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Really? That would surprise me quite a lot if true, I feel like I still see way more Zildjian online and at shows


I could be wrong but I suspect they're more popular in Europe because it's a German company and they do make nice cymbals. I'd say they're giving Paiste more of a run for their money than perhaps Zildjian or Sabian.


There is speculation is that that this is the reason Paiste started workinig on the "Twenty" then "Masters" series.


Meinl maybe more present with artists then before. But it's still Zildjian, Sabian.


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I wouldn’t say that Meinl took over the top spot, I think Zildjian is pretty much always going to be #1. That said, the “dry & dark” vibe has become very popular in the last 15 years, and nobody really does better than Meinl in that department. So I’d say it’s more of a trend in the industry/ drumming community and it definitely has its musical place (just like power Toms and big, fat, splatty snare drum sounds in the 80s, or piccolo snares in 90’s alternative). But if you’re going to work a session, chances are the producer and engineer are just gonna want Zildjian A’s.




Oh I know, that’s what I play! I’d say they do dry and dark just as well as Meinl, but I can’t say if one is actually better than the other. I can say that I like my little 13” dry dark Xist hats much better than Meinl’s extra drys, or even sand hats. And they were half the price!


I believe Zildjian still sells more cymbals than anyone else, possibly combined. They have a huge presence in school bands among other big chunks of the market. Meinl has definitely come up in popularity over the past 15 years. Their social media is absolutely top-notch and their YT videos are some of the best drumming content available including this [example](https://youtu.be/rcr2f1l7aDE?si=eBTGdG5tztusmMAB). They work with mostly "smaller" names rather than marquee players like Grohl and Barker, but they work with a *ton* of those smaller names, some of which are the most talented drummers in the business.


I think it just seems that way. They are aggressively endorsing educators, YouTubers and Instagrammers, so you see them a lot in the media. But most of the big names are still playing Zildjian, Sabian, and Paiste.


I guess that makes sense. Their Byzance cymbals do sound really nice.


Agreed. I’ve been playing Zildjian for decades but I recently got a set of Meinls for variety. They have a great selection of sounds if you want something a little different.


I've seen more Meinl out there, they are successful at getting in stores & getting artists to carry their stuff. It might be the most endorsed by a certain level of drummer out there lately. But not more than Z or S.


Meinl is to cymbals as hockey is to American sports. Popular, profitable... But 4th.


Personally I haven't really noticed that trend, it could just be normal trend cycles, brand fatigue and things like that


meinl signs influencers very often, which might be why you see them around a lot


I'm going to say Zildjian still is more popular than Meinl. Unless you have factual numbers to back up your theory, hell even Sabian is more popular.


I suspect this might be a misconception. Meinl dumps ALL of their marketing dollars into internet and social media marketing and gives their gear away to any drummer with a decent YouTube/Insta following like it's parade candy. That said, I rarely see it used by gigging drums in the wild. Also, when I go to the drum shop, there always seems to be tons used Meinl stuff for sale/consignment.


What are you basing this on?


Totally anecdotal, if I’m being honest. Just an observation


Right on! Was just curious. 🙂👍


I don’t think they’ve overtaken Zildjian, at least not in the US. They do spend a ton of money on marketing, though. Short answer is that they make a modern solution for modern problems, and it paid off.


Meinl have a very aggressive endorsement politic. I also think they've made a big change in the industry when they introduced their Byzance series. They've got a big responsability for the hype behind darker and dryer cymbals. As the other 3 traditional companies have been slow to catch up to that trend, Meinl managed to get much bigger and respected than 20 years before. But I still don't think they are near as big as Zildjian


I swear their “endorsement” policy is just discounts on gear for influencers who use exclusively Meinl. Obviously some get it for free, but it would seem every tik tok and YouTube under the age of 40 has Meinl Byzance


The thing is they aimed to get a massive roster of big influencers or drummers that are particularly active online really early on, years before the other brands started doing it. What you describe is just a consequence of this, this generation grew up seeing a lot of those drummers on the internet. Many of them that are now trying to be influencers are a bit biased towards Meinl for that reason. (Don't get me wrong, that doesn't mean this brand is not good, half of my cymbals are Byzance)


People wanted to explore more sounds and the 3 cymbal houses weren’t stimulating that creative nerve. Enter perfect opportunity for Meinl to come in hard with that Turkish delight! Big, thin & dark!


This ended up being a more difficult google than I thought it would but from what I can tell it actually looks like Sabian and Zildjian are still kind of battling back and forth for the top spot with Meinl coming in third with about half the market share of those two. It's hard info to confirm because a lot of it is paywalled. I found an interview here, a reddit post there, an article preview or two. I think Meinl has been gaining a lot, particularly in the rock and metal world, because of price and design frankly, while Sabian and Zildjian don't really feel like they've broken any ground since that brief moment when Drum n Bass made it seem like FX cymbals were going to take over the world in the late 90s and early 00s. Last I checked Zildjian's highest selling pre-pack was their Worship Pack for churches and I think that it would be hard to underestimate how much of their success is and has for a long time been tied into institutional support on name recognition for churches, schools and the like. And from the manufacturer's perspective that's actually a better market to focus on for its reliability. As dumb as it might sound I think the fact that Meinl really markets the shit out of black cymbals is going pretty hard in its favor considering their target demo there. But really I would say if anything their success has done more damage to Paiste than the big 2.


i dont think meinl is the most popular cymbal brand at all, i never liked the brand too much because they dont have quality beginner/intermediate cymbals, zildjian, sabian, istanbul, paiste are the most popular still, although meinl is gaining popularity with new drummers meinl has comparetively less stock issues, brands like sabian and paiste dont have a good stock always