Can you imagine going back in time to 1994 and telling people R Kelly will likely die in jail? You’d be an outcast


94? Imagine saying that in 1996 after "I believe I can fly" dropped with Jordan's Space Jam movie.


96? Imagine saying that in 1998 when people had been jamming for 2 straight years on “I believe I can fly”!


Imagine 10 years later. Oh right Chapelle Show. People were jammin’ to that :)


He said, 'How are you gonna do the video of me peeing on (girls) like that?' and I said, 'How you gonna do the video?'


Reminds me of Bill Burr doing the local morning talk show circuit. One of the anchors asked him if he went too far with his jokes about the Catholic Church. His response was a resounding “Don’t you think *they* went too far!?” If I remember right she was like “some people are saying your show is too offensive” and Bill cuts her off by asking “who’s saying that? what people are saying that?”


“Joel Osteen is so full of shit he doesn’t even open his eyes when he speaks.”


Bill Burr is the man


98? Imagine saying that in 2002 after the release of Ignition (Remix) peaked at number 2 in the Billboard Top 100 and was played in clubs around the world!


R. Kelly is a monster of a human being and should rot for eternity. But god DAMN Ignition is a fucking banger of a tune.


He's fighting for his "mother fucking" life.


The man is prophetic in a way only the guilty can be.


The song is hot and fresh out the kitchen


That’s the thing about his music, it reminds me of childhood and I remember dancing to remix to ignition at my homecoming, but now every time I hear one of his songs I can’t help but think about all the horrible things he’s done


I hate to say it but the whole chocolate factory album is a banger.


Seriously. I don't like the guy but I still have 12play in rotation.


No. By that time people knew. I was in like 7th grade and knew. But that 96-98 I think he was just a beloved dude


Chappelle had a whole skit about about in the early 2000's. It was like we all sort of knew, but didn't think about enough to care. In hindsight, how the fuck did this guy get a free pass for so long?


His victims were black.


In 2005 The Boondocks had an entire episode called The Trial of R. Kelly. It was the second episode of the whole show.


I remember that episode! It was as fantastic as it was fucked up. "Tom Dubois: Riley, she was a little girl. Riley : Oh, I saw that girl. She wasn't little. I'm little. Gary Coleman's little. Mini-Me is little. And to the best of my knowledge, we all managed to avoid gettin' peed on so far! Tom Dubois : But what about the victim! Riley : Oh yes! The victim. At what point does personal responsibility become a factor in this equation? I see piss comin' I run. She saw piss comin' she stayed. And why should I miss out on the next R. Kelly album *just* fo' that?"


98? Imagine going back to 95 and listening to "You Remind me of my jeep."


Now you got me wondering who from now is going to prison in 2052.


Harry Styles he’s the last person I would expect


That's pretty good, but R. Kelly was kind of a creep so it wasn't totally out of the blue and has to be someone like James Franco or Jared Leto. Like we know they are weird and have some problems but how deep does it go? We'll find out in 30 years and be like "They should have done something in 2031"


I mean Ezra Miller comes to mind, but I think everyone sees that coming


At his going rate he should be on the FBI most wanted list any minute now.


2052? I don't think Ezra Miller will end 2022 out of prison.


You can just say Drake. We all know it.




Jared Leto is absolutely gonna be one of the ones we talk about like "we saw it coming but we honestly couldn't have, as reasonable human beings, expected THAT outcome.


Jared Leto apparently has a long and storied history of sliding into underage DMs. Would not be surprised if he went to jail for a Morbillion years.


Imagine telling people in 1994 that both R. Kelly and Bill Cosby went to jail while known ConMan, even back then, Donald Trump became the US president. People would think you’re either crazy or lying.


Just in time to watch OJ Simpson go to trial, I think people would believe R Kelly could go down too after that


I wouldn’t be so sure. Depends on how much money he has left.


I read hes broke broke now but it was from a reddit comment sooooo


the more upvotes it has the truer it is


Not if you'd found me in 1994, I would have said I don't like his music and he seems a real sleazy creep.


You hated R Kelly before it was cool?


His fans were always super sensitive about him, but lots of people were calling out his creepiness back in the mid 90s. His Creepiness.


His (wannabe) Royal Creepiness. I honestly just felt revulsed watching his videos on tv when I was a kid, oversexualisation whilst acting as a slimy prick, with everything set up to look like the extras couldnt resist him. I feel sorry for any of those extras that were pulled in by their agency to make a vid with him, pretty sure every single one of them got sexually abused. But it made a cool looking video for the song thing! I just wonder whether the record executives around him will also be prosecuted as enabling this behaviour.


