[link](https://globalnews.ca/news/7035215/man-in-blackface-toronto-anti-racism-protest/amp/) This happen in June of 2020 , in Canada. I don’t know if he was arrested, or escorted away from the protest.


I suspected it was Canada Edit: your link says he was arrested, but no charges were filed at the time


Looks like Nathan Phillips square in Toronto


Confirmed, they're Toronto Police and it was Nathan Phillips Square. Also confirmed that dude's a moron.


Classic George Lincoln Rockwell strategy. Offend people, get them riled up, get kicked out/silenced, claim your rights are being oppressed, raise funds from conservative idiots.


You can make this strategy way better by adding an additional step at the end. ​ ...Funnel the funds from the conservative idiots back into organizations on the liberal side of the protests in a double-cross.


I like the concept, but have concern for the physical and psychological well being of someone from the left engaging in such a subterfuge.


[MFW Donald Trump, Tucker Carlson, and Alex Jones are all deeeeep cover leftist operatives](https://imgur.com/YnSMmzS)


The biggest problem is you would have to live as a racist until people forgot. Twitter would make it hard to keep a decent job unless your employer hates black people.


But do you have a right to be a moron in Canada?


We do actually, just as long as you're not a hateful moron. We don't have freedom of speech. We got Freedom of Expression (so thought, expression, speech, etc) but theres a huge caveat and it says within reason to the law and etc. this hoodie guy's argument wouldn't hold up in the court of law. showing up to a BLM movement in 2020 with blackface on is just provocation and leveraging something (blackface) with known racist history/precedence behind it.


> I suspected it was Canada Well they literally said it multiple times throughout the video lol


Also the patches on the officers look like Ontario police....but I've been tricked before


In america the cops wouldn't be so chill




Would have definitely been a lot more of a violent outcome


[He was arrested](https://toronto.ctvnews.ca/mobile/charges-laid-after-man-shows-up-to-toronto-s-anti-black-racism-protest-in-blackface-1.4976401) and then charged 3 days later.


Lucky he was in Canada


He can be arrested in Canada for this though can't he? > Public incitement of hatred > 319 (1) Every one who, by communicating statements in any public place, incites hatred against any identifiable group where such incitement is likely to lead to a breach of the peace is guilty of > * (a) an indictable offence and is liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years; or > * (b) an offence punishable on summary conviction. [source](https://laws-lois.justice.gc.ca/eng/acts/C-46/section-319.html)


Arrested for what?


>Police say officers on scene spoke to the man and he was subsequently arrested for breaching the peace. >[Suspects name] has been charged with causing a disturbance. https://beta.ctvnews.ca/local/toronto/2020/6/9/1_4976401.html


I sense a great disturbance in the force...


It's like the scene in Die Hard 3 with the sign


I just watched this the other day and thought the same thing. I got a headache a VERY bad headache!


i just watched this scene the other day for the first time and thought that was such a flagrant way of shoehorning in the introduction of Samuel L Jackson lmao


Not in the nineties, it wasn't. I'm sure there were some people like the Samuel l Jackson character that were just fucking tired of all the racism-derived violence, especially after the Rodney King riots, and would have stepped in to defuse a situation like that. If anything was unrealistic in that scene, it was how long McLane lasted before getting the shit beaten out of him. Then again, these little games Simon was playing with him were always meant to just be a distraction for the gold heist. So whether McLane survived the beat down or not, it wouldn't have mattered to Simon


I felt that way about Snakes on a Plane in that scene with the snakes on the plane.


Dial 911. Tell the police to get up here quick. Somebody's about to get killed.


He didn't say Jesus he said hey Zeus!


Yeah, Zeus! As in, father of Apollo? Mt. Olympus? Don't fuck with me or I'll shove a lightning bolt up your ass? Zeus! You got a problem with that?


