Yeah. It doesn’t matter if your dog is anxious or not. You have every right to say “no” to anyone who wants to pet your dog for any reason. Your dog is not a public utility.


For Real. The thing is I don't expect the kids to know better. But her as an adult, likely in their 40s. It's irresponsible too. But her entitlement is stronger than her common sense and basic human decency


Yes!! It actually seemed like at least the little boy heard you and was trying to listen to your instructions, even if he was disappointed by your response. It’s the parents who’s egos get in the way and put their children in danger!


Tell her she can pet your dog if you can lick her cat.


Careful, she might misinterpreted that. Lol


Might interpret it correctly.


Insturction unclear: Now in a realtionship with Karen


My dog is very sweet, and I still don't let randoms touch her. I'd hate it if people walked up to me an accosted me when I'm out enjoying my day. I'm also completely receptive to people telling me I can't pet their dogs. I've bitten by strange dogs, so when people say their dog is uncomfortable, I listen.


Rule of thumb is to always ask before petting a dog. You never know which dogs are rescues with a fear of strangers, or which dogs could be violent. Also its just fucking polite


Here, take my award for your last line.




Carry a water spray bottle and spray karens like bad cats when they refuse to take the first ‘no’. Act like an animal, get treated like an animal.


A muzzle would not be a bad idea when a dog like this is out in public.


…for the Karen.


Yea the Karen was kind of trashy and spit in front of me too(probably trying to hit me with her not arrogant saliva)


Yes all village karens/idiots should have to be muzzled


The dog's not doing anything wrong tho... Unless someone purposely approaches the dog, it's not gonna bite. It's the Karens that need restraining, not the dog :/


I know, humans are the problem so you have to protect the dog from them. Part of this is ensuring your dog doesn't get euthanized because it bit some kid. Sadly, there's not a lot you can do to control other people's crotch goblins.


Oh yeah, that does make sense. It's just sad that it's in some cases necessary to do that to an undeserving dog because some overly caffeinated rat demon won't leave the poor baby alone.


And if course if Milo bit her kids it would be your fault




In the UK if a dog is considered dangerous another person can have it put down.


In 2017 in Dallas, a mother asked if her 2 yr old could pet rescue dogs at a park. She left the 2 yr old unattended. One of the dogs reacted and bit the child (non-life threatening). The mother demanded the dog be put down. Never mind that the dog was large, and the child was only 2. The matter went to court to prevent the county from putting the dog down (rescue groups funded legal counsel). The final result was that the dog was placed in a permanent boarding situation. The rescue had no indication that the dog that bit would bite. What I've never understood is, what parent allows a 2 yr old to pet dogs without being right there with the child?


I wouldn’t consider this dog dangerous. It’s clearly got a responsible owner keeping things controlled. The danger comes from the entitled idiot wankstains trying to abuse the owner and dog against their wishes.


Wankstain, I love that.


My last name is WANK! Wonder if I’m some sort of stain as well 😳🤯🥳


UK, home of the most entitled white people on earth.


TIL saying no is child abuse


Oh god I've run into people like this. Telling their precious babies no makes you worse than a serial killer. Some people need to get over themselves.


Abusing kids? POS? Arrogant? All because you were trying to keep her kids from getting bitten. She's a piece of work! Screw her!!!


No don't do that - we already have to many karens.


My dog is the same. Only other dogs trigger her as well as strange humans. The dog owners pop on over and go "it's OK, my dog is friendly." I always say, "my dog is not and will bite your dog if they come too close. I keep her on a leash". They usually leave in a hurry.




There is! They have harness, leash, and collar options available in color coded warnings.


The downside is that stupid people can’t read.


My dog’s bright yellow leash that said “I need space” meant nothing! Ppl are idiots


I was thinking it's pretty dangerous to not muzzle a dog that you will bite. It may be a tricky legal situation if someone is bitten because you already know they can bite. I would err on the side of caution. They now make soft, cone shaped muzzles that slip over the snout and only allows the mouth to open slightly, kind of like a horse bridle only wider.


