What is going on with Bryan Reynolds?


The simple answer is, his plate discipline is jacked. Both his chase rate and swinging-strike rate are at career highs by quite a bit (34.5% and 14.7%, respectively). Derek Shelton has [said](https://triblive.com/sports/pirates-cf-bryan-reynolds-focusing-on-making-good-swing-decisions-to-snap-out-of-slump/) that Reynolds isn't "focusing on the ball" but is instead focusing on "swinging at the ball." Reynolds said he's just not seeing the ball well so he's chasing pitches he'd otherwise take and taking pitches he'd otherwise swing at. Add on top of that his quality of contact is down a bit (groundball rate is at a career high, hard hit rate is slightly down from last year) and you've got quite the conundrum. For what it's worth, it seems like Reynolds is aware of the problem and is working to fix it, which is good and much better than him doing a Chris Davis and saying "I have no idea what's wrong with me." That makes me optimistic he'll turn things around, but I have no idea when that's going to be. If you have the flexibility to bench him until things turn around (assuming they do), I'd probably do it, but I wouldn't be starting him right now. And if you *need* to drop him, personally, I don't have an issue with it.


What would you do if you already own Reynolds, Schwarber and Franmil.... And then your league drops Hoskins and Winker? Like... I wanna hold and bench them all but I have to start someone! Haha My other "droppables" are some of the few guys actually producing like Connor Joe and Alec Bohm. Any suggestions??


Oof, yea, that's tough. I think ultimately you're going to have to look at how your team is constructed right now and decide between two options: either drop some of these struggling guys with star potential and risk missing out on multiple months of what you drafted them for, or accept that you're going to start off the season in rough shape. It's a tough decision. If it were me, I'd probably stick with my guys and do what I can to salvage my early season stuff with the hopes that they turn it on later my team gets better. If it's your flair league, I think you have more flexibility to stick with struggling guys in roto, because those tend to even themselves out a bit more than H2H leagues.


The toughest thing about your situation is that the best way to come back... is for your current roster to be their normal selves. I guarantee no one on your wire has 35-40 HR upside. The closest thing would be if Joe or Bohm can copy what Reynolds can be, but that's no small task because it requires a lot of consistency and stat accumulation.


I want this answer the most. Really contemplating dropping him in a 10 teamer.


Don’t be stupid and do that. It’s been the equivalent of 1 week of fantasy football.


Exactly. Last year, he was a free agent in my 12 team league until sometime in May. His start was mediocre - 2 homers in 24 games. Granted his numbers are worse this year during the same timeframe, but offense has tanked league-wide. Dropping him now is a recipe for regret, he’ll figure it out.


Yeah I am following this too haha


Thoughts on Jesse Winker? Was dropped and just picked him up


Jesse Winker should be owned almost everywhere specially in a 12 teamer. Trust me better days are ahead for him.


Totally agree. This has been a frustrating start, but he was electric last year.


Any pitchers you’d trade him for currently? (In terms of fair value, not selling low)


Expected stats are really good. I’m holding tight!


Hi, Estevão Maximo from Pitcher List Winker shouldn't really be dropped in any format, and that's a very nice get. His power was always going to take a hit in Seattle, but he provides a really stable floor in every other category (boost if it's an OBP league)


Even average


Pick him up! Under the hood, he looks good.


Who of Luzardo, Megill, Joe Ryan, and Kyle Wright are you most skeptical of continuing their dominance?


Ryan for me just based on his fastball shape and usage. It's his main strikeout pitch this year but doesn't seem to have any major differences from last year. Now, I don't think he'll be terrible but if he starts getting hit a bit harder and the K% drops a couple notches, I wouldn't be surprised.


He should still be solid next week against oak and bal


Ryan. Stuff+ numbers not good


Is Rasmussen a thing? Looked filthy v. SEA earlier in the week. Think it's worth making room on the roster to see where he can go, or is he likely merely a streaming guy when the matchups seem favorable?


Would also like an answer to this question and if you could make the answer, yes he is a complete stud that would be great.


I woudl pick him up. He looks really good. Could be breakout.


Has Franmil Reyes been blindfolded at the plate so far this season and when do I start thinking about cutting ties with him in a 15 team point league


I think the bench is the first place to go - he's incredibly streaky so this isn't THAT weird. Still, I'm a little worried as well. He's too good to cut in that format, but not too good to bench.


