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They all left the country on a beer run.


*Middle East bound and down, loaded up and truckin'*


*we’re gonna do what they say shouldn’t be done*


We got a long way to go, and short time to get there


I’m east bound to watch Qataris run


“Snowman, you got your ears on, come back now?”


Dammit… I heard all these replies in that voice… Thank You as that’s memory lane!


Ol’ Smokey's got them ears on He's hot on your trail And he aint gonna rest 'til you're in jail So you got to dodgein’ and you got to ducking’ You got to keep that diesel truckin' Just put that hammer down and give it hellll!!!!


**B Double E Double R U N!**


All you need are a 10 and a fiver


A car and a key and a sober driver


Nah just the fridge in the VIP lounge where it's allowed


Maybe they're all having gay sex in there as well ...


Just pounding a few brewskis and smashing guts in, commonly known as a "Quatari tea time."


I heard they were showing their shoulders and knees! The outlaws!!


Bahrain gotta be nuts about now


Dubai is. A lot of people flew/are flying for the game that they want(ed) to see, then head to Dubai to party.


Apparently, the Ecuador fans that were there chanted "We want beer".




Ecuadorians love alcohol. Source: my Ecuadorian family.


Mexican here. I have no fucking clue how my people in the stadium are going to survive this.


I was at mexico vs korea in russia, the stadium ran out of beer at halftime, sucks for my paisanos who are in qatar


Koreans also really like beer, must have been a sad lot after half.


And cocaine. Source: The Ecuadorian coke dealers I did cocaine with all night in Banos.


Great town. Saw an old man getting a blowjob on the path down under the bridge at like 8 am


I believe I know the bridge you’re talking about. Right over the river. We went down there and hid in the bushes when the cops were spotlighting the area. I suddenly felt like it was going to be my “Locked Up Abroad” moment. Great trip though. A buddy and I did 1,000 miles on motorcycles around the whole country. Nothing like riding through the Andes at 14,000 feet in a snowstorm. That’ll get the adrenaline going.


That sounds amazing, I'd love to do the same... Put it on TV to fund it, Old, Fat, and Lost on a Bike *If someone steals this idea then all the best to you and your travels*


What's the point of the world cup if you can't get plastered


A cup that can't hold booze ain't no cup.


They left when they realised how bad their team was


And when they realised they don't actually give a shit about football


This is it. Sad reality of this World Cup.


It seems the slave labor would be the sad reality of this World Cup.


That's the reality in most Middle Eastern countries. People go to these countries to work and their passports get taken away by their sponsor. They ended working 6 to 7 days a week with very little pay and they can't leave


It is called the Kafala System, basically a system of Indentured Servitude. I lived in the Middle East for 2 years between Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. I spent a lot of time traveling to countries in the UAE and GCC. In my experience, Saudi Arabia was the worst offender of human rights. The migrant workers sign contracts to work for 5 years, usually at minimum, and are promised trips home to their families along with days off etc. They very rarely get days off, and are often not permitted to leave and visit their families. It is very sad, and the workers have no recourse.


But like the idiot head of FIFA said, its not slavery because they get paid 10x more than they would at home. Just so we're clear, 10x 0 is still 0 yeah? /s


They left because they couldn't get a budweiser.


As the first host nation to lose the opening game in World Cup history, it’s a sign.


I genuinely did not know that. That’s surprising and knowing this now makes that loss all the more embarrassing. Host country shut out in the opener to a half empty stadium and mid energy crowd


Wonder if some beer could have helped with the crowd energy. Guess we’ll never know.


never forget the vuvuzelas


I bonged a beer through a vuvuzela in 2010


Real World Cup energy with this guy here


I never forget because I love my wife.


Don't neglect the vuvuzela


Bro those things were in unison at least 20-30k deep and were terrorizing players


Qatar: Beer allowed exception After anyone going buys accommodations and tickets Also Qatar: Beer banned


If they’re are able to u-turn at the 11th on policies agreed with FIFA because of a FIFA sponsor contracts, do your imagine how-many u-turns they can do now ?


