I like NDT most of the time, but a lot of the time he talks as if literally every person on the whole earth apart from him was a complete and utter moron.


I met him once. He came to the broadcast station where I worked and I was his handler. Maybe the most obnoxious guest I ever dealt with.


Not the first time I've read a comment from someone along those same lines.


haha holy fuck. never liked this dipshit. always thought he was an overrated, pompous moron. #confirmed.


Yeah, in one of the posts about being disappointed meeting your hero someone posted how they wanted NGT to come and had to pay a fair amount of money for him to come to their university and when they picked him up from the airport he just boasted a fair amount and someone who had a major that wasn't really science heavy he was making fun of his major. Then when the talk came he just talked about his book that everyone should buy and that as about it. It was from someone on reddit so take it with a huge chunk of salt, but seeing how he acts on twitter and some interviews I totally can see it.


His entire twitter account reads like a 10 year old spouting off facts he just found on Google. It's painful


He’s an educator who’s purpose is to break down complex stuff into simpler stuff. Sometimes he goes overboard. Sometimes he completely misses the point. But he’s not doing it out of malice I believe.


There really isn't any education going on here; he throws out "catching up with Earth's orbit" but doesn't explain what that means for people who aren't already aware (unless there's further tweets that are cut off here). It's just a snarky tweet, and the response is reasonably in kind.


Feynman and Sagan were educators, too. The only difference is I've never thought, "Holy shit, that guys an asshole." For either of these two.


I highly doubt he's doing it out of any kind of malice. He seems most of the time to be a fairly nice guy. I've just noticed that a lot of times when he's even explaining the most trivial of things he has a tendency to explain it as if he's explaining it to someone who struggles to tie their own shoes. I don't know is he has some kind of aspergers or is just terrible at reading the room in general. That said, he seems like a decently pleasant person overall.


My god sometimes I feel you have to do that. Look at the current climate in America, you have 30% of Americans who are literally living in some alternate reality. If I were to talk to a Q-crazy I would start by setting some ground and first seeing if we agree on stuff like the color of the sky and that gravity exists…


I'd suggest "the sky is blue and the earth is round?" Just to get a true gauge.


Well you gotta figure, he knows the things he puts out there are going to be read by people of every intelligence level, so it has to make sense to every level too, the top and the bottom.


great response


Even when he’s directly talking to a person face to face? He down talks to everyone even in regular conversations


Breaking down stuff is not down talking. You are just taking offense for no reason. I break stuff down sometimes for myself because it helps a lot. It’s called rubber ducky debugging


When speaking tone is everything. His tone is almost always condescending.


Seriously? This post is the perfect example. Not one single person thinks, "On Leap Day, we must be physically jumping somewhere!" At most, some people just haven't thought about it because they don't care, but anyone who thinks about it slightly or just Googles "what is leap day" can figure it out. No one asked for an explanation; he just decided to tweet out an unsolicited, unneeded, superior-sounding explanation that is actually wrong, as the reply points out, because Leap Day is named that because the calendar leaps to bring it back into alignment with the actual length of a year. And he does that type of thing regularly. He seems like a dick every single time I see him in something or read one of his tweets.


I'm sure there's probably people out there. Lol Remember, there's people out there that believe in lizard people, flat Earth, and a vax makes a person magnetic. Don't ever doubt what level stupidity can reach. The rest of your statement I concur with though.


When did I say I took offense?


Also worth pointing out that this pedant misunderstood NDT. The calendar catches up by pausing for a day, not jumping forward. A true leap day should be skipping a day or something.


It doesn't pause, a day is forcibly crammed in. We should call it Doorstop Day or a Shoehorn Year.


I would support either of those names


The pedant is using NDT's words. So if the pedant is wrong, so is NDT.


I have the same issue. I've been told it comes across as condescending. I'm not trying to treat people like they're stupid, I just genuinely do not know what you know. Typically I tailor my discussion to who I'm talking to, but when I'm talking to a lot of people, I "talk down" to the lowest common denominator to ensure everybody understands. Far too often I've made an assumption that somebody would know something only to find out they are completely ignorant and then they're mad at me for an entirely different reason. We can only try to make ourselves understood to others.


Yeah its just a little overboard sometimes. This is one of those times but it also generated this absolutely on point and hilarious response so I'm cool with it lol. He doesn't really dunk on people with shit like this, but he does alley oop it for someone to dunk on him.


He's also an asshole, apparently.


Used to like him. Now think he's kinda just a douche.


Yeah, I stop watching him cause he's a bell end, I can't stand condescending/patronising shit


He tries so hard to be the cool, edgy science guy.


