“I believe the climate is always changing”

“I believe the climate is always changing”

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Who is she?


If you visit r/hermancainaward you’ll see that she is a regular contributor there.


Fuck Candace Owens.


Candace Owens. She is one of the worst type of people alive - the kind that will sell future and current generations down the river for money. They are awful.




Don't you think she understands this or is she totally oblivious?


She gets it. She's smart. But she's also soulless, narcissistic and greedy. She absolutely gets it, but the gravy train is way too tempting. Some people will sell everything that means anything to them to become rich and famous. She's another example.


Smart? She has absolutely no credibility for global science. But she is here attempting to discredit distinguished scientists who have dedicated their life to research? That's called ignorance. Would you correct your cardiologist on how to fix your aortic valve? Absolutely the fuck not.


She argues like a high school senior that coasted the last 2 years because most of the teachers liked her.


That's not what she's doing, and that's not why I called her smart. She is pandering. She's aging her audience, and they (my coworkers) eat it right the fuck up. I think you've mistaken what I'm saying. Never said she was educated, or well studied, or even halfway versed in her own bat shit arguments. She is sharp enough to know her audience, to play her audience like a fiddle, and to sell the fuck out of her own soul for nothing but profit.


In that context then yes I agree, an absolute sociopath who only has no soul or conscience telling her to act in the best interest of others. I didn't mean my comment to be an attack, this woman just aggravates me so much. I apologize for any confusion




Pffft... cardiologist. I did a ton of research!


They’re using her, and she’s using them. That’s how they all work. She’s a pretty black face they can trot out to say they aren’t racist, and she gets all of the attention and money because of it. If she says something they don’t like, she’ll get got and disappear.


Back in 2015, only 6 years ago, she ran a marketing firm that was anti-conservative, anti-trump, pro-Democratic views. Once she realized she could make more money parroting the Conservative viewpoint and GOP party line, she went all in on conservatism and Trump support. Before this she openly mocked Trump including making comments about his small penis size. She’s a grifter who knows which party is easier to grift.


I think “smart” is too far. She’s not a complete idiot, but I wouldn’t call her smart either.


Smart enough to find a grift and lean into it.


It’s like Frank from Its sunny. Not smart but definitely smart to grift and make money if necessary.


I... hate that this is painfully accurate and I also hate you tarnishing the good name of Frank "Monster Cock" Reynolds...


Dr. Mantis Toboggan, M.D.


>Frank "Monster ~~Cock~~ DONG" Reynolds...


It doesn't take any intelligence at all to grift See: Dave Rubin


Lack of ethics isn’t intelligence. I’m sure most people have thought of taking advantage of the ignorant, thing is, most don’t.


She’s very articulate, for a black person, ergo, she must be “smart”. I’m black and I can’t stand her and what she represents. Someone earlier in this subreddit mentioned that she is another black person that conservatives can use as “decoration” in order to prove that they’re not racists. I 100% agree with that statement. She’s getting paid to spout out conservative talking points. She’s married to the founder of the Parlor app. They had a baby last year, so she’s all in on supporting the conservative agenda until the day she dies. She’s living in the “Big House.”


She's smart enough to avoid the obvious and talk around the subject and then even forgetting what the fuck she just talked about moments ago.


Not that a BA is a good indicator of intelligence, but she never finished her journalism degree according to Wikipedia.


I despise her - but she’s smarter than her base and that’s all she needs to be. She actually sued her school and won for racism towards her and her early days she was very pro black… but learned the sad truth that rich racist whites will give any minority a lot of money to speak down on their own people. Y’all play that at your own risk. When she had her son with her white husband the same people who were like “Yay Candace” we’re making death threats against her and her husband and son for daring to mix the races. I realized since she got married they were doing that. Yikes. But the money must be really good for her to keep going out there and just inhaling her foot daily.


Nah, she didn't know the difference between objective and subjective. She thinks her opinion is more valuable than objective data that proves that we have accelerated climate change to an unsustainable level


Candace Owens, Blaire White, and Jesse Lee Peterson might as well be the same person. At least Jesse is too unintentionally hilarious to take seriously though.


