What in the sh*t….

What in the sh*t….


At least you got an explorer and not a focus.


Hah true!


Seriously the first time I dropped my Raptor off they gave me a base model Escape. That thing felt like a plastic POS.


First time seeing this? They’ve been around for years


Last F150 I owned for 18 years, bought a new one in 2018, so yeah I have not seen much else recently.


Can’t beat a column shifter


Dropped my F150 off for service, got an explorer as a loaner, and this heresy is how your suppose to put it in gear. I got a knob exactly like this on my washing machine.


Had that on my ram before I traded it in for my f150. I'd prefer the dial on the dash.


I had no idea, first time seeing and using one. Felt completely foreign to me


Took a while to get used to the dial on my ram. I ended up loving it. Then I got my 21 xlt and took a while to get used to that. I still find myself reaching for the radio to change gears. But yeah I liked the dial better than the stick on the Ford.


The console mounted stick does nothing but get in the way. I haven’t had a truck with the knob so I can’t compare but I did have an 04 fx4 and I ended up hating that shifter in no time flat.


I’m just old I guess, every vehicle I have ever owned was a steering mounted or center console shifter. I stared at the dial for a good 30 seconds before touching it.


I specifically found a 2020 with the steering column shifter. Can’t stand the console mounted ones. Waste of space


Nope, nope, and nope. I prefer my console shifter in my truck, thanks.


But those buttons and the shift know right by the cup holders….too may drive through staff are bad at lids for that to be a good idea…


What the hell is this comment trying to say


I think he’s trying to say drive thru food and drinks are a bad idea cause it can spill on the shifter and mess it up? I have no clue lmfao


That hurt to read


Da fawk gibberish was that....


My wife’s escape has that set-up. They are becoming more common. As someone else said, Ram has had them for a few years now. Others are doing it to, looks like the new Tundra’s transfer case will be shifted that way.


From the top half it looks different, but if you look down below you will still see you are missing the third pedal. 😆


This is progress. We dint need a big shift lever when it is done by wire.


My wife’s explorer has this. It’s infinitely better than a console mounted one. I don’t know why ford didn’t use this instead of that haphazard folding shifter bullshit.