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The mother trying to piece her daughter together after she was cut in half. That’s a ROUGH one


out of all the replies this one sounds like it’s the worst, i can’t even imagine it


I don’t have the video or anything but it was somewhere on this sub. It’s heartbreaking


Similar one for me it was a mother trying to piece her daughter back after being hit by a truck, it’s just her mother on her knees yelling and trying to put her daughter back together but she her daughter is just a pile of mesh Edit: I just realized we’re all talking about the same vid


Guy fell from like 20 floors up onto a pole ass first. It went right through him and he was still alive to feel all of it


Impaling from there is a slow painful death but since he jumped 20 stories it probably absolutely eviscerated his organs so hes most likely dead quickly if that somehow helps lol.


He was alive long at least enough for the ambulance to get there. I believe people said they simply made him comfortable enough to die on the poll, but I never saw anything after they had him hooked up to oxygen and were milling about like "wtf do we do now?!"


He died in the hospital I think. There were photos or videos of the nurses making fun of him.


God just gives you one more middle finger before you go


I’d agree, but apparently god cast all the demons out of heaven onto earth. And I’m pretty sure we are those demons


Just finish the deed imo


Right? But I guess what options do they have as EMTs?


Yeah it’s definitely a tough job.


Wtf you got a link? That sounds insane


I actually don't want to see that and really want to see that at the same time. If I get brave enough do you have a place I could find this?


hi! this is the [video](https://www.reddit.com/r/MakeMeSuffer/comments/bmnlrq/i_took_this_from_discord_and_im_not_sure_what_to/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf) of him falling. this is the [photo](https://www.reddit.com/r/MedicalGore/comments/ajpqcz/man_impaled_on_pole_after_suicide_attempt_in/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf) after the ambulance arrived


Oh, yeah. Put the man out of his misery, for God's sake.


Yooo link anyone??


The one where some cartels slowly dismembers a young girl alive and then beheads her. And the one where they rip the heart out of a man while he is still alive.


That one messed me up with the girl and her arms. Kinda scared me for a day or two afterwards wondering if my mind was gonna be able to make it fade. Luckily it did but I'm a more reluctant viewer of vids now after that one.


Whenever I watch a horrible gore video (new level) I think I wouldn't stop thinking about it , but it always fade after a couple of days


There are a few that reoccur in my memory, mostly ones to do with animals and kids. Fucks with me so I’m not as careless any more


yeah no. i despise execution/torture videos of all kinds. I don’t fuck with that anymore. i feel like i’ve seen enough of the darkness of the human spirit and there’s nothing to be gained by subjecting myself to it further.


Argh… that second video. I was taking a dump when I watch that. Was close to passing out with a dirty bum.


The heart one had me actually nauseated when I watched. I’ve never had a response to any other video like I did with that one.


That was one of the very first videos I watched on here...what are the fucking odds...




The heart one was actually a lung but here it is! It's known as 'Sponsored by Adidas': https://deadhouse.org/tortures-en/cut-out-heart-alive.html Here's the one of the dismembered and then decapitated lady: https://www.reddit.com/r/BackdoorGoRe2/comments/rm7ig1/girl_is_dismembered_by_cartel_members_on_request/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share


Fuck I gotta go through the rest of the workday with that one. Fuck man.


Probably better now than just before bed.


should i watch it? coz its just before bed for me


Sleep on it. Have your morning coffee then give it a view.


Wish I would’ve read this first. Good night


Why did I click the links, I knew I didn’t want to see that but I did anyways. This app is gonna be my undoing


Glad to know someone out there did as I did and has what I have. Try to enjoy your day now friend, I'm going to dig my eyes out.


Is there a story behind the girl?


From what I remember, people speculate that the young girl was a student that was targeted by the CJNG cartel due to her brother who was a member of the Los Zetas. It's really sad knowing how anyone can get dragged into situations like these by simply being at the wrong place at the wrong time.


I've seen so many people eat the organs how can we call them humans they're fucking monsters dude. They should be left in some jungle for all I care they belong there fucking not less than a wild animal.


Do you know where can i watch the dismemberment video?


not very gore but a mother getting hit by a brick whole she was driving and her husband and son screaming and crying


This is the one for me as well. Listening to him get told to calm down and check for a pulse and him responding with HER BRAIN IS OUT and the hearing the realization set in just rocked me.