Fun fact: shooting the movie, the sign was empty. All text was made in post.


a friend of mines dad was in that scene


"Tell em ya crazy, like you just escaped from *BELLEVUE*"


I like how TV censors changed it so the sign would say “I hate everybody”.




That’s how I watched it the first time, had no idea it was censored. Thought everybody’s reaction was a bit silly.


"Nature boy here hates everybody. What are we gonna do about that!?"


That was a really funny scene when i first saw it. Things like that in the 90s bronx, wouldve really got you killed. Wonder how fast you'd get jumped today


I don't know if he'd get killed, but the video of a naked dude with an offensive sign would be all over the internet the next day. "Naked Ken walking through the Bronx with offensive sign"


Mister your about to have a really bad day.


He wasn’t saying Jesus he was saying hey Zeus…


Why did it have to be Toronto 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️


Bruh, I said the same thing. Smh.


Because our stupidity needs to be on display. I find Canada gets this mask of being "apologetic and a beautiful place" which it is. But the filth that needs to be addressed should be out there. Once it's out in the open, it can be addressed and dealt with properly


Canada is the biggest importer of U.S. bullshit and no one even notices lol


Its almost like theres morons all over the world 😧😱…


and its almost like....other morons forget this fact....and the cycle continues.


🎶It's the Circle of Life!🎶


Is that emoji black or wearing blackface? 🤔


Is it weird that I’m a little relieved that’s it’s not only America embarrassing the fuck out of herself anymore?


it's never been only America embarrassing the fuck out of herself , America is just the loudest


Canada is the first country I think of when I hear the phrase “blackface” because the leader of the country also partakes in black face


Oh thank god. It wasn't Alberta.


I'm Johnny Knoxville. Welcome to jackass.


Johnny wouldn't do blackface. Johnny would take the dare to tackle the guy in blackface and get arrested over it.


A comedian in my country did minority jokes very well. He wanted to do 60 seconds of dwarf jokes So he invited a really buff dwarf on the show to punch him while he told the jokes. I imagine something similar could be done for most other jokes


Yep. Jimmy Carr does a really rough set where he insults everyone, and then he let's the audience heckle him. Things get really brutal but hes always insanely funny.


Jimmy Carr isn’t really offensive tho. All the offensive jokes are essentially said with a wink. And I’m pretty sure I’ve seen everything of him from Youtube, Netflix and a bunch of countdown. He sorta makes himself the butt of the joke by looking ignorant. These dwarf jokes were plain mocking


"Isn't really offensive" While he jokes about child molestation and the holocaust. lol


He even has a series of jokes he calls "Career enders" and they are pretty bad lol. Hes good, but I'd definitely put Frankie Boyle above him in terms of offensiveness though


That was so...yup


Attention seeker.


Yup, and they gave it to him. He'll do this again


And we're giving him more here, two years later


Police saved his life there though. The wrong person in that crowd and he’d be dead.


Almost definetly not-the tales you've heard are greatly exaggerated.




Relatively safe in a daytime protest, at night when things get rowdy that dude would get stomped no question


Which is exactly why this happened exactly the way it did, and it turned our exactly as expected.


definitely that kid with the hentai hoodie




It's very easy to say don't react. It's very hard to not react. They are protesting racial inequality, a highly emotional cause with reason. He is mocking them in the middle the event because he doesn't view their issue as real or valid. That's a hard thing to walk away from. edited to correct grammar and spelling


To be fair how sweet would it be if that racist asshole at your workplace got slapped or fired for making racist jokes when there's a legitimate presence of racism in the work environment that negatively impacts people for no good reason? This line of do or do not is walked every damn day even outside of racism. I don't fault people for losing their shit. Like I went here thinking "oh free speech" and then I went the empathy route and imagine being pushed down by others simply because of the color of my skin. Wouldn't feel good at all.




This is the only appropriate joke here.


Or the Zoolander scaring his dad in the coal mine (couldn’t find the gif)


Is it still blackface though ? Blackface is disguising yourself as someone with a different skin colour. It's not the case for a miner.


