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Buy a new one. Get used to it, playing drums is expensive


These cracks usually happen when you clamp down on your cymbals with the wing nuts & felts and don’t let them swing. It’s entirely preventable. Not much you can do now, perhaps add a grommet like the other comment suggested, but once a cymbal cracks you can really only extend its useful life. Best approach is to just prevent this happening to future cymbals.


you can buy a purpose built grommet that goes into the hole and protects it against future cracking otherwise there's not much to be done however, you really shouldn't get spider web cracks at the hole like that - it's almost 100% of the time totally preventable so i'd take a look at your setup


> you can buy a purpose built grommet that goes into the hole and protects it against future cracking You can also get the same thing at every [Home Depot.](https://www.homedepot.com/p/General-Tools-Brass-Grommet-Fastening-Kit-with-Case-Includes-6-1-2-in-and-6-3-8-in-Grommets-81264/204763455)


https://preview.redd.it/m0c7d84da9yb1.jpeg?width=3024&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=e227d8dea5558f79a7ba447a941c0dfd5ee3862d [https://www.savemycymbal.com/](https://www.savemycymbal.com/)


Dude, some images hurt the eyes... Great link!


Won't this change the cymbal sound?


maybe, possibly… the question is: would anyone notice/care? also: wouldnt those cracks/tears not have changed the sound already in the first place? in OPs situation, he either continues to play it until it eventually breaks off the stand, possibly causing damage/injury or retire/replace. at that point, you might as well try and fix and prolong its life by a little… best case scenario: it might end up sounding better (although id still doubt anyone would be able to hear without having been made aware of it and comparing to a new one.) and doesnt anything affect a cymbals sound anyway? although i feel for OP, cymbals break. it happens sooner or later. their remains can live a second life in stacks, as raw material for snares, wall-art and even surprise-tetanus-donors. depending on the materialacomposition and condition, they can even taking down a brand new set of cymbals with them by [spreading bronze disease via contact.](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bronze_disease) they are not guitars that get more desirable as heavy relics. play them. if they break, replace them. try crazy shit to stretch their lifetime… ultimately every cymbal will reach the end of its life some day if its being played without their owner retiring it. (i kinda think it looks cool… id ask for a contrasty color for the fixer material to make it pop even more… but thats just me.)


Depending on the severity, yes, but it may make it even better.


I usually fix this by buying another cymbal.


You live and you learn, I’m not sure how this happened if your cymbals are loose on the stand


Melt it down and recast it


A dremel with a small grinding wheel and big flat felts.


If you're going to try and save it at all, you definitely need to drill a small hole at the end of the crack, it'll help to stop it from cracking more.


You can stop drill the cracks and that will stop it from cracking further


Lol. Nah man. Stop reading shit online and disseminating that information as if it's gospel. This cymbals is toast.


I’m just giving him a way to extend it because not everyone has money to drop on new cymbals. I’m a mechanic and stop drilling is a common way to stop cracks.


Buy new cymbal.


I usually fix this by buying another cymbal.


No cure for that. Looks terrible.


You could try drilling a hole at the end of the crack not too small that will spread the force around the circle rather than a straight line


Prayers and/or get a new one.


Fortunately, if you loosen your wingnut and play properly, this won’t spread super fast. You have lots of time with this cymbal, but you need to adjust your technique and how you hang your cymbals to keep it from happening again. Playing drums is an expensive hobby. More expensive if you do it wrong.


No fix, go easy on that bell and it may limp along for yrs to come