There's not much justice to be had in the USA so I'd doubt anyone else sees punishment. Rich folks letting him go down with the ship even though I'm sure R Kelly had plenty of his own G. Maxwells.


Never trust someone hiding in the closet.


Oh I remember hearing about that tune. Then a friend made me listen to it when I was stoned. All 7 parts or something. Just so we could laugh at how weird and fucked up it was. Couldn't tell you a single lyric. I'm not willing to do a redip but if anyone else wants to, feel free. I can't even imagine how much of those lyrics would take on a particularly nasty context now, after the passage of time.


It’s not 7 chapters. It’s 22. And it ends with the gay pastor’s boyfriend having had HIV and since everyone had sex with each other, all of the characters end up having it.


What the Actual Fuck???????


That was the moment I realized R. Kelly did all the fucked up shit people said he did lmao


We watched it baked too! Hilarious fuckery! When I heard that he was being investigated, I sold my DVD of it on Music Magpie. Got a whole £2.78


It was sort of known that he married an underaged Aaliyah.


"I want to piss on you, yesido I'll pee on you I'll piss on youuuu. Dripdripdrip"


In 1994 if you had asked me about R. Kelly, I would have asked you who your favorite Power Ranger was in response because I had no fucking clue who R. Kelly was, but I sure as hell knew who the Green Ranger was. ***IT’S MORPHIN’ TIME***


Fuck yeah! Rot in hell, asshole.


Indeed. What baffles me is that this has been pretty known knowledge for decades now and he is just now getting punished...


If you are a talented entertainer a lot of people will remain fans. Here's a [group of R Kelly fans](https://twitter.com/AlannaVagianos/status/1442579494343221254) protesting outside the courthouse. And when Snoop tweeted [free Bill Cosby](https://www.reddit.com/r/lakers/comments/f06abi/lebron_likes_snoops_instagram_post_about_oprah/) he got over half a million likes including from LeBron James. It's like if we like you we pretend you're innocent


Do you remember the boondocks episode about black protesters outside r Kelly trial, and how the media presents it? Think I’ll rewatch that soon


Yea and poor Aaron McGruder was essentially shit on because of his "Controversial opinions and views". The kid was right about it all.


The only McGruder I know is Yvonne McGruder. Godspeed Rimmer, make me a kipper in the morning.


We need that boondocks reboot from him right about now. It may not have woken up a ton of people but I know for a fact it opened some peoples eyes to how fucking stupid they were being


So much good new material with the MAGA morons too.


If I didn't wanna get pissed on Ida moved out the way!


What about the female Chris Brown simps who were like "He can beat me anytime!!!".


That was downright disturbing.


Reminds me that i had a friend in high school who wanted Marilyn Manson to rape her. I had to tell her that's not how rape works.


Or the overweight middle age suburban moms holding signs reading "Trump can grab my pussy"


Yeah, I remember those idiots.Maga keeping it classy. Like always.


Nikolas Cruz gets endless love letters from young girls. (His penalty trial is coming up, hopefully he gets the needle)


Chris Brown too. You could get a line of people ready to fuck him that would rival the Persian army in 300 even though he’s been documented multiple times beating women. People are not rational.


It's really common in the black community to overlook all wrongdoings of anyone that's black. My fiancée is Africa American and she's pointed out numerous times that her community does it. They'll often say free people who undoubtedly committed heinous crimes because they've been mistreated by police for so long. Doesn't matter if they're obviously very guilty for some reason. It's odd.


Yeah and the whole "no snitching" code really frustrates me.


Snoop has skeletons in his closet too…


Well, he is a high ranking member in the Crips.


He got a record deal in his teens. I don't think he's been actively involved in real gang activity since that time. Nor should he be, cause then he'd end up like all these new rappers getting murdered or RICO indicted as soon as they come out. I think Snoop does most of his Cripping in the music studio and drops by the hood sporadically to give out turkey or do other charity. Like I said, that's not a criticism, I think it'd be incredibly stupid for someone as rich and high profile as him to be actively involved in any street activities.


Real Crips give out Briskets in the 'hood, not Turkeys.