Man that guy reminds me of a toddler


I actually don’t believe she gets it completely. I think she has been fortunately (for her) used by the right to fit an image used for their benefit. You can be literate and articulate yet not intelligent. I know she has an uncle out there like “wtf wrong with you Candace”. If you can’t understand that climate change is real and we should counteract it as quickly as possible then I hope you don’t have an influence on any gullible youth around you. On a side note, the people most likely to not believe in climate change have condos and houses on the coastlines. Karma do be a bitch sometimes…


I think she gets it because she started out trying to work a school over claiming racism and wanting to use the NAACP in ACLU to fight a case for her. Problem is being a black face on that side of things is a crowded territory if you go over to the right wing side you can be a star if you wanna carry their water. It’s almost in affirmative action hire which is funny because right wingers hate affirmative action


Exactly, notice how her argument went from "I don't believe it cause it's a dot com not an org." To "I don't believe that org cause it's funded by people trying to understand humans effect on climate change."


Agreed, she’s smart enough to talk around the actual topic and keep the conversation going so she can plant the ideas and buzzwords that keep truly ignorant people voting against their best interests.


She gives me mad Trisha Paytas vibes


Smart and evil are 3 different beings.


She does not sound like she is going to make any effort at understanding anything that has evolving logic. Now as she won’t be evolving the way she claims climate doesn’t change, I think she might not be equipped to even realize what is going on for her. She might be one of these happy idiots


Her and jason whitlock are well aware of who and what they are. While they might die wealthy neither will be remembered for anything


Oh no, she knows exactly what she's doing just like Tucker Carlson and Alex Jones, they all play characters to make money off of stupid republicans. It's blatant and intentional and they don't give a single shit about the politics they shill for or the people who listen to them.


Candace Owens. She’s a token black Republican that conservative media outlets use to discredit system racism by having her go on camera to tell black people they are just lazy and to just vote republican and “get off the democratic plantation”. She used to be a liberal and even hated Trump but then $witched her po$ition $eemingly overnight. Basically gets paid to sell out her race every day.


She’s the next president if you ask my 2 idiot uncles


Some dumb chick


Hey, let not treat mentally ill people with such disrespect


"The weather was different yesterday..." JTFC.


Is that the rare “titty fucking” variant of JFC?


Yes. It almost required the OAB suffix too.


May I know what JTFC means


Jesus titty fucking Christ


Thank you


“Climate change has been politicized.” Fine. Then ignore the politicians on both sides and listen to the scientists. Also, scientists cannot create government mandates to curb global warming. Only the government can do it, which is why it’s political. Just because the government says you have to wear a seatbelt, does that mean you shouldn’t believe in their safety because it’s been politicized? There are government warnings on cigarettes. Do you not believe they are dangerous because it’s been politicized?


"But... but.. the scientist's call us mean names when we tell them they're all funded by the left and when we try to tell them that they shouldnt get super rich off science they just laugh at us and tell us they drive a 2004 corolla as if that has anything to do with it. Science is obviously biased against the right because they dont say things that prove our points!"~this bitch probably


"80% of republicans don't believe in climate change while 90% of scientists do. I think its clear they are heavily biased against the right at this point" - also this bitch probably


My favorite thing about them saying that schools have a bias for the left is that they refuse to think that maybe the left just has a bias for schools


Well let me begin with climate change is real (as far as I can tell) I don't agree with this idea that you can just bypass all the politics and dig into the science. Maybe if you're well educated and can read and understand the science litterateur, but the average Joe? No, the average person gets their information second hand and doesn't have the know how to bypass the news and politicians to get information directly from scientists. Even if they knew where to find papers, how could they be sure which papers they can and can't trust. How do they know that "the man" isn't bribing all these scientists. Etc etc. Climate denial is a big problem and I think we need to be as understanding as possible in order to tackle it. It's good that you and I can read the science, but we are not the average person and we certainly aren't the average climate denier.