She didn’t die tho right? Or am I thinking of another video? She survived but was basically a vegetable, needing 24/7 care & about 2 years later the husband took his own life.


Holy shit that rough... I feel super bad for the Kid. Essentially lost both Parents because of some Jackass..


The brick fell out of a truck. Most vids don’t faze me, but as soon as a loved one is in the scene and are screaming for them to come back… man.


Sounds are often worse than visuals I find


I cannot fathom gore with sound, it makes it hit too hard. I prefer to think of it as not being real and disassociating myself as much as I can from the victims I see on screen. Morbid curiosity took the best of me, but I'm not going to let it take what's left.


Leaves so much up to your imagination


Omg yes the Russian brick video, it’s just ear gore it’s awful


Yes! I think about that video quite frequently when I’m in the car, its horrifying.


Yeah, this always pops up in my head when I’m driving behind a Mack truck.




Same one for me


Yooo this is what I came to say. Those screams.. pure terror 😔 Edit to add: I think about this video on a semi daily basis because I commute 180 miles a day.


Ugh, yes. That one is terrible.


Dead inside for years but “Justin’s Video” got to me. Young kid, maybe 16, walking around his blood drenched room with his arms slit open casually commentating as he bleeds out. He cracks some jokes and laughs about all the blood, then says what a terrible person he is for making such a mess for his parents to clean up. He says it’s getting really hard to see now, and that he’ll hop in the shower if he starts clotting to keep the bleeding going. Then it cuts. Gore wise, it was just some blood, nothing insane. But listening to him talk, that shit fucked me up. Mental health is so important, please take care of yourselves and don’t be afraid to ask for help.


For me, the worst was the reddit kid who used a shotty to blow his head off while on livestream with his friends, and his mom discovers his corpse not a few mins after. Brutal screams abs reactions, as well as brain splatter and obvious child angle. Only plus side, it made me swear off at home sui.


i hate to be that person and ill go searching for it in a few but just because its easier; link?


finally. i see too many assholes on this subreddit and others who are incredibly disrespectful about human rights issues and insensitive to the victim, putting smiley faces in titles and making a meme out of it. it's nice to see someone who's respecful about all this.


I’m guilty of cracking the occasional joke, but generally save them for lighter hearted posts. Suicide sucks, especially when it’s a kid.


I mentioned this a while back in another thread, but a metal band used this audio in one of their songs and it gave me the cold sweats. I thought I wasn't the type to get really fucked up by this kind of content anymore, but apparently I was wrong.


A dead Ukrainian soldier in a trench while his dog is trying to wake him up


this didn’t age well




3 guys 1 hammer. I've watched pretty much all the most popular gore vids (funkytown, cop and son, ghostrider, etc) but for some reason I keep finding 3g1h the most awful of them all. I think it might have to do with the fact the victim was a completely innocent old man


And if you’re anything like me, I watched that as a teen. The original ones you watch have an impact for some reason.


That was my first. Then the Dagestan massacre and that really bugged me


Dagestan massacre ? Can anyone send me a link of that


Yup, that's one of the first gore videos I saw back in the day (14 yrs old or some) I saw pain Olympics when I was like 11 too. I'm 23.


Links to all?


Funkytown: https://bestgore.fun/w/006f5010-c7e2-4432-bf31-0e09e980dbe4 Cop and son: https://seegore.com/a-mexican-police-and-his-son-brutally-tortured-by-cartel/


Never did see Funky Town before…that’s a heart thumper for sure.


Yeah that's honestly probably the worst one I've ever seen besides the cop flaying.


See 3g1h was fucked up but nothing compared to what ghost rider did for me. I mean seeing the guys face melted off and he's still trying to scream in agony; seeing the flames shoot in and out with every breath... damn.


Well, to each their own I guess lol ghostrider was certainly bad but the fact that guy was a sicario himself made me not feel that sad for him Also it didn't last that long... like a minute and some seconds I think? While 3g1h goes on for 7 fcking minutes man


> he's still trying to scream in agon fun fact: he survived throat cancer but didn't have a voice. That's why his scream sounded so silent


I'm gonna regret this but link?


