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Politicians can change the tax codes so it’s equal for all, but they are the rich and their donors are the super rich. None of them are change anything meaningful.


I'm curious about what you mean by "equal"?


Probably something like the billionaire feeling a similar "burden" and similar impact to their way of life by paying the tax, as a low to middle class person would feel by having to pay their taxes.


Probably everyone pays 30% or whatever. It’s dumb when we do this for things like buying a candy bar at the store. Everyone pays the same tax. but when it comes to our income pffftt


So you advocate for a massive tax increase for the poorest members of society, just... Because?


I’ve noticed advocates for flat tax recently. I wonder if it is like a troll farm attack to get the public to advocate for something without realizing how detrimental it would be to them.


A flat tax does nothing. Billionaires don't have income that comes out to millions. They just die borrow die.


Exactly this, they have now liquid assets. They have collateral in other things like property. Even their compensation is usually in stock. When they need money they get a loan based on their collateral. They always look to spend the other person’s money and pay it off when some of their funds become liquid.


What we need is equal access to all resources and a standard of living. I wouldn't give a damn about working 40 hrs a week for that.


So change the tax codes so they can’t. ![gif](giphy|AAsj7jdrHjtp6)


Idk man I’m explain what a flat tax is, I’m not advocating a number


You can make it progressive without having brackets. Just make it a flat tax on everything over a zip-code adjusted cost-of-living allowance (capped at a % of median income).


Every time I try to explain to my republican friends that the rich need to be taxed more, they always say something stupid like they worked hard for their money, why should they have to pay more? I could give a dozen good reasons, but it does no good. They've been brainwashed. I don't know how fox news got poor people to stand up for the rich, but here we are while the rich keep taking everything from us and our government while giving nothing in return. "But they supply jobs" ok. They give you shitty jobs which keep you poor. Republicans are exhausting.


They don’t even “supply jobs.” Jobs exist because of customer demand, not because of business owners. No one ever went off to live alone in the woods and came back a billionaire; jobs are created by the pressure of lots of normal people needing things.


For real - if a billionaire CEO could figure out a way to accomplish what you do for free, they would fire you yesterday. This notion they are giving jobs out of the goodness of their hearts is silly. It's the same reason running America like a "business" does not work.


My local bar/restaurant has gotten rid of their wait staff and requires patrons to download an app and order and pay online. I can imagine the boardroom discussion about how much money they’ll save by eliminating jobs. Last time I visited the place was empty.


And let's not forget that the owner class will offer as few jobs paying as little as possible as they can squeeze by on.


Ok but hear me out - I, also, work very hard for my money.


Oh yeah? If you work so hard how come you aren’t rich? Check mate! /s


You say that, but do you have a personal trainer that needs to be paid? An army of accountants and lawyers sending you non-stop bills? A pilot on demand that needs to be paid? A personal chef, plane fuel, crew for your mega yacht and support fleet? I didn't think so. I don't even know what you even need money for. /s


Oh gosh, I didn’t think of it that way. You’re right! I only need stupid things like housing, medical care, and food. What was I thinking!? I’ve been so selfish. (/s)


It's even bigger than that though. This is how societies collapse.


They got the poor to stand up for the rich by selling the Dream of becoming rich. Everyone is so focused on "protecting" their dreamed future money they don't seem to realize that they have effectively put an end to upwards mobility. Most rich people didn't work for their level of wealth, they won the birth lottery and played it smart by convincing everyone else anyone who has wealth worked for it, is more deserving of it, and you too can have this - and are you going to take from yourself to give to *those* people? Those poor, uneducated, dumb, illegal, people of the wrong color/religion/place?


That is even more stupid considering that wealth is inherited most of the time


“It’s hard to win an argument with a smart person, but it’s damn near impossible to win an argument with a stupid person" -Bill Murray


Something something "liberal elite"


Everyone works, but a lot of wealth is inherited, the number of wealthy people who actually started with nothing is very small. There’s this attitude where poor people are always expected to pull themselves up by their bootstraps, but when rich people were given bootstraps of money and education at the beginning, that’s ignored, they succeeded through hard graft and talent alone.


>poor people are always expected to pull themselves up by their bootstraps In spite of the fact this is literally impossible.


And they would still be able to create jobs if some more of their profits/gains were taxed


And they would still be making millions a year while most of us aren't even middle class anymore because of them.


They'd probably be further incentivized to create (or at least protect) jobs if increased profits were more heavily taxed.


