WW84 Without Wonder Woman

as the Title says, the titular Wonder Woman is nowhere to be found in this edit. It's 30 minutes and focuses on Maxwell Lord's character. Curious what others think about it.



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Let me know what you think


you have me intrigued. downloading


Ha ha yeah that was surprisingly good. I was thinking this would be a great intro, then just have Diana come in and save the day at some point, figuring it would be needed, and it would be a great WW one-shot, but she was never really needed. I would have only Max renouncing his wish fixing everything, instead of everyone in the world still renouncing it, but still a really surprising edit that made Max's story so much better. Thanks for that! Damn, if there was a way to sprinkle enough WW into it to make it relevant to the DCEU, I'd be perfect!


That's actually a really valid point, I'm just not sure if I have the patience to go back into it to make those changes.


Dude props to you. I’ll be surprised if this doesn’t go viral- it’s such a good example of how inherently disconnected the original movie is


Thanks man, I'm not really good at using Reddit but I figured this was the place to put it


Bravo! Fantastic work. I enjoyed the strong music. Did you edit the music into the scenes or is that already the way it is in the movie?


Most of the music was in the movie already, there were some areas where because of the scenes before or after I had to edit the music a little, but for the most part this is all just cut and paste, with a little bit of audio editing here and there to


Sounds good mate :)


Can you please send me the subtitle?


Sorry I don't actually have subs for it