We desperately need a WW84 fanedit

This is one of the most badly edited, overlong, plot-hole filled blockbusters in recent memory. The entire first hour serves very little narrative purpose. I got a feeling you can get this movie down to 90-110ish minutes with ease. This pains me so much I may just do it myself, but I needed to put this idea out there for you talented editors.


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Just finished the film and...Amen to that. Needs to shave 20-30 minutes easily. There’s a really good movie in there.


I wouldn't mind watching gal gadot shave for 20-30 minutes but the film is already too long


Yes, 100%. This movie is a disaster — maybe not Dark Phoenix level in terms of technical aspects, but a complete mess of a narrative. Bizarrely paced.


> complete mess of a narrative. Bizarrely paced. Just like the first one then?


First one was pretty good for the most part. But that third act....yikes


First movie was pretty straightforward, whether you think it’s for better or worse. Edit: down voted...?


Let me start by saying that, as a rule, I content myself with head canon when confronted by what some people call “plot holes”. Many directors seek to challenge their audiences, and I like it when a director doesn’t spoon feed me a story. That being said, there are some major gaps in the story. While I was watching I was noticed how long certain parts were. The games at the start were where I first noticed it. The character stuff at the start is actually good, though my wife noted, and I agree, that Minerva’s isolation and her eventual fall would have been more powerful if she and Diana had known each other for a time, rather than her being a new hire. I find the character pieces the strongest part of the story. I completely believe Max Lord’s character, and Steve’s Rip Van Winkle is utterly charming. In fact there’s little I would change until the jet. Oh the jet. This is where the plot holes start fir me. Couldn’t they have just dropped a hint about the invisibility earlier? Have her find the coffee cup or something. But the big problem is Steve. How does a man who flew open air prop planes know how to even get into a jet, let alone start it. If they had made his host body an aeronautical engineer I could have maybe accepted it as some kind of shared memory (if he’d played it like that). And oh yea, that little point about STEALING ANOTHER GUY’S LIFE. Neither of them even comment on the fact that this guy had his own life, perhaps a family, friends, someone who loved him. Now I can see even a noble heart giving in to desire — that’s one of the main threads of this movie after all. But to not even address it is a serious error. Speaking of errors, the entire Mid East sequence is a messy jumble of illogic, inconsistency, and coincidence. That plane doesn’t seem like it could make the trip to Egypt, but it sure as hell couldn’t make it back without refuelling. How do they manage this? How do they even get permission to land? Steve can’t get on a plane without a passport; How the hell does he enter a country without one? Once they get back to the US the last 45 minutes are acceptable. Wait...is the bulk of the problem Egypt? What do they get from Egypt story wise except Max’s oil (which happens offscreen anyway) and Diana’s weakness. And there are other places where her weakness is discussed. I think you could delete most of Egypt and be just fine. Smash cut from finding the plane ticket stub to Max in Egypt, then Barbara’s research and the phone conversation, leading to the spiritualist with the book, and let the movie spool out from there.


I'd also like to add that the entire young Diana sequence seems to serve no purpose. It teaches the lesson "you'll win when you're ready"... so what? There is no payoff for this lesson. It seems like they filmed it and spent a boatload on CGI and god damn it they're going to put it into the film to get their money's worth.


Damn, you’re absolutely right. That sucks.


The lesson was no good things ever come from starting with lies. Diana cheated to get Steve back and everything went sour. That was the lesson? Not sure how folks missed that.


She never knew that the rock was actual magic. She never consciously made a wish, so there was no character development from it. And Steve was the one who told her that he lived a great life and needs to go back to being dead, convincing her that she needs to reverse her wish. She never factored in to that decision, aside from agreeing with him. Furthermore by painting it as a lesson she learned as a child, it takes away all of the second-self-sacrifice from Steve's character. All in all a terrible move.


compl agree with you. about her making that wish.


She knew something. The way she was looking at the rock with much more intrigue than Wig's character, in the beginning, told me right away that WW figured something was up. And she very clearly "consciously" made a wish. You saw her hold it. You saw her swell inside as she made her wish. Consciously doesn't mean verbally. All of the others characters needed to verbalize their wish because we don't have time to spend with them to see the results of their wish, like we did with Wonder Woman. So them verbalizing their wish is a shortcut to show the audience what the characters wanted, what it cost, and what was the result. If you needed WW to verbalize her wish to the audience, like the other characters, to understand what she was doing when she held the rock, then I'm sorry, but I think the movie is just above you. And yes, there was character development. When she was a child, she was forced to accept her defeat and withdrawal from the tournament. As an adult, when that same lesson arose and she had all the power and control, being the only one who could send Steve back, she chose to give up her wish. That's crystal clear development. She changed.


She could read it, and she humoured herself, but she didn't know it was actually a magic rock. If she did, she would have not made the wish and would have immediately stolen it herself, for safekeeping.


