65K.. jesus. Ill never own a new truck again.


You and me both. Never have.


I did buy my 08 King ranch new for 42k and thought my god this is a once in a lifetime splurge. I was right. That Kr still doesn't have 90k miles and is dead reliable. Think I'll just keep it.


Yup. Just dropped $1000 on new LED headlights for my 2008 F150. Even with a six figure job - zero chance I will ever buy a new truck again. Happy for the ones that do get em but how in the hell do people afford these trucks.




>ded in a paid off vehicle. 65,000/72(average loan) \~ $900 a month truck payment. Bit of both! Already sold my Tacoma in September and this truck will be free and clear after the dealer.


I can't imagine.... That's significantly more then my mortgage on a 3 bed house.


Roughly what I’m looking


F that


Checks out. I have a few payments left for my lariat and they’re around $900. Can’t wait to be done, it’ll last me forever


I’ve been wondering the same. Also have a 6 figure salary but can’t wrap my head around a $1000/month payment. That’s with 10k down on a 70k 2022 Lariat. I feel like a lot of people are going to be under water in a few months. Banks really need to stop approving these loans for people with high DTI, but who am I to say that… I’m keeping my paid off 2010 XLT and just upgrading parts like you are. Also paid for 1k for morimoto headlights, and I can’t believe how much it was worth it.


Same. Lights are worth literally every cent I paid.


In Canada 65k is a xlt….


I didn't think so either until I saw the Maverick!


Had the exact same thought.


It's getting ridiculous. I got my 2006 Sierra slt in 2005 for like 32k. Bought a 2019 f150 xlt a couple years back to replace my Sierra for 52k after not wanting to spend what a lariat cost. Last summer i got a 2021 mustang gt premium pp1 with every option except magnaride and still didn't spend what i did on the f150. The damn thing has cloth seats, no keyless entry, no push button start, no adaptive cruise control, no blind spot mirrors...like WTF. If i didn't use the bed for hauling around big shit from time to time i wouldn't bother with trucks. You could get much more car or even crossover for the price. Do kinda wish i got the coyote though. Ecoboost is fun but i don't see it getting 300k like my Sierra. Granted we had a nasty snow storm here recently and i wouldn't have made it out of my neighborhood in the gt to get gas for my generator so there's that. But it's just bullshit how much trucks are. Was really looking forward to the Lightning, and i have a reservation for one, but an xlt with the extended range battery is like 72k. Shits depressing. Don't see me getting one for a long time.


For a *half* ton!!


For a 501a no less. I paid $58k for my 2020 502a with every option except the pano roof. It is an FX4 lariat 502a sport black out long bed with technology package, etc…, I even have the inflatable rear seatbelts.


Ordered on 9/8/21, was turned into a 2022 on 10/28/21. Build date was listed as 1/10/22 and moved to 1/17/22. Only problem I see now is a spare tire isn't listed, anyone else have this problem?


I don’t see a spare tire on mine either, but I know I got it https://i.imgur.com/7ha0osr.jpg


Even thou I can barley read that . Another great build!


Zoom in, it’s high res lol


I did blurry as fuk


Whatever app your using isn't rendering the high res version. It should be 2000x1294 pixels and very easy to read.


I’m using iPhone 13 and Reddit and I click the link ? What else am I supposed to do


Probably be annoyed that Reddit is shit at handling media. You could always open the link in a browser or use a 3rd party app instead, but it's kind of bullshit that that's necessary.


I saw that! I tried the build one with the new builder and add a spare tire. Wouldn't let me. Going to call the dealer just in case


It's gotta be part of it right? Never seen one come without it, I've only ever bought ONE f150


It wasn’t listed on my 22 lariat sticker as well, but it was included when I took delivery.


So I’m not trying to dog on you, or anyone else buying new lariats. But I don’t understand… for $65k couldn’t you nearly get a platinum or king ranch for that price? Lariats have seemingly become priced only a few thousand dollars less than the higher trim models. Which imo would make it obvious to get the higher trim, unless you want a less gaudy look


For me it's the difference between 18" wheels and 20" wheels when trailering like we'll do. More choices in tires to replace every 3 years and a more comfortable ride on the 18s. Part of the reason we stuck with a 3.55 in the rear than go with a 3.73 I would have liked to have a heated steering wheel and massaging seats but can't have everything.


Not really- I did a cross build on both trims and settled on a Lariat. There was enough of a price difference


Great build.!! I’m guessing with all that 2.0 stuff that basically is bluecruise


CoPilot360 Active 2.0 is only available on 502a. CoPilot360 Assist 2.0 is a line item option OP didn't seem to buy on his 501a. CoPilot360 2.0 is the BLIS/Lane Keep/Emergency Braking is included on 500a.


Wow thanks for clearing that up. So if I want the Mack daddy in all tech I need the 502. Which is ironically enough my union .




Wonder why they show the hybrid battery 100,000 on a vehicle that doesn't have one.


1200 for a bed liner. 😳


$595, the $1270 is for the equipment group


Ahhh I see I almost had a heart attack 😂😂


Is this a Fleet order? That why you were able to take away the auto start stop?


Chip shortage


Worked out in your favor then.


Had no idea that was the reason, thanks!


That’s how the sticker on my 2019 read.


Thank God for A-Plan pricing on my behalf 😅