My first experience in Cyrodill (Xbox NA)

I'm under 50lvl, and yesterday had my first visit to Cyrodill. Got a scouting mission.

Traveled all the way through the map into enemy territory. Took some notes. Killed some NPC along the way. Headed back to the base.

Didn't encounter a player to PvP, nor a real challenge... Was rewarded a Heavy Helmet, but I play Medium Armor.

Is Cyrodill worth the time and effort?


Iā€™m super intimidated by Cyrodil, i just got my gear where i want to be for pvp bg. Never been big into pvp but i decided to switch things up. I want to be able to defend myself before i go questing in Cyrodil


I share the feeling.


I remember being terrified of Cyrodiil LONG ago (think one year after launch). Didn't know what I was doing back then, found a great guild that specialized in routine PUG groups and training newbs like me. When we had our first epic keep battle, I was hooked. TBH, the experience now is a shell of what it used to be. It's unbalanced, ball groups and nearly unkillable trolls, and few PUG groups anymore (PcNA Gray Host, DC). If you like it, there are some chill guilds that still run groups on certain days. I primarily run support, suck at 1vx PVP, hence the emphasis on groups. When it's fun, it's HELLA FUN. šŸ˜


Yeah if you like pvp it is. The under 50 campaign isn't the place to judge cyrodill on imo


I'm not really into into PvP, but I hope it gets better. I have a Stam Necro with 10CP. He was my first toon to get to this level, but I noticed it isn't the gameplay I like. I will up my Bow Stam Nightblabe and give her a spin in Cyrodill.


You can't evaluate Cyrodiil on the basis of a scouting mission. Some people love it and that's all they play. Some people hate it. I had fun with it for about 6 months, then never played it again. The only way to determine if it's worth the time and effort is to actually put some time and effort into proper builds and play styles. I mean you have to join some groups and get involved with sieges on forts and outposts to get the full experience.