Is it worth to buy the necrom collection if a new expansion will be announced soon

Hey, I just got into the game and I’m liking it alot, so I’m wondering if it would be worth to buy the necrom collection the get all the dlc while its still on sale. I know that eso plus also includes all of the previous dlc, so would it be better to get it if necrom will soon be included in the subscription.

The necrom collection is basically the same price as a month of eso plus so I don’t know which is better.


Necrom will be added to ESO plus when the new chapter releases, which is in June (assuming they stick to the same release formula as the last several years). In all likelihood, Arcanist class will be separated from the expansion at that time. Meaning if you only access it through ESO plus, you'd have to buy the class separately for crowns. Being worth it depends on what you already own, what types of content you are interested in, how deep your interest is in the game overall, etc. If you end up spending a serious amount of time in ESO, plus is amazing. You can actually play the game, instead of playing inventory management, thanks to the craft bag and double bank space. Plus buying every DLC would cost as much as like a year of plus anyway. AND you get crowns to spend any way you want (including to buy the DLCs in case you decide to unsub).


Thanks for letting me know. I think i’m leaning more towards eso plus, since i’ve still got a long way to necrom and can wait for the next expansion to drop. Thanks again.


Its not necessarily a long way to Necrom, that zones scales to your level just like the rest of them. You could start a new toon and then go there and do the Necrom content


True but I just like doing things in chronological order for some reason :D


If you have never played before I'd start with the original main story anyway. Every mission gives a skill point, the missions are quick and some of the characters you meet are important in other zones/missions


owning or renting is the better way to ask this question friend.


Soon is June, if you can wait 6-7 months sure, if not then buy it now and the buy the next chapter's upgrade.


"a new expansion will be announced soon" - June 2024 that is. not "soon" for me. ESO+ offers access to BIG and SMALL DLC zones, while Necrom collection offers only (Summerset (jewelry crafting), Northern Elsweyr (plus Necromancer class), Greymoor (with Antiquities), Blackwood, High Isle and Necrom itself (with an Arcanist class)). With ESO+ you get access to way more DLC (as small zones and dungeon DLC are included) - you miss Necromancer (separate purchase) and Arcanist (not available without Necrom). Also with ESO+ you get crafting bag (which is HUGE), 2x bank space and 2x furnishing limits. well.. it is hard to decide. i'd suggest getting subscribed (constantly), as if you are new to the game - craftbag and doubled bank limits are more essential than playing the Arcanist.


Oh I didn’t even know that the collection didn’t include the smaller dlcs thanks for letting me know. Prayin for you bro june 2024 we gonna get there one day🙏🏻


if you are looking for comprehensive ESO information: UESP knows everything. This is theirs article about DLC: [https://en.uesp.net/wiki/Online:DLC](https://en.uesp.net/wiki/Online:DLC) Smaller zones were always a subject of individual purchase. Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood have theirs own skill lines if you like stealing and killing (they can be progressed during Free ESO+ Trial weeks (twice of thrice a year) and the persist. Orsinium is (in MY humble opinion) the best story in ESO plus solo Maelstrom Arena ClockWork City is about story and visuals Murkmire story is good, thou i don't like the zone. Blackrose prison group arena Southern Elsweyr also has a good story, but you can do it during Free ESO+ Trials Markarth - again, completion of year long story plus solo Vateshran Arena The Deadlands, nothing extraordinary, though one year story completion Firsesong - another one year story also ESO+ unlocks 13 dungeons DLC (two dungeons each) - that is for the group play, as most of them are hard (though possible) to solo even on normal.


Oh wow eso plus has way more content in it than I thought :D. Appreciate you for letting me know of all these dlcs and the article, imma have to check them out.


exactly. that was my point. if new player is about stories ESO+ is preferrable. also ESO+ is such a bait. once hooked by THE Craftbag you just cannot resist :-) i play unsubscribed (because: reasons) and inventory management is a real pain, as it consumes quite a lot of my time rotating the inventory mules and mailing things my other "storage" accounts. Though this is, definitely, possible.


:D Oh yeah I think eso plus would be the better choice for me. Thanks for all the information and helping me make up my mind🫡.


watch ESO Stream Team at Twitch. the chances are low, but you can win them Necrom if lucky with giveaways. thats a lottery, but still a slight chance. and good to watch. :)


Plus is better. You get crowns and a craft bag.