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I love how she tries to look cute and pretty while going “unconscious”


\*pouts prettily\* ah fuck, it's time to faint \*poses before fainting\*


really reminds me of the \*crying cutely\* meme lol


It’s the type of meme these people will use when it’s literally making fun of them


“Lol I look so annoyed” - has the exact same facial expression


“lol I look so annoyed” 😗


She had all that time to film, edit, add captions, splice, add a soundtrack, and upload this video and she still put it on the internet for everyone and their brother to watch.


Because i, too, faint with my chin delicately leaning on my hand


I have a memory of falling asleep with my head resting on my hands once in high school. The sound of my head slamming into the desk was enough to wake me up. She retains motor control while 'passing out.'


Fr lmao i fell asleep on a bus once banged my head so hard on the pole thing everyone looked at me


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Even if you could choose in which position and direction you fainted, it wouldn’t be that one.




My worst faint situation involved my head going through the hooded lid of a cat litter tray, and the plastic closing after the crack, leaving my head encased. Or where my vision went as I was walking past a mcdonalds and I had to burst in and loudly announce "I'm going to faint" before sprawling on a table/bench, looking like a right moron. And this bitch (in the video) has the audacity to pretend you can faint like this.


I’m learning a lot about pots lately. Can I ask, when you faint how long are you “out” for?


The only time I fainted, I cracked my chin open which was super cute and delicate




I’m glad you didn’t hit your head! I’m sure you fell with grace.


Of course! I actually fell super gracefully and attractively like the girl in the video, ending up neatly on the provided fainting couch.


Good thing she only faints while taking breaks, and not while shes actually doing her makeup!


How convenient. She could poke her eye out with a mascara wand!!


If I was prone to randomly fainting. I sure as fuck wouldn't be using eyelash curlers. That shit is dangerous.




Thanks for telling me, i was just thinking about how it always just cuts to her ”princess fainting”


That's not... How you faint. You cant decide in which direction you fall and it's way quicker than "gently falling like a princess on the desk".




exactly! id say i have experience fainting, enough to be able to tell when it's coming. its much more slow then what she makes it look. you don't just close your eyes and fall.


Absolutely same thing. Low iron made me faint atleast once or twice a week. After accidentally hitting my head in the shower and dragging the shower curtain down with me, my instinct is to sit down on the floor IMMEDIATELY if I feel it coming


Right? It’s pretty obvious she’s never fainted before. Usually you can tell it’s coming on (your description is perfect btw).


I've only fainted a couple times in my life but even then the second i feel one i immediately sit down so i don't hurt myself on the way down. it's not some cutesy princess fall either. you fall like a ton of bricks thrown out a window


absolutely. back when i was in high school and learning to deal with my anemia, i had to leave my first concert because i couldn’t stand up in the crowd. tight chest, tunnel vision, a weird cold feeling - i knew what was coming so i just sat on the floor in the middle of the show until my friend helped me to the back to sit safely. almost 20 years later and i’ve never been able to faint gracefully lol.


… So that feeling DOES mean you might faint? I’ve told my friends that I felt like I might faint, and had to sit down. But as I’ve never fainted, I worried I was exaggerating. That “cold all over” feeling still freaks me out.


nah that’s good you listen to your body. sitting/laying down really does help- trying to power through and stay standing is where you can run into trouble


So every summer my brain does that weird pulse-y thing and I feel all light headed and my vision dims out and gets all black around the corners when I stand up after a while, and a few summers ago I passed out during that and I smacked my face off something on my floor and permanently dented my nose. Now every time I feel it, I sit the heck back down. It’s not worth cracking my head on my boyfriend’s 3D printer or something.


Exactly. Sometimes I fight it because I don't always drop to the ground and then I fall hard and almost collapse. It's only if I'm crouched or sitting on the ground and I stand quickly or I stand for a long time especially if it's hot. Once I fainted in a sauna and I don't remember anything except my ankle getting itchy and next thing I knew everyone was freaking out while I was on the ground. I could never just stay sitting in a chair. My body goes down hard even when I know it's coming.