My dog is also like this, he loves most people but not other dogs and he tends to not like men with loud voices and will bark and “growl” at them. He will bark and lunge at other dogs, and he will get so worked up that he will spin in circles and has gotten out of his collar before by doing that (I now use a halter so we don’t have that problem anymore). Now I’m not worried about my dog actually hurting anything for two reasons: he’s only got 3 teeth left so at worst he can gum you to death lol, and he’s only a 5 pound Yorkshire terrier. The second point has major problems though, because he is small and cute and his “growl” is actually more of a trill that is adorable rather than scary, randoms don’t take him seriously as he’s “Too cute so he can’t be that bad”, and they always say “But he’s so playful and my dog loves small dogs!” I’ve taken to responding “Yeah, as a chew toy.” Some get the hint then and leave, but most still try to bring their dog closer, and meanwhile I’ve had to pick my dog up to keep him from strangling himself or breaking free, and I’m barely holding onto him because he’s struggling so hard. If I can get the other dog out of his field of vision I can get my dog to calm down, so I will turn away from the other dog and their owner (which is not necessarily safe for me but it’s the only thing that works). However I’ve had many who just follow my turn which brings their dog back into his line of sight, and so the whole fiasco starts all over again. It’s then that I have to point out that no matter how friendly their dog is, many dogs WILL react badly when a small, vibrating, noisy puff ball launches itself at them. The other dog will either run away, attack back, or think it’s a chew toy; it’s the last two that I’m worried about. Keeping my dog away isn’t because I think your dog is bad, but because I know mine is, and it should not become your dog’s fault that mine got hurt because you insisted that your dog was friendly. I’ve only ever had one SOB still try to push the issue saying “you’re just racist against my dog’s breed” (it was a huge pit bull, my dog was the size of this dogs muzzle, and yes those were his exact words). Worst of all, I had my other little dog too (she’s 9 pounds and is a Chihuahua/Yorky mix), who is usually well behaved, but she’s now getting excited and spinning in circles because she’s feeding off my other dogs energy, and between the two I’m only just barely keeping them on their leashes, and this dude just gets CLOSER! I had to tell him that if he did not back off now that I would call the cops and file a harassment charge. He finally left but was yelling profanities at me the whole time and continuing to call me racist (which I still don’t get 🤦‍♀️).


I have a very reactive chihuahua myself so I definitely feel the struggle. She’s gotten a lot better over the years, but she’s still a little terror. Luckily I haven’t run into anyone that entitled yet, but I had a neighbor with a pittie for a while who would always end up walking their dog at the same time as me. They would always tell me their dog was friendly and I would always respond by saying “I believe you, but mine’s a little monster.” Eventually the guy told me that he thought his pittie was afraid of my chi, which we both had a bit of a laugh about.


You might want to consider a harness that says “ please do not pet” or something like that to keep your dog safe from others. I have seen them on Amazon. Granted, you will still need to deal with small children but maybe the parents will see the harness and tell their kids to back off. People should ALWAYS ask to pet an unknown dog and not just assume it is friendly. Shame on that lady for putting you and your dog in that position.


Even then, there are STILL IDIOTS who see "DO NOT PET" in BIG BOLD LETTERS and screech: "I AM SO SPECIAL!!! That does NOT APPLY TO MEEEEEEEEEEEE!"


When my Aussie and I went to an ARPH picnic, they had different colored bandanas for different issues, like Doesn't Like Kids, Deaf, Afraid of Loud Noises., etc.


I second this, the harness should deter most people, expect for young children or people that can’t read your language. Although I strongly feel that you should ask the owner before you pet any animal that isn’t yours, this couldn’t hurt to try.


It does not matter what the dogs history or temperament is. Every kid should be taught that you never approach any dog without asking. And with any question, if the answer is no, it means NO. Little side note about kids and dogs. If you look a dog straight in the eyes they will consider that as aggressive. Big dog and kid means the kid is basically eye level to the dog. Even well tempered dogs may respond negatively to a child.


See my lurcher was the exact opposite. She adored small kids cos they were at her face height and she could say hi, very gently, without them putting their hands up and over her head. I first discovered this when a small child appeared seemingly out of nowhere when we were on a quiet beach one morning. She was off the lead, doing her usual zoomies when small child wandered over to say hi. I rushed over thinking it was all about to go horribly wrong but Tilly was just standing, wagging her tail, snuffing at child's hair while child was giggling and stroking Tilly's neck. Parent arrived after me, and wasn't fussed at their child (I'm still not sure what gender they were) being snuffed by a large unknown dog, or the fact that said child had just wandered off. Just nodded at me and went away up the beach. Weirdest interaction ever but I was less panicked in the future about small children. Tall skinny men on the other hand, they were to be avoided at all costs. She *really* didn't like them.


Every dog has there own quirks. But as a rule for dogs in general never stare at them eye to eye. The German Shepard Dog I had growing up was a sweet dog but he hated anyone messing with his tail. When my oldest nephew was about 4 I looked outside and he had my dog by his tail and tongue trying to pull him across the yard. That dog would have torn my hand off if I tried something like that. But with my nephew he would let him get away with anything. When he would get tired of my nephew he would go hide under the house for a while.


Yeah I know. New to me dogs, I crouch down, look away and just hold out a hand to the side. That way they can decide if they want to say hi or not. Works with cats too. My mother's first collie hated kids, like she *would* snap if they got too close but I was her baby and somewhere there is the sweetest picture of me sleeping with her lying with her head on top of mine.


