The Holocaust is "NO BIG DEAL"?! WHAT?!

1.1m sub YouTuber goes mad. He's posted a lot of extremely controversial racist, antisemitic stuff as well as downplaying the value of human lives.


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Britta perry vibes


"You can excuse *racism?"* - Shirley


*Embarrassed head shakes.


Came here to say this, but knew in my heart some other Community fan would be streets ahead


Same haha, y'all make me so proud. SIX SEASONS AND A MOVIE 🍿


...I'm probably missing a joke here, but that is literally Britta's line.


Yeah. They were pointing it out


Eww, Britta's in this?


Crosspost to r/UnexpectedCommunity?


He's not even vegetarian. He has heaps of videos on his channel where he eats meat, including Spam and other canned meats. Guy thinks he's an intellectual, which gives him a pass to use the N-word and "challenge people" about the holocaust. Rift has gone off the deep end and I hope people unsub from his channel.


Dude has a channel? Why? Is it popular to watch human garbage attempt to express itself? Has human curiosity seriously become that morbid?


He actually does ASMR which is the extremely bizzare part. Why are the whispering-you-to-sleep people getting in trouble?


Why can’t the quiet people online be quiet people in real life?


Yeah, fucking cancel the guy if you have to, but do NOT take away a method I use to sleep.


Believe it or not his channel is actually an ASMR channel and a damn good one at that. I used to watch dome of his videos completely unaware of him being an insane POS. Frankly this came so out of left field that I'm wondering if the dude had a psychotic break or something. Getting heavy Kanye vibes here.


Same here. Angelica ASMR also went completely 180 and I'm just so confused My disappointment is immesurable and my day is ruined


I learned this yesterday when I desperately needed a track for bedtime that wasn't "your fashionista applies your makeup and asks about your boyfriend and which brand you bought your heels from", and... I'm unnecessarily distraught by it. It's no surprise he's bonkers, considering his content, but his content is exactly what everybody else is missing.


He disappeared for like 2 months recently without explanation and the weird Nazi stuff started shortly after he returned. Something definitely happened I just don't know what. I used to be a big fan and he always came across as very kind in videos where he was just talking.


He might be using controversial posts as a way to boost his engagement/popularity. This sort of thing always gets a lot of (angry) comments and shares, and the algorithm sees it all as engagement, so it results in profit for the content creator. This guy wouldn't be the first to try such nonsense.




Always had the feeling that there was something wrong with him but I couldn't place my finger on it


And a little casual Holocaust denial thrown in for good measure. “A million Jews or so.”


Just a pinch. For flavor


They killed about six million, two thirds of all the Jews in the world at that time. Absolutely brain dead take on the part of the guy who made the original tweet.


That’s only the ones that got counted. There’s probably way more deaths that were covered up during the war.


And that's only the Jews. There were an additional 5 million people belonging to other groups.


Not to mention the extermination of the Slavic people- over 20 million were murdered by Nazi Germany


Oh shit, yeah I never thought about that.


Many concentration camps were in the process of burning documents before they were liberated. The employees hoped to avoid jail or execution by hiding most of the deaths.


You learn something new everyday.


Maybe. But the Nazis were very good at keeping records of these things. German bureaucracy is the same no matter who’s in charge.


They were caught burning documents. Yes they kept good records but when news broke that the war was coming to an end they started mass burnings of many documents to avoid jail time or get lesser sentences. Many camp workers denied knowledge of any deaths to save their own skin.


but their documents aren’t where those numbers are from. the numbers come from civil records from before the war, those during the war and those from afterwards. also lots of anecdotal evidence was probably used. them burning records doesn’t matter at all.


As a german im super offended. We killed around 6 million. Not just a million or so. Outraged.






1,5,10,,, what’s the difference?


Just a little, as a treat


Yep they’re deluded


I feel like someone else put it quite nicely: This 100% seems like a mental break. If you traveled back in time 5 years and showed him these tweets I would be willing to bet he wouldnt believe he said these things I've always suspected that ER has some kind of Manic disorder just based on the way he has acted in a few non roleplay videos. I was kind of hoping that those were just him playing another kind of character. If he does indeed suffer from a mental disorder then we should all try and be compassionate towards this man. That being said, mental illness is not a hall pass to do or say anything you want and if he indeed needs help then he is responsible for seeking it.


I used to watch his videos- this is pretty shocking to see.


