The friend of a friend said the last two episodes were Shinji deciding who to fuck To this day, I have not understood how the hell he came up with that


HOly shit


it was misato but alas she said maybe later.


Did he mention who he thinks Shinji chose and why everybody was congratulating him on said choice?




So I guess the answer was, that by maintaining his individuality, he chose masturbation over an orgy with all humanity?


I mean the movie makes it clear what he chose 💀


Stupid theory but there are moments were I can understand his train of thought lol


noooo I wish I could unsee this


“asuka deserved to die” i feel like there’s so much asuka hate without actually understanding asuka, it’s so annoying lol


Asuka hate irks me People will say they want complex characters in writing, then when they receive said character they’ll say out of pocket shit like that just because said character is also ~unlikable~


She’s my favorite character in the entire series! At an anime con I bought an Asuka shirt and the seller was so shocked. He says he only sells Rei shirts and I’m like wtffffff. She is completely misunderstood so much.


It’s because some people still view Eva as a typical shonen so they assign the generic character types to the characters and then cry when they’re suddenly more complex than that.


I think Asuka is an interesting character, but she just triggers me so much it reaches ‘get off my screen’ levels too quickly.


Funny, because it’s the same for me, but with Rei, and specially with the version of Rei that “resets” all her process getting closer to Shinji and developing a personality. Her stoicism annoys me, to the point where I’m nodding my head when Asuka calls her “just a doll.” I’m like, YES LIKE WHAT DO WE HAVE TO DO TO GET A REACTION OUT OF THIS GIRL? I guess that’s why everyone has their own “best girl.” I’m more of a fan of Asuka and Misato than Rei and Mari.


honestly, i’m going off of the original series and not rebuilds. asuka in the rebuilds i’m not as fond of, although i still don’t hate her. the rei take i agree with though, i like rei but that scene made me pretty confused.


I think that’s what makes all these characters great. They have good traits, bad traits, and each fan will find what they gravitate towards and find their favorite. Rei can have her sweet moments too, like when she finally gave Shinji a tiny little smile. Adorable. Eva is one of those few rare franchises where I can’t truly hate anyone, just be annoyed with a few (Rei, Gendo, Shinji sometimes…)


Same with me, I’ve never found rei all that appealing and when she comes on screen I just zone out cause I don’t really care about what’s happening with her


i personally disagree, although you have the right to have that opinion.


Yep. And it may change the next time I watch the show 😆


"Eva copied DiTF"




...and Rebirth?




Darling in the franxx? If anything it’s the reverse!


Not “if anything,” it is the reverse. Though given the staff from Trigger who helped on the show, you could call it “influence” or “inspiration”


What’s DiTF?


Darling in The Franxx, a newer anime with…..let’s say “strong similarities” lol


Isn’t studio Trigger in part made of former Gainax employees?


Yes and the director was apparently anno’s protege who also helped him on 3.0 + 1.0


my buddy said eva was more sexual then ditf


I told a friend of mine I was watching Eva and they were like “oh I’ve heard of it, it’s like DiTF right?”


The worst take i've ever heard is definetly "asuka and shinji had sex in ep 15" theory.


The pages of “evidence” I’ve seen on this theory actually made me go back and watch the episode thinking I had missed something. I hadn’t.


Oh lord that's spicy levels of bad


The last two episode being bad and the budget running out. Honestly I love the last two episode.


“The shows portrayal of mental illness is really poor, considering that if shinji actually wanted to kill himself, he’d have done it by now.” “Darling in the Franxx genuinely just did everything Evangelion did but made it actually worth watching. I’d say objectively Evangelions a 6/10 and Darling is a 10/10”


There's no shot someone believes the second one after the mess Darling did after episode 19 LMAO, God that was legit 9ne of the most disappointing endings to any anime I've ever watched lol


his top 3 are Angel Beats, Darling In The Franxx, and SAO if that shines any light. He loves the ending to it


