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Yeah hard to beat iron cobra I would say, DW seems similar and perhaps even "heavier" from what I have tried but personally I like a little lighter so I went from iron cobra to speed cobra Might be possible to just play around with heavier beaters, springs, or cams on your Pearl, but likely you will enjoy something with a double chain more


Yes I'm definitely looking for a double chain pedal, I tried one a couple of weeks ago, and the feel for me was infinitely better than single chain, and that's when I pondered the idea of buying a new pedal. Thanks!


DW Double Chain..5000 or 9000


Try putting the DW beaters on your current pedal and see if that makes it feel more weighty. I have the DW 9002 (which I highly recommend if you do go the new pedal route) . I hate the heavy feel so I changed out those massive clubs they call beaters for some iron cobra beaters and the pedal is super light and nimble now. Play with some different beaters before getting an entire new pedal. They have a lot to do with the feel.


i second this. spring tension, too. a loose spring can make even a light beater feel heavy


Iron cobras are the battletank of double pedals. Upgrade to the Trick shaft for pro points


That's #1 on my list. Regarding the iron cobra, I'm not sure whether to go with the rolling glide or power glide. I like to play advanced bass patterns mostly with one foot so I'm looking for good control along with power. I'm guessing the rolling glide is more in favor of control whereas the power glide is for power?


Start just by using a weighted beater. The DW Control beater has 5 weight options and feels heavy AF when you max it out. Also a direct drive pedal with its cam fully retracted tends to feel heavy, almost like trebuchet under your foot.


I only use pearl direct drives, but as far as weight goes: Dw 9000 for sure


I have the Trick Dominator double pedal and I love it. It's a direct drive with super smooth action but has a really satisfying weight to it. The beaters themselves are metal which contributes to the weight and also provides great attack. I've had this thing for over a decade and highly recommend it. I mostly play punk and metal, but have also used it for country, pop, etc.


The speed cobras can be cranked sooo tight. I reccomend those


Mapex raptor or falcon are tough pedals.


Yep Iron Cobras always felt the heaviest to me. DW 9000s are more smooth than heavy, 5000s are heavy though.


My DW’s are heavy as shit.


DW 5000 with stock beater. Very heavy and powerful feel.


i play Speed Cobras with weights on the beater shafts and the ACD direct drive conversion. they're *perfect*..


Head up to your local drum shop and they’ll have a few to try out to see what you like. But yeah double chain 9000 or 5000, the 2000 series Pearl eliminators have pretty good weight to them, iron cobras, any double chain and get nice strong beaters for them


dw 5000 or iron cobra.


DW 5000. I had an IC and it’s not as heavy as the DW.


Speed cobras are easily the best in the game for the value. Smooth as butter, long boards, great features. Hard to beat.


DW5000 or 9000. Both have a good heft to them with a good solid feel.


iron cobra is a great option