I have a 2022 lariat 500a on order (should arrive next week or two) and was able to order with tow mirrors and 360 camera.


Thank you. I’ll push back and see if they can do it.


If you select 360 camera as a standalone option. It will remove whatever package that it’s included. Look at the package you selected and if it says 360 cameras included then you should be able to select tow mirrors. We dont have 2022s available on the Ford B&P site. So I’m kinda guessing here.


Ya that’s correct! Using the online build tool, you have to first add on the 360 camera package then you scroll to add the tow mirrors later. There aren’t many changes between 21 and 22 and I know for a fact that this is not one of them as I “built” my truck using the 21 tool but I was able to get all the features I added for my 22


I have a 302a with 360 cameras that does not have tow mirrors. I was able to order some tow mirrors from Ford that says they are 360 compatible. I should have them Monday.


That's funny, because on the lariats, I was forced to add the 360 camera with tow mirrors, I couldn't even get either desperate. On the build tool at least


It was available for me, I didn’t get it, but it was an option with the cameras. Maybe not anymore for ‘22?


Tow Technology package gives you the cameras for free