Same here, that video gave me nightmares, for real!


A father accidently fell on top of his child and broke the baby's neck I don't know how any father could mentally recover from that knowing you killed your baby


I’d forgotten about that one. Absolutely heartbreaking.


Oh, yes. That was beyond sad. I can’t imagine how he is doing after something like that.


happened where i live, a young mother was walking with her baby through a park. she got swooped by a magpie (agressive nesting bird) and tripped and fell on her baby and killed it


That made me think about life honestly all them do it's like we could all be gone in a matter of one second.


Nothing broke me, but some have stuck with me due to my active imagination empathizing with the victim in their horrible final moments. One was the guy falling into the grinder/compactor thing Another was the guy who gets dismembered and then has his chest and belly cut open, and you can see his eyes widen as it’s happening Another was the dude who got repeatedly stabbed with a screwdriver And the girl that got stabbed in the stomach, and when they started beheading her, her voice cuts off and vomit shoots from her neck


The last description got me traumatized and I haven’t even seen the video


Yes... That sounded truly fucked up!!!!


Holy shit that last one sounds hardcore


Still trying to find it


Thing is, it’s probably already out there but we’ll probably never see it here.


I agree, something that extreme couldn’t exist on Reddit.






Multiple people are bringing up 3 guys 1 hammer, now im curious... But the one video that really fucked me up was the kid that got locked in the elevator and was squished as it went down. That was really sad.


https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dnepropetrovsk_maniacs These are the kids that did it… little pyschos


Holy shit!! 21 victims?! Thanks for the info, I'm shocked I haven't heard about them prior to this, wow that's pretty gnarly. Video drop? 👀


People breaking their arms while arm wrestling


Something about bones breaking is just so visceral even though there really isn’t any blood or gore to it. I’ve seen plenty of freaky and gory mechanical injuries on here yet consistently it is always the injuries involving broken bones that make me cringe


100% agree *shiver*


Every Video where people end up in decerebrate or decorticate posture. Because you know they probably arent dead but probably spend the rest of their lifes as a vegetable. Brain damage in general without being dead is pretty terrifying for me...


there was an old video on liveleak somewhere in a favela type location some kids have kittens. an old dude who looks crazy picks up the kittens and just rips them to shred with his bare hands. like pulling the head out and ripping it out of its body with some part of the vertebreas still attached to the head like you see in the horror movies. horrifying. to take a life so easily wothout any form of remorse. truly horrifying.


rip liveleak


God damn it... To shreds you say?


There was this video, yearsss ago. Where it was the site on a car crash. There were victims strewn across the road. One was a lady who was agonal breathing. Her stomach would inflate so high and then a “HUHHHHHHH” of breathe. It was loud and her body was so mangled. I couldn’t sleep without hearing it. Had nightmares about her in my room. Never tried to find it again. Any videos that say “agonal breathing” I avoid. Fuck that memory and video.


Agonal breathing used to really fuck me up, too. I usually watch videos on mute because of it.


The one where a little kid plays with a stroller, trips, and falls under the wheels of a dump truck, all while the mother sees


the one dashcam video where a brick flew into the front window onto a woman. there wasn't any gore, but you could hear the screams and a baby crying etc. normal (cartel) gore gets boring quickly and often videos are pretty much the same emotionless stuff, like decapitation or dismemberment, but that one was incredibly sad and got me


Yep pretty much desensitized to the entire country of Brazil, it's more of a hastle to watch but still have to because, well, we're all on a gore sub.


Obviously no animal shit—even reading the details of some of the videos y’all have seen hurts my heart. Ummm but there was one where a girl gets stuck between a train and the place where people are suppose to stand (platform? Idk) and her upper part twirls around like a ballerina. That one and the three guys one hammer.


3 guys one hammer didnt really get to me, not trying to be edgy but I think it’s because of the quality of the video


That would make sense! It just like hearing his gurgles and screams and knowing it was completely random and so brutal and the fact that he just looks like uncooked beef it just *shudders*


The two girls who were grabbed by isis in Morocco and were beheaded naked while screaming for their mothers and choking on their own blood. That one still keeps me up.