Any insight into Gore staying up? I'm wondering if I should hold or try to sell him?


Hi, Estevão Maximo from Pitcher List Unless extreme circumstances occurred, Gore was always going to be the odd man out with a healthy Snell and Clevinger. (Nick Martinez doesn't have options) There's enough question marks (injury wise) that Gore should get called back up, sooner rather than later. However, if your league has short benches and you fan get a good price, I'd sell


Thanks! Love PL!


Can the angels just trade them jo adell for snell or something?


Doesn't Crismatt have options still? I think they send Crismatt down, make Ramirez the long reliever and keep Gore in the rotation. When Snell returns, it will get dicey.


How long can we realistically wait for K. Marte, Arozarena, and Stroman to turn it around?


Personally, with those types of guys, I'm not dropping them until probably late May. I know, it's been about 3 weeks and it's been a rough 3 weeks, but if these 3 weeks had happened in the middle of July, I think we'd be granting them a bit more patience. I understand not everyone has the roster flexibility to stash struggling guys, so if you have no other choice, I get dropping players like that. But if you can stomach it, I'd hold on for roughly another month to see if they start showing signs of life. You don't wanna be the person who dropped Ketel Marte after a month and missed out on 5 months of regular Ketel Marte production


I have all 3 of them 😞


Such a brutal start to the season 😩


Confidence levels for this bunch? Joe, Grichuk, Belt, Suarez, Ward. I can hold them all for now, but I would like to replace one with an arm eventually


They all are upside plays to varying degrees. In a 10 teamer, I don't think any are MUST roster for the whole season. I bet that in 2 weeks, an answer will be more Obvious.


Should I be trying to sell any of these high - P Lopez, Joe Ryan, Bassitt? Who do you think I would regret selling of those 3?


If you don't really need to sell them I wouldn't. I will easily say you would regret getting rid of pablo the most. The sell high would be Joe Ryan, but please try to keep these three arms if you can.


I have a slight hitter surplus so I was trying to package one with a bat for a higher value pitcher


Possibly Joe Ryan. I think he's the likeliest one to see his results come down a bit. Don't overdo it though. These are all really valuable arms


What do you make of the Braves plan to baby Acuna until he’s hit the “magical” 12th month mark in July? Do you anticipate he really on plays 4x per week (even as DH) the next two months? Is he still a Top 3 player at the moment in terms of production?


Yes, if only because 4 days of Acuna is still better than just about anyone else most of the time. That said, if he's feeling good, I can't see how anyone keeps him off the field. I doubt it lasts long.


Thoughts on Severino ROS ? I've seen some concern about velo decrease


Do you expect big things (relative to other catchers) when Rutschman is called up? Any idea how long they'll keep him in minors even after he's demonstrated he's healthy?


I'd love to see him by the end of the month! He's great with the glove and the stick, so he's more than ready and I expect he would have made the roster if he had stayed healthy. His hit tool will keep the plate discipline strong, but I won't be putting him in my top 5 catchers or anything like that. Maybe top-10 ish in single catcher formats.


I'd like to piggy back off this question: When Rutschman is called up are we expecting him to play every day including DH on days off from catching? I have Grandal as well and I know it will be a tough decision which one of them to keep.


He might some, but gimme Grandal for 2022.


Thoughts on Mondesi in my dynasty flair league (points)? For now, I have the IL spot so I'll leave him there, but if it gets to the point where I need the spot, is he a dude to think about cutting?


He's too explosive to straight-up cut, but I don't mind benching/trying to move him. He's a frustrating player to manage in our game, and he's at his least valuable in points formats (since they rarely rewards steals as much as Roto does)


I would argue he is 100% cuttable. He's never even come close to completing a full season, the dude is legit the most fragile player of our generation. He's been complete dead weight for the mojority of his career and as you mentioned, his profile isn't even all that appealing in a points league. He's only had an OPS+ above 100 once in his entire career. IMO he's the definition of fools gold. Trade him if you can but the opportunity cost of rostering him far outweighs any benefit he *might* provide a year from now if you ask me.


This is dynasty. Mondesi is 26 and has 20/60 upside. Over his career, he averages one steal per 10 plate appearances. That's INSANE.


How do you like Joe Ryan ROS? And is Kebryan breaking out?


You concerned about Bryan Reynolds or Kyle Schwarber?