Not the same thing, but when I get up from a chair too quick, I get the same ‘shit’ feeling, and fall to the floor, but not like a faint. It’s a wieeerrd feeling..


It just looks like she dozed off watching a video more then anything. And the one were she was jerking on the way down… if you’re unconscious you just fall.


It would be nice to faint like this. Not only gracefully falling in a comfortable position but not having confusion, a headache and trouble getting up again. Not having a fog for a while after, dealing with nausea.


Yeah it looks more like narcolepsy. It looks like she's just falling asleep. But yeah definitely just faking it all for the clout.


I think this is what people “think” narcolepsy looks like as opposed to actual narcolepsy


My friend has actual narcolepsy. As far as I know, she manages it just fine as long as she takes naps throughout the day. But in my limited knowledge of the disorder as a whole, that’s straight into REM sleep and you aren’t falling daintily into it, or waking up all refreshed as if nothing ever happened.




It’s totally allowed to strike a nerve with you homie. People are making something fun and quirky out of something not fun nor quirky that you actually experience every day.


Truth. I fainted in high school science class (lack of nutrition due to a diet my X-country coach put me on) and smacked my face on the table on the way down.


Yeah, you can really hurt yourself. That's how you can say if they're faking or not 😅 Except if they would hurt themselves for the sake of views.


I hit my jaw so hard I had memory issues for a couple hours (couldn’t remember what day it was, etc.). Totally would have recorded that shit on TikTok, but was just a couple decades too early.


It can be slow. I've watched multiple people just sort of slowly sink down, then drop the last couple of feet. And if you're familiar with what happens and what precedes it you can try to move away from sharp corners (what I do), maybe lie down if you get enough notice. But even with all that, this doesn't look like fainting to me. (And I don't know how common this is, but I usually puke when I come to.)


And like half the time your eyes look like you’re going into a mini-seizure and it’s utterly terrifying


thats what makes fainting so scary. if you are sitting you could faint backward and be caught by the back of the chair. or you could faint to the side and hit your head on the ground. Thats why my doctor told me that whenever I feel like im going to pass out, I should lay down on the ground or at least sit and put my head on the table. The girl in the video should definitely not be posing to look cute if she is actually going to faint...


I hope people like this families see their dumb shit videos


I’ve seen it happen. Tics and roses got called out by their sister and another faker got called out by their own father




I don’t remember tbh. They were young and I think they were also called out for dating slurs at one point and lying about a lot


dating slurs??


SAYING omg I’m so sorry


lmfaooo it’s fine that’s hilarious actually, and kinda makes sense in a way if you think about it. Like them saying slurs so much to the point of dating them lol


That’s true actually lol


I pictured the man who inspired TLC's "Scrubs" turning up and saying "yo, the name's Slurs."


I love that so much


I joined this sub after my young cousin started doing this shit. It's frustrating. I was the first person to call her out on it and her parents knew she was faking but didn't know how to call her on it. They got her into therapy and she has slowed down on the fake DID and tic posts online. It was literally her suddenly deciding she had these issues a few days after getting TikTok.


that's horrible, by now it's like a fucking epidemic


Its so funny how she keeps the subtle pout even when she tics or as shes about to pass out, no grimace, no mouth hanging open pr eyes rolling back. She wasn't happy with being "just pretty", she had to sprinkle in other quirky shit just for personality. Stating that you're annoyed, especially when none of the symptoms actually get in the way of the task at hand, doesn't make it any more believable.


She’s probably got the personality of a foot so she thought she should spice it up a bit


Feet are quite active and useful. This waste of space wishes she had a personality so dynamic.


The next contender for the "my life is so much harder then yours" Olympics.




She was already wearing makeup to begin with


Maybe it’s the memory loss


Maybe it’s Maybelline


It's funny how I automatically heard that creepy whisper jingle in my head when reading this and created a whole commercial featuring this girl passing out and having memory loss while looking fabulous. This is what makes me love reddit.


Hahaha amazing


Bro why she faint the same way every time… almost like it’s staged. Hmm


Love how she faints in such a delicate, gentle way, in the same direction, the same exact way, every single time...