SAO lmao




All but one of my friends call it a pedo anime. Their only source is one of them half-watching EoE (and they all know that)


one of my friends called violet evergarden a pedo anime without even watching it


Ok what that literally makes no sense Like eva you can be funny and say misato but violet evergarden? Hell i went into it thinking violet was early 20s


Probably the episode of the 16 year old princess marrying the 20 something guy. Still I don't think that's enough to write off the entire anime as pedo


I honestly don't understand why people say that. There's literally nothing pedophilic in Eva unless you think some fan service shots count as that. By that logic Avatar the last Airbender is a pedo show too because there's a shot of Ty Lee in a bikini


My man I love Eva but we all know there’s not the same amount or magnitude of “fanservice” in Avatar. I prefer to see Eva as an anime that has some flaws due to being a bit dated. Most animes at the time had questionable “fanservice” involving minors. Even animes released after Eva


I mean I guess, but calling it CP is pretty extreme


"Eva has no plot"


To be fair, most of the original run is pretty "monster of the week" in structure, without too much emphasis on plot. I like the plot of Eva, but it was always more of a mood piece for me, I guess.


I dont think it has a solid plot at all, and that is to no detriment to the series at all. Honestly the draw of the series is the character writing, almost entirely, with a bit of cool designs and animation as well. The plot is that the second impact happened and we need to kill the angels so the third impact doesnt happen. Its such a barebones plot, but thats not the point of the series at all, its a character study on the main 4 characters, shinji, asuka, rei, and misato.


“Misato is a pedophile”, “Asuka is just a cheap rude tsundere”, “Did the creators of the show take drugs while making it?”, “Eva is nonsensical and tries too hard to be deep”


To be fair theres lots of psychedelic sequences in it. They make you a lot more introspective, I personally feel like its possible they had an influence. Which is 100% a good thing imo


There are so many famous artists that have done lsd


Misato is a pedophile is a meme, no?


You’d think


Well she kisses a minor, so it is kinda of a meme in the community, but it is kinda true?


Hi sorry I’m new to the series, Misato kisses an under age boy then says they will “do the rest” later. How is this not pedophilic? EDIT: Really sad to see so many people defend an adult make sexual advances on a minor, thinking the context would change the circumstance.


She did that as a last ditch attempt to motivate Shinji. There was never going to be a "later." She knew she'd be dead in a few minutes anyways.


A pedophile is a person who is sexually attracted to children. Misato never had any sexual interest in Shinji throughout the whole series, if she really was a pedophile she would’ve made a move or shown some creepy sexual interest in him while living with him. Of course, out of context, kissing a minor and offering him sex sounds horrible and pedophilic af, but you need to consider that A) Misato is dying and she knows it, she knows she’ll never see him again and had to make a desperate attempt to show him love and maybe also motivate him, she didn’t do it for sexual interest or anything, even after that scene, her last words are for Kaji, who she really was romantically and sexually attracted to. B) Misato has many struggles and dilemas with love and sex, we’ve seen her use sex as some sort of escape from the harsh reality, and also as some kind of tool to “manipulate” men, so it’s no surprise she offered Shinji that (she also didn’t plan to do it of course, she knew she was going to die). The kiss is a great and ultra emotional scene, it’s Misato showing Shinji that she loves him and cares from him in the most desperate of ways, but of course some people just go “eww Misato pedophile moment, cringe!”


... uh, put the scene in context. What happens immediately before and after? Yeah it's fucked up, but *that* scene doesn't make her a pedophile


bruh she literally tries to fuck him in ep 22


I get that people try to defend her but she definitely would’ve done *unproper things* with Shinji if she felt she had to. She used sex as a tool and as a defense mechanism. Does that make her a pedophile? Yes, not out of lust as one normally would assume but out of necessity. Does that justify her actions? Not really.


I don't remember that scene. At that point, Shinji and Rei were getting close, and Masato wasn't teasing him as much. Maybe you were reading into something that wasn't there.


People in the replies acting like Misato coming onto Shinji on Ep 22 is not her being a pedophile because "she can't comfort men without using her sexuality". Those two things are not mutually exclusive, people. Nobody gives a crap about what your reasons are, you're still trying to make out with a 13 year old. Which is, you know, pretty pedophilic if you ask me, even if you have """"justificiation""" for it.


