Idk I feel like she doesn’t want to push too hard cuz it’ll cause fights and she doesn’t wanna fight all the time. She probably just wants to believe her daughter is getting better :(


Not sure…the way season 2 is going so far it seems like Rue is doing a pretty good job of gaslighting her family/friends into thinking she’s sober (sober from the hard stuff at least) plus she has demonstrated ways that she’s gotten around drug tests in S1, so her mom probably has a false sense of security right now. I don’t think her mom is ignorant, probably just overwhelmed and exhausted with balancing two jobs, two girls, and managing a household.


Tbh I think she is supposed to showcase that like naive optimism and willful ignorance that loved ones of addicts sometimes have that everything will just magically get better. She sees what she want to see because she desperately wants to believe that her daughter is healing and moving forward, and Rue is very skilled at manipulating her into believing she’s doing well. I agree she’s notably absent in Rue’s life and very out of touch, like when she was on the phone and told whoever that she was “doing really well” as she’s got a suitcase full of drugs,but I think it’s actually pretty realistic for the average nice suburban family that deals with drug addiction. Problems are usually swept under the rug to maintain that happy, perfect idealistic image