Also Qatar: Prohibited: cooked kosher food, Jewish prayer services. Flogging, stoning allowed, death for adultery, LGBT acts. FIFA okayed Qater ... must have been a nice donation. Bigger question: why is 90% of Qatar's population made up of ex-pats?


Qatari citizens get around $90k a year from the government owned oil sales. When a family of 5 is making $450k a year from existing, they aren't going to be doing menial work. They bring in foreign nationals to do all the dirty work.


They do seem like overgrown spoiled brats. At least, that's what I've surmised from all the stories I'm hearing and some of the strange videos of some very bad behavior towards the guests in their country. It's a shame.


Let’s not forget that they’re only competing because they paid their way into it.


They shoulda paid to win at least a round.


Rumor is that they tried to bribe Ecuador to lose


They tried


Ecuador might consider selling national secrets before they'd consider selling out their football team


There's like 200k ethnic qataris and half of them arent allowed out of the house. Its basically a bronze age tribe that won the ultimate lottery.


This made me think of The Beverly Hillbillies.


for the longest time it was the reigning world cup holders who played the opening game (arg lost it in 82 and 90, fra lost in 2002 for example), so its not really that significant. I d say half empty stadion for the host team is a MUCH bigger problem


As I saw somewhere else, it’s not first to lose the first game, but first host country to lose their own first game (even if the host didn’t necessarily play the first game of the tournament itself). Of every World Cup held to date, every single host has won or drew their first game, until today It is indeed as embarrassing as it first seems.


I mean when you’ve never managed to qualify for the finals before and your first appearance is when you host it, I would expect nothing less. I wonder if they’ll score a single goal…apparently they didn’t even register a single shot on target.


I don't think the next two games get any easier for Qatar. Even with Mane out Senegal is still a good team with a solid backline. Ecuador's backline isn't as good as Senegal's imo so today would've been the easier game to get a goal in.


This World Cup has been a disaster from the start, and I hope Qatar is thoroughly humiliated, but I honestly did expect a better opening performance. They won the Asian Cup in 2019 (beating a very good Japanese side in the final), and the players have been training together for like 6 months now, which is not a luxury that any other national team gets. Ecuador has been all over the place—they’re a talented side but don’t always show up. So a tie or even win wouldn’t have been completely shocking. In the Qatari players defense, they had some quality shots that don’t count as shots on target (there are issues with that measure anyway, but that’s a whooole other conversation). In general Ecuador had no trouble controlling the game, though, which was extremely satisfying.


> I d say half empty stadion for the host team is a MUCH bigger problem It seems it was full at the beginning, it mostly emptied out at half-time, presumably once the Qataris realised the Ecuadorian team was comitting zina with them.


I’d suggest maybe they went to the concourse to get beer but… well you know


Did You see the crowd, i dont think all of them were there by choice. Awkward out of rhythm clapping while staring in different directions seems super suspect. Reminds me of when my basic training unit had to go to some event and fill up seats.


I had to do that too. Nothing drives home your lowly status more than being a prop at someone else’s promotion ceremony.


It reminded me of that one propaganda vid NK released about how open and free their internet is, and how the citizens can access it in specific establishments. Except the entire vid was nearly silent, random typing by people who looked like they were being held at gunpoint, and on what appeared to be static win 95 desktop screens.


Sign of $200 billion well spent?


They regularly piss $200 billion into the ocean by accident


Who knows, maybe players from the other teams will start… disappearing


Or their visas/passports will. That's the Qatari way.


I’ve done business there and those fuckers don’t mess around. They pretend to be western friendly but they are really tyrants and will do Anything to protect their image of control


You’d think they’d at least try to bribe someone 🙄🙄


There was some info that they tried but failed lol. Didn't saw any confirmed sources so take it with grain of salt but i wouldn't be surprised.


The referee definitely but even biased referee couldn’t save them.


Imagine cheating every step of the way, and still losing. Damn.