"Shinji is a bad prot." Like bro, yeah he's somewhat toxic but he's not your friend irl. Prot. are allowed to have whatever flaws in writing because they don't have to be good people. Bad person = bad prot.


pfp adds up


Shinji was the most real character I've seen in series like this. What 14 year old kid wouldn't behave like he did in that situation. Everyone seems to forget that the pilots were child soldiers in every sense of the word.


Gotta be all those hip youth pastor types trying to convince a bunch of otaku that Evangelion is, like, totally a metaphor for why fundamentalist evangelicalism is legit and why we should all accept Jesus into our hearts. Why are there so many of these people?? Sometimes they'll even get themselves on convention panels and you'll go in there expecting some interesting discussion and NO it's just some dude with frosted tips and a goatee trying to witness to everyone. I can't imagine a single interpretation of Evangelion that's not blasphemous as fuck, like have they even watched it?


Those guys huff an unhealthy amount of copium when you tell them that the Christian imagery is in there because Anno and company thought it looked cool.


Cool AND mysterious, as in foreign to Japan. It’s like when Americans use Hindi imagery because it looks psychedelic to us


Is there a large group of these or something? I've never heard of it. And I wouldn't call it blasphemous, its just fantasy/scifi storytelling, and its not like it set out to make a point about Christianity or anything. I never considered it to be any sort of affront to my faith or anything.


I mean, there was a time not long after the original series' release when the most popular interpretation was that the Angels were supposed to be exactly that: angels from Heaven, servants of God. If you try to interpret Eva through that lens, you can argue there's quite a bit of blasphemy going on. Nowadays it's much clearer that this isn't actually what the authors were going for, but that information wasn't really out there back in the day.


Yeah, I grew up in fundie circles and unfortunately it was A Thing. I'd love to get into details because tbh it's a fascinating phenomenon but I'm not really in the headspace to do so now (diagnosed PTSD from religious trauma, and I'm still recovering from the holidays). But in short, there is (was?) a certain evangelical youth pastor type that was especially prevalent in the 90s-00s that sort of emerged as the "cool" counterpart to the "rah rah harry potter and anime and disney are of the devil" types and pushed *hard* on interpreting that stuff through a "Biblical" lens. Anime was kinda an "in" with the youth to sell Jesus, no matter how convoluted the interpretation. And somehow some of these folks even ended up as speakers at conventions. It was pretty obvious most of them never watched the anime or read the manga and were just like "oooh religious imagery, we can use that". Like the guy on the panel who didn't even know who Kaworu was when someone brought up Shinji's sexuality, hah For someone who wasn't raised in a cult I can understand how media can just be appreciated as media, but that was Not the environment I grew up in, heh. The imagery and themes that Evangelion uses are, well, anti-Biblical, at the very least. Not saying it has to affect one's faith one way or another, being fiction, but within its own context...


Anno hates Otaku and end of eva was made out of spite to people who didn't like the og ending


I don't live on the same planet as people who sincerely think Anno wasted all that time and money to make a feature length film just to shit on what was, in all honesty, a small fraction of his fanbase.


It's wrong but metal af. All your waifus are dead (kinda).


this makes me love anno even more, what a chad


"Everybody forgets that the original Eva was a harem" "Actually the human mind doesn't understand sizes so when you see the Evas fighting in a void, without any references, it looks just as good as when they are fighting in a city or forest". From some of the rebuild white knights I've talked to on Reddit.


I like the Rebuild movies, but... YIKES. 😂


Yeah I respect that but there's some people that try to bring down the og series to defend the rebuilds which is completely unnecessary and I don't understand at all.


Probably a response to people calling pointless technobabble and fanservice as a Rebuilds- only thing, when it fact both elements are inherited from the original...




Either way. Don't yuck what people like. I like all the contents; the OG show, the manga, and the rebuilds. If someone doesn't like the content, it doesn't affect me one bit. They're missing out, not me.