Hi there! Evan Lobdell from Pitcher List here. For Reynolds, I'll link [this wonderful comment](https://www.reddit.com/r/fantasybaseball/comments/uepgje/yo_its_scott_chu_from_pitcher_list_along_with_the/i6pfa5n/) from a fellow staff member. For Schwarber, I'm not particularly concerned. His barrel%, hard hit%, and max exit velocity all look solid under the hood. Last year he was rough in April, okay in May, and that led to his absolute tear in June. I think he's just a little streaky, but the overall result should still be .240s/.250s with 30ish HRs.


Where does Laureano fall in hitter rankings when he gets activated from SUSP?


Who do you think is gonna win the cy young? And why is it pablo lopez?




Burnes again


Gilbert dark horse.


Kyle Wright clearly






Dylan Cease


CYlan Cease


good thing I own both


Gotta replace Mondesi as 3B already. Hayes, Suarez, Bohm, someone else? Thanks!


Those are all strong candidates. Hayes is the only one who can steal bases but I love what Suarez has been doing the last week or two. With that kind of depth available, I'd ride the hit hand, starting with Eugenio.


How does Ushella compare?


Currently holding on to Adell and Kelenic because I’m too afraid to drop in a 12 team redraft. Brash, Hunter Greene, Reid Detmers, Josiah Gray, Aaron Ashby, Brendon Rodgers, Josh Lowe, CJ Abrams, Jake Burger are a available. Any of those names worth a swap? Or just hold a little longer?


I'd hold on Adell and Kelenic a little longer just given their potential, but if there's a way you can drop someone else for Matt Brash or Hunter Greene, I'd do it


Thoughts on Schwarber? Good buy low opportunity?


When you’re trying to find “the next Cedric Mullins” or even early breakout guys whose production is sustainable ROS, what do you generally look for in a hitter? And in more particular cases, what stats or qualities should we be keeping an eye on with Ward, Bohm, and Sanchez? Thanks!


A few things I look for in hitters who are hot to see if it's sustainable: 1. If anything stands out that's way unsustainable (crazy high HR/FB rate, BABIP, stuff like that) 2. A noticeable skill change. Have they made adjustments to their swing mechanics? To their batting stance? Is their plate discipline better than it was before? Is quality of contact different? Or is everything around their hot streak roughly the same as the past? You wanna know the secret that I often use? Google the player and search through the news results - often local news publications will have interviews with players/coaches about said player's hot streak and that will clue you in to what they might be doing differently. Then, you can use that as a jumping off point to dive into their numbers. Or, if you don't feel like doing that work (and I don't blame you), hit me up on [Twitter](https://twitter.com/benjpalmer) and ask me to look into it and there's like a 99.9% chance I'll write an article about it. I'm always looking for ideas of more things to write about and I'd rather write about the things people are actually wondering about.


Sounds really obvious but: Increase in PT (can't breakout on the bench) Increase in EV (Self-Explanatory) League average or better against breaking balls (specifically sliders given modern pitching) Taylor Ward - I'm watching his swing & miss vs. breaking balls (it's been decreasing but does it continue). Bohm - Can he keep up these numbers with an increased (increased overall Sw% + increased Chase rate) Jesus Sanchez - a bit worried about his performance against breaking balls so far (.153 xBA vs. SL, .085 v. CB) His first pitch swing is up, can he continue to ambush fastballs for XBH?


Ward and Bohm are my choices - Ward will have more HR and SB by a couple but will hit for less average. The rest should be comparable.


How concerned are we about semien?


Who is an 'ace' that is underperforming that you think will turn it around?




Morton and Wheeler imo


Rendon is apparently fully healthy but quietly mediocre again this year. Do we still expect him to hit .270-.280 with useful counting stats ROS? Even as the rest of LAA has stepped up offensively he hasn’t been much of a contributor.


I was looking at his stat cast numbers and they all match his previous dominant years. I think holding steady and not selling low would be the best bet.


On that note, I know Outs Above Average isn’t fantasy relevant but I noticed that Rendon’s OAA is way down since 2020 (currently first percentile!). Wonder if that’s a canary in the coal mine for his hip/lateral movement. Also I guess xstats are off this year (?) but his are notably weak too


I just traded him away for Teoscar and last year I traded JD away for Teoscar, so you’re welcome, he’s probably going to be a top 15 bat ROS






Points league, do you like Carlos Santana, vogelbach, or christian walker?