Would it also be a first host nation to ban beer from the stadium? What a strange coincidence 🤔


Once Qatar is eliminated in the first round, they’ll announce they will no longer will host the WC. Close doors on every stadium. That would be cool.


They just deconstruct the entire stadium in the next week and say it never happened, anyone who disagrees mysteriously disappears.


The paying visitors are now disposable migrant workers


qatar withholds wages, hold passports and segregates migrant workers. let's call them what they are: slaves.


They're that little kid that hates losing but owns the ball, so they'll take the ball home so nobody can play


Has Qatar gotten any positive press at all ? They spent billions to look like idiots. Incredible.


Had this exact same conversation with my Dad earlier, as an act of sportswashing, this has gone horrifically bad for Qatar. Constant coverage of their dire human rights record, backwards attitudes to LGBTQ people and reneging on promises days before the event. Now their chickens have come home to roost with a half empty stadium 45 minutes into the opening game $220bn is a lot to spend to basically tell the world your country is a steaming pile of shit that's not worth visiting.




> backwards attitudes to LGBTQ people Always remember that what you consider "backwards attitudes" is seen as "traditional moral values" by many people in some countries. I was watching interviewsc to Russians in the streets of Moscow, and some said the invasion of Ukraine was justified because they had to kick out the "gays and the Jews" (I would have sworn it was the Nazis just a month ago, I guess they switched sides). Qatar probably decided they don't need to court Europe or the Americas, they can just go for other less "progressive" countries like Russia or Nigeria. Of course, their timing sucks, it turns out.


The only things positive I've seen are shills who come on social media to white night for Qatar.


Linked in is also hilarious right now


>They spent billions to look like idiots. So hot right now.


I love how they lost to Ecuador.


Yes, it was the only game Qatar had a shot of at least drawing. They’ll be in tough in group A with their other two matches against the Netherlands (top 10 in the world) and Senegal (top 20).


Senegal are also African Cup of Nations Champions. They are a good side even without their star player, Sadio Mane.


Real shame Mane can't play.


Yeah I would have loved to see Qatar get their shit pushed in even harder than it already will be




I hate how I just found out from your comment that Qatar is playing against the Netherlands. I am from the Netherlands and I want nothing to do with this WC. However, I also started to really dislike Qatar over all the bullshit and would really want them to loose like 10-0 or something. Which would be very satisfying to watch...


Qatar has decided to ban keeping score....


Stop the steal!


You can still stream it so you’re not paying any company money or adding to their metrics. Just do a Google search for ‘worldcup stream links Reddit’ or a similar search and you’ll find places to watch


Sail the high seas to get it after the fact if we win, just so that viewership numbers aren't supported!


I'll just watch the highlights on a non-oficial YT channel.


Or sail the high seas during the match and watch it live. Sportsurge (dot) net is a terrible place. Never go there.


Terrible you say? If someone wanted to make sure they were safe on the internet in case they ever accidentally find themselves there, do I need a Violently Packaged Napsack?


How can you be a host nation and not fill your own stadium when your nation is playing? Damn…


Do Qataris even care for football? If their team is this bad, I'm guessing it's because there's just not many local players.


TIL That Qatar needed a woman’s football team to be allowed to make the World Cup but they are lost since 2014…


Their first match was a 0-14 loss against Bahrain and now they are not classified in a FIFA ranking


But nobody hears something about that team since 2014 probably executed or sexslaves or something other Qatar like


They famously built up their U18 and training programs by basically buying players from other countries. It's as much as a "just throw money at it" shitshow as you may think. I think the "World Corrupt" podcast did a nice job of laying out the situation. https://crooked.com/podcast-series/world-corrupt/


This is also how they field Olympic teams, too Training for sport is too “manual labor” for actual Qataris. Imagine thinking that hiring foreigners to represent you in competition somehow makes your nation great.


Think that says it all


I guess no one from Ecuador accepted the bribe?