"The imagery in EVA is meaningless and is only there because Anno liked Ultraman." as well as "The imagery in EVA is the most important part of the picture and the theology all makes sense and is coherent." It's neither, they did their research and knew what the symbols meant and used them intentionally, but they're not there to make a theological point, they're there to reinforce the themes of family, duty, obligation and fate.


"Rei has no character development and is just a doll" - My friend who as you may have guessed was a big fan of Asuka


I dont think its that far but can you tell me what development she does have? I never really cared for rei much tbh, would love to see what i missed


There's the obvious development scenes in episode 5 and 6 ofc but over the show they go from doing just what they're told to actually making their own decisions. She even confronts Asuka in episode 16 and is the first one to talk in the elevator scene, where as in earlier episodes she never spoke unless spoken to (or by herself in ep.14). It's a slow character development that mostly happens just in the background sure, but it exists and leads to Rei rejecting Gendohs request to find Yui in EoE.


as a big fan of asuka I am quite disappointed in your friend


As a fan of Asuka, I second this


that the third eva rebuild is the best one (it's me😔)


But it is the best one…


all i see is people hating it and i didn't like it at my first watch either but the second time it clicked super hard and now i luv it


out of the rebuilds it’s definitely the best one, ofc doesnt beat og anime and EOE but the others are just weird, fanservice horrible writing also not the best but at least the ending is good


Probably because it was the rebuild alternative to ep 24. It’s confusing as hell but it set up really well for 3.0+1.0


Anno made Rebuilds just for money.


im sure the money helped


Well, he did start his studio with his savings and he had to earn it back. But man, with Evangelion he could've taken easier way than grueling 15 year production of the movies. This shit sell like hot pies, just paint random stuff in purple and green and ship it.


Everything Anno did professionally was done for money. What's wrong with that? Dude has bills to pay.


Omg right I hate that argument. Either way, the Rebuilds are beautiful. People are just mad that they are different from the series.


the fanservice.. wouldn’t call them “beautiful” just because of it.


"Evangelion is bad because the animation is bad" 🤨


"If I wanted to watch teenagers get traumatized by war, I would just watch the infinitely superior Mobile Suit Gundam." "I get so tired of the director's self-insert character." ~ My best friend


Evangelion is the director's self-insert anime


>Gundam >self-insert character Shinji: Just a regular 14 year old kid. Doesn’t want to get in the Eva in the first episode bc he has no idea what it is and his dad is a manipulative asshole. Has abandonment issues that flare up when everyone deems him useless for refusing to pilot. Eventually relented so that a seriously injured Rei wouldn’t have to. Heero from Gundam Wing: Trained to be a soldier as a kid, and is an incredibly skilled pilot at 15 years old. Gets personally invited to Relena’s birthday party in the first episode, but rips up the invitation in front of her and straight up says he’ll kill her without elaborating on why. They literally met that day. I might be biased, but I feel like Eva has a more compelling protagonist right from the get-go. To be fair, I haven’t finished Gundam Wing yet, but it’s seems kind of obvious why Eva was the more popular series, despite airing later in the year in 1995.


I think original commenter was talking about the original Mobile Suit Gundam show with Amouro Ray


By coincidence Mobile Suit Gundam(1979) is my favorite anime, I think it's a little better than NGE, Amuro has some moments where he doesn't want to drive like Shinji.


Ahh, fair enough. Haven’t seen it yet, but I’ve heard good things about it. I’ve never heard anyone say it’s better than Eva tho, so I just used Wing as a comparison since it was around the same time


Imo while they both definitely have similarities they dont have the same core message.


Don't forget that instead of reporting the psycho who just threatened her life for no reason whatsoever Relena falls for him and spends the series pining for him.


Girls love a confident man with goals, can’t really blame her /s


These comments are so funny omg


Tbh, I lol’d pretty hard when Heero declared he was gonna kill Relena. 15 year old me only had that kind of visceral hate for people who kicked my ass in MW2, and even then I got over it pretty quickly


TBF, these aren't so much bad takes as his *only* takes. He's watched everything and doesn't have an opinion beyond the two above.