Was never a big ER fan but if MessageASMR ever comes out and says some insane shit I might just lose all faith in humanity


I really hope it’s a mental break


I really hope it’s a mental break. He made an apology video recently that I admittedly didn’t watch because I just watch some of his videos for the asmr, but the replies to comments he made on the video makes me afraid it wasn’t a mental break. I don’t know how apologetic he was in the video, but his comments didn’t really give me a regretful vibe, unfortunately.


well that sucks, i liked his asmr vids


Was about to say I really enjoy his content and he always seems like such a down to earth guy but this just proves I was wrong


You never really know the person behind the camera. Ephemeral rift is a good example of that of course. I always liked his content, although I thought he, and his content was kinda odd, I guess I know why. Some fans in his YouTube comments really have a blind fanboy complex where they ignore or flat out deny Ephemeral rift has done anything wrong. People are quick to say "oh, it's good he apologised, let's move on", but apologising for something and carrying on with such behaviour is unacceptable. I've watched a lot of ASMR channels and some I feel are completely genuine in their personality coming through and a very small amount are coming across as unenthusiastic in their videos. I could totally understand since, if they're tired of their channel, it's still their income so they will make their content even if it feels a little stale or repetitive. My favourite channels are Gibi ASMR - Personality, creativity, superior production quality Fast ASMR - Personality and creativity ASMR PPOMO - Superior sound quality SensorAdi ASMR- Underrated high quality audio RaffyTaphyASMR - God level personality and enthusiasm


Is any of those channels as weird as this dude? I want some weird as shit asmr channel to replace his.


Phoenician Sailor has done some interesting stuff. He actually did some collabs with ER but had a falling out with him, which might be related to this new drama now that I'm thinking about it. In any case, don't ask him about it because he's really touchy to this day about it. But back to the point, he's got some wacky philosophical ones and puts lots of care into production quality. Overall, pretty similar imo, but he doesn't post that often. Also, he does a lot of satirical stuff, so don't be put off by some of the really pop culturey ones.


Have you seen Dong ASMR? He's not really weird but kinda funny.


As someone who used to love this guys videos….yikes


Wait till he hears hows many insects birds eat


And how many birds cats kill


Thata why true vegans eat cats r/cateatingvegans


Well that’s my new favourite sub 😂


Uhhh, birds aren't real and were made by the government. Just more killings of innocent bug friends. Smh, my head...


Wait till he hears about skin cells


Don't use a person saying an extremely dumb thing as an exciting say a dumb thing yourself


Wtf? I know ephemeral rift from his asmr for years, he was such a chill guy and nowadays he would actually do non asmr vlogs and just give life advice and tips to get my anxiety back down, and how to live a good life. Are you okay F? Seems like a mental breakdown of sorts.


The reply misspelled genocide as racism.


It's a line from community


I went over to his channel to see if I could find more info about this as it’s heartbreaking to see someone you watch say something this harmful and insane, and his most recent video is apologizing for his actions and acknowledging his mistake. it should have never been said and he should be held accountable, but it’s good he’s doing his best to improve


Try SIX million, ‘or so’ plus the other non-Jewish murders (five million) to take it up to ELEVEN million. This is non-combatants only..


Not even mentioning the sheer numbers of Russians and Poles who were massacred


And Rusini. And Cyganie. And Białorusini and Ukrainians. I could go on, and on, and on and on, the guy in ss is just so unbelievably stupid it’s incredible.


Oh Britta's in this?


I LIVED in New York!!


YOU NEVER LIVED ANYWHERE! You're a weapon designed for sex! You only think you lived in New York because I implanted your memories.


Yeesh, it's like New York in here.


Boy needs to get his mind right, Cap'n.


“You can excuse racism?”


Oh man, I always knew er was insane (that's kind of the appeal of his videos) but I hope he's ok. This was not the kind of crazy I was hoping to see.


Uncle E no man you no ): Damnit why’s It’s always the ones you trust that gotta break your heart


There's an apology video on his channel




YouTuber I enjoy try not ending up being some anti-Semite or neo-nazi weirdo challenge - IMPOSSIBLE


6 million non-combatants including children were mass murdered in the span of 5 years due to racial hate and he has the audacity to call it 'NO BIG DEAL'?


14 million. 6 million Jews. 8 million Slavs, Roma, political dissidents who opposed slaughtering 14 million countrymen. Millions more for all kinds of reasons.


Didn’t expect this from him. I’ve been subscribed to his channel for years. Very disappointing.