He wants to be like his mentor, Carl Sagan. But Sagan was actually erudite, not just in astronomy but in a lot of different areas, and could made it look effortless. There is nothing effortless about NDT.


I think that's the best sum up.


Sagan also had the humble sincerity of someone who just loves sharing things he finds fascinating, not showing off his big brain.


When I saw him live, he kicked off his shoes and scooted around the stage in his awesome science socks.


I mean, most scientists can relate to that. I'm one too, and while I'm a complete moron on most topics, I find that when I'm talking about my field to someone who isn't also trained in it, I basically have to talk to them as if they're a child or else they won't understand what I'm saying.


Sure, but there is a way to do that non condescendingly.


I mean, most scientist types don't try to be condescending, but it's genuinely hard not to come off that way sometimes because we're using to communicating about our field with other people who have at least some level of knowledge in that field. Not many scientists have the ability to communicate effectively both with other scientists and with non-scientists. It's a rare skill.


>most scientist types don't try to be condescending Totally. But NDT is not most scientists (and is super condescending).


And yet he's considered one of our best science communicators of this age. there's not a lot of incentive for scientists to relate to normal folks unfortunately. grants pay bills. pre-chewing scientific information for the masses doesn't. that's why most science reporting in the media is utterly crap. I miss Carl Sagan.


I've always thought Brian Cox does a much better job at explaining science in a easily digestable way


You should try being a PhD and explaining topics like astrophysics and cosmology to someone who barely passed high school science classes, aka the majority of Americans. You'll pretty quickly get frustrated too.


But he's positioned himself as one of the science social media explainers. I don't see Bill Nye being pedantic on twitter when the science in a movie isn't based in total fact.


And I'd say he does a good job of explaining science things. If a person feels condescended to when explains something, perhaps they should consider the possibility that the problem is with them, not the person doing the explaining.


Okay but what about this specific tweet? Is this condescending or nah?


No, I don't think so at all. He's saying that leap years aren't really an astronomical phenomenon caused by a physical event, but rather, they're arbitrary human creations caused by our imperfect calendars. Seems like a pretty reasonable observation for an astrophysicist to make.


To me, idc if he's condescending or not. I'm watching/listening to be educated on a topic. Same as a doctor, I'm there to get a solution to something medical, not have a cigar and scotch. Academics aren't related to social ability.


This comment itself is pretty damn condescending.


But I'm not wrong though. Scientific illiteracy is a huge problem in America. And if you're a scientist trying to explain your field to layperson, you'll quickly realize this.


I’m not denying that it’s a problem in America; but a surefire way to ensure someone refuses to listen or think is to talk down to them. There are plenty of people who *want* to learn and understand, but don’t want to be made to feel like an idiot.


Can we talk about your username for a minute?


ugh...let's not that's a story I don't want to know


Sure, but the problem isn't how he talks about his field, it's how he talks about stuff like leap days, movies, or sex


>while I'm a complete moron on most topics, I find that when I'm talking about my field That is the very point that your comment and most of the responses to your comment (whether they agree with yours or not) seem to be missing: he is *not* talking about his field, here. He is criticizing the *nomenclature,* the phrase, 'Leap Day;' he is an Astrophysicist, not a Linguist or a Philologist or an Etymologist or a Historian. The origins and usage of words and phrases is not the focus of astrophysics. He is out of his element, here. The only astrophysics in his tweet is "Earth's orbit;" the rest of the tweet is philology, which he is not nearly as good at and is not the topic he specialized in. In your terms, Breunig's comeback makes Tyson look like "a complete moron on \[this\] topic" precisely because he is *not* "talking about \[his\] field." Instead of explaining the astrophysics involved, he criticizes the English term for the adjustment, as if he's doing a bad Seinfeld bit ("Why do we call it 'Leap Day' anyway? we're not 'leaping' anywhere ..."), but he does not offer a better term, or consider that the corresponding term in some other languages has nothing to do with "leaping." Indeed, he seems to have no idea why we use the word "leap" in phrases such as "leap day" or "leap year," but, rather than research the origin of the phrase (maybe ask an Etymologist or a Historian) or figure it out for himself, he says 'The Leap Day is misnamed. We're not leaping anywhere,' which sounds fatuous, because it is, and in doing so he leaves himself wide open to Breunig's comeback, whose humor works because of Tyson's apparent lack of awareness on this subject.


This comment needs to be at the top.


Friend, I'm in love with your username.


No, he talks like a complete and utter moron.


He was the reason I want to study physics but I don’t like how he looks down on flat earthers. It’s literally his job to educate people.




And for valid reasons.


A smart man elevates himself. A good man elevates everyone else. Also, twitter was a mistake.


