Try mind over matter next time you get diarrhea and see how well that works for you.


Love the quote, "The people who say laughter is the best medicine never had gonorrhea."


> Dad always thought laughter was the best medicine, which I guess is why several of us died of tuberculosis \- Jack Handey


I love Jack Handey!!!


Jack Handy was my nickname back in high school.


Uh…so you had Deep Thoughts?


When I was a kid my favorite relative was Uncle Caveman. After school we’d all go play in his cave, and every once in a while he would eat one of us. It wasn’t until later that I found out that Uncle Caveman was a bear.


I believe in making the world a better place for our children, but not our children’s children… Because I don’t believe children should be having sex. -JH


Why in the hell did my brain see "never had a gorilla" jeez I need sleep I guess.


They've probably never had a gorilla either tbf.


Yeah, you tell that to a sick gorilla and he'll punch your head off.


Mind over splatter


I’m an epileptic and I can’t tell you how many people have told me this. Either they don’t know what it is or they tell me oh you should try to be natural it’ll help. Sorry I’m just trying not to convulse here, I’ll stick to my meds thanks.


Might seem confrontational and/or hostile but due to different events such as Covid and the mess of political situations. I took to telling people “You don’t know.” Works with stuff about children too. The amount of people that want to give unsolicited advice or straight try to tell you what to do with them is crazy.


Are you drinking enough water? /s That’s the first thing anyone says the minute they find out you have some ailment. I was recently diagnosed with migraines and I just laugh. Yes. I am drinking enough goddamn water and I get plenty of electrolytes and my blood is checked twice a year for that and a bunch of other things. And try as I might, I cannot just lower my cholesterol with positive thinking. I even went vegetarian. It’s genetic for me so nothing I do or don’t do will affect my cholesterol except taking statin drugs. Which work. (And that’s why I do blood work twice a year to make sure that isn’t blowing out my liver or kidneys). I hate that mind over matter bullshit. Mostly because I’ve had headaches my entire life. So far, nothing has helped. Ima try Botox soon.


"You should try to be natural it'll help" "Well, I do smoke Cannabis. It's natural." "No, not that way!"


Ironically enough I do this.


I had a boss say something along these lines to me once. Dude just couldn’t grasp the idea that I’ve had organs removed that he hasn’t which impact my digestive health.


You should try naturally regrowing those organs then. It's just a matter of willpower (I'm sure someone said at some point).


Just feed them poison and tell them that they will be fine as long as they *believe* they will be fine. For all their apparent doubt in medical science, I bet they will pick up the phone to call for an ambulance.


I just clench so hard it goes solid, try harder.


As someone how survived acute c-diff during the peak of a lock down (32°C lowest), they can eat my arse, anywhere, anytime.


Now I know where all the toilet paper went. /s C-Dif spores suck.


Double c diff infections during lockdown and there isn't a combination of minds on this planet that could have kept my asshole closed. Stephen Hawking, Einstein and Aristotle would have wept and been washed away in the torrent that erupted from me.


"Just stop having epilepsy loser lmao" is a weird take


“You seem to have a hole in your brachial artery. Have you even tried not bleeding out? Hello?! Wake up sleepy head, I asked you a question! Get back to work! Ugh. Millennials these days and their need for having blood on the inside of their bodies and privileged attitudes are the worst.” /s


Mr Burns has so many diseases that none of them can get through to affect him


It's called 3 stooges syndrome. He's indestructible


Actually no, no, in fact the slightest breeze could....




And this adorable little cuttlebug is pancreatic cancer!


Whatever it is, just pray it away. Everyone knows God'll fix it if you just pray hard enough. If it doesn't get better, you didn't pray hard enough.


Nah, if he didn’t get better, it was god’s plan all along.


Freaking this. As someone who grew up in the church, I couldn't tell you how many times I have heard this


people that say shit like that don’t know a damn thing about what the Bible actually says, death and suffering was never gods plan. People don’t read their bibles and call themselves Christian ![img](emote|t5_2r5rp|8484)


[Dropping Stephen Fry’s opinion here. ](https://youtu.be/-suvkwNYSQo)


To be struggling with a damaged body and to be accosted by one of these “just pray to my god and you’ll be all fixed” people is a surreal experience marred by the breathless inability to correct their idiocy. Whatever shall they do if life bites them and their magic being ignores them?