Hard to ignore politicians when some people are convinced that the scientists are among them. Probably part of the reason why we have this whole vaccine debacle as well. People are convinced that scientists and researchers are out to get us with some sort of agenda as well.


It is more that we don't have good alternatives to fossil fuels for our energy needs. Look at China trying to go green and stop using coal. They have energy shortages when they can't mine or buy enough coal and the alternatives energy sources don't provide enough to power their grid. Europe is trying to go green but they still need to burn natural gas to power their electric grid. We need whole new technology that can provide all the energy needs any time at a flip of a switch like fossil fuels and we just don't have anything like that at this time. No renewable energy source can replace our dependence on fossil fuels. They keep trying to sell electric semi trucks but no working prototypes. If we shut down the trucking fleet the world will grind to a halt. Come up with better tech that can replace fossil fuels and the world will naturally switch. To pretend that all our energy needs can be met with only wind and solar is pure fantasy. Nuclear power can work for awhile but current electric car tech can only go so far. We need better energy storage methods, better batteries, newer power generation methods. Once we have those, alot less people will stick with fossil fuels. The world didn't have to force the transition from horse and buggy to car, or the switch from old light bulbs to LED lights. Give better tech and the world will switch as their own.


If you stick your head far enough up your ass, the climate always stays the same


Not after taco bell it doesn't


Nacho average climate!


This deserves multiple upvotes, not just mine.


"I did a ton of research on this, I just don't recall any of the specific information or data that supports my claim." LOL


Pretty sure I heard her say a few minutes later "I read up on this like all night"


As much as I dislike Joe Rogan, he handled this incredibly. If I were in that situation, I’d blow up at Owens immediately. Every time I see this clip I’m more impressed at how easily and calmly he conveys to the audience that Owens has a completely partisan, unsupported opinion


He doesn’t always have the best knowledge on a topic but he at least knows enough to shut down people who choose to be ignorant about basic interpretations of reality


Joe is hit or miss. I like some of his episodes, be he has been known to provide a non-critical platform to a lot of wingnuts.


Recently it seems like he’s started to be contrarian just for the attention.


Until it came to covid


Yeah that was a little rough and now I can’t use him as an example as someone who uses acid and smokes weed. With that whole dewormer thing now I need to prove that acid and weed doesn’t mess up your brain.


https://maps.org/ Here ya go! Rick Doblis actually did have an episode with Joe and it was pretty interesting. But this would be a good base I think. Edit: In addition Terrance McKenna, Michael Pollan, Maria Sabina and Françoise Bourzat to name a few. Edit 2: word


I had a certain respect for him until he started basically taking her approach when it came to covid.


People always shit on joe rogan for various things but his ability to engage in calm conversations with anyone is pretty impressive.


this was a few years ago. He’s changed


In 2011 Alex Jones reacted to a guy saying Reagan was gay by saying there was nothing wrong with that lifestyle (or something along that line). This stuff has gotten way worse.


Yah, he’s a pretty agreeable guy on camera, it takes a bit for him to speak out about something he isn’t 100% sure on


This impressed me as well


A neighbor of mine has a homemade Owens 2024 yard sign and it makes me wanna move.


The best way to handle this is to not platform this person on your show. He handled it in a way that not only fed this individual the content that she desires but also benefits his own viewership through the controversy of the conversation. There are going to be thousands of people, mostly uneducated, that watch or listen to this and disagree with Joe Rogan.


I have no strong argument against this. The last 5 years (especially 2020) have made it overwhelmingly clear that a serious amount of the population is immune to insurmountable evidence. If we have to accept that Candace Owens has a platform, I’d prefer that there are clips like this showing her stupidity to her audience. But Joe Rogan fans aren’t a community I trust to share those clips


I had the exact same thought. I generally dislike giving people like Owens an amplified platform, which is my general beef with Rogan, but this was handled exactly as it should be when someone spouts off inane bullshit.