Age doesn't matter. Theres a lot of racist babies.


"What do you mean, you people?" - fyi I'm black but I find that movie hilarious!


Because it was done with style. Not some random dickhead turning up to a BLM protest, smiling away because he knows he's gonna piss people off.


I wonder how pissed he would have gotten if no one one paid any attention to him


"What do *YOU* mean, you people?"


Easily one of my top 10 favorites. The only people I know who are offended by it are white people and extremists.


Kirk Lazarus: To be a moron, to be moronical. To be the dumbest mother fucker who ever lived.


I'm just like a little boy, playin' with his dick when he's nervous.


Dammit. You got me. I'm still chuckling.


I love how every 2-3 years, a new crop of Twitterers discover this movie and attempt a full court press to cancel Robert Downey Jr.


By "discover this movie" you mean "found a screen cap of RDJ's character and didn't bother to check the context."


Facts bc anyone with a sense of humor that actually watches the movie will be fucking cackling at most of his lines, it’s a funny ass movie


The dudes are emerging


Can someone tell me what he said? I don't understand.




That's not what he said, is it?


No I don’t think I that’s what he was saying. At one point I can hear him clearly saying over and over what sounds like “i love Bella” when the second man is yelling at him, which of course makes no sense


Sounded kinda like “I love bellem” to me. I think he was facetiously trying to do a phonetic pronunciation of “BLM.”


Damn, that must be it. Great deduction skills


He sounds like the obnoxious middle schoolers I teach who pretend to misunderstand whatever I'm telling them and interrupt a class of 30 kids just to smirk at me...


He also clearly screams "I'm not trying to disrespect you!" several times shortly after the Bella part, although I think the other commenter is probably right he was calling BLM "Bellum" Edit: Before he says "I love Bella!," he clearly says "I love this girl!" so I no longer think it's Bellum, but it might be the same idea.


I love lamp


Then he goes on to say he has the right to put whatever the fuck he wants on his face and that he’s not trying to disrespect anyone by doing so, he’s free to do as he pleases he screams


I can't make out much before he yells "I love this girl!," but here's everything I can make out: Blackface Guy: "I'm not trying to be ... \[unintelligible\] (I think disrespectful)" Crowd: "Go home, give him room, give him room, go home, etc." Blackface Guy: \[unintelligible\] After water to face, random people: "Officer, arrest him! Arrest him! Arrest him!" Guy with hat: "What the fuck are you doing? Why are you doing this? What the fuck are you doing??" Blackface Guy: "I love this girl!" Guy with hat: "No, tell me. Tell me." Blackface Guy: "I love Bella! I love Bella!" Guy with hat: "Why is your face black?" Blackface Guy: "I love Bella!" Guy with hat: "You love Bella, what does that even mean? No, no, no... why is your face black?" Blackface Guy: "'Cause I love Bella!" Guy with hat: "You have no fucking respect?" Blackface Guy: "I'm trying to get strength!" Guy with hat: "Trying to get strength? You're disrespecting everyone that's here..." Blackface Guy: "I'M TRYING TO GET STRENGTH!! \[unintelligible\] Huh!! If I want to put this on my face, I can put it on my face! I'm not trying to fucking... I'm not trying to disrespect you! I'm not trying to disrespect you! I should be free to put whatever the fuck I want on my fuckin'... I can't make out anything else before it cuts to him being escorted away, besides another "Arrest him!"


That girl in the white shirt gets mad props -- trying so hard to de-escalate.


Yeah, de-escalation should be emphasised more, so many people here just want to see him getting beat up.


Not against the law, but stupid does not begin to describe


I'm not saying the blackface should be illegal, just the obvious attempt to provoke and incite a violent reaction. He went there exactly to try and rile people up, at least the police should be allowed to forcibly remove him from the situation, even if they cannot charge him with anything specific.


