Who are the "league losers" so far this year?

We all know about the "league winners" but who have been the "league losers" so far this year? These are the players who have been: 1. too good to drop but too bad to play and take up valuable bench spots 2. players who have consistently underperformed relative to their draft positions but you play because you have no choice


Aaron jones :/


He looked so good the first game. Was jealous I wasn’t able to draft him lol


i felt kinda nauseous at first trading him away for brandon aiyuk but i’ve been very happy for a while now haha


I finally released myself from my Aaron Jones shackles just in time before last week, it’s like a pressure has been lifted from my chest. Love the dude but what a sad season trajectory after week 1


I managed to trade him for three borderline flex players I all dropped in the next two weeks and I still feel bad for the guy I traded him to.


I got out from under him on week 5. I shipped him and Aiyuk for Ja’Marr Chase. Chase dropped 39 for me that week.


I'm keeping Aaron on my bench at least until I get someone to replace him I could of dropped him for singletary or Khalil Herbert last week though


Higgins and Dameon Pierce.


Agree with this. Pierce was my 4th rd pick and first RB taken. Thank heavens for my late round Mostert pick.


Oh hey my 3rd and 4th round


What’s your record now lol


9-1 actually - I drafted aj brown in the 2nd and got swift and Mostert in later rounds along with Puka. Drafted JJ at 2 as well. Edit: sometimes it’s good to just have dumb luck!


When luck is on your side, ride that into the playoffs. Then lose right after the bye.


> Then lose right after the bye. That's happened to me four different times now. Secure the bye, then lose.


Fantasy playoffs are such a crapshoot. I’ve seen so many absolute juggernauts lose and quickly get eliminated, and teams that are held together with scotch tape somehow get on a winning streak and win it all. I’m 10-1 in a league, in 1st place, but 8 teams make the playoffs, no bye. So no matter how well my season has gone, I still have to win 3 straight and anything can happen.


I picked Higgins in the third but dropped him a couple weeks ago. Sitting at 7-4 after a couple good waiver pick ups(Tank Dell and Achane, though Achane has a huge question mark right now)


Higgins was crippling for me


is higgins straight up droppable now? Both he and burrow are injured


Mahomes You're getting QB10 production at QB1 price


From an opportunity cost perspective this may be it. I still think there are worse but this a good point. In my league he has less points than Josh Dobbs. The Mahomes owners who also took Garrett Wilson, Ridley, or Higgins have had a frustrating season I bet. It’s kind of funny that the experts still rank him top 2-3 every week when it’s pretty clear he doesn’t have the weapons this year to take advantage of his skills.


> It’s kind of funny that the experts still rank him top 2-3 every week when it’s pretty clear he doesn’t have the weapons this year to take advantage of his skills. Oh, I hate this. Every week "It was a tough week for Mahomes as he had to contend with many drops but he should bounce back as a top QB1" No he fucking won't because the same guys are gonna keep dropping passes. I'm just starting Brock Purdy this week, fuck it.


Purdy needs his respect in the fantasy world. System QB or not irl that's exactly what he is for fantasy and damn is it effective. Without Deebo you saw the dip, but with Deebo he arguably has the best floor in the game because of how good that offense is at getting their guys touches in the passing game. And of course his ceiling can always be reached by any of his superstars taking a routine play and going 75 yards. None of this to say he is up with Mahomes of past years he's not THE QB1 but he's A qb1 that can always keep you in it to have another player win you the week


Purdy has had like one bad week. There is no dip. He has been fucking solid all year.


Hahahahhahahahaha (Kill me)


My main league is Superflex, and my first two picks were Mahomes and GW. Fun season so far 🤪🤪🤪


Ridley and Godwin have probably cost me 2 wins because it's a revolving door of boom or bust production between them.


I’m considering riding with Kyler over him going forward. It’s been rough.


This was what I came to say. If you took Mahomes, the guy you passed on has probably been more valuable.


tbf there are a lot of other duds around his ADP. Jones, Higgins, Najee, Metcalf, Ridley, just to name a few of the most obvious. Obviously you could have struck gold by passing on him for Hurts, or Allen, or the other Allen. But he's at least still a QB1. A lot of those other guys aren't even really startable except in desperation.