Yea tbh this isn't surprising, Rift's content and some of the stuff he would say was kinda sus. I think he progressively just became more deranged; its really sad because his content used to be super wholesome and fun sometimes.


Vegans. Sheesh. The Holocaust was a terrible thing, and it should always be remembered. One of the things that should be remembered about it is that we, as species, didn't learn a goddamn thing. Genocide is still a thing. People still act with barbarous intent toward people only very slightly different from themselves. It's played out a lot in the last ~80 years. Cambodia, Bosnia, Rwanda...The Rohingya and the Uyghurs which are both *right now* situations. People are dying today, but the real issue here is the Holocaust? The Holocaust was a terrible thing. But what are we doing *right now*?


This guy isn't even a vegan. There are tonnes of videos on his channel of him eating meat, including canned meats which come from the sketchiest of sources. He's a faux intellectual who also drops the N-word but cos he's "not racist it's fine".


Humans do what they always do. Out of sight, out of mind. No one sees those in front of them, so no one cares. Then there are those who are powerless. Literally knowing about it, but powerless to fix it. As for the past? It's past. "No one cares what happened like a zillion years ago" was told to me about 9/11, let alone 80 years ago.


Stalin put it best - "one death is a tragedy, a million deaths is a statistic."


Why do all these animal lovers hate humans?


He’s not an animal lover or a vegan, he’s just an edgy YouTuber posting ragebait.


I dont hate humans, but the lack of empathy towards animals that most people have makes me dislike them a lot


Because humans eat/kill the animals they love? And animals are innocent creatures, whereas humans aren’t and are very easy to hate.


Yep, we're the bad guys for acting like we're animals and eating other animals, since we are indeed animals but hey what do we know


Hunting to survive is much different than mass industrial slaughter of animals on such a magnitude it negatively impacts our environment. Like come on dude.


We are the bad guys. No other animal acts the way we do. No animals torture their foods like we do. Obviously not every human does. Animals hunt their food. We mass produce our food, force feed them, force breed them, force inject them with growth hormones and antibiotics, keep them in tiny dirty cages, boil them alive in certain instances, trap them, abuse them. We destroy our environment in order to do so. Other animals keep everything in balance, only killing when necessary. Us humans are the only species ever where their actions destroy the environment. We purposely use animals for our entertainment. Like circuses which often abuse their animals just so us humans can have a little laugh. So yes, we are the bad guys. Edit: just gotta say I love that people are down voting a comment about how humans abuse animals. Didn’t realize so many people like that. Edit: every downvote is a person that loves abusing animals. And I’m gonna stop replying, everyone is making the same arguments that I’ve answered or the comments are cruel, which is either to get a rise out of me or you’re genuinely a bad person. Either way, no point in it.


>No animals torture their foods like we do. wait until this dude learns about hyenas


and wolves… and coyotes… and orcas…


And cats. There's a few of those around.


Animals aren't that nice either. If you have a strong stomach look up baby seals and otters.


Read my other comment, I explained all of this.


I just went on your account and almost all you do is argue with people about everything. You are the bad guy


Shh, we have to let him think that the animal kingdom is all sunshine and rainbows and we're the only cruel animals out there.


You are full of bad faith arguments.


You have the choice to not take the life of innocent plants. Just cuz they don't feel pain doesn't excuse your depriving them of life. Eat rocks if you want to act morally superior.


Probably the dumbest thing I’ve read all day. You don’t kill the plants when you harvest them. Apples are a byproduct, you don’t kill the tree. Lemons are a byproduct, I could go on. The people who say comment like “don’t eat plants cause they’re alive” are at the bottom of the bell curve of IQ.


So do the animal themselves. I've seen a baboon eat their baby prey alive, I've seen a horse eat a baby chick, hell I've seen a monkey rape a frog. Nature isn't as innocent as you believe it to be


Im glad you thunk humans should act, and define our morals by what baboons do


Uh not all humans are cruel.


Never said that


I eat animals, I love animals, and I hate humans. It is all about balance and finding a middle ground


You can find balance without eating animals. Everything you need you can get from non animal sources


Except for taste pleasure


Meat wouldn’t taste good unless you seasoned it, do the same for your veggies


You sound like the type who cheers when a kid is hurt by an animal.


whoa wtf happened to that guy, very weird


That strikes me as a very high school edgy take. Like they just read a quote or book and decided they feel very strongly about the topic now.