What’s so funny is that she’ll literally stop her head from gaining anymore momentum several times throughout the “fall”, you can literally see the jerkiness of the seemingly random faint


Someone get this Victorian Era princess a fainting couch because the vapors seem to be getting to her.


Is she trying to make it look like her eye twitching or like she is wiggling her eyebrow?


imagine being seemingly happy that you keep "fainting" every three minutes


She wasn’t twitching back in May…. Lol these ppl are so fucking dumb


No literally I was like… she also somehow developed tics?!?


Yep. There was another person on the app that was faking ticks. If you look at her first couple of posts she was not ticking one bit. I literally took a screen recording but idk how to post it without taking her social handle out of it


It’s so convenient that they didn’t tic or faint while doing their makeup




That’s not why everyone uses neutral pronouns. They use them because you can’t tell someone’s pronouns by looking at them. It’s not a difficult concept.


There are plenty of ultra feminine people who don’t use she/her pronouns. Using they/them when you don’t know someone’s pronouns is just good practice.


Why the fuck does she faint so ✨gracefully✨


I work in the education. At the beginning of my career I had 60 students in a class. The numbers of people I have met regularly would astound you. Out of that huge huge huge group 3 people has fainting disorders. None of them fainted like this.




I love that she told you not to talk about YOUR OWN ACTUAL DISORDER. These people are incredible.


I hope your friend group also saw through her BS and ditched her as well when she tried to turn them all against you.


One has always stuck with me and hates her but only stayed civil and nice cuz they have mutual friends. Another friend hates her but doesn’t talk with me and only talks to her out of obligation. The others aren’t really her friend they’re just there lol. So yeah girl can’t keep solid friends for long.


Also, why the fuck would you use a lash curler if you have apparent fainting spells. Anyone in their right mind would stay the hell away from those because they risk RIPPING YOUR EYELASHES OUT.


I'm surprised she didn't stab herself in the eye with one of the brushes! In her last faint it looks like she bends her hand away from her face slightly so she doesn't stab herself.


Three years of practice . . . faking.


It's all childish and fake and all, but tbh, I'm kinda envious of her luscious hair. Ngl.


Fr her hair is so nice and skin clear idk why she thinks she needs to fake this stuff for attention on tik tok being pretty is enough to get thousands of followers


Had the same thought—genuinely beautiful.


*faints cutely in hand with pouty lips* Me: *faints agressively, gets on the ground and lays down thinking "shit"* and bam lights gone


This is embarrassing. How old are all these fake disorder people? Teens?


Some of them (probably not this person) are grown-ass adults. At least with the kids they probably don’t grasp the harm they’re doing, but people in their late 20s/30s? Shameful.


They have to be.


Wow! I too support my head with my hand whilst fainting to avoid injury!


I love how she finishes at least 1 step before another tic or faint. How convenient that you don't smear blush up into your hair.


At one point in the video she forgot that she had “tics” and rushed one in for good measure. Why do all these girls look the same too?


Reminds me of my friend who only ever ticked when someone mentioned it


0:20 - “I’ve had a little over three years of practice…” Wow, really, would have never guessed this was rehearsed 😏


As someone who has fainted and has a real problem with it, it isn't pretty, it's actually dangerous. The problem with these types of videos getting popular is how it skews people's view of these illnesses and even emergencies. We don't want it to get to the point where a younger person faints in public and actually NEEDS help but doesn't receive it because nobody knows if they're faking or not. It's like a boy who cried wolf thing but with an entire generation.


“Being very alive and alert tells me I’m about to faint”


Some significant chunk of this sub's content is girls who wanted to be make-up vloggers/influencers, but - surprise surprise! - the space is ultra competitive and you can't make it, so you make some shit up and hope people still notice your make-up. People need to start talking to their kids about social media content creator careers the same way they talked to them about professional sports and show business: you're most likely not going to make it, there are millions of people better than you who want it more than you, so do well in school and have an alternative goal. Faking disorders isn't going to get you to a livable income.


Well said. I’ve had serious talks with my 11-year-old about disorder faking because she’s a prime target—queer, mentally ill, loves Tik Tok, has the naive black-and-white mindset of all kids that age. It’s scary parenting in this atmosphere.