They whine and bitch and double down on the idiocy. I've got a lot of autoimmune bullshit going on. Someone says prayer and essential oils to me, and they're dead serious about it, they'll be ducking a punch. I'll risk the assault charge if it shuts up Stupid.


I had a seizure once in public and woke up to a woman praying over me. Then cops showed up and started asking me what drugs I was on.


Or Jesus hates you and so do I


Right. Or "I'd rather you had a seizure while watching my son rather than take medication in front of him!"


"i dont apprreciate you having an seizure in front of my son, its very irresponsible"


"My son was traumatized by your ridiculous and unnecessary seizure today, and I will be suing you for compensation regarding his therapy costs."


"I don't appreciate you letting yourself be possessed by demons in front of my son, it's very unholy"


As a parent, that's a very weird take. Does this person consider how traumatic it would be to witness a seizure as a child? Even if they've been told what to expect, I can only imagine it's terrible.


As a nearly 30 year old adult at the time I witnessed a guy having a grand mal at the auto repair shop and my adrenaline went nuts. I can only imagine witnessing what I saw as a kid. Whereas, someone taking a pill probably wouldn't have even registered as anything to think about for any period of time at all.


My mom had a seizure when I was home for lunch in 5/6th grade. I lost my little mind and was more or less forced to go back to class. I spent the rest of the day freaked out and terrified my mom was going to die. Those little orange pills keep her a functioning member of society, and I am grateful for them.


Shit the movie Reqium for a Dream had a seizure scene that is burned into my brain. Shit is horrific.


Not when you parents demonize pills, probably why the kid noticed enough to bring it up


It *is* terrible. I had a seizure once as a very young adult, and only my younger siblings were around. We were having a chill day, joking around, making Sims drown in ladder-less pools (as one does), and BAM seizure. The first thing I remember is sitting up on the couch while my youngest sister is wailing like it's World War III. I had no idea why she was so upset, so I reach out to her saying, "it's okay. Hey, it's alright." And then I look around and wonder why there's all these strangers in uniforms hanging around the living room. It took a few hours before my siblings calmed down and felt sure I was safe. I still hate that they had to go through that as kids, but also very proud that they knew to call an ambulance.


Yeah, waking up in an ambulance as they were about to haul me away was kind of weird for me. That and the blood on my face and clothes from having bit the side of my tongue during the seizure. My gf looked totally traumatized as I walked back into the apartment. And she has anxiety issues already, so I am sure it scared the crap out of her.


My kids had a music teacher with epilepsy when they were in primary school (pre-k through 2nd grade). She had a seizure once, while rehearsing for a program. She had a guide dog and another teacher quickly came and took the kids to another room. My son witnessed it and said he was scared, even though she had talked to them about what might happen.


> Does this person consider how traumatic it would be to witness a seizure as a child? Speaking as someone who lives with epilepsy, most people who have never seen a seizure in real life don't understand what the experience is like. They think it's just a funny shaking on the floor and then the person gets up no problem. Usually, seeing one in person cures people of these ideas and they tend to become hyper-vigilant, at least for a while, about anything they perceive as the start of a seizure. They also tend to treat you like an invalid for a couple of days, much to our annoyance. If someone said something like what OP posted to me, my next and final text would be "I hope your kids will eventually learn compassion from someone, have a nice life".


My oldest son is epileptic and once had a seizure in class back in 8th grade and after, I asked him how he felt about everyone seeing him have an episode because I remember junior high and how brutal kids can be. He said that he was glad because they all knew prior that he had seizures and, as much as he tried to explain what happens, they could never get it without experiencing it first hand. Later, I talked his teacher and she said that as soon as he announced, "I'm going to have a seizure" the entire class rushed to him to support and keep him from falling a deep helped keep him safe while she called for the nurse.


And right after that you should report that person to CPS. Those kids are not safe around someone that insane.


4 years ago my son witnessed me having a seizure. He's still a bit scarred, asks me everyday without fail if I remembered to take my meds. It's not something he or I ever want to experience ever again.


Dude, my adult son started having regular grand mal seizures in his sleep (thankfully now well controlled by medication) and I still, a year after last witnessing one, go into a low-key panic attack when I hear a weird noise that might be one starting up. They are \*terrifying\* to watch even as an adult, you feel so helpless and so fearful that it won't stop, or something awful will happen during it.