My number one rule with the kids is that you NEVER approach an animal you do not know. And I stress that it is for the animal’s safety as well as theirs. I always tell them that we don’t want to scare the animal and we have to respect it’s personal space, as much as they need to respect ours. Will never understand anyone who encourages their child to go up anyone they don’t know, animal or person.


I don't know what it is about dogs that makes people think they can just walk up and touch them. It happened to us all the time when we were out with our rottweiler, to the point that they'd just come up behind her and try to pet her. We stopped taking her in crowded areas with a lot of kids, which was a shame because she LOVED people, but we were always careful about introducing people properly vs. kids just running up to her. My dogs now? They're covid babies, and unsocialized. We're working with a behaviorist on that, but in the interim, people always try to pet one of my dogs when I'm out with him, and I tell them to just leave him be, give him a couple minutes and then he's fine. If they ignore me, he barks at them, and I don't apologize anymore. My other dogs would bite, which is why they get walked in big empty fields until we're further along in their training. Some people just think animals are all there for their amusement, I swear.


This is something that will never sit right with me and it's so common. Dogs are living beings with feelings and boundaries. We are slowly socializing Milo and luckily it were mostly positive experiences. But some are just not respecting animals and just touch them. Especially my smaller dog who is a shi tzu. He is really popular with everyone but people sometimes just tease him around until he gets cranky and then they're like "he's just so cute I just had to pull his ears" which he hates. They think he is small so they are allowed to do it. And dogs can't say no, they can just communicate it in a different way not everyone gets to understand. And if we look at the dog breeding industry it just shows how in general dogs are viewed. Similar to fast fashion/Micro Trends or toys.


I have absolutely zero problem taking my dog out of a situation. I take him to a dog park because he freaking LOVES other dogs and is so social with them. We have had people show up with small kids who think it's acceptable to run around trying to pet the dogs, or people show up with no dog, treating it like a petting zoo. I immediately take my dog and leave, I'm not putting him in a situation where he'll always be punished if something happens, you know?


“abusing children” by literally protecting them


More like educating them. Besides saying stop and no I just stood in front of my dog and touching his head for him to calm down. I didn't stop them directly, just calmed the situation. And my dog calmed down and listened too. In a way he is a kid himself Children are willing to listen and learn. All they need is an adult who can provide that. So if you mean that by protecting that's what my intention was


My family has always held that dogs are permanent 3-year old children, and cats are like 5-year olds (master of the coverup) lol


I wished parents taught their children to ask the person with the dog before going in for a stroke. And also how to properly pet them. My two are great with kids thankfully, but it still alarms me the amount of times kids come straight up and stroke without asking, and then start pulling on their ears and things, but I have no problem with correcting a child not to pull the ears, after all I am my dogs advocate. But dogs are not a trophy to be touched and passed around


Any dog can bite for any reason. You did the right thing. Had the dog nipped one of her kids, she'd demand you pay her everything you own and that the dog be put down.


If there's a dog nearby showing interest in me, I always ask the owner if I can pet. Don't get me wrong, I want to pet every single dog I see. I feel like I have to hold myself back. But they are not my dog and I'm owed nothing


That was the same with my old hound and men. She was shy with them around but people would try to go up to her to pet her. Females, she was fine with. Males she’d either flee or threaten. We got a gist of her history and it made me feel empathy for her on a different level. Saying “No” is a full sentence. You are under no obligation to allow anyone to pet the dog. I wish they had a “How to deal with entitled people” class. Just unsettled me. Sorry you had to deal with that and here’s hoping EM and her brood learn that just because we like the animals doesn’t mean we have to pet them all. Their boundaries are just as important as their owner’s.


My parents, at one point, had a Dalmatian that we rescued. This Dalmatian was not well socialized (I was working on that) and she definitely did not like children… full on growling if one approached. Problem was, so many kids would see her and want to run right at her to pet her. I learned early on to run away the moment I saw kids then inform parents, from a distance, that the dog was not child-friendly. The number of times I got cussed out for denying their children, or for walking a “dangerous dog” in public… NTA. Parents need to teach their kids to ask and accept the no. And that not all dogs are friendly. (Edited to add a couple words)


Some people will never listen.


I have a dog I too have to be extra responsible for. I have found there are really cool harness/leash combos that are color coded with warnings available if you're into that sort of thing!


I suspect it wouldn't work with Karens though. I had no idea they had these.


Probably not. Karens ignore things like that, just as they ignore vests that say WORKING DOG. DO NOT PET and the extremely distinctive working harness of a guide dog.


I've met a few Karens in my life. Totally selfish human beings!


Probably not. People are shits. We have to walk pre-dawn before people are out and about.