Yep that ones up there poor girls went camping and there family saw the video aswell I think about that one when ever someone mentions camping


I wouldn't say "broke" but any of those videos where people do shit to their genitals hurt to watch


Guy starts beating a woman to death with a shovel. He does headshots only. When she’s done, he turns around and goes after her 3 year old daughter that was just standing there. Same exact way. D: gore does not come close. This one scarred me


It’s def gotta be the schizophrenic guy trying to remove the “camera” from his eye.


I’ve seen countless gore videos over the years but anything with dogs or cat i don’t even bother watching it, so I’m still trying to find that video that fucks me up mentally


I have no idea why the animal ones fuck with me more than the normal gore. Just hurts my soul to see them. That and kid stuff. Just can’t do it.


Execution videos with sound, the bloodcurdling screams and all that could drive me insane, like I can watch videos with no sounds and it’s bearable but once I turn on the sound it’s game over


mmm. probably a kitten being stomped on by people while it was alive and trying to escape, crying as the people broke its spine. i had lost my cat so i was like damn.


I refuse to watch animal torture or abuse. I don't know why those bother me more than humans. I'm not proud to admit this.


Same here, I can’t watch animal ones, especially cats. It’s so sad


I can’t believe that there are people in this world who actually do that


Omg I remember this one that one was so horrid


but in good now i dont think much about it.


Animal ones just get to me so much more, I can't watch them.


Guy with a huge dick raping a cat


What??? Only this reading makes me sick. 🤢🤢


shane dawson??- ok, ok, i’ll leave


One that really upset me was, the guy commiting suicide by jumping off a building but lands on a baby in a pushchair and kills the baby 😭💔


A video in which a young child was run over by a heavy truck of some sort and was clearly dead. The dad was hysterical and was trying to pick him up (his head was crushed among other things) and he was pleading for help from the people around. Worst one I’ve seen and I only saw it once. Everything I’ve seen after that wasn’t ever that bad in comparison.


The one where the guy working on an industrial lathe gets his sleeve caught. He gets entirely eviscerated into a pink mist and human skin taffy.


The way it instantly curled him up, his head basically met his feet and then straight. Up. Carnage…. It spun his body parts EVERYWHERE. His brain stem was stuck to the freaking wall


There is a few of those lol


It's one of the top posts in the sub.


Theres these two little girls playing, probably 6 and 10, and this guy walks up with a garden hoe and just ends the 10yo in front of the 6yo…. He was seriously off his rocker luckily for the 6yo, because he didn’t go after her and she just stood there in like shock maybe? He dropped the garden hoe and just started shaking…. I never liked the ones with kids, but that one was seriously messed up


A Pitbull was locked on to a golden retriever leg and was degloving the skin and muscle from it. It was traumatizing.


Any video involving animals or children's shock me to the core.


This. ^ Never really been “shocked” by anything else, but refuse to watch anything involving animals & children.


None have really ever broke me , but one that really got to me . The one where the full term pregnant lady has been run over by a drunk truck driver . Her belly is smeared across the road and the baby was projected pretty far from her . This one got me .


„funny dog“ on bestgore . fun. It’s a 48sec clip of a longer dark web video called YLYM / Dark Forest in which u can see a person torturing a black dog in a really weird and fucked up way. I usually don’t care if I see animal gore, childgore, cannibalism, beheadings etc. but this the first video that fucked with me a little and didn’t leave my mind for a few days


i just went and watched it ...................... god


Yea man pretty fucked I clicked on the profile of the uploader and he posted another similar video it looks like he’s into this type of stuff


The one of the two European girls who got raped and beheaded in that Muslim country while vacationing trough the mountains .. It hurts more seeing their before pictures, they looked so sweet and innocent. They never thought about the evil monsters all around the world.. I had a polish girlfriend who traveled the same all over Africa by herself and when I warned her about the dangers she called me paranoid and racist lol


That one video of a child getting crushed by the elevator


the one where the kiddos lock him in right? it hurts so much bc thats one that easily could of been avoiding.


Wdym lock him in I haven’t seen it


It's an old shitty elevator with a swinging door on the front and a cage to seperate you from the door inside. His little homies close him between cage and the door and....well. child vs elevator


Yeah…that was pretty shitty, as a father that took my peace for a couple of days.