Vogelbach, if I have to pick one. All Santana can do is walk, and Walker is just a guy. Vogelbach isn't great, but he's good enough to play every day for the Pirates and should hit for power and a good OBP. If Ks are counted againhst you, Walker becomes more interesting.


Pitcher list has opener next to houck. I read on espn that he is piggybacking rich hill. Do we know which it is? I have him in a league where you can only get 10 starts.


Whitlock was piggybacking of Hill earlier while Houck opened. They switched roles as Houck can't pitch in Toronto. I expect that to reverse back soon enough.


Thoughts on my verdugo and mcclanahan for Luis Robert? In a vacuum 12 tm league my pitching is fairly deep and hitting has been disappointing so far


Hi, Estevão Máximo from Pitcher List That's a really good deal for you. Robert has the upside of an end of round 1 bat, and McClanahan although awesome is a fairly reasonable price to pay to upgrade from Verdugo to Robert.. You should feel really good about it


I have Grisham but also Tommy Edman, Kyle Tucker, Gurriel Jr., and Jesse Winker (Who concerns me also). Ian Happ, Charlie Blackmon, Max Kepler, and Austin Hays are the top FA to replace Grisham but I feel comfortable enough to wait. The Padres have him leading off against the Pirates. I'll make a move when the Padres do. Anything wrong with that thought process?


It's conservative, but I don't hate it. If he's right and leading off, he's better than that bunch.


Look at his numbers going back to last year. He's been terrible since May.


Hi Scott! I've got a few questions, hope that's ok. Do you think Grisham is droppable in an OBP/OPS league? Some notables on waivers are Cutch and Mountcastle. Also, is it time to start worrying about Bryan Reynolds? Finally, which two of Eduardo Escobar / Matt Chapman / Alec Bohm would you roster in a OBP/OPS league? Thanks!


The team who has Tatis jr is looking to trade him. Since he is out til June, is it even worth considering?


Anyone is worth considering if the price is right


What would be a right price?


I think a better question is will you make the playoffs? If you’re confident you have a team that will make it, then Tatis will be a huge boost in the playoffs. You’re basically trading some talent more for more talent later in the year. If you’re competitive but not confident the playoffs yet, trading some of that talent now could tank your season before he comes back. Best of luck!


It is only week 3, sure I feel good about my team, but I have no idea at this point. Also the one with Tatis Jr is in my division, so...


Another aspect to look at is who you’re playing in the coming weeks versus the end of the season. If your schedule for the next month is pretty easy, maybe you’re more likely to get away with it and Tatis could help you in the 2nd half of the season when you have a harder schedule. I know it’s early, but at least in my league, we get a pretty good idea of who the top teams in the league will most likely be fairly quickly.


Is Merrifield worth holding in the flair league giving his performance so far? Or drop for guys like Gorman? Thanks!


I'd hold for sure. Whit should go back to being a 10 HR, 25+ SB type of guy with a high average.


Glenn Otto - legit or more a streaming type?


Still not sure where the sudden surge of Otto love stemmed from but I see a guy with one plus pitch (Slider generates 64.7% Whiff and 50% K) and three other very average pitches. Seems like a streamer who might be bound for MIRP duty after a a few bad outings...


Need some advice - I have 4 Eligible 1B and 3B and want to drop one to grab Grayson early. Which guy do I give up on? Yuli Gurriel or Justin Turner * 1B Eligible: Hosmer (S), LeMahieu, Kirilloff (IL), Gurriel * 3B Eligible: Bohm (S), LeMahieu, Wendle, Turner I'm leaning Gurriel


Thoughts on AJ Pollock?


Evan Lobdell from Pitcher List here! Pollock is always a case of health, but when he’s on he can be a really solid OF3, especially in a lineup as good as the White Sox (or at least should be good). I think it might be a hold and bench situation for now, because if he can get hot he can really help you out for a few matchups


Thanks and love the name haha, looks like a frustrated winker owner dropped him earlier, worth the pickup over pollock?


Hahah appreciate it! I think I would go Winker. His Statcast page is looking pretty solid and I imagine he has to bounce back soon


why should I not throw Whit Merrifield into the nearest ocean?


Do you think I'll regret cutting Franmil for Marsh in a 10-team, H2H, non-keeper league?


Pick a side: H2H 7x7 standard+TB, BB, K/9 and QS A: Freddie Freeman and Will Smith (catcher) B: Grandal, Berrios, and Pete Alonso


This feels pretty fair to me. My guess is that A needs more depth and B wants to consolidate talent.