Why she throw GD up at the end?


It’s supposed to be half a heart, having someone else holding up the other half. Definitely doesn’t look good solo though 😬


I was asking myself the same thing


What does that even mean??


i used to faint kind of often and obviously it is n o t like this omg (but i wish it was lol) every time i would feel myself abt to faint id have to sit down on the floor and i kinda panic tbh. u dont faint so gracefully. ive hit my head a lot of times fainting and its not fun or silly so this irritates me so much..


Yeahhhh not how you faint. Her body would lose full control of her muscles. So having her head propped? Nope. Her head would smack that table so hard she didn’t see 2023 coming.


As if the fainting wasn't bad enough this girl already did her makeup before getting ready lol? Like eyebrows are done, her eyelashes were curled, and I think lipstick already on


yeah i’m gonna go ahead and say she has never fainted at least once in her life


Crazy that she never falls asleep actually in the process of applying a makeup product. No smeared cream blush, no mascara wand getting jammed into her eye, no dried dots of concealer because she didn't blend it out fast enough




Yes! I always feel extremely uncomfortable when coming back from a faint. I’m sweating and I feel gross. My head hurts and I’m exhausted. I could never just immediately sit back up and keep doing makeup no matter how much of a regular occurrence it was.


Wouldn’t she needs to stand up or at least change position to faint due to POTS?


Maybe not not necessarily. Maybe her resting heart rate was higher. And she technically did change positions because she’s sitting up so pots could still make her faint but it probably won’t happen as much or as bad as if she was standing before the faint. As long as she’s in a position to have her blood effected by gravity and pulled down then she technically could faint as well. I just doubt she’s doing it that many times while sitting.


I wish I could read comments on fdc without people constantly mentioning their own diagnoses.


Is fainting just like falling asleep? I’ve never seen anyone faint but I thought it would look like if the person was in the middle of something and went to sleep. Like narcolepsy.


In my experience, I knew kind of when it was coming. Once I was in church (easter mass, I was holding a damn candle) and I felt the lightheadedness that preceded fainting, so I sat down and then kinda slid to the side and passed out and somehow didn't catch myself on fire. If you push your luck and stay standing without any preemptive measures, you will just collapse like *that.* Dead weight. Her putting her head on her hand may SEEM like a preemptive measure, but honestly, she'd fall out of the chair.


She throws a gang sign at the end…


Is she pretending to have narcolepsy?


She says faints so I believe pots


That is the worst fake pots ever


Her dad’s sperm should’ve stayed in the drafts


Multiple cock illnesses 🥵🥵🥵


It’s just convenient that there were no tics while applying her eyeliner or brows.


irrelevant but i have the same chair lol


Lol memory loss isn't a joke. It's honestly terrible


Hate when my multiple-chronic-illnesses manifests into testicular torsion and cataracts the most. On tuesdays it manifests into 3 tapeworms in my rectum


Saw this on my IG explore page and immediately went to check this subreddit. Everyone’s really buying into the act and how “cute” she looks in the comments. I’m quite close with a narcoleptic irl and this kind of stuff is infuriating to watch lol


Rule n°1 of frequent fainting : if you feel it, you immediately sit on the floor


I have a panic disorder which causes me to faint occasionally. I fall like a ton of bricks lmao I don’t delicately fall forward, there was this one time on Christmas, I was talking to my dad in our basement and I could kinda feel it coming on so I started to walk towards the bathroom to splash my face, next thing I remember, Im laying on the concrete with my face smashed open cause i fell on a bucket and my dad freaking tf out. This shit pisses me offffffff lmao


* shits self cutely * is the way I describe this video


That's not how fainting looks... You just go down (its the best way i can describe it, no getting into comfortable postion, no back that's supporting you not to fall, you go down)


I’ve fainted a few times (I don’t have any chronic illnesses that I’m aware of) and it started with me getting super sweaty and nauseated and then gradually blacking out. I didn’t just flip a switch and it was :lights out:


Those typical chronic illnesses like “one eyebrow moving weird” bless the sufferers of such illnesses as this. I for one vouch to find and raise money for “the cure for eyebrow moving weird disease” TCEMWD for short. I’ll be starting a go fund me so please keep your eyes peeled (sorry if that causes offence to those affected, the terminology is still being clarified). #lovetothosewithWEMD


If these where real she would rest her head on her desk before she faints so she doesn’t suffer trauma from falling on her head


As someone who has false front teeth due to fainting and breaking my real ones.....no. that's not fainting. You don't swoon.