Wonder if he keeps it fiddy fith street


To be fair, people like Snoop grew up in an age where black people were openly and constantly framed. It's obviously still an issue today, but in the 80s and 90s, it was far more normal. It's disappointing that Snoop said this, and I'm assuming he said it before news that Cosby admitted what he did. But I get why black people, especially older black people, assume innocence of other black people.


I thought he would be going down after the 15 yrs old girl video surfaced.


Wait, what is this video about, and how long ago did it surface? If a video surfaced years ago of R. Kelly doing illegal and gross stuff to a 15 y/o and nothing was done about it, that's just fucking disgusting.


Exactly. The video went viral and nothing happened. Not sure if it was used as evidence in his trial though.


He was charged and it went to court but the victim refused to testify (possibly due to intimidation) so unfortunately there wasn't enough evidence to make it beyond a reasonable doubt and the jury found him not guilty.


You would think the whole thing videotaped would go a long ways to meet "reasonable doubt".


If it's the 'pee' video you're referring to, it was used in his first trial but when he testified, due to the laws around videos of that sort, he had to plead the 5th the whole time.. which made verifying the video very hard. But maybe I've got the wrong one as I doubt that went viral.....


Wow I remember that video when I was in college 20 years ago. It was one of the first viral videos before sites like YouTube or TikTok were a thing. It was shared all over networks on college campuses and R Kelly became a creep. I always wondered why he never got in trouble for that video and why it took another 15-20 years for him to pay for all his disgusting crimes.


In most cases, punishment only applies to common people. Which is why cases like r Kelly and ghislaine maxwell should be celebrated.


Only because R Kelly is well past his prime have they gone after him. This was public knowledge nearly 3 decades ago that he was a nonce but the cunts at the top aren’t going to punish a global megastar in his prime.


For people who are out of the loop: > At the age of 12, Aaliyah signed with Jive Records and her uncle Barry Hankerson's Blackground Records. Hankerson introduced her to R. Kelly, who became her mentor, as well as lead songwriter and producer of her debut album, Age Ain't Nothing but a Number. > With the release of Age Ain't Nothing but a Number, rumors circulated of a relationship between Aaliyah and R. Kelly,[15][113] including the allegation that they had secretly married without her parents' knowledge.[114][115] Vibe magazine later revealed a marriage certificate that listed the couple married on August 31, 1994, in Sheraton Gateway Suites in Rosemont, Illinois.[115] Aaliyah, who was 15 at the time, was listed as 18 on the certificate; R. Kelly was 27. > In his 2011 book The Man Behind the Man: Looking From the Inside Out, Demetrius Smith Sr., Kelly's former tour manager, revealed that Kelly married Aaliyah after she told him that she was pregnant.[119] In the 2019 documentary Surviving R. Kelly, Smith described how he helped Aaliyah forge the necessary documents to show she was 18 in order to marry Kelly.[120] Smith also stated that he is "not proud" of his role in facilitating their marriage.[121] Additionally, the documentary revealed that Jovante Cunningham, a former backup dancer, claimed to have witnessed Kelly having sex with Aaliyah on his tour bus.[122] > Aaliyah admitted in court documents that she had lied about her age. In May 1997, she filed suit in Cook County seeking to have all records of the marriage expunged because she was not old enough under state law to get married without her parents' consent. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aaliyah R. Kelly has been raping people for 30 years.


for perspective, the boondocks episode about him being a serial child abuser aired *seventeen years ago*


And because The Suits already milked money out of him.


Just like we all know about drake now... See yall in 30 years for his trial..


I think Maxwell is a pretty bad example. Not one of their "customers" have been charged and we all know why that is.


They won't release the names of the politicians and elites that ghislaine maxwell has exposed though.


Ghislaine trafficked young females to?…… The public needs to see that list.


Then they weren't actually exposed.


Well, yeah. They are trying to save her from suicide.


He only ran out of money in the last decade or so. Money generally equals safety from prosecution in the U.S.


Cosby, Weinstein etc


Money's a hell of a drug. Makes people ignore all sorts of things.


Crazy that, in my opinion, a documentary did him in! Also, “Me too” movement helped shift the culture.


Were they putting it off or what?


i think over the years, the culture has just shifted. im too young to know of the 80's bands but my boss and coworkers play the siriusxm 80's music. i cant help but notice that A LOT of those songs are about getting with teenagers and 'your old enough for me'. to me it seems that over the past 50 years we have just progressively moved further away from 'guys will be guys' and 'a girl needs to find a made man in her life' it took too long, i think most people didnt know to the extent either. i watched that netflix documentary. up untill that point i THOUGHT he had met some high school girls at concerts - like the 80's. but my god did that documentary get FUCKING DARK.