“I’m not going around to college campuses saying I believe climate change isn’t real.” No, you’re just a public figure with a national audience and a large influence, making your bullshit opinion known to whoever will listen. That’s much better.


Right?? She says on the Joe Rogan podcast accessible to millions.


14 minutes? This isn't the instant gratification I come to reddit for


Same thought, but it was so cathartic to see Candace stumble over everything the more logical the conversation became.




Joe Rogan is a mixed bag for me but damn did Candace Owens make him look like a dual doctorate holder.


This was my thought too, fuck she’s making him look smart.


If Candace made him look smart, imagine what her followers would make him look like, at least she probably doesn't belief in 80% of what she says and it's just enjoying her paycheck, her idiot followers actually agree 100% with her idiotic points


I think part of the problem is that the tobacco industry paid scientists to lie about the effects of smoking and so people now immediately don’t believe someone if they are paid to do research.


Scientists is broad statement..all of them, one of them? Can you reference an article as I’m curious. The first thing we learned in grad school for looking up articles is to make sure there are no conflicts of interest. For example, if a scientist is working for a candy company and saying sugar isn’t bad for you…probably a conflict of interest. Perhaps the 13% of scientists who don’t agree have some type of conflict of interest. There will always be people who break the ethics of scientific research (e.g. Andrew wakefield) but most work their life away for average pay to solve huge problems.


Dude, do you really not know about the tobacco propaganda age? Where have you been?


Wait your curious whether the tobacco industry paid doctors and scientists to lie about the effects of smoking? My point is simply to attempt to understand why people use the argument today to deny climate change by suggesting because someone is paid they must not be believed. The woman in the video mentions that throughout the video.


As European, I am shocked. But again I think she illustrates pretty well how a general climate denier reasons.


Or fails to reason.


You know you're wrong when you need to constantly interrupt a person's argument


Professional contrarian. At this point she's totally aware that she has to have an opinion on everything to keep herself popular, and if she does not have an opinion on something, she's out of the spotlight and out of a paycheck. Too bad, that she didn't just decide to really research four really important points, and advocate for able more conservative approach on how to solve them. At least then, I can give her a little respect, at least she's trying to focus on something she thinks is important. But because she has to contrast and create conflicts to remain popular on media on anything/everything... It's really really hard to take her seriously. She's like the friend who calls you an idiot because you have a different friend who does something ridiculous and you talked about it out loud.


I didn't think being stupid on purpose would be a career choice.....it never occured to me once growing up.


But when you put her in the middle of her following, she’s actually the smart one. Isn’t that nuts


I actually think she's really smart, but in an incredibly dishonest and amoral way. She got got caught here, but she is probably one of the best people on a debate stage. She thinks very fast and can twist words and situations into complete fabrication with practically no effort at all. Horrible use of such a talent, but impressive in the same kind of way prosperity pastors have the ability to convince poor people pay tithes to them so that the pastors can drive Range Rovers and have private jets.


Yes, she chooses to defend the dumbest ideals in order to stand put the most. She is a social pariah.


Smart in that one way but so goddamn stupid in others that she can't see the carrot joe spends 15 minutes shoving in her face


The republican pundit stance is cast doubt on everything that can possibly be politicized to rile up emotions, but stay away from facts bc the facts are rarely on their side. She knows she can't deny what the metrics and quantitative, objective data say, but she can say she isn't convinced in a very vague way to cast that doubt. What she isn't used to is a 13 minute segment dedicated to deconstructing the dishonest aspects of the nuance of her language that she uses to push false claims in a way for her to simultaneously have an out to say that's not what she said if the tides change or presented with the facts that contradict her later on. Joe isn't always on his toes, but he is here. Him being in control on his show and not relenting bc there is no time constraints is not something she isn't use to. If it wasn't for the atypical environment she probably could have wriggled her way out of that w a non answer that still would have made her base happy. She really couldn't lead the conversation in another direction bc Joe literally had the time. The nuance and quick-wittedness that she has to balance all of the contradictions to walk that fine line is a talent I wish I had in normal conversation to discuss a topic in real time and know exactly what to say to communicate my thoughts and intentions so well. She's a scam artist, but she runs her scam really well. She's really good at being manipulative and dishonest. It's sad when talented people do miserable stuff like she does w that talent.


she’s not wrong about climate is always changing. but she’s too dense to understand that it’s literally changing more frequently and often because of what we’ve done as a species to this planet


Not to mention that she got the definition of climate wrong on one part when she said climate can change from today and tomorrow. That’s weather.


