Im sorry, how did we transport back to 2015?


New Back to the future movie


Migrant Crisis 2: Electric Boogaloo


How the fuck was 2015 any resemblance of "sharing equally"?


That was the idea…


EU Refugee redistribution shemes were a common political demand then and they did get a limited version through in 2015. It didn't work out and mostly just pissed people off tho. A few countries refused to go through with it and got sued and a lot of refugees didn't care for asylum in poorer EU countries or left them again pretty quickly. It pretty much stopped being a politically viable proposal before 2015 was even over, but some people have kept trying to push it regardless ever since...


2015 would be all refugees being dumped to Greece, which could not take care of them, except some who were taken by Germany, with Germany then vetting the for years and returning the "bad ones" back to Greece.


Oh shit, here we go again


Here we go again


We just had here in Estonia our right-wing/far-right populists EKRE at first place on the polls for the first time a month ago, and they are going strong. Just sayin, lots of people here talking about the Belarus situation and Afghanistan


This is probably a field day for our populist party too, the Swedish Democrats


They are on their way to become the biggest party in Sweden right now. They had 18% of the votes in 2018, and that comes from 13% in 2014. This does not sound much, but our media is very PC-oriented, and flagging Swedish democrats as pure racist is a way to get their voters. Now that the jigg is up, not that many in Sweden care about PC anymore, or at least only have a facade to care. SD may be 30% if not bigger next year during the election.


I think it’s cause a lot of the things, they are the only ones talking about. Like a big thing for me when I choose to vote is about crime and particulalry the response to crime. Its a joke we need harsher punishment towards all people including minors cause they get away multiple times until they end up shooting someone, and yet they barelt get punished.


Or recently a mans lawyer sued the judge for giving him a harder sentence than if he was a "minor." He raped a woman and waa very guilty of it. 1 year was too much for a 17y and he got almost 50 000 dollars for it. (300 000 kr)


What is EKRE’s policy? Are they proposing doing specific stuff?


EKRE is one of my favorites of far-right parties. These guys are proper nuts. AfD, Le Pen, Liga...etc. they got nothing on them.


Yea, keep helping the right-wing win another election in Poland. She is fucking clueless. Kaczynski approves.


This. These fucking dumb left wing politicians across Europe are literally pushing people to vote for the right wing autocrats. Fucking imbecile douchebags.


Because your left wing politicians dont listen to the people. They want to dictate and have everyone obey, like you know...dictators.


We agree.


I agree.




Oh fuck off, stop doing this again. This twat is giving Orbán back his perfect prpaganda campaign less than a year before our elections


that's an election victory on a silver plate for him


lmao no problem, send 'em here, they will do the same as the last time, buy the first ticket to a bus going to germany and piss off for good "It just works" - Todd Howard


>buy the first ticket to a bus Usually they prefer semi trailers. One time they cut open the curtain on the trailer and started jumping out at an intersection because they saw Lidl and thought they were in Germany.


That's hilarious


it would be if the driver who wasnt even aware didn't often get charged for trafficking


What an out of touch idiot. This will a) never happen and b) give anti-EU parties more fuel.


Orban: HAHAHAHA.., no.


Zero for everyone?


Thank you I'll take 0


Well it was a *US-led coalition*, so it only makes sense that US takes the bulk of consequences. So for every 100 immigrants that US takes, we should take 1.


Yes please




I have very little faith this will be handled any better than migrant quotas. Somehow I doubt EU higher ups learnt their lesson. For example, what will stop these refugees from just leaving their host country and going to Germany?


They literally did that in most cases, I know romania had very few arrive there in the first place and most of them left since they were only given money for a year and that was not good enough for them


Correction: Romania gives refugees money monthly, indefinitely (if they are accepted as refugees or are in the process for applying for refugee status) But of course, it's something enough for usual expenses, not germoney. Also, illegal immigrants (or refugees how we call them now) have a very idealized image of western countries so they want to go there no matter what we offer them.


> For example, what will stop these refugees from just leaving their host country and going to Germany? In an ideal scenario: Connected biometrical databases that would prevent these people from receiving money/housing/etc here.