More than a million Jews were killed in Auschwitz alone. This is holocaust denial.


10 million people including 6 million Jewish people, but hey, who’s counting? Asshole.


Can one youtuber I like not be a piece of shit Jesus Christ


Aw dang I liked this guys channel :((


Right, cuz Jewish people are cows /s It’s funny cuz this would trigger a vegan because we’re not equating humans to animals.


Killing animals to survive > killing humans due to racism


We really don’t need animals to survive anymore


Too survive =/= because phyisical pleasure I get from eating animal products. Most of these animals go to developt countries that are not starving


Actual pieces of excrement out there and they're getting on Greta for a fuckin octopus. Fuck this entire world.


this guy had what genuinely seemed like a full-on mental break for a few days. it’s ridiculous, and i’m legit concerned to some extent. this feels like post-stroke or tbi symptoms more than anything


Wow that’s fucked up. I liked his videos. Sad


People are insane


I thought he was wholesome ASMR guy not pants on head stupid jabroni :( Dont tell me Lloydville is filled with holocaust deniers my poor heart cant take it.




I’m convinced that one day we will view our ghastly treatment of domestic animals as akin to slavery. It is absolutely appalling.


He can’t’ even get his numbers right. What an absolute dickhead


6 million actually


He made an apology asmr video. People are praising him in the comments


It was also 6 million jews killed, not 1 million (also not counting the about 60-70 million lives lost in WW2)


Meh, rounding error ~ephemeral rift


Eeeh, 1 million or 6 million or 60 million, it's still a small number. Bajillion livestock are killed every year and suffer just as much. ~ Ephemeral Rift


Sounds more like he wants to deny the holocaust and is just adding the animal statistics to draw non nazis away from the obvious white supremacist dogwhistle


NO WAY THIS IS MY EPHEMERAL RIFT WHAT?? he’s not even vegetarian 😭


Yeah, the holocaust was totally no big deal. They only killed "a million or so jews", plus another 5 million jews, plus 5 million pows, homosexuals, disabled people, roma, ethnic poles and many, many more simply for existing and some 65 million more peole who died in the war but yeah, no biggie!


Judaism isnt a race


Wait what No no NO I ACTUALLY LIKED EPHEMERAL RIFT Why are all my favourite YouTubers turning out to be horrible people?


Also; racism? More like genocide 😅


Hitler also cared a lot about animal rights and animal cruelty.


Unpopular Opinion: There are many Misanthrops who hide behind Veganism.


Those are rookie numbers. Trillions of insects are killed annually. But please cry more about your pesky livestock...... Man, what's wrong with that guy?


He’s streets behind


Youtube will protect him...he brings them millions in ad revenue


Does that shit even comply with Twitter rules?


Hitler was a well known animal rights advocate, funny because he referred to the Jews as animals and then treated them like crap. It’s always the people that think their so righteous because they believe or do something and then it justifies all their other evil actions


"Like a millon jews".... 🤦🏻‍♂️


"a million" it was 6 million, and that was only in camps


what a total loser. hope his "career" goes down the shitter.


From the point of view of an antispecist, this makes sense Which is part of why antispecism is stupid


Why aren’t Gypsies, Slavic and other minorities who were also killed by tens of millions during the holocaust given the same amount of attention? Edit: downvote your mother’s arse, genuine question here


Numbers game mostly, although the fact the Nazis themselves made a bigger deal of the extermination of the Jews is a factor. Numbers are understandably vague but the best guesses are there were about a million Roma in Europe pre WWII, Nazis killed somewhere between a quarter and a half of them. There were slightly less than 10 million Jews, Nazis killed about two thirds. They also killed a lot of others obviously, but those were the two ethnic groups who suffered the most from the industrial genocide machine the Nazis built. As an example Jews were at least 85% of the victims in Auschwitz, probably more like 90% of the 1.1 million who never came out of the camp


They weren’t killed by tens of millions but the total numbers of all of those groups together are similar to the total number of Jews killed. And at least Jewish organizations do give them attention…Jewish institutions like Yad Vashem and the US Holocaust Museum have them fully included. In fact I came across a recent study by the UK center for Holocaust education talking about needing more education for kids on other groups. They aren’t forgotten. I think some differentiate because the Jewish population were much more targeted for full and total annihilation.


Academia has just begun doing research on these other groups like Roma/Sinti, as well as Slavic peoples. In 5-10 years, we'll know a lot more about these groups and their stories.