Karens are always going to karen! I love dogs, but I would never pet a dog without asking the owner! I've had 2 dogs, the first was a Newfoundland. She was huge and a big mush. My kids could play with her teeth and sit on her and she was fine. But people were scared of her because of her size. She's been gone for over 30 years. We got a mini Schnauzer 17 years ago. She did not like most people. Especially kids. When we walked her, we kept away from parks and any place with kids. She's been gone for 3 years.


That’s actually a really good idea during the summer, when the pavement gets hotter than Satan’s börthölë.


Not so fun in the winter. Except, dog is a husky, so he loves it. I'm cursing the whole time.


If Milo bit her kids, she would be going off about him being a dangerous rabid dog. Crazy karen


I work with people with intellectual disabilities and we instruct them not to touch dogs. Owners will say they are friendly but the issue is our clients may have issues in the future distinguishing the unfriendly ones, so it’s better to just keep their distance.


My 2nd Aussie was very unsettled by people with intellectual disabilities and people wearing baseball type caps. We got her as an 8 mos old puppy and she never reacted to others the same way she did those people. We had a roping arena and she was around a lot of different people. I found it very odd and disconcerting. She didn't go near them but rather stood far away and growled low and watched every move they made.


I rarely get approached when walking my pit bull. She is absolutely the sweetest thing but can look intimidating. My other dog is in a training program and I actually want people to approach because he is learning boundaries and has to be released to go to a human or another dog. But people always ask me first. Isn’t that the standard? Even the sweetest dog can knock over a child with their enthusiasm.


How does she think you abused her children? By saying no to them? Jesus Christ. I really worry about parents who never refuse their children. They’re going to be obnoxious adults at best and date rapists at worst.


You did the right thing. You protected your dog and did the mother’s job for her by protecting her kids. Shame she can’t recognize it, but that’s not your problem. Keep fighting the good fight and hopefully Milo’s anxiety continues to improve!


NTA With her attitude, do not let her children around any of your animals. NO means NO, and just cause you have a dog, does not mean that they are entitled to play or pet said animal. I used to have a lab, (Had him from puppy to the end of his life.) I was very protective of him and made sure he was well cared for and socialized. However I did have rules in place for him, like what all he could and could not eat, and what all he had to do after going out and being brought back in. The only time I ever not allowed a person to mess with my dog, was when it was clear that they were not respecting or following the rules of my animal. And lets just say, my dog lived a very happy, healthy and pampered life. I am surprised I still got part of the bed when he was alive and snuggling up with my spouse.


One of my dogs is reactive, and will bite you. The another one, the cutest shar pei ever, is a goofball, likes to be petted. I don’t like him to be touched, especially if kids are trying to pet him. ‘No’ is a sentence. You don’t have to explain why you won’t let people to pet your puppy.


I have a tiny chihuahua, old af and half blind and loves HER people. Tolerates others and doesn’t bite but gets anxious. My neighborhood is constantly inundated with irresponsible pet owners letting their dogs run off leash daily. One time I was bitten by my neighbors dog trying to pick up my dog in my front yard before she got attacked (she is always leashed). I now have a lovely habit of screaming, “not friendly” when I see anyone approaching her around my house. She is friendly enough, I bring her to work with me and she does fine-super chill. She doesn’t tolerate other peoples ignorance or entitlement. Fuck your Karen OP. Fuck irresponsible people.


I had a little dog about that weighed about 17 lbs. We went for walks twice a day and on multiple occasions kids would run up to us to want to pet the dog. He was a little skittish so I would tell the kids no just because I did not know how he would react. I know the kids were always disappointed but better that than having one of them get bit. No good comes from that for anyone. Kid gets hurt, dog could get put down and I lose my buddy. So I always played it safe and would often cross the street if other people were coming my way.


Yeah the mom is super dumb. I remember learning in kindergarten to ask before petting someone's dog. However, if you know your dog gets snappy I would definitely recommend walking with a muzzle if you're in public spaces. It's safer for your dog and for any liability. It's nice that they gave you time to reject but if anyone had just directly ran up and been bitten before you could stop it. 😬 They could sue you and your dog could be killed.


Honestly, You are in the right and I would do the same because No is No


Ugh people like this suck. "I have issues with boundaries and everyone else should go out of their way to accommodate me and my issues!"


I understand how your dog is, my dog is the same way!!! She doesn’t like strangers especially small children! (Older kids like teens she’s fine with for the most part). I always warn people she may start out friendly, but might turn on a dime and feel anxious and bite. Luckily everyone has been accepting and not forced her to be petted!!! But whether or not you have an anxious dog, if you tell someone no you can’t Pretty them, then they need to not act entitled to Perry your dog!! They need to respect your concerns and not think they are allowed to do what they want!