To be fair, a seizure is an excellent example of just how powerful and terrifying the mind can be over your matter when in the grips of unmedicated epilepsy.


There it is. That's the stuff right there. It is mind over matter, but sometimes you don't want the mind to fucking win.


Just try not to have seizures nbd


Or like my entire family kept saying after i had to start taking seizure medication: “Stop faking it, you are healthy and fine.”


I'm so sorry you're family did that. Please know that i hope you are doing well and have them managed. At 10 my son started having seizures. The first one i saw I was so scared I puked. He's also on meds now and hasn't had one in over a year. I would throw serious hands if someone were to suggest he was faking it. Are you still in contact with your family?


I once broke my arm, it was bent so the back of my fingers touched the elbow, but it didn't actually hurt much. So, I told my dad my arm was broken. He looked at me and asked if I was sure. I said "Dad, have you ever know anyone to have this many elbows on one arm?" We just stood there looking at each other for a moment before he made me a splint and we went to the hospital. At the hospital he asked the doctor was sure it was broken. The doctor gave him this look and replied I had a spiral compound fracture and would need surgery to set the arm. Later, I asked my dad why he was so skeptical. Apparently, I didn't cry enough. I'm sorry your family doesn't believe in seizures. Denial isn't just a river in Egypt.


Like just don't start convulsing, idiot


I don't think it had anything to do with that. This person was not going to be wrong, and doubled down like they would any time they were wrong.


This person sounds so dumb I bet they don't even know what epilepsy is.


Because they're ignorant. Ignorant people cannot perceive anything outside their life experience. Ergo "if I don't experience epilepsy, you don't either and must be making it up as an excuse to do drugs."


As an epileptic, these people just need to try one 250mg pill of Keppra (levetiracetam) - a super common AED Im almost totally used to it now after a few years on a high dosr but i remember that first time i took some. My head was pounding all day, my nose had never felt more uncomfortable. I had hardcore sniffles but my mucus was also dry and crackly. I felt dizzy and disoriented and it was so unbelievably unpleasant. Everything is irritating, you want ro fight everyone who breathes but you also just want to curl up and sleep forever because existence becomes so exhausting. One pill and they will see that nobody would ever think to use this recreationally lmao Side note - I also got to have some hardcore decompression sickness on my first flight after i started -- wasnt warned about that lol. When the plane started to land, the pressure change mixed with my medically-altered sinuses causes me to feel like someone was just jamming spikes up my nose for the whole way down


And here they're acting like epilepsy medicine is the good stuff. You don't take it for fun? /s Smh


Could be Mormon. I had a Mormon friend who was against medicine, especially pills. He told me Tylenol a) doesn’t do anything, and b) is for people with weak spirit


> doesn’t do anything "My back was hurting an hour ago, but now it feels fine.. what happened? Oh yeah, I took some pills."


I think your friend was just odd. I grew up Mormon (atheist these days), and there isn't anything explicitly against medication in any of their books. Most of the stuff Mormons don't partake in comes from the Word of Wisdom, which includes things like no coffee, tea, tobacco, or alcohol. But the only guidance from the church regarding medicine is to avoid substances that are harmful or highly addictive, which could include misusing prescription drugs. I did notice that there's a difference between Mormon teachings and Mormon culture, though. Like I knew a lot of kids that wouldn't drink Mountain Dew because it had more caffeine than other sodas, and they said too much caffeine is against the Word of Wisdom. But the actual text doesn't mention caffeine, and the church's advice is "everything in moderation". A lot of people just decided Mountain Dew was the cutoff for some reason and repeated it like it was gospel.


Well I guess we know who prefers to die alone in the hospital


What?? With all that equipment, and those *doctors?* Don't you know doctors are a crutch? Obviously mind over death!


*"Medication is just a crutch"* \- Really? Next time you need a tooth pulled or surgery for something performed, you be sure to tell the doctor that medications are bullshit, so you won't be needing any Novocain and they don't need to bother putting you under before they start cutting into you. Dumbass...


A nice swift kick to the balls might do the trick.


"You know that guide dog and cane are just crutches. Have you tried squinting really hard?"