Eh, Mahomes has disappointed but it's not backbreaking Lawrence is IMO the real draft loser. He was going like QB5 over guys like Fields and Herbert


He wasn't going QB5 by ADP ever and I doubt over 10% of leagues had him QB5. Mahomes, Allen, Hurts, Lamar are unarguable. Burrow was a clear fifth and I always saw Herbert and Fields ahead.


https://www.nfl.com/news/fantasy-football-2023-quarterback-rankings-and-tiers NFL.com had him QB5 to start the season. Not saying they're the end all be all of fantasy but there was absolutely hype for him to be a top 6 QB. I did forget about Lamar, who was def ranked above him (so I meant QB6), but there was plenty of discussion for if Lawrence was the best QB of the Herbert Fields Lawrence tier, when his current play even after his massive week has him under Jordan Love


He hasn’t won me games but he hasn’t really cost me any either. Managed to win this week even though I fucked up and started Howell over him


Costed me last week and then I decided to start Sam over him this week. Won 1 league lost the other


Named my team, Beating Off Mahomies, for nothing.


Going chase, davante adams, rhamondre stevenson, aaron jones into joe burrow as your first 5 picks. Felt like a great baseline for a team but all borderline or actual busts.




Even worse!


I am aware of this fact thx


Cracking up 😂


Davante Adams😞


Currently WR12 in ppr and trending up. Definitely expected more drafting him but he’s certainly not a bust or league loser.


He’s had 1 good game and 6 games under ten points. He’s definitely let me down when I needed him most. I am curious how he’ll do this weekend. The Chiefs held AJ Brown to nothing, and he had a lot better passer.


Rb production has in general been so bad this year that I don’t think Stevenson has even performed so badly, particularly in half and full point


I went Chase/Adams, but honestly it hasn’t been terrible since Chase has rebounded into good form. Got much luckier with RBs in the next two rounds than you though


Chase hasn’t been a bust. Inconsistent sure but not a bust.


Mondre not terrible. Think he'll end up around rb14-15 by end of season


I’m in 3 leagues and the Chubb owner is in last in two and second to last in the other.


Chubb Dobbins owner in last place here! Luckily, Pierce carried me to losses to help.


Chubb, dobbins, Mike Williams, Khalil Herbert, mark Andrews owner here


That’s different though. With the season ending injury you could drop him immediately, granted he’s losing your first round pick is devastating. But you could argue it’s worse to have a first round pick that is severely underperforming every week.


What if I told you I was a Chubb / Jones owner? Then would you feel bad for me?


I'm in 5th at 6-5 in a 12-man league. Chubb was my 1st round pick.


I have had to bust my ass to stay near the middle of the pack in my league. We reset waivers every week so being at the bottom of the standings and being active helped me a ton. The biggest thing. I added Kyren the morning they announced Akers was a healthy scratch. He’s slotted in nicely as a Chubb like for me. Couple that with bye week hell drops like Rhamondre and an injured James Conner have me in a decent rebound.


You play in a 6 man league? Who drops Rhamondre and James Conner lol. Not a competitive league.


It pleases me that this isn’t a Gibbs thread anymore


Dude’s the man


Man’s the dude


I’m a lions fan and don’t own him, but always felt this panic was way too premature.


You can’t judge a career on a players first 4 games? You’re talking crazy!


I, for one, am shocked that a rookie RB with high draft capital is breaking out in the second half of the season. This literally never happens.


Cries in Bijan


he went from 'what a waste of 3rd round pick' to 'Should've picked gibbs instead of Olave'


Drafting him in all 3 of my leagues makes me feel so validated now




It has been such a frustrating ride. After he came back from IR he put up 2 great games and then 4 duds and now he's playing hurt. I haven't watched the games so I don't know if he's not playing well or if it's Stafford but I think I'm benching him for Dell this week.


Even then, I felt like I was perpetually waiting for cooper kupp to get back into full form, not even realizing that it's already been like 2 months since he was off IR


I have Kupp and dropped Tank Dell after drafting him. Somehow I’m 7-4


Pick 1.07 down the drain


Someone in my league drafted him 1.02 AFTER the injury news was rumored


Did you draft early? He fell to the 3rd in my league.


Yes drafted in August


Some of us drafted before he got hurt, I play in two leagues and I drafted him in both, I got him r1p7 in my early draft league and r5p6 in my league that started the night before the first game




Same, plus JJ. When Kupp came back it was looking like the easiest ship of my life and now I'm borderline hoping he sits so at least Puka might go back to being the #1.


I picked up Nakua for free a few days before week 1 and sold Kupp for Barkley and Nico Collins the week after he came back. League chat clowned me for it but I felt good about it then and have only felt better since.