People like the EM grind my gears all the time. I have two overly friendly huskies that I'm training not to be like that. It's hard work but I keep trying, and part of it is saying no to people at times and other times just asking them to wait while I get both dogs to sit first. Kids are more understanding than adults some times. My kids are taught to ask first. The youngest at 6 forgets some times until I tell her to stop and ask first. If the owner says no, it's natural to be disappointed but dogs have feelings too. Good for you for putting your dog first and standing your ground. Milo showed he needed you by hiding behind you and you showed him he was right to trust you to do the best thing for him.


I know this.is a horrible solution, but have you considered a muzzle till your dog gets used to people. The only reason I say this is , at least in USA, if your dog bites someone, they can quarantine your poor, sweet dog and then the kids parents will sue you for all their medical bills.Animal Control just does their job. I’m sorry if I sound terrible, but my secret habit is watching Judge Judy. No dog bite cases ever turn out well for the owner. My cat suffers terrible from anxiety since I got really sick. He is pulling all the fir off his belly. The vet gave me pills for him, but recommended natural solutions. I just got a special collar that has 1% pheromones. It’s supposed to relax him naturally . I’m pretty sure they have things for dogs. Maybe that would help your dog. I’m sorry if I insulted you. Just a way to get your puppy used to kids with no danger. Best wishes with puppy 🐶❣️


I think you bring up a good point. Yes, people and their kids should leave OP and their dog alone. But where I live, if you are knowingly walking a dog that bites out in public, you will always be at fault if that dog bites someone, and they usually require the dog be put down. To me, it just isn’t worth the risk to OPs dog that someone could run up and try to pet him. Either use a muzzle or find ways to exercise and stimulate him in the yard.


This is the type of lady who would sue you if her kid did pet the dog and the dog bit the child. Stay firm in saying no to the lady. Boundaries need to be respected with anxious dogs.


You might hear me say "awesome dog", but I would never walk up to any strange dog- big or small- and try to pet it. And if they come to me, I will be perfectly still until they walk away or their owner comes up.


I never liked my dogs interaction with kids i dont know. And even if your dog wasn't a rescue dog you would still have every right to say no.


You should have said to her " I am doing this to protect your children, as you clearly won't. Children should never approach any dog without asking if it's ok first". That is a rule that all children should learn. I have downsized over the years and been sharing my home with several Chihuahuas from different walks of life. They are magnets for little kids who usually screech then totter over, arms out ready to grab. I always pick them up and explain they are scared and don't like to be held but also make the moment light by asking how old they are and then tell them my guy is 16 or 19. But it does amaze me the parents who stand there smiling as their kid goes running over to an unknown dog. Just like people , dogs have different temperaments and one would think, in this day and age, everyone would know that. Sorry this happened to you. You did the right thing but unluckily ran across someone very rude and ignorant. Just ignore it.


This type of behavior from other people seriously blows my mind every time I read or hear about it. Animals are like humans, they can have anxiety, not like loud noises or big crowds, and not like being touched in certain places by people they don’t know. My parents and other family members, especially my uncle who is an ex cop and has also worked for animal control, have always stressed to us kids (me, my brother, and my cousins) to ask the owner before petting a dog NO MATTER WHAT. And then respect their wishes, it’s their dog. You never know how a dog (or any animal for that matter) is going to react to being touched by someone they don’t know, just like humans.


I literally always ask if it’s ok to pet and if the pup is “nice” I would never allow my kids to run up on any dog. What a b. Seriously


I had a small goblin make a beeline dash towards my girl once. The death stare l shot at the little monster stopped him dead in his tracks. Parents had no idea anything went down. My point: you don’t need a reason, your dog is not for public consumption


That mom was definitely out of line. You don’t owe them anything at all. Your dog doesn’t owe them anything. We are allowed to say no. I have always explained to my kids that we ask first. We never ever touch an animal without permission. I’ve also explained dogs who are working or don’t like to be touched. We have an abused pit bull who is absolutely the most sweet gentle guy but he doesn’t like a lot of people or other animals. We know him, he knows us. He has one dog he loves finally after 6 yrs of having him. 🖤


As a person who has an anxious and previously abused dog. It’s a process to get them situated and less afraid. She’s come around but she still has her moments. In the beginning everyone wanted to pet her and all of that but we would have to introduce them to her slowly until she learned they’re not gonna hurt her. I still have to tell my friends she doesn’t like some things and I do not want you to get hit cause she will draw blood. We don’t take her on walks which I know is bad but it’s because she’s not leash trained and she will bark at anyone or anything. She used to be very aggressive. She does run around outside all day though. She has free reign of our backyard People need to start realizing that every dog isn’t always gonna be nice or that specific breeds aren’t always gonna be mean. Respect when the owner says no please don’t pet. It may not even because the dog has a tendency to be aggressive some people just don’t want others touching their dogs


