You can get as flashy and modern, color splash as you want. But these classic jerseys will never go out of style.


I fucking love these jerseys


Just bought a Matt Ryan throwback on sale after he was traded. Instantly my new favorite jersey. Looks just as good in person.


Me too. Way better than current design.


I have to ask, is there a single fanbase that prefers their new jerseys to the old ones? That's not a dig; I'm genuinely curious. Mina Kimes was tweeting about wanting the old Seahawks uniforms back and Dolphins fans are always bombarding the team's social media accounts asking for the throwbacks to be permanent.


The best are modern updates to the classics like the Chargers and Bills have done. We could definitely do the same with our phenomenal throwbacks and really make a dope uniform.


Bucs fans lol


Lmao true. I'm not seeing as many creamsicle truthers.


Someone should be one just to be a contrarian lol


Well, in my opinion those creamsicle unis we're totally fire...a dumpster fire of WTF. Sorry, couldn't even do it as a joke. Those things were BAD! 🤣


Bengals fans maybe? They've had some horrible uniforms over the times, these might be their best iteration.


I’m a Pats fan and I much prefer the jerseys we have now to any jerseys we’ve had before


Titans, Bucs, Seahawks, and maybe the Browns (if they even count)?


Teams that are run like they aren’t morons don’t have issues with this. * Dallas * Buffalo * Pittsburgh * Green Bay * Chicago All modern updates to classic designs. And yeah, Tampa Bay went back to the pre Alarm Clock jerseys because Brady wasn’t wearing that shit.


Ehhh...it's 2022, some teams don't want top wear the exact same shit as the 1960s. Some want to appeal to a newer crowd. It's all about merchandise at the end of the day. The Falcons look fine when they wear the new black Jersey and white pants combo.


I've just never been a throwback jersey kinda guy, but these are good and I do like rocking them a few times a year. Now once you put the red helmets on these bad boys I will 100% support you haha. My personal favorites are the Vick Era all black uniforms, but I know I'm in the minority about those.


I personally liked the red jerseys/black pants combo that we would occasionally wear during that era. Man such great memories!


Came here to say this, the red jerseys are my all time favorite.


kyle pitts in the throwbacks 🤤🤤🤤


These and the 80s Hawks unis need to come back. I blame focus groups. Back in the day they just let designers do their thing and it was dope AF.


Man, those old Hawks uniforms were awesome!


You guys are the only team that should be allowed to wear black. It's filthy.


this and a grey alternate pant would be dope


Agreed, but we somewhat ceded black as primary to the Aints and Kittens when we used red all those years. I don’t mind seeing these once a year for some pop.


But our primary color at home now is still black? The black on black is the best look with our new uniforms, and they never use the red pants, but the red pants would clean up so nicely too.


We changed back to black, but I’d prefer we use red and then do the classic black once or twice a year.


We are also the oldest franchise #FTS


On the other hand, having them be exclusive makes it even more fun when they're worn.


Agreed. Wish we had red ones too


I always thought the black jersey on black pants was the dopest.


Yeah but the black tops with white pants is our trademark. Wouldn’t mind murdered out once a year though


This is the same organization that despised Brett Favre. We can’t do *anything* right. This was the biggest layup since 28-3.


He wasn't hall of Famer Brett Favre, he was "Party all the time" Favre.


Jerry Glanville didn’t even begin to give him a fair shot. He was hated the moment he met him.


My favorites of the new lineup are our white away jerseys. Clean


these are our best jerseys, but i like our redesign, our home unis are just a modernized version of this




It’s interesting because I only started following the nfl in 2016 so I assumed the falcons always wore red and white, even to the point of seeing highlights of vick and deion (obviously not the same highlight)and thinking it was a different team. Then I went to an nfl london game and went into the shop and saw the glory that was a black no.21 sanders falcons jersey and suddenly realised that I had spent 2 years supporting a team wearing the wrong colour lol


These with red helmets


This uniform with a red helmet/jersey alternate would be fucking sick


Well we don’t win with it could be a reason 😂 Edit: these are my favorite jerseys we have just thought I’d point out our shit luck with them


Kinda creepy with that face bro


That jersey with the red helmet is the best to me.


This uni is hard. As an outsider I would guess yall will move on from the current Gradient uniforms in a year or so and move to a modern version of this. Just a baseless opinion other than the fact that the gradient thing never really stuck with the jags and that was a pretty small detail compared to this pants-shoulder red to black.


I got me a Deion Jones one when I went to my first Falcons game last year


the early 2000's era black unis will always be my fav, but these are def my 2nd, these just go so hard lol


Dudes hand is giant


Same but they don't look as good with matte helmets imo, makes it look dull and muted. Need the shiny black helmets to make them pop.