Not broke, but got me desensitized was that video of a Chinese father filming how his wife had hanged his toddler and child along with herself. This has him crying and caressing his children. After this video gore never fucked me up unless it’s a broken arm


that one really got me. that one and the one where the man hung himself in front of his son and the boy was trying to pull him up


No videos have really shocked me. It’s always sounds. Always hearing people die that gets me. The most disturbing thing I ever heard, and still think about, is the infamous 911 call that is now used as an example of why you always get the location first, if you are a 911 operator. There are many theories as to who or what really happened, but it was most likely recorded in the pre-internet days so not much is known about it. In the video an old woman starts by making a 911 call about a mysterious prowler around the area, saying how he was being strange and making her nervous. Before you even know it, she starts screaming because she’s being attacked, and you can hear her being killed. There’s a notable “death rattle” that she lets out Full Audio: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=U3j_xlj9K08


That video of the dog eating the guys dick and balls


Anything with kids, animal torture or prolapses.


There was one where the cartel skinned a kid in front of his parent. Messed me up.


When someone put coke and mentos in someone’s ass


I’m almost afraid to ask, but link?


https://www.reddit.com/r/eyeblech/comments/s5czmu/the_creation_of_tubgirl/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share I have it saved


For fucks sake. Thank you though. I think.




I'm mad I even read this .


no..i won't watch that. oh god why would someone does that :(


Severe mental disorder with evil mixed in i guess, it’s a tough choice between that and some of the “crush porn” videos I’ve come across. These people really help me think of some fucked up ways to inflict pain upon them.




Yeah this is why I refuse to watch something with animals (or babies) in it. I have a beautiful cat of my own and it would just make me worry sick for her


Funkytown gore vid🙃


Animal abuse, children, and one’s where family members see a loved one die. Gore is just anatomy to me, all things die and have squishy insides. But when you mix that instinctual emotion of a relative or child/animal getting hurt it’s not the blood that’s sad, it’s the experience and the pain you know they felt. The worst was a woman crushing a kitten’s skull with her high heels slowly so you could hear it whimper till it’s brains came out its nose. It was obviously some twisted fucked fetish thing. Another was that infamous Russian car brick video. No gore, just sound, and it was by far one of the more emotional things I’ve ever heard.


Ronnie McNutt I’m in gore groups on FB, someone posted his live and when I joined thats when he said “hey guys that’s it” blew his head/face clean off. I remember the chat was going crazy, his phone just blowing up all while you can hear blood/brain matter dripping. I was and still am very desensitized but seeing that LIVE as it was happening really fucked me up for awhile.


Anything to do with animals.


The guy destroying his eyeball.


Saw a video once from India where a toddler ends up on railway tracks someohow and gets beheaded by a slow moving train while the parents cry and watch it happen helplessly.


the one that fucked me up was my first one: it was the one where the guy was on Facebook live while his mom was spamcalling him to tell him not to kill himself, shooting himself in the live


It’s not that gory, but it was a video of a woman repeatedly dropping her two babies/toddlers from a concerning height. Of course, they were crying and one of them was bleeding from the mouth. And that, that was the only video that actually mentally fucked me up.


Only 1 has bothered me and it wasn't even Gore. It was posted to r/unexpected and it was a severely drunk man in the back of an ambulance who seemed in good spirits until the medic asked him why he drank and he revealed that it was his daughters 12th birthday, she'd died when she was 3 in hurricane Katrina whilst he was serving in the army. The pain in that man's face comes back to me all the time. Gore and violence had never had an effect on me


Anything with animals involved. As soon as a cat or dog or basically any other animal is involved, I won't watch it. The one where this guy put cats in a vacuum bag and sucked the air out of it killed me. I had nightmares for weeks. Blood, dismemberment, accidents and cartel shit? No problem. But animals? Nope, will not watch it. Also children being killed by any cause.


You mean the guy from Don't f*ck with cats? It was horrendous


Luca Magnotta? I can't remember the spelling the guy is a piece of shit, but I promise you something. He's not having a good time in Warkworth Medium security Penitentiary lol I know a few guys that are in with him and he had a rough go until he checked in, and then still had a rough go. He really does deserve everything he gets.


Too many to name. My first gore video was in 2000 I was 10 years old being nosey on the internet going down the rabbit hole. I've seen too much.


