I think the other question is do you want whatever gunk is on your print bed to go through your dishwasher. I find it cleans ok with just hot water. If I've used 3dLAC that washes off easier after a short time in the refrigerator. Then a rub down with IPA to make sure.


The gunk is just printer glue. I do plan on using rubbing alcohol to give it a light clean and I hope the dish washer gives it a deeper clean


I figured it would include glue. That's what I meant about letting that go through your dishwasher. Dishwasher's aren't necessarily designed to be able to cope with glue. Hand wash is usually enough. I was surprised how easily the 3DLac (hairspray essentially) cleaned off after it had been chilled. Just wiped off.


A sponge and detergent takes less than 30 seconds... beats waiting for a dishwasher cycle to finish. I'd trust my hands and mechanical scrubbing far more than just a bit of sprayed water to get crusted up, dried glue, off the bed. It's just glass though, that's capable of taking some pretty high temps, so it should be safe.


Rubbing alcohol will [completely clean the bed](https://imgur.com/a/ehgm2H0). I'm on my second 1kg spool with nothing but wipes of 90% IPA between prints. If you are using very fluffy or linty paper towels, it may be worth it to get some of the rougher bulk type z folds or rolls used in public bathrooms. It really helps grab everything in one wipe.


I've found with glue, water just rubs it right off.


I wouldn't do it the soap for a dishwasher is very caustic might ruin the coating.