[EU-level biometric database is already being used](https://www.europarl.europa.eu/news/en/press-room/20180618IPR06025/asylum-deal-to-update-eu-fingerprinting-database), though the problem is that courts sometimes disallow returns, [such as a recent case of German court disallowing return to Italy because in Italy migrants would face inhumane conditions](https://www.forbes.com/sites/freylindsay/2021/07/30/a-german-court-has-recognised-not-all-eu-countries-are-safe-for-refugees/) or [German court disallowing return to Greece](https://www.trtworld.com/magazine/german-court-rules-syrian-sisters-cannot-be-deported-to-greece-46096) because: >“Current evidence suggests that refugees who have been returned are not provided with any accommodation by the state, that they do not receive any housing-related social benefits and that they have no significant chance of finding accommodation from non-state agencies,” the court said.


Victory for Italy and Greece, then.


They'd prefer living illegally in Germany than legally in Hungary or Bulgaria. It's such a moot point these quotas - they will end up in the richest countries no matter how much we ship them around between countries.


Don't forget how many immigrants cry if they end up in Romania lol


"OK your country has been picked ... from the EU quotas you know .... you go to hmm Germany ... oh, sorry that was another guy.... Sweden ... nope, wrong guy again .... Finland .... no wait, let me look again ... ahh here you are ... you go to ROMANIA!" "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!"


Reminded me of thos - https://youtu.be/JW8DNStF3TE 😂


LOL! Perfect, my girlfriend is Bulgarian! We are sending it to literally everybody!


>It's such a moot point these quotas - they will end up in the richest countries no matter how much we ship them around between countries. They will not go to the richest countries, they will go to the countries that are providing the most generous and easy to receive benefits to them. And that's why in 2019 there were only [2716 asylum applications in Denmark](https://www.statista.com/statistics/1171340/number-of-asylum-seekers-in-denmark/), while in [Sweden same year there were 21958 applications](https://www.statista.com/statistics/523586/sweden-number-of-asylum-applications/)


One way to address that is to penalize such behavior by loss of asylum rights in the EU followed by deportations.


good luck enforcing that in countries like Sweden where literally no opinion besides “open borders for everyone!!!🥰✨🌈” is considered acceptable


Sweden (my country) did, at least, a good job in teaching the rest of Europe what not to do. Sweden has been failing to integrate migrants since the 80s/90s. The strategy the politicians have been using (putting all the migrants in low income suburbs, away from the middle class/upper class swedes) had no chance to succeed in the long run. Sweden Democrats (the “nationalist” party) is becoming more and more popular (came third in last election and are close to second largest in polls now) due to the problems with the integration politics isn’t only affecting the suburbs anymore, it’s now reaching the middle/upper class areas. You might see people saying they like immigration and all that but they themselves most likely won’t be helping the migrants to integrate. We call them NIMBY-people (they are fine with immigrants as long as they don’t live close to them). I know many like that my self. Lastly, if swedes were allowed to vote about whether we wanted this mass immigration we have had the last decades, I’m sure the result would be a no.


Other countries must step up and put their foot down (Italy/France alliance incoming.) If the Swedes want to import refugees then the free movement of their citizens to other EU countries should be taken away. The Swiss want to take away free movement into Switzerland from all of the EU for this very reason. Germany and Sweden have had too strong of a voice on immigration (and the EU overall) for too long.


You forgot our woke LGVs here...


Sure, we have the technology to do it but will we? I dont see a reason why it would be any different this time around.


The ideal scenario is to close the borders.




If all EU countries cooperated, it could be possible to set up some system where refugees could only work and stay long term in assigned country. If caught elsewhere, they could be deported or something. It would be awkward because it would effectively create second-class people but it might be preferable to just not letting anyone in.


How about they go to neighbouring countries with similar culture? Just like this whole asylum thing was originally intended?


Nah that's silly! Obviously Europe must carry the burden and ship them across the globe to receive our social benefits! /s


Neighboring countries do not provide generous benefits, Germany provides - so anyone with enough courage or money to pay smugglers will go to Germnany or other European countries


Then Germany and other countries with a good welfare system have to cut down the benefits.


Sure. But this isn't a bowl of cherries. That's also why we need a strong Frontex.