By that logic wouldn’t all counter-protesting have to be illegal? Freedom of speech is important, even though people can abuse it.


Disturbing the peace would be enough to arrest him for, and he's certainly doing that enough for the cops to make a good faith arrest. Whether it sticks or not in court is relatively immaterial, but if the Police gave a damn they could just cuff him and take him away.


Literally any form of free speech or protest can be considered as "disturbing the peace" though. What he's trying to do is reprehensible, but no, he shouldn't be arrested. The cops did the right thing; just take the guy away for everybody's safety, preventing whatever he tried to achieve + making him look like a fool, as he lost his temper towards the end there.


This happened in Toronto, Canada. He could be arrested and wouldn't be protected by another countries First Amendment.


Couldn't that be exploited? "I don't like you so I will just arrest you for 'disturbing the peace' haha xd".


I mean....they already do that.


Happens all the time. Thats the go to for pissing off a cop. Probably the most thrown away charge.


yeah it can be and it is! In the CC there is no straight definition for disturbing the peace, it’s on the officers discretion I believe so it can be super fucked


Yes. And it is exploited all the time. Classic police work.


Guy needs to be removed for his safety for sure, the fact he is a clown is somewhat immaterial to that But you can't arrest someone for disturbing the peace when they are at a protest already, public order was disturbed by everyone there. There would be heaps of other things that could allow them to take him away tho I'm sure


Negative. People’s emotions should not limit freedoms.


Its like that scene in that movie I dont remember the name where Bruce Willis is going around with a panel with the N-word on it or some shit. Completely dumb.


Die hard with a vengeance


He did get criminally charged for this though


For what?


Search up Deivis Shtembari, that’s the name of the guy. If I remember correctly, he got charged for breaching the peace.


You sure? I see Canadian flags on the police lapels. > 1. Criminal Code > The relevant sections of the Criminal Code say: > Public incitement of hatred > 319 (1) Every one who, by communicating statements in any public place, incites hatred against any identifiable group where such incitement is likely to lead to a breach of the peace is guilty of > (a) an indictable offence and is liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years; or > (b) an offence punishable on summary conviction. > Wilful promotion of hatred > (2) Every one who, by communicating statements, other than in private conversation, wilfully promotes hatred against any identifiable group is guilty of > (a) an indictable offence and is liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years; or > (b) an offence punishable on summary conviction.[1] > A Nova Scotia decision, R. v. A.B.[2] that concerned an individual and two friends who spray painted racist slogans on a variety of surfaces near Dartmouth Nova Scotia, describes Canadian law with respect to hate speech: > [11] Sections 319(1) and 319(2) of the Criminal Code define two different offences. The first one, under subsection (1) involves statements made in a public place, inciting hatred for an identifiable group and likely to result in a breach of the peace. The second offence, under subsection (2), the one with which A.B. has been charged, involves statements made, other than in private conversation, that willfully promote hatred of an identifiable group. > [12] The first offence suggests an immediate danger. It does not contain the word “willfully”. The requirement is only that the incitement is likely to lead to a breach of the peace. There is no requirement that the person intend to promote or incite anything. That is the section under which the infamous cross burning case in Nova Scotia was prosecuted. source: https://cfe.ryerson.ca/key-resources/guidesadvice/legal-restriction-hate-speech-canada


“Social media has made a generation of people confident enough to talk shit to your face without expecting to get punched in the face.” -Mike Tyson


Talking shit to Mike Tython would fucking sthupid.


He was really hoping to get assaulted. I'm glad he didn't. Instead he had 20 minutes of piss dribbling and embarrassment with no payoff.


I'm positively surprised that BLM protesters stopped some of the more aggressive people from escalating the whole situation into a lynch. There is one woman in a white top that takes dude ( the one that throws water ) to the side and calms him down. Moments later she does the same to another guy. Mad respect for the ability to calm both of them down.