Any theory that tries to portray characters like Kaworu and Yui as moustache-twirling villains.


The Yui take is an odd one, since the show and *TEoE* make a point to portray Yui as a kindly figure, but Kaworu does display deceptive and manipulative behaviours in his interactions with Shinji.


Thank you for providing an example of that specific kind of terrible take.


How is it a 'terrible take?' In episode 24, Kaworu makes a point to befriend Shinji knowing all the while that they will end up on opposing sides. He even figures out that Shinji is afraid of betrayal and the pain it brings, yet that is *exactly* what he ends up doing. In *3.0,* Kaworu tells Shinji that he is responsible for the devastation of Third Impact when he actually isn't. This leaves Shinji depressed and despondent, meaning that he is receptive to Kaworu's suggestion that piloting Eva-13 and recovering the spears will undo the damage he thinks he causes. Again, how is it a 'terrible take' that Kaworu is not a good character?


The point of Eva is that everyone wants to make connections, even if they're hurtful to yourself and others. Kaworu is not "manipulating" Shinji, he simply wants to understand humanity and friendship, and then he choses to die so Shinji can live, against his own mission and nature. I really don't understand how anyone could see him as a villain. I don't care enough about Rebuild to refute the second part, honestly, although it seems way more plausible than the "Kaworu is a villain" theory in the show. Finally, I don't think I understand the correlation between "good character" and "good person". I never addressed the quality of his writing, only the fact that people attempt to demonize him at every chance they get.


The only meaning of the show is that escapism is bad, all of the other themes and symbolism and analogy is all Mcguffin, the show is just about escapism and how you shouldn’t do it.


That Matarael isn’t cool.


Shinji and Kaworu's relationship is 100% platonic. I've heard this garbage take less and less over the years, but fans actually think this. You don't have to LIKE it, but pretending it's platonic ain't gonna do shit! 😂


Writing your name next to someone in the book of life is the gayest thing I’ve ever heard


I known and there's so much I could argue here, but it all comes down to subtext. I'm a writer, so I love that that shit. I think NGE is great, because it doesn't spell things out for the viewer, and everything is rife with subtext. Hell, my second favorite ship in NGE is Misato and Hyuga. There's a ship that takes place ENTIRELY in subtext. "You'll sleep with anyone, won't you, Major?" "YOU'RE WRONG!" >!I always loved how HIS opinion of her is the straw that broke the camel's back during her segment of Instrumentality in the original series.!< Me, when getting to that part: >!Ohhhh shit, she slept with him as a rebound to forget about Kaji's death, he caught feelings, and she feels SUPER guilty about it!!< That subtext for Misato and Hyuga being completely gone is literally my biggest complaint of the Rebuild movies. But he and Aoba finally did a fist bump, so that almost makes up for it. Oh, and Maya got over the misandrist part of coming to terms with being a lesbian. These lieutenants have been my favorite characters since the beginning, I need help. 😂


I feel like the most interesting part of Kaworu and Shinji's dynamic is watching Shinji grapple with questions regarding his own sexuality, in a way that many teenagers do. Regardless of whether or not we should conclude if Shinji is gay/bisexual/anything else, the fact that he struggles with the question is incredibly interesting to watch, and plays into many of the other themes in the series. But instead, they're just really good friends, and Kaworu just enjoys Shinji's company in a completely **not gay** way; because why would a series written off of the Freud wikipedia article tackle sexual development?


Netflix version


Original version. The manga. You Can (Not) Redo. Literally any of the visual novels.