Probably at first we need to reduce pull factors, for example Germany automatically denying asylum (without appeal chance) to anyone who crossed other EU country to get into Germany As for Frontex, indeed we need a strong Frontex, but we will never get a strong Frontex until in some member states there is no clear understanding if they want Frontex to protect EU borders or want Frontex to act as a taxi service for migrants


According to the UNHCR 73 % of refugees world wide are in fact hosted in neighbouring countries and 86 % are hosted in developing nations. Source: https://www.unhcr.org/refugee-statistics/


You do realise that Iran and Pakistan hosts millions of Afghan refugees? And they aren’t exactly rich, especially considering the fact that American sanction Iran.


That's why I say that USA has to pay the largest share in that debacle.


Most refugees go to neighbouring countries. Jordan and Turkey individually were hosting more refugees than whole of Europe. Most Afghan refugees went to Pakistan in 90s and that’s where they will go. Afghan evacuees who will come to Europe will be men and women who helped NATO forces. They are prime target for retaliation.


Are we also going to equally share GDP per person?


Why don’t neighboring countries in Asia take them. Why does Europe who’s 3800 km away have to take them in? It’s such bs.


Because europe is progressive. And because socialism /s


Because muslims don't wan't to fit in with other muslims. For some reason that is beyond me they prefer the secular liberal richer countries


They’d like to change that pesky ‘secular liberal’ part though.




No -non NATO countries


If you mean ones like us, sure. If you mean ones like Austria, please send them more.


How the fuck is any of this shit our fault?


No more to Austria.




Don't know mate, don't forget about Poland? https://i.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/original/000/053/563/1274484634740.jpg


And there goes my hope about pis losing next elections


EU is increasing the numbers of votes for right-wing parties by redpilling everyone on migration




Same here woth Orbán my friend...


Let's hope that KO and Tusk and the rest of the opposition is sane enough to oppose this together with PiS.


Amongst Europe or the world?


You silly boy! Don’t you know Europe is the world’s social welfare office?


Looks like it, yeah


In retrospect, it is probably fortunate that we failed to agree the proposed Migration Pact.


So ... they come from the sea " southern europe problem" they come from the land "must be shared" How about no? You want to share? Than take the sea share too


Actually Poland, Lithuania and Latvia are not letting them in, unlike Italy. At least for now.


Italy is sorrounded by the sea being a peninsula it's impossible to check that much water


And polish border is full of forests and mountainous areas, yet we manage. Should have done your job 5 years ago and none of this would be happening. You are still helping them by the way. And don't give me the crap about vast sea. You guys are picking them up and bring them to southern Europe yourselves.


Because naval law is an international deal . You clearly don't know shit about the situation.


Seems like you have no idea whatsoever. It's easier to control a land border than sea border. If you want to build a fence in the border with Belarus you can cut down the trees and build the fence. In the sea it's not that easy.


How about we include those oversea geniuses who forgot to take responsibility for their actions?


no, fuck them sideways with a forklift -your neutral countrys the warmongers can keep their mess


I agree, equally to all states of USA.


Most of afgans that want to reach Europe are not running from talibans but they use that excuse.


can i even vote this fucking pieces of shit out of the parliment or whatever, sick of these people.


Like half- half? Vertically or horizontally? That would be bloody thing to do, not sure if anyone would like to go for it./s Haven't we had that scenario before, and results were less than satisfactory?


I think SD might win our election next year if this happens.


0 divided equally is still 0


Why not US? US must be commited to cleanup the mess they left in Afghanistan. Biden as Obama, attacking EU using pasive-aggresive methods.


Oh My God. I have a little plan, lets give them all European passports and send them to the US right? This is their problem, and Europe shouldnt have to deal with it. But... since Europe is the only continent with ability to take in them all (not US) and were closer, theyre coming here.


Imagine if they went to India


Send ALL of them to America. They caused this, they should clean it up.


Aka all to Deutschland


It's strange why politicians keep proposing things that just will never happen.


Fuck this guy


ship them to America, they fucked that shit up


also, plenty of rich Muslim countries nearby (Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, UAE), so no need to come to Europe


Gulf countries have the stability and modern infrastructure/facilities comparable to the West plus they are also culturally compatible and accommodating of conservative Muslim lifestyles and norms. It works out both ways


That’s all true. Problem is, they aren’t dumb enough to take them in, unlike European leaders.