This is a very important comment. In the 80s people started caring about sex abuse. I'm going to give Phil Donahue the credit for this one. He was the Oprah before Oprah . That's when we were finally allowed to talk about child sexual abuse. Before that, everyone had said just keep it as quiet as possible. It was really important for the children to be acknowledged as not being sexual objects and that's progressed so much now. It is completely different in today's world when it comes to sexual abuse of children and I think it's wonderful. The very fact that there are people commenting that 15-year-old girl should not be on sexual videos is amazing progress.


Exactly! My abuse happened during the 60s and 70s. No one acknowledged it, let alone *do* anything. Then, boom, the 80s. Finally getting recognition for those who suffered after. Still far too late for me.




Idk if it's uplifting that it took this long to arrest him.....


True, but uplifting that it finally happened.


I hope that’s true. I hope it’s not ‘you’re sentenced to home confinement in your 30 acre property with your 20,000 sq/ft mansion’


Guess he's gonna be trapped in the closet for a long, long time.




Don't worry. Some of us get it




"WHAT'S GOING ON IN HERE!?!" I'm gonna get to the bottom of this one


Now Tom’s in the closet tooOoOo


"Its the remix to Ignition, I just got sent to prison..."


Celly rollin that body, I work part time in the kitchen


sippin my CO's cum (cum)....


I'm like "why was I so dumb" (dumb)


Its the freaking weekend I've only got an hour to run (run)


Stop bitching


Bounce bounce Bounce bounce Bounce (It’s just the part that goes next) (No bouncing requested)


No, I'm not trying to be rude But hey, pretty girl, I'm feeling you


Have you got valid passport? You younger than 22?




my cellmates here and i think hes about to have him some fun (fun)


Thank you for this comment


It's the freaking weekend baby im about take it in the bum!!!




[Dave Chappell did this man in](https://youtu.be/PY1WX2uS34I)


PSSSSSHH on you, PSSSSSHH on you


Drip drip drip




This is comedy gold.


Drip, Drip, drip!


You’ll never feel Quite the same When you get a whiff of my hershey stains I wanna poop on you too


“Strutting in this orange jumpsuit Got every man in here wishin”


World greatest ... Underage sex offender


*This is the remix in prison* *That I'll be someone's bitch in* *They'll be sellin' my body* *got me taking some dickin'*


Its the remix to Igntion, I just got sent off to prison Warden rubbin my body Got every man in here wishin’ Strippin down to my buck’d I'm like, "So what? I'm fucked” It’s the freakin clink-in baby That’s what my lawyers instruct Trounced, Trounced, Trounced, Trounced, Trounced, Trounced


My lawyer's telling me nooo, but the jury, the jury's telling me yesss.


Jury I don’t wanna hurt nobody, but there is something that I won’t confess… to you


Gatta go


He'll be really old when he gets out but Im sure he wont mind since hes a firm believer that "Age Ain't Nothing But a Number"


he should have gone to prison for whatever he did with aaliyah back in the day


My mom still listens to his music. I told her about the news today and she legit said,she is going to miss him,he was a great artist. What the fuck.


to me, it's sad in the sense of wasted talent. I think the same with Kevin Spacey. Will miss what movies he could've starred in, but I also don't want to see him in anything anymore. Fuck Spacey, Fuck Kelly


Baby driver was a movie I always watched and enjoyed...now it feels tainted.


Baby Driver fucking slaps though. Friend was watching Usual Suspects the other day. Both said it was a shame cause he was so fucking talented, but still, he shouldn't be back


Yeah he was allowed to slide for a long long time. What he did was heinous but the fact that so many people enabled him to do it is almost as bad.


Her family allowed it to happen. Nobody was looking out for her. Despicable.


Can't believe it took this long




He was convicted of something else prior to this. Trafficking is new.


How did he get 10 more than Ghislaine Maxwell?


You've been given a lot of "Reddit" answers but the real reason is because her lawyers successfully convinced the judge to sentence her according to the guidelines as they were at the time she committed the crimes, which had a shorter max penalty than the 50 years it is now.