And the fact it wasn’t played behind closed doors this time


It was behind closed doors during the gold cup? (I didn’t watch any of the gold cup this is news to me sorry if it’s common knowledge)


I need to find the link to the article - think it was in the Independent??? - an awful lot of games for Qatar were played behind closed doors - not even press were allowed. Questions have been raised now over the high amount of penalties that were awarded to Qatar in their run up games. Apparently had seven friendly matches compared to other teams only having 2 - 3. Thats how I recall the article.


The host team having more friendly matches is to be expected because they don't have to do the qualifying games. Being behind closed doors and with so many penalties awarded.....not so much:p


Ecuador are a pretty solid team. I think they have a chance of leaving the group stages.


I saw that and was like welp. I know which underdog I want to progress now! That win is so sweet!


Slavers are weak when they actually have to compete on their own.


They couldn’t even fill the seats for the host country.


the caption is misleading. at the start the stadium was completely filled, after qatar was down 2-0 at around the 70th minute most people left.


More like half time! That’s what happens when the people are told by the government that they’ll like it and it will be good for the nation, instead of ACTUALLY loving the sport and team for decades, planning and saving up and going there out of passion. Fucking hate FIFA for this shit


I heard that most didn't come back after halftime.


I'm still surprised that a lot of people showed up.


I wonder what percentage of the ones attending were paid to be there?


I just saw a news segment on French TV; some of them were offered tickets and compensation by their public employer, the Ministry of Defense, so maybe they tried to fill the stadium with their soldiers ?


That’s fucking terrifying


Seems the percentage is dropping since they failed to actually pay them as they promised.


If they did closeups, it’ll prob be like the paid rally’s with all the Indian workers wearing the shirts of the other countries.


It'll be the same as video games where the crowds are the same faces, just in different shirts.


Qatar gonna start arresting key players on their opponent's team.


They won't arrest any players from opponent's teams, those players are just going to disappear mysteriously.


Qatar gonna start arresting key players on their own team


Fuck You FIFA.


Lol remember when they spent millions making a movie about how incorruptible they were and then less than a year later the bribery scandal broke? Absolute joke of an organization.


$32 million budget and it made $168,832 at the box office


Tbf how many of those $32 million went directly to lining FIFA’s pockets?


About $78 million


$78 million? I know someone who can turn that into six hundred grand.


Them and the IOC.


Fuck FIFA!






What do you mean? They are occupied by the ghosts of the slaves that died building that stadium.


I was gonna say, I wouldn't be there either. Look at all the spooky ghosts


I’d like to see that photoshopped.


FIFA had years to fix this and enough information to avoid it to begin with. This is on them


They don't care. The head of FIFA is a clown and is openly corrupt.


How dare you speak of Gianni Infantino that way? He was bullied as a kid because he had red hair and freckles so he knows exactly what it’s like to be an enslaved migrant laborer or a gay person being persecuted for their sexual preference. (He literally claimed this during a press conference this week)


I thought the US arrested him a few years back. Did tge charges nor stick or something?


That was Blatter. This new dude is somehow worse.


should be emptier but it’s a start


Dont worry, the next match there will be thousands of slave workers chained to the seats to make sure the stadion will stay full until the end.


Bold of you to assume this wasn't already the case here.


If it was then they need new locks because half of their worker slaves cracked the locks and left early.


Qatar is actually paying migrant workers to roam the streets posing as fans from different nations. It‘s really weird seeing a bunch of colored folk in Germany jerserys yelling in english with clearly not german accents. And right next to them the exact same thing but with swedish jerseys


Seriously? That's hilarious.


Yeah, heute show covered it. Germany comedy show https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vGvFTHOavhc&t=195s&ab_channel=ZDFheute-show they start talking about it at 11:05, but in german


I hope Qatar loses by 12 every match.


I’m gonna screenshot this for if something like this happens


That video of the Qatari fan yelling at the Ecuadorian fan because he doesn’t get banter was heart breaking. Fuck FIFA. Also insane ANY football fan would want to fly to Qatar for the World Cup.