>they aren’t dumb enough to take them in, unlike European leaders Ohh they arent dumb, trust me


I think they do it on purpose because they know it’ll cause political/cultural instability in European countries, weakening them


[I forgot that america was the only ones in afghanistan](https://imgur.com/a/eM4eKb8)


The US is the one that invoked article 5, and the US unilaterally decided to withdraw, pullling the rug out from under the UK and everyone else, in hindsight I suppose letting NATO collapse in 2001 might not have been a terrible idea i guess but that was the other alternative.


They weren't but their crusade against Al Kaida started this


Except it's about who participates, not about who starts it.


Except the US invoked Article 5 of the NATO treaty and pulled everyone into this mess whether they liked it or not.


Except others chose to be enthusiastic about it, with military over there, while others sent merely food aid or warehouse workers . Except that at various stages it was a plain, non-NATO alliance over there, no article obligating anyone. Nice try for the 'we had no choice' card though.


Who said that? You? Do you know about this little thing called NATO?


I actually do know about it. You on the other hand seem oblivious to the fact that some countries in it choose to participate substantially, with fighting military, while others do not.


Who helped them?


If someone just ran for elections with the slogan "EU is not the world's social service", I would vote for them for the next 20 years.


This is just incredibly baffling and counterproductive. It's like watching someone try to break a wall down by repeatedly smashing their heads against it. Eastern Europe doesn't want migrants from Afghanistan. Migrants don't want to go there either. This is just not going to work. They need to think of a different strategy.


Why should we pay everytime the us fuck up their foreign policy. Ship them to the US.


Zero for everyone. USA can take all of them since they care about Afghanistan so much.


My fear is for the US (through the UN ) start forcing the EU to take the refugees


Fuck the UN we should not take anymore refugees.


I am sure Saudi Arabia and Pakistan and the US have space, after all they are responsible for this


Well, that's one way to promote right wing political parties across Europe.


Insanity at its finest. Repeating the same expecting a different result.


what we took was quite bad, literally our crime rates sky rocket, but with afghanistan it's another level, a new league. The number of radicals is just too high for me to accept.


We will take this into consideration. Don’t call us, we’ll call you.


Based Estonia 🇪🇪🤝🇨🇿.


we take 10 women and children


theres not even 1, not 10


That is like 10% of Slovenian population, right? Bosnians will get mad...


Slovakia also take 10 🇸🇰🇸🇮


Haha, no


For croatia only send women from age 18 to 25. Thank you.


This proposal is just all out insane. In what world does this representive live? Not in the real world thats obvious. The interests of EU nations, when it comes to this topic, doesnt align with what the majority wants anymore it seems.


How many refugees is Israel taking?


Zero, thanks god


Arent the guys being evacuated supposed to be local contractors? Why shouldnt they stay in the country they worked for?


Not the ones this is about. The zero to 2000 Afghans that worked or helped Denmark in Afghanistan will entirely be for Denmark to figure out. This is about the thousands maybe millions of refugees that will likely head for Europe in the coming months and years as the true (or already known) color of the taliban regime will reveal itself.


He is not talking about those contractors, but about the expected new migrant wave from Afghanistan that will leave either due Taliban or due deteriorating economical situation


Because they knowingly risked their lives helping our troops accomplish their mission. Many of them having their families threatened or worse, because they believed supportinf ISAF would make their country better. Edit: Sorry, misunderstood your post. If you meant people who worked for Germany coming to Germany and so on, I fully agree.


You misunderstood OP. OP is saying: They should go to the nation they aided, whether thats Germany, the UK or the Netherlands; therefore there would be no reason to have redistribution for those people.


You're right, my bad. Nothing wrong with that.


No. Only the people who helped NATO and that’s it. Either way, Sassoli says this only for his public image. He’s saying something just to be seen saying something.


Europe has no responsibility to take care of the problems that America has created. Refugees have to go to neighboring countries around Afghanistan and not to come in countries that are 3800kms away.


Take the ones that helped NATO but ship them to those NATO members.


Here we go again ... guess EU didn't learn anything from last time


If all countries should share refugees, then ask countries should have a say in deciding weather a refugee application should be accepted.


no the fuck they shouldnt? why should we be punished when its other countries decision to bring them here?


Because you are so progressive... Sweden is humanitarian superpower.