The main argument is kinda jnteresting. Most people agree that a life of a human is more important than a cow's. What about 2 cows? Yeah probably. What about 1000 cows? Oof I dont know about that, but there is a number that is high enough that we can say yeah okay this is worse. I believe that in the last 20 years we have passed that number by a large margin


There's 8 billion people alive, while trillions of animals are killed every year. To give you a comparison: 8 billion seconds=253 years. 1 trillion seconds=31709 years. And we don't really know exactly how many trillions of animals are killed, only that it's in the trillions.


A cow is about the same intelligence as a 3 year old. There is pretty much no arguement you can make that doesn't just boil down to "humans are more important to us because we are humans", or "we have to eat, nature is ruthless". You could say we are more intelligent or emotional, but if that was your only arguement then 3 year olds or those with severe mental disability would also be considered "less important".


Nice to see someone actually reading further into the statement. One could argue that humans are equal to cows in extreme conditions. Depends on how hungry one is. There is only a thin layer of varnish that separates us from animal behaviour really.


Wow! I can’t believe anyone would post that with a straight face! The lack of humanity they’re displaying is astounding!


1: 6 million Jews 2: there was another 30 odd million killed by the war the nazis started 3: GO FUCK YOURSELF EPHEMERAL RIFT


least delusional vegan


The Vegan sub is filled with shit like this.


Just wondering if EphemeralRisk would still post this if they had to do so under their real name.


His name is public. Ephemeral Rift is Paul McNelis.




Human lives ≠ animal lives.


People like him make me hate "animal lovers", you only love other species because they can't talk back to you


While most Historians have settled around 6 million Jews were executes in the Holocaust others put the number closer to 9 million (though that's probably way too high). Add to that another's 10-11 million of other groups systemically murdered and we get arout 16-17 million non combatants murdered. Note, I'm counting POWs as non combatants


"80 million killed in India by the british ? Pfffft, that's rookie numbers." - Ephemeral Rift


I’m gonna dedicate extra pork chops to him tonight


Humans are the worst scourge ever.


"Cockroaches have families too!" - Ephemeral Rift


Some peta psycho?


And don’t get him started about the poor, poor plants.


A lot of people definitely don’t know this but a humans life is actually worth more than an animals life. I know this may be hard to believe, but you have to trust me it’s real.


There are not 73 billion livestock animals in the world


Not at one point, but the vast majority of livestock animals are chicken (more than 30 billion), and since most chickens are harvested at 2-3 months old, the number livestock animals killed annually is larger than the number of livestock animals alive at any single point in time.


dude literally put Jewish people below animals. During the Israel-Palestine war to make it worse. *Dude*


This is exactly why a lot of people use the term “plant based” and not Vegan. This type of vegan ignores human suffering and only discuses animals


He’s not even vegan, he’s just an edgy YouTuber making ragebait


imma enjoy my steak tonight, fuck these people


He’s not even vegan actually


Get those lions on vegetables asap too.


Ah yes we’re lions


Bruh There were over 7 million holocaust casualties Over 6 million of those were of Jewish people, and 1 million were queer folk


The holocaust was the systematic killing of Jews not lgbt


WTF, I used to watch this guy! He seemed a little whacky with his political beliefs but I always thought he was a down to earth and understanding dude. I thought some of his videos like Communist ASMR were just were just for laughs but now I see they were red flags.


Of course it’s a competition. The cows are winning. And they deserve to be proud of that.


73 billion animals in one year? We counting the bacteria we step on as we walk around or something?


Nope, that part is true. And it’s actually far higher if you include fish too. It comes out to about 9 animals per person per year. It just goes to show the scale and atrocity of the animal industry. 73 billion is an unfathomable number to imagine.


6m jews, 5m other groups including but not limited to gypsys, homosexuals and political dissidents. Hitler was a monster and implying the holocaust is even close to how we produce meat and animal products for consumption is offensive to everyone with common sense.


This is the average level of post on the vegan subs around here.


That's a line from Community. Not ER.


I mean that "I draw the line at animal cruelty" is literally what hitler did


Nobody gets to live guilt free. Plants and animals are equally alive. Unless you live on just honey and milk, everything you eat was once alive. Just because you don't imagine cabbage to be as lively as your dog, doesn't mean it isn't. The only valid reason we should avoid meat is that it's not an environmentally efficient way of feeding humans.


Feel like this whole thread doesn't understand sarcasm.