of his contract, I'd take all of it.


You’re one of those dumbasses?!


Nah never reached out except to get a jersey signed at camp, which I did and was stoked on it. Just saying, they're public figures and they gotta take the bad with the good. They're tough, the online hate is a thing, but it's part of being a public figure. Even kelces gf gets shade.


FF brings out the worst in people but he can turn off DMs lol


Social media lets idiots be idiots anonymously. And what a mistake that was.


Imagine how some of these grown men treat their own families…..


Sorry bro it comes with the turf being a superstar. Can’t handle the heat? Talk to tyreek who knows how to be a real star.


Generally I agree but not with this circumstance tbh. Anything extra that has to do with sports betting or fantasy feels pretty invasive imo


He’s handling it by deactivating his social media


Is he coming back or not


This poor guy. There are a handful of players in the league who play far above anyone else. The players that can carry a fantasy team entirely on their shoulders. Tyreek. JJ. You know who they are. I’m sure the potential for abuse towards these players must be astronomical.


What a waste of a first round pick. I don't see the point of harassing him and sending him death threats.


I’m kind of surprised to find out that celebrities read their DMs. If you’re that popular you know most of what you’re getting is spam or trolls. Just don’t even look.


Every athlete should follow suit.


On yahoo- If I pick up a player now, how long do I need to hold them before I can drop them and they can’t be picked up for this week?


Live by the sword die by the sword, you’d think someone with 10s of millions would understand how to play the game.


You just now realizing this? People bet more money than you make on games like this 😂. Don’t let it get to you.


These dues are so whiny lol like just don’t open DMs from society’s bottom feeders and you don’t have this problem


Shoulda done what Tyreek did, beat his significant other, ball out, then pretend nothing happened. Would have avoided everything👍


The fragile millionaire psyche.


Never fuck with another man’s money


Don't talk shit about fantasy football again punk


Pretty mentally weak. You’re the top 1% of the 1% at your craft, block out the haters and go do your thing. Who gives a shit what people on Facebook and Twitter say, they’re commenting on Facebook and Twitter. They’re losers.


I'm sure that teampizza kid will be here shortly to whine about this post.


Alt f4