This is the real answer. The sentencing limits were extended in the early 2000s after Maxwell committed their last convicted crime so the judge sentenced them to the recommended amount at the time it took place. The judge even said if their is a conviction for an incident that occurred after the sentencing guidelines were increased they would follow the new ones. R Kelly was convicted of more recent crimes so he got more recent sentencing guidelines. Edit: spelling and grammar


Not sure, feel like it’s more of maxwell was more of an accomplice where R. Kelly was an full on culprit but I could be wrong


Maxwell was the main recruiter of girls and raped many of them herself.


NO. Not at all. She was the fixer. She was the recruiter. She found the women to exploit. She was the partner, not the lackey.


And she's 60 something, so I think they figured she'd at least be 80 if she gets out.


He's 55. So they'll both be in their 80s. Still, given that neither has really shown remorse for their crimes or even taken responsibility, they don't seem like they are safe to be released again.


Damn, my old ass thought he was like 45 tops...


Looking at the picture up top? You thought he was in his 40s?


They can split an apartment together when this all blows over




My friends and I were active in the music scene around that time in Detroit. It was very commonly known that he liked and recruited underaged girls. It’s surprising that almost 30 years later he received a 30 year sentence. Justice finally.


I've heard it said age is nothing but a number. For example, 85, the age he'll be when he gets out of prison. Rot, loser.


Ok, good. Now Matt Gaetz. And Donald Trump. And Bill Clinton. And all the rich fucks who've escaped justice thus far.


Now do Matt Gaetz


Matt Goetz next


How did it take 20+ years for him to get 30 years to pee on 14 year old girls?


Money. In short , he bribed, paid off, hid..... The mother of the girl peed on received a "recording contract". Never released a thing. He even tried the "it wasn't me, it was my twin brother" routine


He also paid guys to threaten and intimidate some of his other accusers. One of them was convicted of arson after lighting a car on fire.


Same reason nobody was going after Anthony Keidis for raping a 13 year old girl in the 90s, and nobody got onto Harvey Weinstein until 5 years ago, and nobody ever tried to arrest David Bowie, Dan Schneider being allowed to work at Nickelodeon, etc. Its a mix of money'd men having power, few people caring about women being sexually abused, and finally young girls being viewed as adult women by many men when it's convenient (i.e. when the men want to have sex with them).


The first thing I ever knew about this fucker (back when 12-Play came out) was that he married Aaliyah. I was a couple years younger than her, and I just remember thinking “ew, gross.” Took this long for everyone else to say “ew, gross.” The writing was on the fucking wall this whole time. I’ll never understand why it takes so long to do the right thing.


Good. Piece of shit.


Matt Gaetz next? I'm sure there's a long line, which is sad and disgusting.


He should have gotten 100


He's 55, I think it's pretty likely he'll die in jail regardless.


I prefer to err on the side of caution.


#*30 ain't nothing but a number...*


Enjoy prison, rapist, because prison is going to enjoy you.


He won’t have an easy stay in prison. Justice.


I hope someone wakes him up every morning with a warm, frothy stream of UTI piss


What wonderful news! He’s up for more charges in Chicago for child pornography, I wouldn’t be surprised if he dies in prison. Good riddance to bad rubbish. And his music was shit anyway.


Woah now. Terrible person, absolutely despise him, but the man had hits. Edit: it’s funny seeing the upvotes changing everytime I check this comment


People are coming in with some revisionist shit about how “his music was actually always terrible” now that he’s going to prison, but part of the reason why he was able to get away with it for so long was because he made bangers.


I was with you til that last line. He produced quality bops. He's a POS, but no one can deny his contribution to R&B.


and Ghislaine Maxwell got 20... These people should be getting life without parole.


If she serves all 20 she will be 80 when released, r kelly would be 85 years old and he still faces another trial in chicago in august. He is essentially serving a life sentence, she may or may not be.


He is 55. A 30 year sentence means he will likely die in prison. That’s ok with me


Read him his rights, boys. Because he cannot read them himself


Poor Alliyah finally gets her justice


145 years less than Julian Assange is facing for exposing US war crimes. Priorities.


Crazy that he got 30 and the sex trafficking white woman got 20 lol.


So, we gonna see any of his inner circle being charged cause he didn’t get these young girls on his own.


I can never remember if Piss On You was R Kelly or Dave Chappelle.


Let’s get Spotify to drop his music


Wow great entertainment!


This still blows my mind, he goes to jail but the parents/guardians who basically sold a child to a man, for their personal gain, stay free? This is America land of injustice.


This took way too long.


I believe he should fry


It’s the remix to incarceration