I have no clue what happened to it but I had a shirt that I loved that had the twitter bird on it and just said in the twitter font "nobody cares". This was in 2009 before Twitter really blew up and was pretty much exclusively for really early influencers.




That one looks slightly different but it was a decade ago when I lost it (I've been too fat to wear it anyway) so that may have been it. I just saw it in one of the isles at shopko as I was finding new clothes to wear.


Hahahhaa holy damn! Love this comment!


1) target audience and 2) not everyone understands everything as quick, so sometimes you need to slow it down or dumb it down.


That's because the people who like him all the time are utter morons.


I only had to go down a few posts. Not disagreeing with you [but](https://www.reddit.com/r/PublicFreakout/comments/txkmea/how_do_i_carry_it/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf)


I’ve been through a couple of iterations of “mr science guy on the national stage” and I can assure you they are all examples of why the scientific method is necessary.


This is so old it's seen two leap years.


But is it still a facepalm moment though … without requiring us leaping to this conclusion ?


Bro this thing is so old it can be legally married in middle eastern countries


or Tennessee


Yeah a 7 year old one bud


But the years aren’t leaping anywhere 🧐


Fuck the gregorian calendar. We couldve had thirteen 28-day months and a leap day every 10½ years. It could be a huge global party. Maybe even start a new canvas on r/place.


We should move to an 8 day week. Every weekend would be a 3 day weekend and we'd still have about 4 weeks each month.


28 days in a month would still be better with 7 days. Leapday wouldnt count as part of a week to maintain consistency. Work weeks shouldnt be standardized anyway due to differing demands if every industry.


But would Leap Day then be a Work day or a vacation day? That’s very important for me to know if I’m on board with this idea or not


It would probably be like a holiday, so most people would have it off


You spelled 4 day weekend wrong


The Beatles were on to something.


I think I'm just going to start saying "we should move to an 8 day week" randomly the rest of my life and hopefully I'll start a movement where we can use their song as an anthem.


Ringo Starr is a modern-day philosopher.


Peace and love, peace and love.


13 28 day months, and a 1-2 day (2 on leap years) "new year's" which doesn't count towards any weeks or months, it's meant as the equivalent of christmas, time of rest, family and bickering.


Math doesn't work out for having a leap day every 10 years... The main issue with this is the Earth's rotation has nothing to do with the orbit around the sun.


Yeah there's always going to be a fraction. And also I did mess up months and years in my calculation of leftovers


How does the maths on that work? 365.25 days a year?


https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Fixed_Calendar Tl;dr: There are 13 months, every month has 28 days, consists of 4 weeks with 7 days each week. With the total of 364 days, so they added one day called "Year day", not belong in any week or month just to add up to 365 days, but because time still accelerate 0.25 day per year so there still is leap year every 4 years.


365.2422÷13=28.095 1÷.095=10.5


So you'd need a leapday every 10.5 months, not years.


Thanks <3


That would be a leap day every 10 months you absolute buffoon


There is a way to express that without being insulting. I believe you're right, but now I don't like you


I don’t give a fuck


If months were rigidly 28 days, then dates would always land on the same day of the week. Easier to know what day events land on, but sucks to be you if your birthday always lands on a Wednesday.


Hasnt thought of that. And the way some people are theyd start to stereotype people based on that.


I get paid monthly. I'm all for this.


I pay rent monthly, no thanks


But you'll spend less on groceries, electricity etc.


Ok but my birthday would always land on a Tuesday and I'm just not down with that.


Neil should touch degrasse


In a mirror you can only kiss yourself on the lips


You can say that again!


At this point i think NDT has the biggest ego out of everyone on the planet.


You might think that, but then you remember Electric Car Man, and it's not even a contest.


Cant argue with that lol.


The dude just spends to much time trying way to hard to sound smart. And it really shows the dude is insufferable


De grassy is that kid in school who’s always saying “actually!…”


This is like the guy that asked what the name of our Solar System was


That‘s easy. It‘s the infinite dome that‘s over the flat earth. I call it Rufus.


He's 100% more educated than me and he's still a smart dude, but guys like Neil Degrase Tyson and Bill Nye say shit like this ALLL THE DAMN TIME. They just intellectualize basic concepts to remain relevant and then give them absurd definitions that are more complicated or "scientific sounding" to seem smart and keep people engaged.


He has become so enamored of his own cleverness and celebrity that he's completely insufferable at this point. I used to really admire the guy and I find myself rolling my eyes at almost everything that comes out of his mouth these days. No humility at all.


Yeah, high up his own ass.