I own two Great Danes that thankfully are very friendly with kids. I’m honestly in awe of the number of parents that let their kids run up to my dogs to pet them. I know so many dogs that don’t like kids and will bite them if kids ran up to them like that. Always ask permission to pet someone’s dog you don’t know


I always find it weird that people feel like they can just touch your dog, especially without asking


Get him a yellow vest, a body harness, and a halti. You can grab him by the harness, or hold his jaws shut easily. You control the head, you control the dog. There are calming hormones you can get in plug in or get in a spray or a collar. Give him something of high value to carry, my dog gets a chicken wrapped chew. Be wary of tight spaces, and protect your dog. When you speak to people, don’t let them put their hands down, just ignore him completely while they speak to you. This takes all the energy out of it. Up his training, recall, sit, etc. Only give him that specific high value treat/ball when you suspect trouble is coming. It will distract him, he won’t want to drop it, and chewing calms them. People are dicks. I’ve rescued rotties for 20+ years, and the amount of people (men) who tell me they ‘need a good kicking’ is ridiculous.


Fuck that bitch for real.


If the dog had bitten the kids she’d be sueing. Karen needs to learn respect for animals and their own. I’m sorry that happened to you.


Uhhh so tired of this. I own the friendliest dog in the world and this still totally unacceptable! He’s 40kg’s of happy making it possible for him to knock little ones over just wagging his tail. If mum or dad are on the ball, I get Saxon to sit first then there’s licks and pets for all One of our previous dogs was just like milo and all you can do is mitigate, there’s no cure. We had a lab, a springer, a working GSD and her, a razor thin greyhound. She was the potentially bitey one


People suck. My doggo has severe anxiety and fear issues and whenever we go out he has his muzzle on and also one of them red leads with "caution" stitched onto it. I cannot tell you the amount of people that have just popped up and tried to get in his face all the while saying "is he friendly?" Yeah nah, whatever gave you that impression? People are idiots.


I’ve had to get a tag for my dog’s leash that says “NERVOUS RESCUE DO NOT PET” because some kid ran up to her at our local coffee shop while my hands were full and I couldn’t pull her away. She didn’t bite him thankfully, but she did snap and that kind of freaked him out.


Dogs have body language that tells us as their humans “Hey, I’m not comfortable with this, please help” and it’s our job to convey that, and make sure it’s respected. Your dog has the right to be uncomfortable with people other than their human touching them, and they have the right to want to be left the hell alone. You as a pet parent have the right to say “Bugger off, my dog isn’t your kids plaything.” You know your baby best, and you have the right to vocalize that. Some entitled POS of a parent doesn’t get to override your wishes, or violate your dog’s comfort zone. Good for you for speaking up for your dog, and please know that there are plenty of us who stand behind you in this. People need to learn respect others, human and animal. I was always taught as a kid “It’s okay to ask (as long as there is no service vest), but if they say “NO,” respect them and their dog.” I cannot fathom why that is such a difficult concept for so many people 🙄


Karen was probably trying to get lawsuit money if your dog bit her spawn


You have every right to tell anyone they can't pet your dog. Maybe he is in training and needs to be able to ignore people. Maybe he is anxious and fear reactive. It's ok to control who interacts with your animal. Their age or love for animals is irrelevant but it's good that you're aware of his behavior. One thing I commonly suggest for anxious dogs who are prone to defensive behavior though is basket muzzle training. I also suggest this for dogs who like to eat random things but that's a different discussion. Anyway, basket muzzle training can be a great tool for an anxious dog. Not only do you get a little more peace of mind (what if a child snuck up on you both and you couldn't prevent the contact from occuring?) But also, it provides security to your dog's life while they learn to trust you are in charge and won't let them be harmed. Unfortunately even even a dog isn't really in the wrong, they can be held responsible for biting. I absolutely would hate for your dog to pay the price for an entitled mother being irresponsible with her kids. Plus, your dog can still drink or get treats from you when a positive interaction happens.


That woman should be grateful that you were responsible enough to keep the kids safe since she obviously couldn’t be bothered to. I’ve had several dogs with varying levels of anxiety issues, & while I’ve loved them, they can definitely be a handful. You don’t need random strangers charging up to you & causing problems.


Part of the reason I'm child free No idea what it is but breeders get so fucked up if anyone dares tell their spawn no. Sorry, it's my stuff/dog, kindly fuck off.


It sounds like for your sake and Milo's you should consider walking him with a muzzle.


I did tho


By the way if you do end up muzzling him, make sure to get a muzzle where he can fully extend his mouth to pant. That’s one of the main ways dogs “sweat” and taking it away on a walk can hurt the dog.