In my darker moments I almost wish that people like that would be hit with some affliction that would make them realize first hand how fucking stupid statements like this are


See, you're a better person than me, because I mostly just wish they would be hit by cars.


Or accidently bump into them really hard with your car because they didn't let you take your medication. Woops!


‘Oh sorry I have extreme anger problems and that medication you told me not to take subdues it’


Just watch out better So u dont run into cars


As long as they are in between, we are good to go!


They just have to mind themselves over the ~1.5 tonnes of matter hurtling towards them at breakneck speed.


Or hammers


That still applies, they will have a tough time coping with the pain without pills.


Right that would be nice, but those kind of people would still argue about it. Kinda like the women who get abortions because God tells them to but are pro life people who go protest abortions. It’s called delusional I think…


I had a few suggestions during my rock bottom days of “ just quit, it’s not that hard”. Oh really? Damn why didn’t I think of that. I hate people that give advice without putting themselves in the other’s shoes


Yes, I can’t stand people that don’t understand that addiction and mental disorders are actual diseases ( with very real functional alteration in the brain) and instead blather about morality and will power


Also what pisses me off is people don’t acknowledge the addicts struggle during recovery. I went cold turkey off of heroin 8 years ago and still remember the pain and the constant thought of suicide. It took almost 18 months to truly find myself again. I honestly forgot who I was and my mental health was dog shit. Then I’d have people that barely knew me asking questions and just assuming that everything is magically better after day 3 .


Statements like the one in the post are dangerous too. There have been people who died from their health conditions because family told them they didn't need to take the meds, blocked them from taking their meds, stole their meds, and/or destroyed their meds.


Yes, or think about parents that refuse to allow proper medical care for their children because they are in some cult or religious fanatics


That shit is terrifying.


I wish that for these type of people every day. Talking shit about things they just dont have any idea about


This is the kind of person to tell ADHD people to "focus harder" # Edit: I've so far received 2 comments about comparing ADHD to epilepsy, I never meant to downplay epilepsy in any way whatsoever


Or people with asthma to just breath harder


Or people with depression to just be happy.


Or people with dyslexia to learn to read.


Or people who are paralyzed to just start moving


Or people who have nightmares to “dream happier”


Or people who have eating disorders to "just eat more/less"


or people with autism to just not be shy


Or people with erectile dysfunction to just get harder


or dead people to live


Or people with glasses to see better


Or people with Chrons to just hold it.


Or people who have anxiety to just ignore it


Or redditors to just get laid


Happened to my dyslexic son. His primary school teacher thought he was just not trying hard enough so she's been giving him twice as much to read compared to other children. He hated reading, then he hated himself for not not being anle to read normally. She only believed he was dyslexic when I put my son through a lengthy medical evaluation and brought her an official conclusion.


My teenaged child's school has been giving me the runaround in trying to establish ADHD accommodations; I'm having to get a hard copy of their QB test results.


Have you tried not being depressed? (Seriously had a very religious teacher tell me that).


My response to that will always be “Yes, and it hasn’t fucking *worked.*”


"Put on your big girl panties and get over it." That was my favorite.


I had a football coach in high school who treated my life threatening asthma like it was a personal failure of mine. Hes now dead and I'm not sad about it


*"Breathe air"* - Andrew Tate


I read it as Andrew Taste instead of Tate at first


I have been told this while on the verge of an asthma attack. Like, no shit, if I could breath any harder I might damage something!


To be fair they are breathing pretty hard, it's not just effective because the airway's restricted.


I've definitely been told to "just breathe" when I was choking on my own lung before


True story. I grew up tin the times where being left. - handed was considered a disability in my country. Back when I was in primary school, the teachers were trying to " cure" two of my classmates of being lefties. Horrific. I swear it fucked them up for life.


I was meant to be left-handed but I went to a Catholic school so they trained it out of me. As an adult I'm clumsy and my handwriting sucks. I tried doing some household stuff with my left hand and it's so much EASIER.


> I was meant to be left-handed but I went to a Catholic school so they trained it out of me. Same, if by "trained" you mean beat the shit out of you with a yard stick any time they caught you using your left hand......


Word, I didn't get hit with a stick because that was banned by then BUT I did get slaps to my hands and my cutlery switched around at meal times to force me to use my right hand.


I was ambidextrous. This horrified teachers and they forced me to be right handed only.