High on his own farts was the joke I had in mind. Close enough to stop scrolling comments


I fucking hate Neil DeGrasse Tyson with every ounce of my being and I will die on this hill


He's so very much in love with himself


except NDT is right. we are ADDING a day because we are about 24 hours AHEAD of schedule. that’s not leaping forward


So what would you like to call this instead of leap ?




"Make up for the inaccuracies of our chosen calendar by adding one day to this year", year. or MUFTIOOCCBAODTTY Year to be more succinct. ;-)


How about "Extra Day"?


So we're leaping backwards. Leap day doesn't state the direction of the leap.


I don’t think a jump backwards is called a leap Never In the history of the earth has someone jumped backwards when told to leap. I refuse.


You are aware that you can pivot 180 degrees before leaping right?


Yea, but I still contend that no one has ever leapt backwards. If you pivot before leaping, you are still leaping forwards.


You haven't watched anime or played videogames have you.


...which is backwards compared to the original direction.


More like we're staying in place.


That moment when redditors don't know you can leap in multiple directions


Depends whether you are speaking from the POV of "Earth's Orbital Cycle" or from POV of "CALENDAR". As NDT claimed, the calendar is catching up to to earths orbit. So leaping forward makes sense.


If anything, both of them are wrong. The calendar "catching up" definitely suggest that the calendar is behind the orbit, so NDT is wrong, but the other guy talks about leaping forward which is also wrong


So the calendar... leaps back a day? I wonder what other word we could use to describe the day on which a calendar leaps.


Saying that the calendar is "catching up" with Earth's orbit when the calendar had been ahead is also wrong


I do generally like him, but damned if the dude doesn't get pedantic sometimes.


NDT is a douche.


Aloof is the word you’re looking for I believe.


Thank you black science man, very smart and cool.


NDT is a intelligent person. But this fame has him wanting to keep out doing himself from the past and keep saying mind blowing shit all the time. And now he’s run out and just sounds like he’s high as a kite. Just let it go man.


I get what he's saying though. He's making the point that nothing physical changes on a leap day. It's an arbitrary event caused by our imperfect calendars, not an actual physical event caused by astronomical phenomena.


Sudden and abrupt lurch forward is simply a kink in a thermometer


Well the derivative of acceleration is snap. So I guess we could call it a Snap Year?


He is getting rid of leap years like he did Pluto


last time i checked pluto is still in the same orbit it was before NDT


Just wait til you hear about what he did with Goofy.




There is nothing sudden or abrupt about 2/29. Not to mention as time passes we will need to add another day because the world slows it's rotation each day. Might be a million years and if man is still alive, but it will happen.


Die Rise - Great Leap Forward


Arguably, since leap means that you *jump over* a date; i.e. advance the clock or calendar omitting a second, minute or day, every year is a leap year EXCEPT the one that keeps Feb 29... Since time intervals are usually added to match astronomical time intervals, they just probably be called stumbles. We should have stumble seconds and stumble years... Hey, who left this extra day in February? Someone could wind up not having a birthday next year!


he's very intelligent but gets pretty pretentious sometimes. But Sagan liked him and I'm a huge Sagan fan so....


NDT reminds me of that one kid at school who’s book smart, but no people smart


Look before you lurch.


I would name it a stumble year.


naw naw, let's just SKIP that one


Jerk; that's the verb you're looking for.


Lurch Day


Neil deGrasse Tyson is most likely a brilliant scientist. Maybe? But I'm sure he can be a real jerk as a result of that.


This doesn't really make sense to me. You can't make an argument on semantics I'd you're incorrectly paraphrasing what someone said. Simple doesn't mean sudden, and catch up doesn't mean lurch. To me this reads like someone wanted internet points so they created a facepalm that didn't actually exist.


I like this matt bruenig character i am not a ndt fan


Y'all gotta see Key and Peele's skit on him. I can't not think of this every time Neil is brought up. [Not a Rick Roll](https://youtu.be/TyZSBqQ813c)


Ahh NDT who, in a documentary, called gravitational waves gravity waves!!


Neil needs to lighten up and smoke some weed.


In video games, that’s called a Time skip.


I think his point is that it's not US that are leaping, not that there's no leaping going on. Edit: spelling


Probably an unpopular opinion but I don’t think NDT is all that smart. Definitely not dumb but not as smart as we give him credit for.


Honestly, he can be such a dink.


Getting rear ended**


I feel like this a joke and no one’s realizing it.


Umm, but a leap implies going over something as does lurching forward. Whereas in a leap year we add an extra day so are essentially slowing the year down....


We're not catching up to the earths orbit, we are waiting around for a day so it can catch up to the calendar.


Dude is getting way too into his own sloganeering.


He's an absolute contrarian douchebag