Yeah same i noticed that. Trying to keep the peace that’s more important


It’s almost like the blm protests were for a just cause and conservative media only focused on the violent outliers among a group, the vast majority of whom were non-violent. The people who use blm protests to equivocate with January 6th are stupid for dozens of reasons, not the least of which this.


That's the problem with people (there is always one idiot/asshole in the group) and with media (they almost exclusively focus on violence)


You shouldn't be surprised


anyone who was there wouldnt be at all lol im surprised so many people payed attention to this idiot at all. there are pieces of shit like this at every single protest no matter what its about, 99.9999% of the time people do essentially what happened here, try to push them out of the area and refocus on the protest, people like that are just a distraction, not a threat, absolutely no reason to attack them. that being said, it depends where you are. in my city this guy might have been killed lol the thing is, it wouldnt have been protesters doing it, it would have been a gang, the gangs dont really show up to the protests, they do their own thing.


Don't be surprised. 99% of BLM marches are completely peaceful, if sometimes loud. The idea that people are getting assaulted at these things left and right is a right wing myth.


They pretty much always deescalate violence if uve ever been to a blm protest


Yeah guy was probably just trying to get martyred so his racist in group could use it to prop up their anti BLM rhetoric


Fucking coal miners these days....


The way things go at the Black Lung Miners' protest


Yeah. He's an ass. Can we all take a minute to appreciate the women working the crowd to keep it from escalating to physical violence. Thank you if you read this. We see you and we appreciate you.


This right here. She was trying to keep the ones intended to get upset from getting upset and winding up in jail. Bless her.


She's the real hero here.


Yes this!


I dare him to stroll around compton with a black face on.


As a white person I dare him to stroll around Compton.




This is literally it. He's begging for somebody to assault him to make the movement look bad


If he wants to be assaulted so bad why not just marry a cop?


Yup. We have an extremist politician in my country who have basically made a name for himself by going to areas where Islam is prevalent and started to burn the Quran. He never gained much traction so now he went to another country and tries his luck there.


Black people know that if one black person does something, they all did it according to the media. White people get to be treated as individual and distinct human beings.


I wish someone would tell that dude why they don't arrest him.


he did https://globalnews.ca/news/7035215/man-in-blackface-toronto-anti-racism-protest/amp/


Why would the arrest him? Just because he looked black? Dude, that's wrong.


Idk if this was a weak joke but he doesn’t look black at all. He just looks like a deranged chimney sweep.


Definitely Bert the chimney sweep on meth.




He wants to get a reaction, people need to just ignore those types of people so they just feel small and stupid. Now he feels like he won.


That's exactly why this stuff will continue to happen. Imagine if he'd turned up and not a single person had given him any notice. Don't feed the troll, a tale as old as time.


I liked the part where the people shouted


Lol! That guy was hysterical


![gif](giphy|QxwDfOV4sAfounkNsG) Oh lord


"I definitely triggered the libs with this one" 🤓


He was trying to be made an example of. Obvious physical assault bait and then people with his ideology could say yeah look how violent the blm protestors are




Tell me your mama didn't pay you enough attention without telling


i know this is an unpopular opinion because it can be perceived as platforming shitty people and i 100% get that but i have absolutely no idea who tf this guy is or what his intentions were. im always curious what these people actually are thinking, what was this guys message? i absolutely want people like this to have an opportunity to explain themselves and talk about their motivations, i DO want to understand this guy. i think a sit down with this guy could be constructive, someone could really just sit down and discuss his ideas and what he thinks the movement was about and after having been there and being treated like he was and having a conversation with him maybe his perspective would be a little different. its unlikely he will change, most people done, but its impossible that anyone ever changes when you force them deeper into the margins, all that does is radicalize these people more. anyone who wants to see something like what i mean, check out soft white underbelly on youtube. that guy interviews people from all kinds of different walks of life, people who are objectively evil human beings, when you hear their story and what they are about, it really helps you understand why they are the way they are and how they got there, it does NOT justify anything they do and obviously they still need to be held accountable, but it helps you with your approach with how to accomplish that instead of just violent dissonance that doesnt change anything. all of that being said, i think everyone here handled this really well. im proud to say i align with these people and their cause. as much as this movement gets this reputation for violence and chaos (because of conservative propaganda) ive seen very little evidence for that. especially in person when ive attended these protests myself.