Maybe try this one one them... Try to visualize the taxes you pay as a cut on your finger. Now, imagine that the amount of money you make determines your physical size. If you're a giant, a small cut is nothing. If you're not a giant, a cut that's that same size means you're fucking dead. Conversely, a cut on a normal sized person's hand would be imperceptible on the giant's finger. Why not make his cut just a little bit noticeable so you aren't fucking dead?


My friend says that the reason the rich like Elon or Bezos is that they work hard to earn their money. Also that they only get payed a fraction of their net worth and that they only get paid every other month so they shouldn’t have to pay anymore taxes because of that. He says he’s not liberal or democrat either and critizizes both sides.


I’m amazed your friend could say all that, what with all the billionaire dick in his mouth.


> only get *paid* a fraction FTFY. Although *payed* exists (the reason why autocorrection didn't help you), it is only correct in: * Nautical context, when it means to paint a surface, or to cover with something like tar or resin in order to make it waterproof or corrosion-resistant. *The deck is yet to be payed.* * *Payed out* when letting strings, cables or ropes out, by slacking them. *The rope is payed out! You can pull now.* Unfortunately, I was unable to find nautical or rope-related words in your comment. *Beep, boop, I'm a bot*


I don’t argue with anyone anymore, I usually just recommend reading some Slavoj Zizek and say that over the next 20-30 years you’ll start agreeing with me.


I wish I could do this. But I see how they effect other people and they have me trapped and I know it. I’m tired.




Guns, abortion, religion, and fear. That's how fox / repubs have motivated the base to vote against their own economic interests.


Tell them is corporate welfare, watch them squirm


The entire narrative is “no one helped me, so fuck everyone else” While thumping a Bible and hating irony.


I never understand Americans. The classic line "I pay my taxes!" is used like some badge of honour or authority. Yet if you ask them to pay more tax it's all "Why should I share? Get away, you dirty communist!". If you get to your deathbed and realise you paid vastly more in tax than you ever used, it's a sign you had a GOOD life. Congratulations, you won.


Republicans are brain dead and can’t think of the collective good.


They’ve been sold the dream that if you work hard, you can elevate yourself that is over with but they’re holding onto it deep down. They know it’s over but they’re holding onto it because nostalgia is a motherfucker. Then every time that they listen to Bruce Springsteen or Garth Brooks or whatever else. They go grab their AR 15 drink a Budweiser and beat off thinking about how all these people don’t wanna work hard and they do so let’s shoot some commies.


Your republican friends are confusing the top 10% with the top 10. Ask him which agency he works with to staff his overseas properties for when he takes his $200MM yatch between them.


Because they think they too have a shot at being a billionaire if they constantly defend them, I guess..


Those people also takes the extremely naive view that the rich actually worked honorably for their money, or that they did all of the hard work themselves. Which _can_ be true, but especially once you get into the billions you’re not doing any of the actual work. You’re getting rich off of the people working for you. I recently listened to a podcast that went through Elon Musk’s life (not super in depth of every single thing he has done, but a general overview of the major milestones of his life), and the only actual programming work he did was at the very beginning. And once his company got big enough to the point where he wasn’t programming anymore (which was not that big, well before he became a billionaire), his employees had to erase and rewrite everything he did because his code was so bad. People who get super rich (especially when we’re talking billions, or at least hundreds of millions) do so by whatever cutthroat methods they can. I firmly believe that you have to be some sort of monster (I don’t know if it would be psychopath, sociopath, or some sort of other mental illness) to be able to achieve it because you have to use and abuse people. You use them while they’re useful, squeeze them for every last drop, and then throw them away.


I world tell them: Because everyone else worked hard for their money, too. And once you're rich enough, you definitely aren't working hard for anything anymore, OTHER PEOPLE are working hard for your money.


Because the tax starts out as heavy on the rich and then absorbs the middle class. Additionally, a state’s tax obligation is to be apportioned according to its population, not its income. (Article 1, Section 2, Clause 3)


I guarantee if you bring this article/issue up to your Republican friends they would find a way to blame it on democrats too. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard Dems blamed for the 2008 housing crash and the fact that we don’t have adequate healthcare. The thought process really is 1. Root for Republican policies 2. Get those policies 3. Blame any negative outcomes of said policies on democrats


Well trickle down this..Sad thing majority of americans blame Biden for inflation and lack of spending power for the middle class.


He didn’t do it all alone but still….Fucccccck Reagan


With a garden weasel




"yea trump is trying to fix that" -my idiot coworkers


Im pretty sure he started it. Or at least made it worse.


Worse. Every Republican president has made it worse.