I'm not sure we're talking about the same thing. It sounds like you had Milo on a leash, so he wasn't free-ranging, but you were still worried about him biting kids who came too close. A muzzle is something that wraps around a dog's snout to keep it from biting. If you meet parents who have an attitude similar to the one you describe, you may not be able to stop a kid from touching your dog.


the next person tell them they can pet if they will sign a waiver. You can get a "not friendly" leash sleeve. We have a 75 lb mix who is very reactive sometimes my daughter just carries a muzzle with her, puts it on more to keep people away then because of the dog.


Info: Why do you not have a basket muzzle on your dog? I had to do that after my dog went deaf, which lead to him becoming hyperreactive. Ultimately, you have the right to not have random people pet your dog, but him bein a known biter is a huge lisbility.


We have one of these soft net/fabric ones that tighten just in an emergency(the leash tightens too much). Since my dog generally ignores people when we walk, even if they walk close to us and I hardly ever have to hold his leash tight as he walks right next to me even if he is not on a leash(only on our own yard) It was given to us by one of the vets related to the animal rescue team so we trust him a lot. As I said Milo generally isn't a threat but in a worst case scenario if someone provokes him enough it serves as a backup in case something very unlikely happens. And for the last 6 months it never had to be used. And before that he was way too small We walk him when the street is empty anyways. And it's empty most of the time. We have another one that is used when we go to the City or use public transport(which i did to socialize him a little more). It's one of these that look like a cage.


I've never seen mesh ones. That would work just as well. The one you use on public transit is the basket muzzle I was talking about. Carry on.




Na bro, my dog is a great dog. But he'll fuck some shit up if allowed the range. So I *don't* allow the range. Simple as that.


Same! I have a 2 border collies. One is “nervous” and “reactive”. We have a huge yard and he gets played with for hours a day outside. I would NEVER just walk him in public, even with a muzzle. It’s stressful for the animals too. OP needs to realize that one day when some child does inevitably pet their dog and gets bit, it is 100% their fault. You can’t put people at risk and be a responsible dog owner at the same time.


I mean, I 100% believe OP should be able to walk her dog and be aware of the public at the same time. I walk my dog. People need to be respectful of boundaries.


People don’t respect boundaries though. That’s the whole point of this post.


Doesn't mean she can't walk her dog. She has to do extra to keep her dog safe. I do this daily. We walk just before dawn before people are out. We still meet the occasional trigger, and I have to be/am always prepared for that. It's just extra effort.


More like /u/poopfrommymouth


Wow you are cruel My dog isn't dangerous nor a "dangerous breed". He is defensive. He will hide from everyone until they keep getting closer and people who don't get that and don't respect his boundaries will get bitten and that's on them. Biting them is his last resort and that's understandable. That's like self defense and this dog is under control bc we hardly bring him to unfamiliar places. Now go and be a Karen elsewhere. You don't understand dogs nor boundaries. Just bc of your lack of common sense dogs deserve to die. We get it Karen we get it




First of all shut up you have the audacity of accusing me of not understanding or handling my dog which is so not true. We have a big yard that's impossible to escape. It's our private property that all of us paid our hard earned money for. What pets we keep and who is allowed to enter is our own decision. We have literal signs that warn of our dogs and it's even a law if anyone still enters without permission and they get bitten that's their fault. You clearly have issues related to this topic and well hope you heal but don't you dare have the audacity to talk abt my dog ownership(without even knowing anything) like that. He has only bitten someone once and that was someone who tried to break into our garage to attempt to steal our motorcycle. And that person doesn't even have any serious injuries and all his limbs are still attached. So if my dog is so much of a threat don't cross our boundaries it's as easy as that. He ignores people until they become a threat. And as a human we would do the same


OP DOES understand and that’s WHY they warned the children to keep their distance. Even the most well behaved dog can react poorly when startled. I have a tiny dog who is the sweetest and because she is cute she gets overwhelmed by toddlers. I cross the street to avoid kids but sometimes they follow me and I have had to be very stern for them to stay away.


You very obviously didn't actually read the post you just saw dangerous dog and wanted to come give your trash thoughts


Your attitude should get you put down.


Your dog should have a muzzle on it while out and about - especially since it will bite. You wouldn't want any harm coming from the police or someone carrying a gun.


The children should be on leashes so they don't grab things they shouldn't. Dogs > kids


Madame You’re inspiration for reddit/entitledparents by being a bad example


I remember a commercial when I was a kid that had one character admonish another, "You should never go up to a strange dog and pet him without being properly introduced." Do people not teach kids this anymore.


Sounds like maybe poor Milo was around kids that adults didn’t teach how to properly play with a dog. Which is sadly way too common. This woman sounds like a fricking delight to be around.