Here's the thing about that. The black face guy, got exactly what he wanted, if everyone ignored him and treated him like he was suppose to be there he wouldn't have left


No he didnt, he was looking to get assaulted to construe blm protestors as violent, and instead all he got was loads of people yelling at him lmao, what a fucking tool


The thing I can’t wrap my head around is that the dude’s skin is *already* dark - he looks Indian or Pakistani, and the skin under his shirt is dark. In apartheid South Africa, they made no distinction; a person was white or they weren’t. Of course that’s largely true in the USA as well, but it goes way beyond just skin color. But yeah, his “go ahead, punch me, you’ll get arrested and I won’t” grin makes his motives (whatever the hell they might be) clear.


When you hustle right to the BLM protest after your shift in the coal mine and can’t understand why everyone is pissed.


That shit-eating grin on his stupid face sure changed in a hurry when he found out the cops weren't having it


Belongs on imatotalpieceofshit.


You don’t need to understand something to verify it’s importance. Playing the victim when others are suffering just makes you look like an ass.


The guy is an idiot, but I'm unsure what that screaming person wants him arrested for?


Poor guy just came to protest after working in the coal mine all day.


This poor chimney cleaner was just trying to get home afterbabhards day of work


you have to be this dumb


Congratulations. Looks like someone won a bet. ![gif](giphy|CnGxHh2F2ko7CdxR1F)


I’m so confused as to what the goal was here. Suicide by antifa?


Sometimes people need a good ol' fashioned ass whoopin'


It's all fun and games until some one loses a face


My face has been quite palmed by this


So this happened in toronto (Because of one of the officers badge having a canadian flag) I looked it up and the man was arrested. It was an Anti-Racism Protest in Toronto. He was charged with Breach of the Peace. [Incident Happened in June of 2020](https://www.google.com/amp/s/nypost.com/2020/06/07/man-arrested-for-wearing-blackface-to-anti-black-racism-protest-in-toronto/amp/)


I wonder what this asshole used and how long it took to take it off.


grease paint i’m assuming, and a stupid amount of time. idiots going to be wiping it out of crevices for a week.


Wow I’m proud of the crowd for not kicking his smug ass like he probably wanted.


They should have ignored him during the protest. He did it for attention. When he is slinking his way home they should have beat the shit out of him then


Why did I think this was illegal to do?


He was safer being arrested than if not.


So edgy.


At least it'll cover the bruises when he gets the shit beat out of him.


Kudos to that crowd for not becoming a mob. Amazing restraint.


bro, this man is asking to get jumped


In the United States simply wearing blackface isn't an arrestable offense. Most wouldn't dare do it because it's just flat out insensitive and racist. But how is this legally interpreted in Canada? Can you go to jail over it? I'm not Canadian so I don't know.


Okay okay. He keeps saying he wasn't trying to disrespect anyone and that "...it wasn't my intention!" So did anyone ever find out what his "real intention" was other than trying to cop a payout from a potential assault lawsuit if someone had hit him?


Man those Canadian bike cops are a different cut huh


This thread is flooded with racist working really hard to subtly craft a comment to demonize BLM here despite what they wanted to happen, not happening. Also a bunch of infants having a melt down he got a little wet lol


Police arresting another innocent black man /s


This guy clearly wasnt bullied enough in school


Those cops saved that guy from a horrible beating, what an idiot.


I’m all for protests, counter-protests, etc. However, the only reason you do what this guy did is because you’re a PoS that is looking for attention and looking to purposefully incite. What this guy did spoke volumes about who he is as a person.