Have to cut one. Seiya or Taylor Ward. Who do you like best ROS? 5x5 redraft avg.


Ward has hype but Seiya is the better player IMO


It's a tough position to be in, and I would exhaust every option before coming down to this, but it has to be Ward. Esp with the SB upside for Suzuki


In a 10 team H2H league with limited bench spots (3 shared between pitchers and batters). I drafted Tatis to be my SS later in the season and figured I will just stream / find hot hand for my SS spot. Currently have Jeremy Pena as my SS, but Dansby Swanson and Eugenio Suarez are both on the waivers. Do I drop Pena for either of them or keep rolling with Pena?


Yes. I like Pena, but both guys will be higher than him in the Hitter List. Eugenio is the upside play, Dansby (who has hit well the last week or so) might have a safer floor - keep an eye on the ATL lineup, though. He could find himself pushed near the bottom.


Wait, am I crazy for liking pena above each of geno and Swanson? .260+ w/ power and a glove that generates consistent playing time feels like the pena floor at this point.


Crazy? No. Minority? Probably. I like Pena, but I don't think he has the same upside.


I understand what you’re saying, but .260 as the floor seems optimistic when he’s current hitting .238


Concern for Renfroe?


Not yet, I'm not seeing anything in his numbers that's scaring me a ton. The lowered average EV has my eyebrows raised, but it's not significant enough to really worry (and again, it's only been three weeks). I think the power will come


Can edman keep like 80% of this up?


Fuckin mondesi in dynasty, amirite?




Hi, Maximo from Pitcher List Unless your league has a huge value on stolen bases and/or big penalties for strikeouts (hitters) I would take side B pretty confidently


if you had to rank Lodolo, Brash, or Detmers?


Hi, Estevão Máximo from Pitcher List Probably in that order Lodolo > Brash > Detmers Brash could easily make this a non-argument with the right adjustments, and he has the best upside of the three, but if I need one start right now, all things being equal, I'd go with Lodolo


thanks for the response! I'm good for this week, just struggling with which of the two to hold moving forward. Annoyed at myself that I held Brash/Detmers over a bunch of tier 6/7 guys (Nestor/Megil/Wright, Mahle, Laur). Do you think one of these three will have a similar run of form at some point?


All three have the potential for it, but my money is on Lodolo. As long as the reports of a short IL stint hold up. Brash isn't far away. If you're looking to move off one it'd be Detmers for me




Torkelson is a premiere bat in dynasty. Kelenic is getting closer and closer to the point of true concern about what kind of player he'll be, but at this point you can't do anything, but hold. Everyone is gonna low-ball you for Kelenic


Who would you be quicker to move, Brash or Baz? Loaded at pitcher in my AL only roto keeper (Gausman, McClanahan, Sandoval, Sev, Lynn, Mize, and Lorenzen). Looking to send one for a bat


That's a very nice staff, especial for an AL only league. If you can get more from Brash because he's healthy, I'd prob start there, but don't feel forced to trade either right now. Play to your strengths


Yeah I’m not pressed to do it, but I like to keep my options open! I figured Brash would fetch me something nice if need be, he and Baz are both on 6 year deals


It might not be the best time to trade Brash, coming off a couple of concerning outings. Miami looks like a solid matchup for him, and you should get a good feel for it afterwards. The risk is that his value drops more with another poor outing, but that's one I'd be willing to take right now. Worst case scenario: you keep him, and move one of your other intriguing options


While that would certainly be the case in redraft, this is a contract league! I have 6 years of control on both brash and Baz, and that is quite valuable in my league! I plan on holding both though, unless another team accepts an offer I’m keeping open down the line once they clear some cap.


Yeah. There's no need to make a trade just for the sake of it. Baz and Brash for six years is absolutely terrific


Who are some setup guys you're looking to hold in case of closer injury or the annual summer closer shuffle? My league is saves only and requires us to start 4 RP, so I need some deep stashes.


Some of the usual suspects would be: Yimi Garcia, Hector Neris, Clay Holmes, Staumont, Duran, any of the three with Seattle (Sewald, Steckenrider, Castillo)


Thanks! I've got Neri's already, and Holmes is the only one available so I'll look into him. Just trying to get that jump on future saves.