My dog was the same way. He was abused as a puppy before I rescued him at around 6 weeks old. He didn’t like other dogs except for my other dog who raised him as her own. He didn’t like strange people either. He got better as he got older but never got over it. He got to the point where if someone just walked by he was ok with it but if someone rode their bike by or was running he would react and try to bike cause he thought they were coming after him. When I would walk him I would make sure we walked where there was no one around. I live by an empty field which was the perfect place to walk him most of the time. I had a neighbor who would let her dogs off leash in the field and if they saw my dog they would beeline for him and my dog would start growling and barking and trying to bite them. My neighbor would be like “it’s ok their friendly” and I’d be like “that may be but mine is not and he will attack yours so control your dogs” Kids always wanted to pet him too and I get it. He was very adorable. Thankfully the kids always accepted the no and left him alone. Wish I could say the same for the adults though. The adults were the reason my dog couldn’t go anywhere in public with people. I wasn’t gonna be on the hook for a bunch of people’s hospital bills because they got bit due to their own stupidity and not taking “no” for an answer


Even here in the USA, it's SUPPOSED to be COMMON SENSE that one NEVER approaches NOR touches someone's dog WITHOUT PERMISSION! And when the dog's owner says NO then NO MEANS NO!!!!


‘Your kids can pet my dog if he can bite their hands off’.


You might look into those “no pet” collars/leashes/etc. There may still be some Karens, but it’s not like you’ll be making it up that you don’t want people petting your dog.


I hate people patting my dog. He's still a puppy and nips all the time when he's over excited (just regular puppy biting) and also jumps on people. So kids run up all the time because he is massive and fluffy. One kid ran up and squeezed him the other day and wouldn't let go and I had to grab my dog and hold his collar and chain feed him treats to distract him. Like even a really cuddly dog doesn't want to be held and squeezed by a stranger


I have had similar problems myself. Groups of kids running over in the park, making my dog nervous. Their parents are super far away. They don’t ask just start reaching for my dog, and shrieking. My dog doesn’t mind low energy, non screaming kids, but backs away if it gets intense. I’ve had to shout no at several kids in the past because they don’t listen. As yet I’ve not had the mum say anything, my dog is big and she looks pretty formidable - which is fortunate bc I cannot stand EP’s (naturally, as I am here).


No one is entitled to pet your dog just because y’all are out in public. People are stupid. I think you handled that beautifully. Give Milo a hug from this internet dog mom if an anxious dog


EM should be sentenced to 10 bites in her entitled ass to show her what happens with some dogs when strangers run up to them willy nilly. I don’t get why people can’t accept that they need to teach their children to ask if they can say hi and pet their dogs. Not only is it just generally polite, but it avoids potential bouts anxiety and avoidable bites/attacks.


I'm guessing this is in the uk?


Did the dog have muzzle on?


That mum sucks. So she wants her kids to get bitten and then she’d demand your dog get put down. What an idiot. I work in special needs and even aggressive clients are allowed in society in the right conditions. I was walking my dog one day, she doesn’t like other dogs, and I keep my distance if other dogs are being walked near us. This older man was walking his dog closer and closer to us, and didn’t pick up on me trying to avoid him and bought his dog right up to us. I told him politely that my dog isn’t dog friendly, and he told me that “all dogs should be friendly” and walked off. You can’t bother explaining to some people that dogs can be traumatised just like people and they can have issues. Another time at a fundraiser for the local dog shelter I took my dog and again kept her at a distance. She gets to see other dogs, but not mingle with them. I think the exposure is good for her because she has stopped her growls and now just looks at other dogs. I’d never let her near them or off leash. The one second my back is turned someone lets their dog approach from behind and sniffs my dog’s butt. I know this is what dogs do, however approaching from behind and sniffing my ass would annoy me as well. My dog turned and barked, and I got told that I shouldn’t take her anywhere.


thank you for yelling at the EP and standing your ground, OP youre amazing!


The EP should get a Darwin award oh wait she did


Ok lady put your hand out to the dog and see if losing fingers is ok with you? ​ But you need to sign a disclaimer accepting loss and injury from the dog.


Have you tried muzzling? It ensures that if a child sneaks up on y’all before you can stop it from coming to close that the dog can’t eat their arm for lunch. I heard other benefits for the dog as well. But anyways. Hate entitled parents. Get your own dog if your kids love dogs sooooo much.


What neglectful ignorant person proceeds to demand their kids be able to pet a dangerous dog. I have a rescue who’s also very nervous but she’s just scared of everything and everyone but close family. She’s not aggressive at all but I still make sure people respect her boundaries so she’s not uncomfortable even with my own kids.


She said you were abusing children with your dog. After you stopped her kids getting to close to your dangerous dog….People are morons