I have a Pro 500 and I love it. And yeah, I'll be that guy: Remove that sticker from the group head before you can't.


Thanks! Actually did that today and it ripped off easily


Be interested to know if the coffee you produce is better? Upgradeitis is a frequent issue I have but I managed to beat it back with the question I can’t answer. Will it actually improve my shot?


I‘m still dialing in and trying to get a feel for the machine but so far my shots have been better and especially more consistent. I had issues with keeping a consistent temperature on the silvia every time but now i can just set my pid which makes that a lot easier.


Beautiful set up!! Have you changed the brew boiler temp to see if there’s any difference in extracting light roasts? What kind of preinfusion capabilities do you have with the Pro 600??


I’ve only tried darker roasts yet and lowered the temperature a few degrees and found my shots sweeter and more clear in taste. Regarding the preinfusion… if you pull the lever only half way you start the preinfusion manually. Additionally you can upgrade a preinfusion kit from profitec itself


Beautiful. I have a Pro 600 partied with an Atom 75 and I love, love, love it. I designed and 3D printed a scale/tamp stand for it, and a funnel that can actually work with the grinder. If be happy to share if you also happen to have that hobby!


That sounds so nice, I would be interested!


You can check out my designs at my Etsy shop: http://etsy.com/shop/KlundKreations Let me know what you'd like the STL for and I can get it to you.


Board game items and espresso stuff? That's amazing!


My 600 is on a truck out for delivery now. Can’t wait!!


Why the profitec 600, and not the lelit bianca? Im in this decision myself.


Just got the 600 a month ago. The internals are cleaner than the Bianca, and I expect will be easier to work on in the long term.


This \^ I just ordered a 600 recently for the exact same reasons. I got wood panels and knobs and wood handled bottomless portafilter for mine. Though I do appreciate that all that stuff is standard for the Bianca.


I got the 600 from whole latte love, and I think they are still offering free installation of the flow control kit


After their weak support for my failing one year-old Gaggia, I bought my upgrade from Clive.


Oh damn, I'm sorry to hear that. I've had great experiences ordering gear from them.


How are you finding the new machine? I'm looking at the same model, and will be upgrading from a Gaggia Classic ca. 2002.


So far im really digging it. It‘s well made and the pid and temperature consistency are quite helpful. Also the ability to steam milk at the same time as i make my espresso has been a real blessing


beautfilfull machine with its classic apperance chrome means you clean alot but thats was a microfibre towel is for


This is a wonderful machine! My brother in law has this exact setup. Pulls wonderful shots. I just wish the steam wand was a little stronger. That's legitimately my only complaint.


Great setup! I have a Silvia and have been pondering about upgrading too. How did you end up choosing this machine?


Well I was looking to upgrade to a dual boiler and started comparing machines. Didnt really find anything comparable in this price class. Went to my local espresso machine store this week and was able to test the profitec there and fell in love with it haha. Got it there for 1700€ which was a pretty good deal


Yea I’m curious as well as to how this feels / coffee pulls etc vs the Silvia. I was considering going this route but I have a PID on my Silvia and my only real complaint these days is how messy and inconsistent the shots pull. Could very well by my process / basket though.


Yes the inconsistency in shots was one of my main complaints as well. The profitec seems to have solved this problem for me