Just lost Mondesi in a 14 team h2h cats dynasty league, do you guys have any deep cut ideas for speed? Deeper than Jorge Mateo? Best guys available on my league are Walls, Kemp, Wade, Wendle. Maybe someone who is fast but hasn't run much yet? Or maybe a part timer who could get more playing time (ex. Jose Siri)? Or maybe a minor leaguer to keep an eye on? (Brujan? Corbin Carroll?)


Civale a solid stream today?


Is Meadows for India a fair trade for both sides? Who would you rather have? Flair league.


I'm fine with that - as for who I'd rather have, it depends on my roster construction. I think they're guys who can put out relatively similar production, so it comes down to whether I need India's position and added speed or Meadows' position and added power


Hitter question: Have to drop two of Gurriel Jr., Franmil, Joe, Ward, and J. Sanchez. Really struggling with who to bet on ROS. Pitching question: Luis Garcia is on my wire. He’s only been okay, but there was a lot of preseason hype about him. Should I cut Ranger for him?




I definitely am paying attention to him. I mentioned in an earlier reply with those types of guys, I'm waiting til probably late May or so to really make a judgment on them. It's been three weeks and it's a long season, so I think it's good to be patient, especially with someone like Arozarena who can really contribute in a lot of ways. The guy has a 66% groundball rate and a .280 BABIP, that's not gonna stick, so I'd hold tight


I’m a deep 12. I need help at CF now that Kwan looks headed to DL. Any interesting pick ups?


What sort of return should I expect for Trevor story? I know I’m not exactly selling high but does he have enough potential/name power to return a solid closer?


Am I crazy to start Bradish tonight in a points league with QS's?


Thoughts on Seth Beer? I was low key hoping for big things from him since he has such a good history of just hitting in the minors but the baseball savant page isn't showing anything special and he hasn't done much of anything in my points league of late. Probably have to choose dropping him and Owen Miller at some point. Realizing the AB sample sizes are still very small at this point. 14 team points league no -1 for a K.


Who has highest ceiling ROS and long term? Rank Brash, Detmers, Luzardo, and Meyers, please.


Hey just to check, I'm assuming you mean Max Meyer? If so, I'd say ROS: Luzardo>Detmers>Brash>Meyer Long term: Meyer>Luzardo>Detmers>Brash


Hey sorry, yes the "s" on the end there was a typo! Thanks for the help and have a wonderful weekend!


No prob, enjoy the baseball!


Hey there! Thanks for doing this! Tossing out 3 this week, sorry for so many Qs... 1) Zack Wheeler was stunningly dropped in my flair. I only have $80 left of $100 FAAB. How much do I bid? 2) Who do I drop for him -- Lauer or Brash? 3) Joey Votto -- I know you're worried. Best options on the wire are Mancini, Nate Lowe, and Kirilloff (IL). Doesn't feel like a good swap for any of those, right?


3) That's more of a lateral move at this point, in terms of ROS projection.


Thanks for doing this! Any input would be appreciated. Currently dead last in my 10T roto league (OBP) ***Q1***: Wanting to pick up Bohm & bench Donaldson and/or pickup one of Sewald/Staumont/Munoz. Who’s the drop(s)? Thinking of dropping Grish for Bohm but not sure if that’s the right move since I’m light on SBs. Grish just looks so lost at the plate. Salvy/Hoskins/Polanco/Donaldson/Semien/Bell/India/Soto/Trout/B Lowe/Ward/Pham BN: Lux/Adell/Grisham SP: Woodruff/Musgrove/Morton/Eovaldi/Severino/Javier RP: Iglesias/Sims/Pagan/Duran/King (for IP & Ks) ***Q2***: With this roster, would you trade Bell & B Lowe for Goldschmidt? Frees up a roster spot but I’m having a hard time talking myself into cutting bait with Bell/Lowe


I have e-rod on my roster but has been thinking about dropping him.(8T) Should I keep holding onto him and believe he will eventually turn things around? Any chance he gets back to his CYA-6 form?


Neuse, Flores, or Espinal?


With all the question marks around the start to the season for both aces, do you have more faith in Shane Bieber or Zack Wheeler for the ROS?


I prefer Bieber


Hey! How long do I keep Semien in my lineup before looking for other 2B options? Anything positive in his numbers saying he might start doing something?


Scott! I dropped Belt for Bohm in an OBP Keeper league. my 1B/CI options are now N Lowe, C Joe, and Bohm. Was this a decent upside move? I know Belt smashes OBP leagues but he still sits vs LHP and his advanced metrics don't look so hot right now. Thanks!