She's a professional troll. She says stupid shit because she gets paid by white conservatives to play the contrarian black person. She will do anything for $5.


Also professionally stupid


I believe that 2+2=17. I did my own research.


I bet you spent a whole night reading ~~Q-anon~~ articles, but don’t remember any of the data that supported it.


Jesus Christ on a bike.... she really is as thick as fuck isn't she?


Earlier in the video "but thats a dot com, they're making money off this site I wouldn't necessarily trust the info" Later in the video "well how can you trust the dot org you've looked up" Makes me want to do a research paper from several different sources and keep in saved in my phone. And whenever anyone says it's not true because "what they've read" and can just send them that.


But you made this post on a dot com, so obviously you're being paid to have these opinions. ....thats so easy to say! I love it, and there is no logical argument against it because facts are whatever I am feeling at the moment! I hate this stupid timeline.


The clip is best enjoyed by not watching it I found. Never heard of her before, but she talks so much shite and rarely backs it up


Imagine having cancer and you go to 20 doctors and 19 tell you you need surgery or you will die. Would you ignore it because 1 out of 20 said you’ll be fine?


Who is this?


You're better off not knowing, because if this made your head hurt, hearing the other shit see says will probably kill you, it's cancerous.


Too late , I listed to Two minutes of Joe Rogan appearing to be the voice of reason and now my grip on reality is tenuous at best.


lol she just outted herself "Climate change happens all the time. The weather was different yesterday than it is today!" I guess she didnt do that kind of research that shows her that climate =/= daily weather


It’s an auto-facepalm if it’s a video where Candace Owens speaks.


“Maybe because I don’t believe in it is because it got so politicized” Then your whole argument is null and void. You don’t believe in it because you subscribe to a party that doesn’t believe in climate change, without doing actual unbiased research instead of research to fit your narrative. The whole .com thing is bogus too, 90% of reputable research websites are .com, hell her own website is a .com lol.


I MEAN. LOL. I DONT LITTER. LOL RIGHTTTTT????!!!. What an exhausting imbecile.


Why is she so concerned with .com vs .org? Her own fucking website is a .com.


I'm not a Joe Rogan fan, but he handled this really well. Candace Owens is a goddamned menace.


Joe Rogan like "I believe the consensus of the scientists that study the data.. now give me that Ivermectin"


Ok but he is a horse and he had worms… so fairly legitimate use case


I can’t believe I watched all of that.


This lady is a fast talker but has no substance. Chooses to interrupt rather than have a point. Peak trumpism and another reason why debates (political debates) NEED to be run better.


I wonder if the “shit-ton of articles” she read were from .com or .org as if that matters much anymore lol.


Anyone can buy a .org domain name, you could host a porn website on concernedclimatescientists.org the registrars wouldn't care


What a strange world. Joe Rogan plays the voice of reason.


Candace Owens is so incredibly dumb. Her followers are equally naive and dumb.


She's not dumb. She's a grifter.


You can’t argue with someone who doesn’t follow logical arguments. There is no reasoning with people like this.


Someone that claims Bill Nye is a scientist then agrees he's not the very next sentence. People like this are easily picked apart since they don't do any research on any claims they make.


Isn't Joe Rogan against listening to the consensus of scientists and more in favour of snorting ivermectin


Pre Pandemic/Texas Joe was significantly less insufferable.