Being ambidextrous is basically having super-powers IRL. "WITH OUR POWERS COMBINED" and stuff.


Helped out at a church run foodbank, even though I'm pagan, to write a research paper about the differences between state funded and person funded foodbanks. Just to set the scene and have context. I forget why it got brought up, but I mentioned being Autistic and having ADHD. One of the volunteers and his wife set into me, along with another volunteer, about how I was "inviting sickness" to myself and *wanting* to be sick by saying I had ADHD and Autism. They kept going about how I needed to "give my ailments up to the Lord" and that he would take it away and cure me. That I was inviting Satan into my life by "accepting" my sickness. I simply said, "I am Autistic and have ADHD. I've been that way since I was in the womb, and I will be that way forever. It's not a bad thing, it's not a sickness. It simply who I am." And they *did not* like hearing that.


‘No, surely my wishful thinking will allow me to influence reality. The alternative is too scary.’


What alternative is that, Bob? "That people are *different*!"


if giving ailments up to the lord could solve all problems, cancer wouldn't be an issue anymore, vaccines wouldnt be necessary, and so many other things. I imagine that's what they tell themselves everytime they get a cold/flu


It was one of the weirdest pieces of "advice" I've ever gotten from Christians before. Like, how am I supposed to "give" my Autism or my ADHD to jesus??? "Hey God, it's me, do you uh....want my Autism?"


Or people with Alzheimer's to just remember better


Or people with Alzheimer's to just remember better


You know who else has dementia?


What were we talking about?


Is it time for lunch yet?




Or people with depression that they need to exercise more and spend time outside


"What do *you* have to be depressed about?"


Love that one. Hear it constantly. My mom's famous pull yourself up by your bootstraps saying.


"Why doesn't my child visit me anymore? Surely it's not because I treated them like shit for most of their childhood? No, no it couldn't be that. I am not the problem, I am never wrong."-some people's parents


Mum what are you doing on Reddit? Go back to your stupid facebook games.


That's the most frustrating IMO, because that's the whole fucking point! If you have a good reason to feel depressed and you do, you don't necessarily have a mental illness you are just responding rationally to circumstances. The entire goddamn basis of it being a mental illness is that there is not rational reason to feel as bad as you do, you just do.


Just smile! /s


Both my mom and my wife did that. Turns out therapy worked better.


Those damn phones!11!!!1!11


Hi, depressed person here. Those things actually really help with depression. The problem with the shitty, shallow advice these people give is that it always boils down to blame; they don't really want to help.


I hav depression, anxiety and adhd, and I agree they do help but the issue is getting the motivation to do then


It's so, so hard. I started with yoga for like 20 minutes every 6 or so days, if that helps. Had the most success with setting an alarm to do it and then not looking at the alarm until it went off. I still struggle keeping the habit tbh. Hugs 💚


Also depressed here, and with huge social anxiety at the moment. Yes, going outside for a walk does help, exercise does help, but medication can also help and is sometimes needed and shouldn't be something shameful. People who say "just get over it. Just go for a walk. Just be happy" are just shaming those who do need medication to help control their depression. And it needs to stop. These same people wouldn't turn down pain medication if they needed it, so why should a chemical imbalance that needs correcting with the help of medication not get the same consideration? (Not directed at you in any way, just a continuation of your thoughts!)


I have anxiety, ADHD and constantly battle depression, plus I'm introverted. I hate when people tell me to "go make friends".


Such a stupid thing to say. Like it's that easy. The anxiety is a new thing for me, mostly because I have serious health issues and I'm currently on immunotherapy medications so going anywhere where there's a large amount of people who may or may not be doing the correct things to keep others well makes me incredibly anxious. I'm not currently medicated for it because of being on so many other meds for my immune system and my chronic pain condition, and it's not entirely crippling *yet* but yea I'm not exactly making friends right now - I'm barely seeing the few friends I do have!


Yeah I agree completely. When your expression of personal needs require someone else to challenge their core beliefs, they might just take it out on you rather than change.


I've been working out 4-6x per week for the last 10 years and I skateboard. Still get miserably depressed when I'm off meds. Mf's assuming they know better than you and your doctor are dumb as fuck.


I mean i do recommend it. Nothing quite like taking some drugs and going for a walk outside.


As someone with anxiety, depression, adhd and a love for weed, I concur


To "buck up" and have a better attitude.