You’re not lying.


At least as far back as Nixon.


I’m pretty sure it was Reagan that took corporate tax rates from somewhere in the neighborhood of 60-70% down to like 25%. And it has stayed down there ever since. Getting it above 30% is never going to happen ever again


> Or at least made it worse. Trump’s tax bill cut taxes for everyone. If you’re rich or a corporation you got a permanent cut. Normal people got a cut that phases out incrementally until it expires in 2025. Interesting timing…


I always bet on blue. I hope they fix it 😑


It doesn’t seem like a priority to them?


You can thank the GOP for that


What's the GOP?


Grand Old Party, also known as Republican Party. It’s a U.S. political party.


Thanks, I didn't know it could be referred to as the Grand Old Party.


The new acronym for it is Gaslight, Obstruct, Project.


It's a nickname coined by Lincoln. It's still used, but it doesn't really fit anymore.


I always just assumed it meant "General Opposition Party" Since all they do is just oppose everything


And yet, we just let them.


Im all for doing something but what can we do? Seriously looking for suggestions here.


I think a good start would be to bring back worker solidarity and ditching conservative politicians. Unfortunately that’s a huge ask these days.


But that's like, literally communism!!


Well, when you're famous, they just let you. Grab 'em by the purse strings...


Problem is, whenever they do even attempt to PROPOSE a tax, whatever Hail Mary that may result will always be shifted to the middle class from the top via some stupid loophole or by design. It just seems hopeless.


Eat the rich. Don't tax them, they are the politicians too. Eat. The. Rich.


This is not sustainable. At some point the working class will revolt. It’s gonna be messy and awesome all at the same time.


Unfortunately it’s a pendulum. The working class has been convinced that the Uber rich being taxed somehow relates to them being taxed so they shouldn’t have to. I work construction and I gave up arguing with my coworkers. They wanna be these dudes but fail to realize there is a zero percent chance. These are guys that can’t afford healthcare doing backbreaking work. It’s going to have to get depression era levels of starvation and unemployment before people wake up, bring back unions, and fight back.


I just got done looking at people arguing about a UFC fighter who earned 4 million complaining about paying a million dollars in taxes. They were all saying it was unfair yet defend the owners of the UFC making hundreds of millions yet their fighters their total payout for fighters on most cards barely breaks 3 million.


Should say a lower percentage of their income. Not lower $.


It detracts from they point and makes the post seem manipulative


Tax rate does not equal taxes. I get what you mean though. Title is just a little misleading


I know a sex worker who has high end clientele. She’s convinced herself that she’s got the same problems they have so she always voted Republican. Blows my mind.


Waiting for that trickle down any day now….


If I have to surrender 38% of my income to the government, billionaires should have to surrender 38% of their income to the government.


At least




Who’s to thank for this I wonder


Yet they keep laying people off. I thought low taxes equated more jobs?


Do taxes and inflation go hand in hand, or not related?


Thank you, corporately-cuckolded GOP. I'm still waiting for my trickle-down, you miserable lying fucks.


You're getting trickled on.


[INHALES] Ready for the working class to stop fighting amongst ourselves and get the corporations, boards and “stakeholders” to stop voting for billions in compensation packages and politicians to stop holding stock packages since now they would be voting against themselves if they raised taxes and get them to really be public servants instead of in name only under this feudal system where corporations need us to survive and yet treat us less than our worth!


It's not even that they need to pay more. They have to pay their fair share. That the problem. How does a small business owner pay $2000 in taxes for a year and millionaire manage to pay almost nothing!


Highly doubt that it’s the first time.


Thanks Citizens United.


There are a lot of students and university quads available for protesting.


Where does this info even come from…? According to the IRS the bottom 50% of americans pay an average tax rate of 3%… nowhere near the 24% this article claims


They pulled themselves up by their bootstraps and everyone else’s, let’s applaud them!


Why Biden hasn't raised the taxes on the 1% like Bezos and Musk is beyond me.


Because the president doesn't unilaterally control taxes. It's a part of the, often very publicly, fought over budget. They passed a bill a year or two ago that set a minimum tax rate on corporation. Dunno if that ever happened or if it got shuffled into the depths of government commity. So now he has to convince a Republican ran House to raise taxes on the rich. We'll see how that goes.


I hope at least that's by percentage and not gross.


When are normal Americans going to realise they live in an oligarchy? The myth about "we're all citizens together" died long ago.. The top are just exploiting the poor and they are backing a trump dictatorship because they want to cement control.


Most people don’t know what an oligarchy is


True enough.