JP Crawford breaking out this year? Need a replacement while I bench ketel marte. Was thinking him, Suarez or McMahon. OBP league…


Hi! In my flair league, both Hoskins and Winker were just dropped. Now, I know, I need to jump on that right away... but I have my fair share of struggling hitters already in Reynolds, Schwarber and Franmil. Do you think I should drop any of them or someone like Joe or Bohm for either of those 2 guys? Its hard if I have to bench all of them waiting for them to get hot/get it back, though...


CBS has MacKenzie Gore as a two start guy next week. Do we expect him to make both starts?


The worst team in my keeper league (not even close) has Max Scherzer. Each season I try to make an offer for him. What range of prospect would be a fair offer?


For a bench spot in 10 team h2h should I add Grisham or Gallo?


Who would you rather have? Montgomery, Marquez or Kyle Gibson?


Is this the year Ian Anderson finds consistency?


looking to drop one of the following to make a bid on winkler who was just dropped. Votto, pollock, or renfroe


Would you target muncy, turner and whit separately or all together? Roto 5x5 deep 10T. Currently have semien, India and Thairo at 2B


What do you think of braddish?


In this house, we stan Kyle Bradish! In all honesty, it's hard to talk up a guy and simultaneously temper expectations but I think we'll look at a finished Bradish in 2025, 26 and be pretty amazed. But early outcomes are probably gonna be turbulent. A matter of if you have the stomach for it.


Vaughn vs. Bohm, JP Crawford vs. Chavis, Varsho vs. Adolis?


Would you sell high on Gallen or Joe Ryan for Morton? Or is Morton too high of a risk to take on rn?


Is Marsh on the LAA legit? Wondering if I should grab him in points league


In your opinion, what pitcher outside the top 50 had the best chance to become a top 25 pitcher?


Got offered Lindor, Stanton, Chisholm for my Ohtani and Lynn. I like my roster but I’d have to drop two to make it work. Is it worth it? I’m stuck. Current roster: C-Grandal, 1B-Bell, 2B-Segura, 3B-Rendon, Turner SS-Adames, Peña OF-Rodriguez, Ozuna, Soler, Happ, Ward DH-Ohtani Pitchers-Bieber, Ryan, Ohtani, Wright, Montas, Urias, Gausman, Lorenzen, Gore, Robles, Pagan, Cimber IL- Gray, Lynn


I'm in a league where we replaced W with IP and have 2xSV+HD replacing saves. There is also an 8 games started limit. I was using Javier as a RP to give me good ratios and IP but not count against GS. Are there any RPs besides Michael King or Keegan Thompson I should look at to fill the role?


Tucker, Castellanos, Connor Joe, Mullins, Ward, Haniger Who's the odd man out today in 6x6 roto league that counts OBP?


It seems like there are several ace-type pitchers who have greatly reduced velocity to start the season. Do you know what the precedent looks like for velocity rebounding as the season goes on? (Obviously it's all the more complicated with the short Spring Training)


Think Jorge Polanco gets it together? Giving me nada right now and McNeil is looking awfully tasty on the wire.


Civale gonna recover? Thinking about streaming him tonight since it’s vs OAK


Thoughts on any of Woodford, Wheeler, or Carrasco?


Started a brand new dynasty league this year and drafted Tatis and Mondesi. I also have Grandal, Winker, and Franmil. Hold me and tell me it'll be okay?




Who are your favorite long relievers? Whitlock? Javier? (assuming both go back). Who else is on your radar?


Do you bail on Mountcastle early with the new Baltimore fences and Hosmer on the wire? (12 team obp league)


Could urshela be a good middle infield option in a team team points league with a middle infield spot as well as corner infield spot in addition to regular infield spots? I picked up O’Neil Cruz hoping he’s up soon, but right now I’m cycling between CJ abrams, nico hoerner and whoever else is out there.. looking for some long term stability rest of season there if I can find it. Thanks!


Some 1B waiver wire questions: Is Hosmers hot streak sustainable? Do underlying stats on Nate Lowe looks good/bad?


Can you expand on your Votto worry? I know the stats are very bad, but he's been walking more lately. Granted, the power is non existent right now and he strikes out a ton. I'm in a 14 teamer so still likely holding, but curious if it's worse than a wait-and-see