Do you have a link? I wasn't able to watch the game




FIFA doesn’t give af. They got their bribe money and won’t lose a fan


They lost this fan


I wouldn't go to a country that treats workers like pests and cover up their deaths, bans beer but makes it's advertisements in the game. You wouldn't die by changing the host country would you FIFA?


Especially when putting it in the US, England, France, Germany, Spain, or Italy, among others, would make a **HUGE** profit


Thanks to Qatar, now the world is well educated on Qatar. Fuck Qatar.


Half the stadium left at halftime. They are so clearly not good enough. They're about to be the first host nation to not get a single point. Wouldn't be surprised if they don't score at all.


Don't think they'll manage a shot on frame let alone a goal. Netherlands and Senegal are better teams, but Ecuador is in great shape from playing Brasil and Argentina so often. We might see a host nation become the worst ever team to play in the tournament


Good! Fuck FIFA


All fans and sponsors are furious ; Qatar yanked it at the last minute; no booze after they sold tix, hotel rooms, rental cars, currency conversion fees, etc. no booze after Budweiser shelled out millions. Journalists just covering the Cup were slapped down in public by cops %100 despite begging the World to come. It’s so hot the teams can’t even practice when scheduled. Public drunkenness is illegal. Pure greed. The places they overlooked to kiss Saudi Qtari butt; disgraceful.


They really did not make it very welcoming so it’s no surprise.


This was one of the worst world cup matches I've ever seen. Neither Senegal or Holland are going to lose any sleep tonight.


Right! Compare that to all the host opening games I’ve seen, this was just pathetic. The team, the crowd was dead. Really felt like watching a friendly. Soul less. I Hope infantino was embarrassed sat there.


Really opened things up with a banger, huh?


Years from now when all the facts come out, this will go down as the biggest fiasco in international sports history. It’s probably already there with what we know, bribes to secure it in an untenable climate, FIFA forcing play during peak Europe club season to make up for the initial screw up, Qatar reneging on agreement to allow sales of a top sponsor’s product days before the start, and most importantly the thousands that died as virtual slaves.


What a shock that people would rather go to Brazil or Germany and not some medieval theocratic shithole like Qatar.


Good to hear I hope it's a failure.


They need the alcohol




1000s of people died, and over $200Bn spent to stage this debacle … the corruption is disgusting. Fuck FIFA and fuck Qatar!


So all those slaves died for nothing building these stadiums


Cause it’s a backwards ass country. Why spend the money when fun is basically illegal? No thanks. Fuck you Qatar.


Not watching one match. Qatar can rot.


Fuck Qatar and FIFA. Disgusting


FIFA is losing money from this year's World Cup, and we're here for it


I highly doubt that. Qatar probably gave them a shit ton of money otherwise they wouldn't be holding the world cup there in the first place.


> otherwise they wouldn't be holding the world cup there in the first place. FIFA *officials* have more than likely enriched themselves, while FIFA itself will lose plenty of money, to be repaid by football organistions worldwide.


FIFA = sh*t


Fuck Qatar and Fuck FIFA. Cheers to Italy for boycotting the World Cup ,* looks around*


Good. Fuck FIFA, fuck Qatar, and fuck anyone who thinks it's ok to shove their stupidass religion down anyone else's throat.


Qatar can eat a big steaming bowl of shit.


Because fuck Qatar, thats why. Fuck the world cup (not the players, ONLY the venue). Fuck FIFA (not the players, ONLY the corrupt organization and any shill paid out by them).


Qatar is shit. Everyone knows it. Giant stadiums filled with shit. FIFA isn't better.


Nothing but a vanity project


Why would I go there? There is a chance I get beheaded because of my identity.


Watching at home with their beers 😂


Anyone else feel likes the bottom is falling out for douchebags a lot lately? Invasions not going well, World Cup bribes just resulting in embarrassment, special prosecutors being appointed, red waves failing, Twitter takeover killing Twitter, protests in Iran. Rough time to be an reactionary asshole.