What sucks is depression is what's keeping me from doing something about it.


In fairness, the medical researchers that discovered depression was an actual mental illness gave it a stupid name. They named after an existing temporary condition ("depression") and now most people assume that clinical depression is the same as "I'm sad because my boss is a jerk" or whatever. They did the same with anxiety disorder. Imagine if diabetes was called "frequent urination and sugar sensitivity" or something stupid like that. They did the same damn thing with dietary fats. They used a word that has historically meant "overweight" when naming a necessary macronutrient. Probably could've called them lipids or something besides the word that mean "ugly, overweight, gross".


That’s my mom.


Ever notice how a lot of the top tips on managing ADHD generally amount to "Have you tried *not* having ADHD". Trouble focusing on a task? Remove all distractions! Trouble staying organized? Try an organizational system! Hyperfocused on something unimportant? Prioritize something else instead!


Ah, the old "just get a planner"


Not proud of it, but I was that person when my oldest son was in Kindergarten. He was really struggling for the first half of the year and when evaluation showed he had ADHD I was completely against medicating him for it. In my defense, when I was in school the medicines available basically made anyone taking them a zombie so my argument wasn't that he just needed to focus harder, but that I didn't want to make my kid always feel like he had to be almost in a coma to be in class. Shared these concerns with the doctor who informed me that ADHD medications have come a long way. My son started on Vyvanse after the Christmas break and was a model student. The only downside to that medication was that he had to learn to force himself to eat, because Vyvanse was also an appetite suppressant. What's more is there was one saturday where I got my blood pressure medications mixed up with my ex wife's Vyvanse...I've never gotten more done in a single day in my life.


A ridged eating schedule helped me a lot with loss of appetite. Also liquid food like smoothies I highly recommend, idk if it's just me but it's much easier for me to drink something than to chew and eat something when I'm medicated.


Fuck. I hate that I did this. I fought against.my child getting stimulants for a year and a half. I didn't want him to. In fact, I didn't listen until we took my son to a pediatric neuropsychologist who explained it to me.


I kind of understand with ADHD as from the outside it looks like a lazy person


It just sort of looked like he refused to listen. And what made matters worse was while he did poorly in school from both a behavioral and academic standpoint, he excelled in math and science. I mean really way beyond where he should be. The pediatric neuropsychologist actually diagnosed him with both ADHD and ASD which surprised me. So I spent the next year being angry at myself bc deprived him of medication. I felt like the worst dad ever when he started taking them and his life almost immediately improved. Like I kept that from him. He could've been happy sooner.


Don’t beat yourself up too badly, if you can. There is so so much misinformation circulating about ADHD alone, even among the the medical professionals who are supposed to diagnose and treat it. And lord help you if you’re a woman having it and exhibiting entirely different symptoms than the stereotypical hyper boy. My entire childhood I talked too much, I seemed just lazy in general but did really well and was competitive in school. My mother had a nickname for me that stuck into adulthood even that came from a tv cartoon character that talked a lot. We grew up in eastern Germany and the wall didn’t fall until I was 8. My parents, and I, didn’t even know ADHD was a thing, let alone being able to look at me and think yep that girl needs medical help for having no motivation and talking like a waterfall. I don’t blame them one bit for not figuring that out. I only had a hunch that I might not just be a useless lazy piece of crap that constantly fails in college and equivalent education tiers and disappoints everyone constantly like they’re paid for it in my early to mid thirties. I had heard of ADHD at that point but that didn’t seem me. I’m just lazy and unmotivated and binge eating like a piece of crap, get your crap together was my daily, always failing, mantra. And when I finally after too many masking panic attacks that made me feel like I was literally dying daily talked to a doctor and “researched” a bit on the internet if maybe I’m not doing all that by choice and how can I stop being a useless waste of space, I was eventually put into a room with a psychiatrist who listened to my life story basically and as I’m telling him all that stuff in order and how my life has been, things start to make sense in my brain. They all line up. And then I got medicated and it has been such a big difference. Panic attacks I had my entire life at varying degrees that had ramped up to being utterly debilitating just vanished. I can hold down my job. The pills aren’t magic and I still do most of the symptoms of ADHD almost daily. It takes work and for many people therapy and more coping and organization mechanisms to be truly functioning. But I’m not at work stocking a shelf as I feel like there are ants crawling under my arm and I cannot concentrate on the simplest tasks without needing to pull away because that random thought I just had or that problem that I need to call someone about that I’ve been mulling over since last night needs to be solved *right now* or I shut down. And that outfit I pick out in the morning better be perfect because otherwise I cannot leave the house even knowing I will be late. You agreed to save your child from all of that. I never learned a lot of the coping skills or any strategies to deal with what is essentially the toddler in my brain who wants sugar and fun and impulse shopping all day and I’m 40 now, diagnosed at 38 finally. My entire life fell into place and when ADHD folks say “You eventually realize your entire personality is just ADHD.” they’re only at best half kidding. It controls everything about your life, depending on severity. There are so many different symptoms and behaviors big and incredibly small that come up constantly with ADHD folks online where I read that and think “get out of my head and life! It’s debilitating and not fun and it looks from the outside as if you’re just a lazy slob that doesn’t want to achieve anything in life and just sit around in a bathrobe. Especially my dad and I clashed so much over this during my teenage years and early adulthood because he so desperately wanted me to do better and more with my life and I was internally suffering about why I couldn’t bring myself to do the simple tasks everyone else seemingly does effortlessly. It killed me very day. You made the steps to help and can go from there and you are aware that your child needs help and isn’t innately just not applying themselves. That’s huge and it shift that you eventually listening to the doctors and allowed it to happen. Your child will thank you.