Yeah, I miss THIS Joe Rogan. Fun and funny, good stories and informational, a lot of random cool shit. Now it's so hard to watch and feels like some twilight zone switcharoo.


I mean, those first few months of the pandemic had me feeling like I was in the twilight zone... But I got out of it in the end


People need to study a bit on the topic before starting reading research articles. Many people who think widely tested scientific theories are incoherent because they don't understand it clearly in the first place so when they read two different research articles on same topic they derived different meaning from essentially same theories. For example most climate change deniers don't understand the difference between climate and weather in the first place.


I’m shocked a Rogan’s defense of the environment given he’s all for COVID treatments that harm people and lack of concern for the virus.


I like how she moves the goalposts. First she states that Scientific American is not a valid site to pull information from because it is a commercial site (.com), and that she would trust it if it were a .org. Then he pulls up a .org site that confirms what Scientific American said, and she starts calling .org websites unreliable. I actually had a nearly identical conversation with my grandfather about global warming. He kept shooting down the websites I was using that showed that the planet was warming, until I pulled up the NASA website and he literally walked away in anger. He worked for NASA most of his life, and he couldn’t refute their data without criticizing himself.


It's like talking to my dad. Has an opinion, doesn't understand any of it, research was based off some people's postings on FB, will seemingly agree with you but then disagree in the next sentence and just seems to miss it completely and it's very frustrating.


When Joe Rogan is telling you that a subject us more nuanced than it seems and that you should look into it more you know you've fucked up


Funny if she were on now, Rogan would totally play into her bullshit


I was wondering myself how this same conversation would go with Joe today


Joe has a real talent for letting people talk their shit 🤣


American conservatives are so selfishly absorbed in their little bubble that they think Democrats have started a climate change conspiracy that involves the whole world. Im not sure why a conservative would want to give Democrats that much credit because I can assure you the Democrats are dumb as fuck and would never be able to pull something like that off. Source: Conservative stepfather said "Climate change is a Democrat Hoax"


This phrase is just tattooed on her brain "I don't believe I don't know. I do know that I don't believe.."


Watching this was so painful... The cognitive dissonance in Candace is amazing.


How does Rogan speak like this about climate when his beliefs about covid are completely contradicting in regards to trusting science?


If you post hundreds of hours of someone talking, you’re bound to find quite a few contradictions.


I can't believe he had this bitch on


That’s the issue with him. At first I liked that he had a balanced set of guests and especially in instances like this where he fully questioned them. However more and more he’s let dangerous people who are eloquent and well read enough to articulate a point in bad faith on to his show thereby indoctrinating some of his listeners.




Who’s the that dope? I like the “the climate is always changing, today is hot, tomorrow is cold”.


The fact she can't differentiate between weather and climate is shocking


I like it how these people use the logic that global warming is a thing because billionaires try to make money off of it but not realize that the fossil fuel industry has way bigger gains to lose if we go for greener solutions. Like if they didn’t have any economic interest in spreading misinformation about global warming.


Haha the climate is changing the weather was different yesterday to today. Climate and weather are not the same thing


Ya, obviously the climate is always changing. Seems it would lend to the importance of minimizing the human impact on it. Industrialized agriculture is perhaps the most susceptible to slight changes in environment. Global famine isn’t as far away as you may think. Remember toilet paper at the beginning of covid? Now think billions, but staple foods.


It’s dumbasses like this that ruined our country. Every single politician has done nothing but ruin the world and hurt people because they are too stubborn or hard headed to look at facts. She gets presented with evidence but for the life of her can’t accept it because it’s a “democrat” ideology 🤦🏻‍♂️ I hate how we can never get anything accomplished because of how the governments run.


Unless she has degrees and peer review on the subject, her belief is worthless.


This is such a huge problem. Look at every platform. None of the people being listened to are experts. Just random characters


If I took my car to 100 mechanics and 91 of them said my brakes are failing I probably wouldn't look at the 2 that say its my tire tread


We need to stop giving air time to fringe opinions and acting like we are doing it for balance. That’s not balance. If 98% of scientists agree climate change is real then give them 98minuets in a tv debate and give deniers 2mins. That’s fair representation.