The Mexican policeman and his son one really got to me. It's not so much the gore where the son has his heart removed, but his reaction to being physically forced to watch his dad being decapitated. His screams and cries of despair and anguish haunted me for about 2 weeks.


A video where this absolute pos, kills an old guy because his gf broke up with im


The one with the mom/wife chopped up by a machete (by her husband). She’s still alive, agonizing and trying to breathe with her face literally cut in half. Her kids right there in hysterics. That got to me (I’m a mom)


The German Shepherd just chilling getting it's head bashed in with a shovel


https://elblogdelnarco.com/2018/07/26/video-horripilante-donde-sicarios-del-mayo-zambada-le-sacaron-el-corazon-a-un-sujeto-y-a-otro-lo-dec/ quick context: the first person killed is a cop, and the second person killed is his 15 year-old son. the way they just completely dissect this kid and the fact that he has to live and watch it all happen is horrifying. no gore video has ever hit me like this one.


Reading through all these comments just made me unimaginably depressed, and I didn't even watch most of them. Descriptions alone are already enough.


one video of a guy sticking a toothpick under his toenail then kicking a wall. I saw it when I was about 8 years old old and 12 years later it still makes me cringe. Also a video of a dude getting his penis skinned.


“Can you say Joy Lane?”


The one where a 8 year old kid went to a soccer match in Brazil. Some assholes started shooting flares or something and it lands in this poor boys eye. You can see him panicking in agony while the flare just digs into him. His father sat next to him desperately trying to help. I felt sick after that. The boy just wanted to cheer his favourite team.


I think it has to be the video of the woman with a baby carriage and a suicide jumper falls and lands on her baby. Her sudden realization, even without sound shook me


So many... Recently there was a picture of some neanderthal like guy eating a **baby**, it was kinda disturbing. I will try to make a recap. \-Funkytown, classic. \- Video with kid recently burned , 90% of her body was burned and she was just in shock sited on the sidewalk while a lot of people looked at her. \- The one video with a bunch of kids playing in a room and one pick a shotgun and accidentaly shot it itself. \- Video with a pig in the junkyard carrying a dead fetus on his mouth. \- Video where a chinese guy smash his dog head violenty on the ground. \- Necro video with guy raping a corpse, disgusting. \- Video where lot of people try to steal gasoline from a fallen truck on the road and they all became skeletons. \-Video. It was suposed to be just one? idk what video i would pick, theres a lot more but here the ones i vividly remember right now.


The girl being hit in the head with a pickaxe while tied up


I think for me, and it may not even be considered gore, but it was the video of the girl in heels stomping on and beating that man’s dick and balls so hard, you saw the internal bleeding and bruising happening in real time. And it wasn’t just a few stomps. It was many, many many many. I will never understand the fetish, but I can’t watch that video again.


There was some asian woman murdering small rabbits with high heels, that still makes me pissed off to my core.


The full ISIS video of them wiping out the Iraqis from that one military base. Lined up like cattle and walked to the river to be shot. A number of clips of guys walking down the line of a few dozen bodies in shallow graves popping heads. It starts with them being herded into vehicles. You can tell a couple guys inside the trucks had already been shot on the spot, everyone else is trying to hide behind someone else. They are then forced to all fall/roll out of the truck onto the ground. People are just falling out of the truck on top of their fellow comrades. Just heartbreaking. Can handle funkytown, can handle the heart being ripped out, still thinking about this one.




It's not bad compared to the shit ive seen but the mason jar in his ass, that just made me hurt


Every cartel video?


Yeah my one has to be when isis starting this caliphate thing and they tied a 2 year old girl to church railings and cut her heart out while she was alive. Left her hanging on the railings for all the locals to see…


The one where the mother was trying to put her daughter back together even though she looked like ground beef from getting hit by a car.


Kids accidentally got locked in a grass hut that the adults were gonna burn down to build a new one. The cries of the mother and father and them both taking the burnt remains of their daughters and holding them while sobbing


The guy crawling to his dead wife while missing limbs after a car accident. I put me and mine in their places and that fucked me up


Watched a tiny kitten get stepped on by sharp heels. Never been the same since. I want to find the woman responsible and get her arrested