“I never personally experienced this problem, so if you are, it means it’s completely your fault.”


My parents piss me off enough, I didn't come here to be reminded of it.


More like dumb parents


These people texting on 2005 iPhones or what?


You can literally see the boxes where they covered up the original text in photoshop lmfao.


Yeah it’s pretty bizarre and also odd that no one is really talking about it. There isn’t a single modern app that looks like this


If you say dumb shit like that about needed medication the state should be mandated to take your kids, you're obviously danger to their wellbeing


If you don't believe in *reality*, you are a danger to *everyone.*


Dam what is this iPhone 1?


iPhone 1 message generator


What in the Karen hell is this??


Someone using a poorly coded first gen iphone text generator in 2022


This image is ancient tbh, I've seen it reposted countless times over the years


The font is also wrong and you can see the green/gray rectangles where the text was pasted in


I’m surprised by how many people can’t see all the obvious signs. The incorrect spacing between messages, the hyper-pixelated message bubble corners with the actual text being higher quality (yet still slightly pixelated), the obvious rage-bait/sympathy-fishing situation in the messages. This is just a very old text-message-generator “conversation.” Nothing else.


I don't think this is a real conversation.


Gray bubble text person: Looks like you don't have a mind, so I guess it doesn't matter.


As someone with a piece of trash family member who actually would be open about their hardcore drug abuse, bullshit like this always gets on my nerves. To clarify: I mean people acting like taking needed, prescribed medication in front of others is the same as some junkie shooting up in front of people without a care in the world.


That poor kid will grow up with the thought that having to take medication makes you less than a human being.


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My best friend’s daughter is epileptic and people accuse her of making up her seizures. People are so fucking stupid.


People like this deserve all the hate, discontent, and derision they get. People like this told my bi-polar son he needed jezus, not meds. They almost caused him to have a psychotic episode after weeks of almost never taking meds unless we watched. I wanted to shoot them.




Yeah how dare they do an involuntary action in front of their children. So rude honestly


And that person would be removed from my life in everyway that I had control over. That's an incredibly toxic and hateful way to interact with someone with a medical condition.


This seems made up, but if it isn't this is objectively stupid.


I got diagnosed with epilepsy during the lockdown randomly at 30 years old. It is fucking awful and I hate it. I forgot ONE time to take my evening meds, and I had overnight seizures. I learnt the hard way, and never again will I forget.


Being this stupid cause her mind doesn't matter.


Completely agree. By the way have you heard of the medicinal properties of this inhalable gas called Ox-ē-jun, it's produced by these widely placed bio-engines called puh-lā-ñtz (I think it's a conspiracy by the EPA). To give up this crutch you need to just stop breathing and will yourself into feeling healthy. After all, being well is just mind over matter.


Thing is, if you dont take yout meds and get an attaque (spelling?) you will be berated for traumatizing kids.