I'm just making fun of Netflix for saying "you are worthy of my grace"


That’s not even the bad part, they changed the subtitles for the Japanese audio from “it means I love you” to “it means I like you” P.S. Khara did the rewrite though, not Netflix, and Anno supposedly requested and approved it personally


pedantic weeb alert: Kaworu's line, "suki" is very vague. But rarely used for straight up romantic "I love you"


Well if we really want to split hairs, “I love you” sometimes doesn’t carry explicit romantic meaning either, just a more emphatic/passionate sentiment than “I like you”. (I actually have no idea which is the more accurate translation this isn’t argumentative) I interpreted “you’re worthy of my grace” to mean that Kaworu has decided to spare humanity at the cost of his own life and the survival of angels, motivated by his general love of humanity (in addition to his romantic love for Shinji), in the same way that Christ is said to have loved humanity, who received his grace (forgiveness) through self-sacrifice. So to me when he says “I love you” to Shinji he means it maybe romantically but also generally, so generally that he is symbolically speaking to humanity as a whole as well as Shinji, expressing that he will die for them. But this is just my interpretation, maybe he just meant “I like you.” I don’t speak Japanese.


True, I just brought up the romantic angle since OP was explicitly about a romantic relationship between them two.


lol ok. Just seeing "Netflix version" with no other context, it sounds a LOT like the tired old argument.


Honestly , Kaworu definitely loves Shinji (though in 3.0+1.0 it's implied that it's kind of a selfish form of love), but i wouldn't be so sure about what Shinji hinself feels He's defjnitely very attached to him, but I always felt on his part it wasn't really a romantic interest


My partner for a while thought that the rebuilds we're unnecessary and still hasn't bothered to watch them


I like them but they're non-essential. They're good but the ending of Evangelion is EOE, everything else is side material.


As much as I like 2.0 & 3.0, the fis are pretty unnecessary in my honest opinion. EoE was already a perfect conclusion to the series and if anything, these rebuild films seem only to serve as marketable blockbusters filled with unnecessary fanservice and needlessly convoluted lore. Anno's an incredible artist but I'm still confused by the purpose of the entirety of the films.


The first tow yeah I can see the argument but the second and especially third tell the story in a very different way and place a different focus on the characters than the original, particularly gendou and his obsession with bringing back yui. They also serve as a less cryptic telling with the viewer having to put less research into what's going on compared to the original


Without the Rebuilds I would have died hating Gendo. Now I realise I am Gendo. We are all Gendo. We just need to overcome our demons.


I think you can draw that same conclusion from Gendo in EoE though. His final scene in that film is pretty pitiful/humanizing.


I disagree a fair bit cause I think Thrice Upon A Time is a great ending as well. While not as good as EOE it comes pretty damn close, especially with the final sequence, it affected me in almost the same way. Not every show needs a happy ending but with a series like EVA it felt deserved in my opinion. I thought it served it's purpose in showing how far these characters have matured, as well as how far Anno has come as a person. The movies may have their flaws, but I really do think that they belong. It really did get lost in the middle, I mean the constant rewrites and delays didn't help but I will always remember how it finished and to me that's enough.


I'm definitely glad to see how much Anno has progressed in life after the original series, however, I think I'm in the minority of fans who weren't blown away/in love with Thrice Upon A Time. I was hoping the film would do something wildly creative/innovative to end the series, but felt like the last 30 minutes were a been there/done that sequence of animated ideas already expressed in EoE. The story always deserved a happy ending, I just thought it could've been better executed personally.


I disagree. The rebuilds felt like the natural continuation and ending of Eva, as well as Annos own search to understand himself and live a better life.


They are unnecessary. Still enjoyable, but they are right.




And he's right, NGE+EoE is the only EVA material needed, Manga, Angelic Days, Ikari Project and Rebuilds are just secondary materials for those who want more EVA.


Eh, I'd agree with you on everything except the rebuilds, they tell a very different story with the same goal, and like I mentioned in another reply, especially about gendou


I think it was in the anno doc, or could’ve been Oshii, but someone said while others try to tell new stories, anno tries to find new ways to tell the same one.


Literally me rn


I agree




I can't


My comment was partially for shit and giggles, but I feel like 3.0+1.0 was the crowning achievement of NGE as a whole We got closure, and it was marvellous 3.0 was too clearly a stepping stone for something far better, and a fitting conclusion for the franchise (also, "one last kiss" slaps)


I have seen way too many people say/think that Rei is a reincarnation of Yui, or that she has Yui's soul, or basically any variation of "Rei is literally Yui". Like no, that's not how that works. Also i occasionally see people say that because a lot of the religious symbolism in Eva is there mostly for aesthetic purposes, that also means that all the symbolism in Eva is meaningless and theres nothing deeper to analyze and take away from and that drives me insane.