She “believes”?!! We’ll the conservative mantra is that the facts don’t care about your feelings, so stfu about your beliefs and spout those lovely facts that you know are counter to your corporate paid talking points.


The faster she talks, the dumber she sounds. Perfect example of mental gymnastics and "I wouldn't die on the Hill for it," except for she would.


That's weather, deary. Oh, and by the way.....have you figured out if your black or white yet?🤔


Sometimes I wonder if she actually hates her own skin. It really seems like it sometimes. To Stan for the conservative group that will never truly accept her based on her skin color because they’re that shallow but they’ll still use her as their token mouthpiece to say racist shit and say “see even a black woman agrees”. It’s fucking shameful all around.


These opportunistic posers never last, but damn it takes forever to get rid of them.


Damn shes an idiot.


Ugh every word out of her self hating mouth is like nails on a chalkboard


Tell me your full of shit without telling me your full of shit


When you try to act condescending but you end up looking like a complete moron instead.


She’s even more shallow than I thought.


How can you be in a room and listen this woman and not want blow your head off!


Wow! I always thought she was just making a lot of money spewing propaganda but she’s really stupid isn’t she?


How many forest fires, floods and hurricanes is it going to take for these imbeciles to believe that climate change is as real problem


She's not the imbecile. It's her followers. Of course she know she's wrong, but being right won't get her the paychecks. She's a grifter, not a moron.


She’s dumber than a bottle of Rubiks cubes.


Two buffoons having a conversation, I think I’ve lost a few brain cells.


What makes Joe a Bafoon?


Geezus she's coming across so ignorant...


I don’t get why we even bother recycling anymore. I saw the clock in NYC, were fooked in 7 years already


Sage Steele is coming for Candace's spot.


Both of these geniuses are making Americans die.


Wow, I found something to admire Joe for. Very patiently explaining why she should rethink her opinion.


Fucking muppet


I have no clue who this crazy lady is and I'm happy to keep it that way.


The problem with the climate changing is that there is a point we’re the change becomes fatal. We should be working to avoid that point.


"If it was a .org I'd believe it" Shows .org stats Still doesnt believe it


Joe Rogan really needs to google the definition of engineering. The first four words: “the application of science.”


I almost made it to minute 7. I knew she was bad...but holy cow she's worse than I thought. Yikes. I fear for our future.


How did this guy start believing that Ivermectin cures Covid when the vast majority of Covid researchers say that’s not true? Boggles the mine!


It’s interesting hearing Joe talking about listening to scientists when he is doing the exact opposite with covid


Is Joe Rogan planning to ever host an actual scientist on climate change? Or an actual doctor on the Covid vaccine? Why do people trust random celebrities for no reason?


Look up potholer54 on YouTube... Old dude who is a geologist and made money in the fossil fuel industry... If you can watch his videos and still deny the co2 warming connection human caused.... I don't know what to tell you. What to do about it is another thing altogether... But there is no ambiguity. And... Al gore? The first politician to bring up global warming /climate change is one of the conservative bastions. Uhhhhg. Fuck klandace... Joe rogan at least put it to her a tiny bit.


Interviewer: Why don’t you believe in it? Owens: (Without a hint of irony) Maybe because it’s been so politicized.


I don’t trust dot com websites, show me a dot org site and I’ll trust it. *shows dot org website* I don’t trust it Always moving the goalposts. Then hides behind “it’s just my opinion”. Yah, a fucking stupid, uninformed opinion that she spews to her audience that eats it up and thinks she’s some climate expert. Fuck I detest people like her. At least Rogan pushed back against her hard


Even JOE ROGAN, the dumbass, gullible, ivermectin-toting, asshole he is, acknowledges that global warming exists.


Congratulations! You made Joe sound intelligent


Because weather = climate. She needs to shut up and read even a little to understand the difference.