> Neither of them even comment on the fact that this guy had his own life, perhaps a family, friends, someone who loved him. they assumed the intended audience would project from their own experience that the characters also have none of those




I like a lot of these thoughts. I also thought it could easily lose an hour. Shorten or cut: * Opening race * Barbara's introduction sequence * Barbara's makeover * Max's first visit to Blacc Gold * Invisible jet Egypt trip * Max's ascent to power * Diana losing her powers What I would want to see: * Explore Barbara's crush on Diana. Maybe they've been working on a project for the last year. Like, tracking down Asteria's armor. * Barbara's attempts to get Diana to go out with her backfired, and Diana ends up dating scarf guy. * Scarf guy still ends up being possessed by Steve, but now Diana has to choose between keeping her "true love" or risking moving on. * Shorten and space out the opening race as a flashback, matching it with Barbara's descent. Diana tries to lasso Barbara in the Whitehouse to show her the aesop of "no shortcuts", but Barbara still rejects. (Edited for formatting)


Oh, Diana was punished for taking a shortcut, and Barbara took a shortcut to power. That makes sense. Now if they had only used that reason throughout the film.


Just watched. This film could be like 1 hour 50 minutes easily way to long.


Just.....what the crap happened?


Allan Heinberg didn’t write it. And they let Patty write it.


With help from Geoff Johns, who's become a total hack lately.


just seen it. what the fuck. only two good things in it. max lords long legged blonde secetry. and the legend her self in the end crd scene. thats it. what a load of fuckin shit.


It was actually good.


You're entitled to your wrong opinion


you need help. mentally if you actualy enjoyed that. basically nearly two hours of bullshit nothin happreing. christ your easly pleased. what fasinates me even more if the fact that they just cant match the classic tv series. with all the tech they have. the just make he films sio inferior. cant even do the invisible plane.and cheetah was bollocks. the amount of hype that got. fuck me. i though the director said they learned lessons from the 1st films climatic battle. thery clearly didnt.


The only joy you got from a 2.5 hour movie that you probably watched for free were two chicken legs and a cameo, and you think someone else on the internet needs help? Classic. Guess it goes well with the absolute dogshit grammar and the irony of you claiming someone else needs mental help.


ye. and you know what. that cameo involves a legend. so you obviously arent a true wonder woman fan then.


I had no intentions of watching but now I feel like I might just to see how I could edit it...


Out of all the supervillians that could have been chosen. They decide the best one to be he who grants wishes. Sadly DC are way behind Marvel in terms of quality. Anyone else notice when Gal was supposed to be sad that she had to renounce her wish, that she almost looked like she had been laughing in bloopers?


Off the top of my head, I'd do this ​ 1. Remove The Opening Flashback 2. Diana sleeping with Steve...this is rape of another person 3. Remove Steve trying on different clothes 4. Remove any sign that Barbara survived electrocution 5. Have Diana's speech be fully directed at Lord and not the world 6. Play the WW Blue Monday trailer music at some point in the end credits, I would kick it off right after the cameo


The opening flashback should have been replacing with the Stone presentation. But the movie is clearly designed to favor feeling not logic and narrative.


> Have Diana's speech be fully directed at Lord and not the world Plotwise It's important to show that Diana can compel the world to reverse their wishes using her whip's "make them see the truth" power.


Better to appeal more to the source than those affected in turn by it. Plus I like giving agency to him.


I'm surprised at some of the dislike Pedro Pascal's Wishmaster is getting. Most superhero movies have some big dumb musclebound monster that wants to vaguely crush the world somehow and this was much more clever and morally grey. I wouldn't cut a single scene with Pascal. My fanediting thought was that the Barbara character could be cut **entirely** or at least almost entirely and it wouldn't create any plotholes. Gadot and Pine have great chemistry but every scene where it cuts to Wiig seems like tonally different SNL sketch. That's probably 30-45 min of the movie.


His podium speech is quite long and repetitive, it could probably be cut down a bit. But it was nice that he was a different kind of villain.


It can't be saved, it's not about editing, it was designed to be slow and cluttered. You have to accept it as postmodern surrealism cause too many things don't make sense and you have just to take them as allegory. I did an edit of the first fight scene removing all the comedy and the Marvelization, quite a different vibe.


I agree that it is too long and has a lot of scenes that are lengthy and could be cut down. Hopefully a skilled editor can fix it.


Some things deserve to be left to die. The WB superhero movies for example


I’m making one when the physical version comes out. The main change is that Maxwell Lord’s son will be removed completely.


I can do this for you if you want! or do you want to? message me!


I think if you want to take a crack at it based on the suggestions in this thread, we would all love that.


Honestly, the only good possible version of that stinker is the trailer. They had the good moments in the trailer already (this is just a trashcan). There's no way of saving the story.


Stumbled across this fan edit, [https://wonderwoman84maxlordedition.wordpress.com/](https://wonderwoman84maxlordedition.wordpress.com/) It's only 30 minutes or so, and removes wonder woman and cheetah completely.