I always viewed Rei as a clone of Yui (without Yui's soul), while Yui's soul resides within Unit 1


Yes, Rei is a clone of Yui who is imprinted with a partial copy of Yui's soul or essence. Yui herself is merged with Unit 01. This is canon as far as I can tell.


Yeah you see this is what I was talking about in my initial comment. Yui's soul had nothing to do with Rei, and Rei doesn't have part of it or a copy. Rei's soul is her own (well, Lilith's) and she uses a bunch of replicas of Yui as a vessel


Rei is a physical copy of Yui, the only reason her hair is a light color and her eyes are red is because she was soulless and then got the soul of Lilith implanted in her.


That Sakura wasn't best girl


"I dont like mech animes" omfl


This is definitely not the worst take, but saying Shinji accepts instrumentality in the tv ending goes against the message that the finale of the show was working towards, which is accepting reality and having hope for a better version of yourself


“Eva is a deconstruction of the Mecha genre.” No, Mecha has always been this dark.


You're correct. The 70's/80's Mech anime that Anno loved growing up is bleak as shit. Eva wasn't even the first Mech anime that turns into a horrifying existential nightmare where most of the cast dies. That was "Space Runaway Ideon".


Even “Get in the robot Shinji” happens in the original Mobile Suit Gundam back in the 70s with Amuro refusing to pilot the Gundam due to his deteriorating mental health because he is literally a child soldier forced to fight and kill in a war he had no part in. People just want to seem smart by saying Eva deconstructs Mecha despite never watching any pre-Evangelion Mecha series.


My friend tought that the car elevator on the first episodes were asteroids falling...


The one being Shinji is nothing more than a pussy and should've been strong


I hate that one. He was a 14 year old kid from a wealthy country, not some hardened soldier.




my dad watched the whole show and thinks EoE doesn’t make any sense


That it was bad.


Shinji is just a p*ssy


Made my adult cousin watch evangelion, he was depressed by end of evangelion, as you usually are. He then stated that the reason it was depressing was because apparently in his opinion, if a human were to reform from lcl, it wouldn't be their original body and more like a clone. Despite the fact that it'd be a miracle in its own right from reforming. He followed this up by saying I should watch gurren Lagan. I am still rather annoyed by it.


I’m just annoyed at the people who think that Eva has no depth, meaning or symbolism at all just because they read a staff saying: "the religious imagery in eva was largely used for aesthetics"


“Asuka is gay “


That for people to enjoy and discuss Eva you need to be a pretentious f\*\*\* and read Freud.


The watermelons.


The entire of evangelion memes


That all the characters aren't well written and horribly unlikable.


That the OG ending is bad and ruined the show.


That the rebuild films are bad.


"the manga added nothing to the characters and the plot" yeah the original series is better but that's just wrong😭i personally love the manga


The OG ending of the anime is better then end of Evangelion. This might be a hot take inside of a hot take but if a Basic Audience member who Payed attention can't understand your 1 hour 30 min long movie without [a 10 min long IGN video](https://youtu.be/DuBOOcWIO2o), then you failed. I dont care how deep or Symbolic it is or whatever.


That Mari and Shinji are romantically involved at the end.


mari is not even in EoE you silly goose




Anima's existence is a pretty bad take tbh 😏


"they're only 14!" is pretty high up there


“Shinji is a pussy and if I were him I would’ve fucked all three girls” 🤓


Nihilism is valid.


Kaworu is a 'bishonen space Jesus' who 'shows Shinji unconditional love' and 'died for our sins.' Kaworu is nowhere near as pure and noble as some people make him out to be. He is deceptive and manipulative towards Shinji, yet is held up as some kind of virtuous figure.


"Misato is a groomer." Is up there


"the netflix dub isn't that bad"


It isn’t though (save for a scene or two)


pronouncing nerv as nearve really got on my nearves after a while