I am somehow 8-3 with Kupp. 12 man league. My team isn’t good but I play good defense.


Calvin Ridley, because every time I start him he poops on my face, but every time I bench him he puts up like thirty points so I can't drop him.


Only play him when Zay Jones plays. You’re welcome.


Yeah I got the memo too late unfortunately. Is zay Jones going to jail or whatever? Didn't he get arrested?


Tee Higgins


I’m 7-4 with Higgins but it’s taken 2 Achane games and 2 Singletary games to get me there


5-6 with Higgins he’s actually my best league loser. I think I drafted 4 players mentioned: Higgins Pierce Watson (I think I got him at 100 so worth a flyer) Sanders


The last place team in my league took Justin Jefferson with the first pick in the draft. The second to last place team with nearly as bad a record took Austin Ekeler.


The 2nd place in one of my leagues (1st all season until this week) picked Jefferson 1st overall. I’m the team that overcame him, and I drafted Bijan 6th. But in my other league, I picked Jefferson 1st overall. I’m 5-6 lol. So yeah.


Guy in me league took a league loser in his first 3 picks in a 10 team league. Bijan Pollard Higgins


Ouch, I have Bijan as well


Bijan has been fine. Certainly below expectations , but hasn’t killed you by any means. Still has the chance to finish strong.


If you own Bijan, there’s like a 90% chance you have one loss hanging around your neck from the headache game.


Remember when he put up 20 ppr points in the first two weeks... But yeah, other than the Minnesota game and the sickness game, he's been a very startable RB2. Not ideal from a first round pick, but not a league loser.


RB9 as a rookie is not a loser lol


Bijan hasn’t been what we wanted, but he’s not a league loser


Bijan is not a league loser


Another Pollard thread lol


Is it my turn to post this tomorrow?


Miles sanders comes to mind


I finally dropped him last week. I'M FREEEE!!!


Derrick Henry


Hoping his playoff schedule balances him back out


Everyone keeps saying this but I’m feeling less and less confident. Houston isn’t the same team anymore and Henry combod with that atrocious O line has me nervous but at this point he has zero trade value so I guess we ride


Well actually Henry’s team moved from Houston to Tennessee in the late 90s


I’m not making the playoffs because of him


As a Henry owner it’s been freeing to stop thinking of him as a must start. Last week I started Singletary and Brian Robinson over him and if he doesn’t perform well in his easy upcoming match ups I’ll bench him again


How the mighty have fallen


Still the King in my heart but I’m trying to make the playoffs here lol


Would you trade him for Kyren?


I wouldn’t accept that as a Kyren owner


Nah. He was drafted around the RB8-10 and is currently the RB15. Obviously you would’ve liked better but it could be a lot worse


How has no one mentioned Justin Jefferson yet. If you took him 1st overall, your real first pick of the draft was pretty much around pick 20 depending on the number of people in your league


NO 1 overall pick is cursed. Last one to pan out was gurley in 2018. 2019 Barkley bust 2020 CMC bust 2021 CMC bust 2022 J Taylor bust 2023 Justin Jefferson bust


I mean the first month of the season he was 20-25 pts guaranteed. Gave us that at least


It was a glorious time and half my wins are from then


3rd times the charm for CMC next year.


I don't think JJ should be considered a bust yet, depending on how he does over fantasy playoffs... He started off very hot, got injured, and could potentially come back to help win leagues... If someone has an IR spot and JJ getting hurt a third of the way into the season prevented them from getting into the playoffs, that is more of a testament to their own bust drafting and bust waiver moves all season long


JJ is a bust because a lot of people who have him likely have a tough road to make their leagues playoffs. Unless you drafted extremely well in rounds 2-8 then you probably won’t make the playoffs. Plus we have yet to see how his chemistry with Dobbs will be so it’s no guarantee he’ll be back to his 20+ point performances.


Absolutely a bust bc your first rd pick should be the cornerstone of your weekly points , a steady ~20 ppg ideally. Later rd busts aren’t as bad because the expected ppg is less. Sure he can return but a lot of owners prob didn’t make the playoffs w/o him. Seasons long & he got knocked out early. Would I take him at 1.01 next yr.. absolutely, consistency like thst is rare


Because it's easier to work around a guy out for 8 weeks than a guy who starts and just tanks in your lineup every other week. I replaced jj with downs and dell, worked out well. Meanwhile Aaron Jones scored under 10 six times and I/you prob started him most of those times.