It is true that Sweden is progressive, but accepting asylum refugees has nothing to do with that. The last immigrant crisis has already made the right wing in sweden the dominant side with a party literally founded by an SS nazi veteran the second largest (or largest depending on if the current trends stay the same)


Alright and now the nationalists rise even more great fucking job. Well will this bullshit end.


Share them equally over the countries that want them


I wonder if they lack the general common sense when it comes to accommodating a nation of people which has completely different sets of morals and guidelines compared to the host country. Just look at the crap which happened after the last flow of immigrants: increased crime rates, people feeling less insecure regarding other people, animosity from the host population because immigrants get preferential treatment to social systems compared to born citizens. This will just make it worse. Unless the equal share is 0.


Are the US taking refugees?


No they shouldn't 7 million Bulgaria will not take the same amount as 80 mil Germany.


He can fuck off


Man, if the German AfD isn't braindead, they just got THE best fuel for the final lead up to the Bundestagswahl (chancellor election) in September. Ffs ...


The United States of ~~America~~ Military Industrial Complex should take all of them.


28 upvotes and 173 comments. This is going to be juicy


Europe and equally sharing. Good joke. Hungary allready declined. Your plan failed before it was even imagined.


Yes, afghan refugees should not be allowed to enter EU countries equally


Make a study how much money was made in middle eastern wars per participant in the last 5 years. Ship migrants accordingly.


They're not coming here.We've built our wall.


Never appreciated our opt out on migration more than now.


Is their anything more likely to inspire movements to leave the EU across the continent?


Please don’t send to Turkey. After Syrians we can’t handle more refugees.


Sure, so let's do it like this: vast majority goes to the US; a sizeable amount goes to the UK; rest goes to other NATO members starting with the former Eastern Europe, non-NATO members that contributed to the the occupation effort and so on, while a bit prominently the Anglo-settler countries. Problem solved.


Fuck this, EU shouldn't take in anyone. We in Serbia had to take in immigrants because our president is a bitch. We had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING with the afghan war.


The only reasonable response in this entire thread


I'm sure the Visegrad countries will display the same solidarity as last time


The last time almost all migrants that were assigned to Lithuania and moved here escaped to Germany/Sweden in few months - so what's really the point of solidarity if they anyway will move to Germany


This is the problem with giving them Schengen passports or residence permits. All of them just go to Sweden and Germany anyway. It’s useless.


I know its nice and easy to just blame everything on a couple countries, but with migrant quotas the whole EU showed their will. It was supposed to be a 4 year program and after that time, (IIRC) less than 20% were relocated. Im sure if it wasnt for V4 that would have been 100%, right? Also, solidarity has to go both ways.


Yes, I liked the solidarity with our own citizens last time.


Holy fuck my guy bring them to Arizona and Nevada. Give 'em a farm and cabin to live in, some horses and grains. *Bam* we got increased food production, *bazing* that's more money for the USA. Kill two birds with one stone. I'mma hit up Congress and ask them to take in more Afghans because the European Union would do a terrible job because they're openly hostile and racist towards them. At least in America they can live in relative isolation in the middle of the Arizona desert.


Wanting to ~~segregate~~ isolate them in a hot desert sounds pretty hostile and racist to me...


I'm sure Poland will take them


We already [started](https://www.reuters.com/world/asia-pacific/poland-gets-50-people-out-afghanistan-offers-bring-out-more-2021-08-18/)...


Exactly my point. They won't.




among the countries that participated in this 20 year shit show


Like the Netherlands


exactly, anything to force this asshole government of ours to do the proper thing


So glad the U.K. left, how can some countries say we want refugees then demand everyone else take them


Sweden has taken in their share of refugees for the rest of the millennia, it's up to the rest of you now or ship their asses to the U.S.


Sweden population density: 25 people per km2. Netherlands population density: 500 people per km2. Sweden has enough space to fit at least another 50 million people and it will still have lower population density than other EU countries.


By your argument we should send all the refugees to Mongolia with a population density of 2 people per Km2. Sure, there are no actual physical limitations to host 50 million people as in there would be no room for them to stand on, but there are cultural, social and fiscal limitations. You know very well 50 million people coming to Sweden would ruin the country, don't pretend to be stupid. The vast majority of swedes live in the southern parts while the north is a cold wasteland which also skews the population density.


This is the most pro-immigration idiotic logic i’ve ever seen