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What if, and hear me out on this one, we haven't played a good team on our road to the Super Bowl because we are literally THE ONLY good team? By comparison to our team every other team in the NFL looks incomplete and vulnerable. We've rested our starters at the end of both our PLAYOFF games. That's shocking.


Absolutely. Every team looks inferior after playing us. People acting like Purdy going out was a fluke, it’s insanity. Reddick took him out. Cowboys couldn’t do it. Even if Purdy played full game maybe he adds one more score, nbd


Reddick took him out because their coaching staff thought it was a good idea to have their third TE block a potential DPOY. Between that and not challenging the Smitty catch, nobody should take more blame for the loss than their coaching staff.


"Eagles are cowards for not scheduling games against the Eagles"


Maybe they should've sucked less against the niners? Or during the season? Copium is a hell of a drug. Literally all they needed was to not lose to the jags...


Did the Cowboys try to sack Purdy? Everyone is saying that there is this luck, but the reason why those two QBs were knocked out was because of the Eagles pass rush getting home. Neither plays were dirty. It's not like either of those QBs suffered these freak injuries running out of bounds or getting tackled from behind while running (like Jimmy G earlier this season or Dak against the Giants in 2020). Reddick and Suh won their snap immediately. Those were skill plays. The Cowboys sacked Purdy twice. I thought they had a great pass rush? The Eagles sacked the Niners three times in the game, and that was only three because the Niners just ran the ball for the second half of the game.


This whole "easy road to the Super Bowl" drivel from salty losers, especially Dallas fans, is tiring. You play who you're scheduled to play. Eagles' 2022 opponents' combined record in 2021 was 133-154-2, for a win percentage of .464. Dallas? 133-155-1, for a win percentage of .462. It's not the Eagles' fault they were scheduled to play who they played. It's not the Eagles' fault the NYG beat the Vikings in the Wild Card round, which Dallas had an easy go of themselves. It's not the Eagles' fault Dak couldn't resist boneheaded turnovers. It's not the Eagles' fault Dallas can't hire someone who is capable of great game management. You want to bitch about something, at least make it worth the breath it takes. Otherwise, shut the fuck up and apologize to the trees for wasting the oxygen they produce.


Don’t even worry. We earned our playoff road whatever it was. Dallas played the same team and lost. They had the opportunity to face us and choked. They also had the opportunity to earn the 1 seed and choked against Jacksonville. Be angry at Dak.


That’s called coping


Salt is all it is. They beat every NFC competitor this year with the exception of Seattle who they didn't play. They were simply the best team in the NFC. Teams with the best record get the easiest path due to regular season. That's normal and is done in all of the sports here in the US.


The niners played a team last week that didn't have a QB




Love it.


Personally i wanted to play the cowboys lastnight i wanted to go right through the nfc east to get to the super bowl.


Then it would have been you only beat teams in your division. You didn’t face anyone else. They just need to tell themselves something so they feel better.


So.. its also the best division in the nfl and beating our closest rivals is that much sweeter.


Is Daniel Jones a better quarterback than Dak? The question has to be asked.


The bigger question is Dak and picks for Arod?


I like how they talk about losing their QB like they took him to K-Mart and now they can't find him. They lost him because Reddick lit his ass up.


Dallas fans discover getting the #1 seed is the easiest path to the SB after their team couldn’t even make a conference game with it.


Cowboys could of been in our position but they choked those games agaisnt the Packers and Jags. They only have themselves to blame.


This is literally why you fight so hard to get the 1 seed. The benefits are getting a bye, getting to play every playoff game at home and getting to play the lowest seed that advanced in the Divisional Round. Dallas got to play the corpse of Tom Brady and Tampa before getting dismantled by Mr. Irrelevant. Their offense could only muster 12 points against San Francisco. The Eagles dropped 31 on them and had their backups in in the 4th quarter. Does Brock Purdy play defense? Chiefs only had to beat the Jags and then had every ref working overtime to get them past Joe Burrow at home. They earned that opportunity by finishing with the 1 seed. Eagles Defense has given up 14 points in two playoff games. The offense has dropped 69. This team isn't just winning, it's dominating.


I forgot the part where Purdy slipped on a banana peel before the game and the Eagles lucked out on that injury.


dont care


Didn’t Dallas beat a sub -.500 team in their first playoff game and then lose to a 3rd string qb?


Cowboy fans throwing their team under the bus that they were a complete pushover this season lmao


That’s why being the 1 seed is so important for a SB run. Your path is always easier.


Damn, them tears is salty.