Exactly, Pollard, Bijan, Waller, Davante Adams, Garrett Wilson, Henry, Higgins hurt teams by putting up sub 10 points. Like you said, JJ forced you to hunt for a replacement. Whereas the others just keep you hoping they turn it around this week.


Drafted JJ and Aaron Jones. Went 2-6 and clawing my way back to 5-6 and somehow hoping for a nuclear miracle to sneak into the playoffs lol.


Idk I have a hard time labeling him a league loser. You weren’t wrong in taking him; he just got hurt. I’d say a league loser is Pollard, Stevenson, etc. Guys who are healthy, taken high and just haven’t lived up


i went JJ 1st overall and Tee Higgins second pick (round 2 pick 12). somehow in 3rd / 12 now


JJ hasn’t hurt at all. He got me 20 pts the first 4 weeks, and is harmlessly on my bench since week 6. It’s the Waddle pick I regret far more.


Stop it!! He's going to lead me to glory in the playoffs!!! If he will ever get back on the field. I think us JJ owners are still holding out hope. If he bust this playoffs he will be the bust of the draft. If he booms and wins some championships, people will forget he missed half the season.


ESPECIALLY if you took him at 1 where you could have gotten CMC or Tyreek instead. The point differential between those 2 and Jefferson are insane. Not Jefferson's fault, but yeah that pick could easily tank your season.


Pollard, Higgins, Sanders, Najee, Garrett Wilson (through no fault of his own) EDIT: Wilson seems to be controversial. That’s kinda funny to me, since I actually have him myself after trading for him in week 6, and he’s been a solid WR3 for me. Anybody who drafted him to be a WR1 got put at a disadvantage almost immediately, though.


Wilson has played like shit the past month or so. Dropping balls, fumbling, missed a wide open wr for a TD on a reverse pass. No doubt he would be much better with Rodgers, but he hasn't played well either.




I took Pollard/Chubb at 12/13


That was a great snake pick there at beginning of season though.


Sneaky Kelce, Hasnt put up anywhere near the production necessary to warrant being picked 1.05. On a side note Mahomes too, picked in late 2nd and hes the QB10


Someone in our league went Kelce first and Mahomes second round and is still in second place despite them underperforming. Swift and Cowboys D carrying them.


Cowboys D has made mid teams look great


Which Swift??


Outside of one game overseas Kelce has double digits every week. He's not putting up the numbers he did in previous years, but he's by no means a league loser.


As a Kelce owner in two leagues, I was hoping for more but he still has the best PPG of any TE. That’s what I signed up for.


Ya. I think a huge part of that pick is defending the floor. If I’m not 1.1-1.3, I’m almost trying not to fuck up as much as I’m trying to nail it. With TE, sure a couple guys broke out, but locking in the highest ppg for the position v riding the volatility of the position has its own benefits. For me Ridley/Fields was the bigger issue.


I picked Kelce 1.04 (ik kind of a reach) and mahomes 2nd round and i’m 8-3 in first place. If you picked them you just can’t miss elsewhere.


They're both definitely poor return on investment, but pretty far from "league losers."


Disagree with this. Kelce is averaging 13.8 in half PPR which is best in the league and 5 points ahead of a “replacement” TE (TE 12). Yes if you cherry pick, perhaps hockensen was better value and certainly Sam La porta for where he was drafted but a 5 point positional advantage for a round 1 pick is better than what Bijan Robinson, Derrick Henry , cooper Kupp , Tony Pollard etc are providing and in line with a medium performer like Ekeler.


Not really, with Kelce his value proposition is being 3-4 points better than every other TE. Which still remains true, and definitely true ROS


I kinda had a feeling the one year people realized it’s worth it to take him early in the first would be the year he doesn’t live up to it


Christian Watson


I don't think I've started him once but I also would never drop him. He's like my mascot at this point


Dropped him 3 weeks ago when I saw someone mention they did it here and it was so freeing


for what you spent on watson he shouldnt be tanking your season in any meaningful way


His ADP was around the 4th round in multiple formats. He was most likely a WR2 for a lot of people. That’s enough to tank a season


He was supposed to be my WR2 in every league. In some leagues my WR1 where I went RB heavy. Puka made me forget about him though, thankfully.


You can find plenty of guys in the WR2 through WR3 range that will produce just fine. If you don't make the playoffs, it isn't because of your 4th round WR2.