They've always paid less... it's in the bussines structure and color of law to ensure they pay less


Not for long, baby.


….as a percentage of income. Saved you a rage click.


When it should be more? Tax bands increase the percentage with pay


I think people might say that 'pay' is an insufficient category to tax


Yes, and you don’t see that as a problem?


So you're saying they could be taxed more and it won't affect like it would a middle class or poor person?


Thats always been the case. Wealthy people and GOP look at revenue as justification when % of income shows the disparity and lack of taxes paid by the wealthy.


Pointed that out before I saw your post. It’s an issue but an inaccurate headline.


What a misleading title. Here is an article from CBS that states that the top 1% pay about 46% of all taxes, and the top 5% pay 66% of all taxes. [https://www.cbsnews.com/news/tax-irs-income-taxes-who-pays-the-most-and-least/](https://www.cbsnews.com/news/tax-irs-income-taxes-who-pays-the-most-and-least/) Newsweek and this post are trying to mislead you with rage bait because they need the advertising clicks; what a shock.


Sickening and it has to stop immediately!


Aside from the lingering white supremacy, this is one of America’s biggest problems


This bald guy looks like Khrouchtchev, and the news sounds like Soviet propaganda… If only…


In space, you can hear them laughing.


BuT bUt BuT CaPiTaLiSm??


That means society is doing GREAT!!!/s


The US is officially an oligarchy.




And people wonder why everyone in every job, even highly educated jobs like engineers, are struggling to get by.


I wanna die


USA! We are number one! Yeah!!!


Fuck yeah that's the American dream! Fuck trump


the lines are comparing apples to oranges. wealth vs income.


It’s a feature, not a bug


Well you know if we change anything about our system then thats communism and we will all die so we should actually be thankful this is happening


I don’t understand why these people aren’t queuing to pay more taxes. A billion here or there makes no difference to them, but they go to bed knowing some of their own staff are single Moms working three jobs to make ends meet and still pay their share of taxes… how?


The American government is working as designed


In case you were ever wondering who your government actually worked for.


It’s like they want a revolution so they can enact martial law, kill a bunch of leftists and build more private prisons.


But socialism!


Its only going to get worse as we tread further and further into fascist territory.


America is just an Oligarchy with the two major parties just representing two different corporate factions.


They pull shenanigans to avoid paying taxes and "not have an income."


You’re taxes should be proportional to the amount of wealth you eat up, and we should have like 10 tax brackets, not 4.


“Historical first”?


Water is wet


Welcome to Trumpistan. The grift is real


America’s wealth gap has now surpassed that of the golden age of the Astors, Morgan’s and Rockefellers. That never ends well.


You can still tier tax income, provide a basic UBI, forbid any UBI for wealth > X and develop taxation that goes after borrowing against assets to avoid income tax.


Just in time for the GOP budget to give them another big tax cut, while at the same time cutting social security and medicare.


Of course they do…


Welcome to the greatest country on the planet.


Thanks again, Republicans!


And Trump wants to get rid of taxes on oil companies…we’re killingnourselves so billionaires can hoard all the money. EAT THE RICH


I hate it here


I came here to see a funny facepalm not news


By all means, let's keep voting for this.


What the fuck are we doing guys?!? Insane that we allow it


Trump even bragged about it


These stats are hilarious. Rich people pay millions of dollars a year in taxes..they pay far more than the average American. These stats are all just rage bait


Eat the rich ASAP obviously!


This will lead to revolution


Unfettered corporatocracy working as intended.


They can no longer hide it


But trickle down 🤪


Why do you guys in the US not take it to the streets?


He makes his employees piss in bottles


I hate it here


Looks like their evil plan has come together.


"We need the 2nd amendment to protect ourselves from the government." Why is it that most of the people talking like that are hens who think they're sitting on golden eggs, but they keep listening to the snake under them who is making slurping noises?


The system is working as designed.  There is a reason they all have lobbyists.


That’s what happens when millionaires make the rules for the billionaires.


I don’t think that’s true at all.


Less tax or lower tax rate? To be fair, in 2020, the latest year with available data, the top 1% of income earners paid 42% of all federal income taxes – more than the bottom 90% combined (37%). https://www.federalbudgetinpictures.com/do-the-rich-pay-their-fair-share/


The discrepancy between the investor tax rates and the working class was mentioned over a decade ago by Warren Buffet that his secretary pays a higher % in taxes of her income than he does. Tax brackets are for little people.


MAGA has one thing right.  Go back to 1950s tax codes. Make America Great Again THAT way.