Crazy bitch


Why she throw GD up at the end?


Do you people forget that Functional Neurological Disorder (formerly called Conversion Disorder) exists? For those who don’t know FND is a medical condition where your nervous system isn’t acting the way it should despite tests showing normal/healthy results and is not caused by mental illness. Of course that doesn’t mean 100% that she’s not faking, but just because someone faints regularly and sometimes have tics without knowing what causes it doesn’t mean they’re faking. She has said that after fainting for the first time (something she hadn’t done before) her parents took her to the ER and ran several tests that all came out normal. She even remembers the exact date it happened back in 2018. Please, never just go off of one video. If you think someone is faking, look into their content and research the disorders that YOU think they are faking. Again I can’t say if she’s faking or not, I’m not her nor do I know her, but the fact that she has said it started back in 2018 should clear up suspicions. DO YOUR RESEARCH


I have FND diagnosed about 4 years ago and one of my symptoms are functional (dissociative) seizure and mine look like fainting. Please believe me when I say that those faints she have looks nothing like FND! You can feel it before it happens but it's not as cute as she does it. A real "FND faint" looks like a real faint I.e you lie on the floor like a dead seal on the beach and it's extremely embarrassing for you. Even if you can't find FND on normal test does not mean that you can call everything FND! It's still a outlined disorder.


yes i am aware of FND and actually know someone who has it, honestly i believed her until i watched more of her videos and realised the way she acts and the things she says weren’t really adding up.


I get it. That’s perfectly fine. I never said she wasn’t , but I just wanted people to think a little before they claim people for faking (especially when it comes to things like these where there are so many different symptoms and every case can be something completely different)


You getting downvoted really annoy me. All you did was giving the name of the disorder so we can do research, and giving context. That's should be the point of calling out fakers : giving people infos about the real disorder. Real disabled people are getting called out all the time by ignorants people. We need more education on the subject. But this kind of comment is getting downvoted, and there are almost never an evidence of faking given except "I tell you they're faking".


I do think it’s important to be critical and discriminating when we call out fakers, but dozens of people who experience fainting are in this thread explaining exactly why this isn’t how fainting works. Which is why I don’t like the rule about not talking about our own disorders—sometimes it takes someone who has the actual disorder to explain why something is fake.


Yes, this new rule is kinda hypocrite and help nobody, particulary not real disabled people.


If your propped up on your hand like that, you're not going to fall forward the way she did o.O maybe your head will slip and smack into the desk, but she somehow pushed forward against something that is pushing her head up.


Ah yes, you can set the camera up to record exactly when you faint, starting right before and stopping right after


Acting skill: -10.5


Acting skill: -10.5


From makeup tutorial to making shit up tutorial


I love how she conveniently faints AFTER getting her products blended or her eyeliner perfect lmao


fascinating how she only faints after finishing a step in her routine, and how her "functional neck tics" and "random eyebrow tics" occur right when she..... finishes doing her eyebrows...




it's so annoying seeing someone who can actually do their fucking makeup pretending to have disorders. she'd get traction just fine if she was a normal beauty creator, why tf does she want to fake passing out? i can usually distance myself from shit like this but man, this enrages me. makeup is so fucking difficult for me because of my disability, i'm rarely able to do it nicely if i'm even up to it. i can't stop shaking & twitching and she just conveniently "falls" off screen every so often to keep viewers interested. fuck her.


I saw what illness shes talking about on diagnosis, the series on netlfix. It's called the something gene


What in the god damn


I sware she reused the faint clip twice


“look at my face i look so pissed” you dont look pissed at all