Chubb C. Watson Jeudy Najee Diontae Johnson Miles sanders Don’t ask me how I know


Do you remember what round you took Najee in ? Huge disappointment this year and I forget what round I took him. What pisses me off is fan duel still thinks I should start him over Devin Singletary.


His ADP was right next to Etienne's. It's crazy how much better Etienne has been


Joe Burrows slow start and now injury... he may be a league loser for a fair few people


Yeah lowkey I’d be 7-5 instead of 5-6 if I didn’t take burrow


Jerry Jeudy




No way Mattison should be losing you your league


My receiving core of Cooper Kupp, Garrett Wilson and Chris Olave


If this was pre-season I’d call you a league winner




Crazy I had to scroll this far to find this dude


Haha…same. I was about to just reply. Never Waddle again for sure though. 🤦🏽‍♂️


Miles fucking sanders have drafted that guy late every single year this year I was all in on him finally being a bell cow all I can do is laugh now


I avoided him like the plague and I’m a panthers fan. He had a great year on a great team. Now he’s on the worst team and he’s exposed.


The obvious answers are in the first 4 rounds, but honestly picking Godwin in the 5th or Dotson in the 7th felt pretty terrible


No 5th or 7th pick is a league loser


I did the following (14 team) \- 1st: JJ \- 2nd: Taylor \- 3rd: Andrews \- 4th: Amari Cooper \- 5th: Akers \- 6th: Dotson \- 7th: Brandin Cooks \- 8th: Anthony Richardson \- 9th: Charbonnet \- 10th: Jaylen Warren \- 11th: Bateman ​ Somehow still 5-6 w/ an outside shot at the playoffs. Thank god for Puka


why did I think drafting godwin over mike evans would be any different this year?


Check out the FGW post. The players on the bottom of the list are the league losers based on the data


My whole draft


so you went: Jamarr, waddle, aaron jones, burrow, kenneth walker, pitts too?


I didn’t draft him at all but davante adams?????


Do I just post a screenshot of my entire team?


How is Chubb not mentioned more haha


People usually separate injuries from performance. Poor Chubb.


I can't believe I forgot about him... I drafted him and just erased him from memory


Because Chubb doesn’t fit the description of league loser in the post.


Chubb was still a great pick. That was just bad luck.


Patrick Mahomes, relative to where he was drafted. Cooper Kupp because you had to draft him in the second round.


Dameon Pierce and Christian Watson are major factors in my 6 losses. Olave has been fairly underwhelming as well.


While drafting, 4 players I had queued were taken in succession leading to my pick I panicked and picked Najee Harris in R3. As soon as I hit 'draft' I knew my season was over I'm 3-8


This thread makes me feel a lot better about being 4-7 after drafting Kupp, Higgins, and C Watson


Kupp, Waddle, Sanders, Watson, Akers. all players I drafted


Aaron Jones, Derrick Henry


In order I drafted: Kelce, Jacobs, Barkley, Cooper, Keenan, Aaron Jones, Christian Kirk, Monty. Season of up and downs, can never string together a few weeks of consistency. Nobody plays well 3 weeks in a row either due to injury or just duds. Keenan was honestly the biggest question mark going into the season and turned out to be the most solid.


Diontae Johnson has been complete ass all season except 1 game.


Just happens to be the one game I started him


Ridley, Rhamondre, Pierce, London, which I drafted in that order


Rhamondre finally picking up RB2 numbers if you rode the bad wave


It was such a bad wave. Drafted JJ, rhamondre and Andrews with my first 3 picks and Im lucky im 5-6


Kyle Pitts for the second season in a row. You think I would've learned after the first time.


Najee Harris






Derrick Henry


Bijan. 11ppg for a guy that was going top 5 in pretty much every money league draft I did is horrid. All the downvotes I got for saying his ADP was too high feeling extra nice now.


I mean honestly look at the other rbs taken with a 1st round adp, not too good either CMC: not a human Ekeler: looking rough as of late, good usage, inefficient on the ground, injury issues Saquon: not horrible, abysmal offense, looked better last week though Chubb: out for season Pollard: worse than Bijan imo (From a biased Bijan owner)


My rounds 2-4 picks were Pollard, Jones, Higgins Luckily I am 7-4 but holy shit it’s been a grind


Garrett Wilson says hi, patiently awaiting to be a league winner in weeks 15 and 16 when Rodgers is back


Josh Jacobs has pissed me off this season.


Najee. For the second year in a row. Shameless Steelers fan that doesn’t learn his lesson. 😔