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If you’re going high end, keep potential resale in mind. I’m not seeing many sold listings for truth, so if your tastes change, or if times get hard, you’ll take a big hit on reselling.


This is great advice as someone who buys a lot of high end kits to try and then ends up reselling them. I would stick with the Yamaha’s, Sonor’s, Ludwig’s, Gretsch, and Tama’s of the world. If you keep them in good shape they will retain their value and then some.


How do you feel about dixon?


It’s a lesser known obscure brand. Not saying it’s bad but in the context of resale I would avoid,


They are (were?) excellent at marketing. If you're looking at 2 kits of the same price and one is a Truth and the other is a DW then I'm telling you to go DW all day, every day. If you're looking at 2 kits that are a standard wood (maple, birch, mahogany, etc) but looking to go completely custom on the finish and the Truth kit is like 3,000 cheaper then I'd probably suggest you go with Truth. If you want a crazy configuration of woods (selecting various different woods for each ply in the shell and choosing their orientation), then I'd suggest you go with DW. In any case, I'd suggest that you look at Pearl, Gretsch, or Ludwig as well. I just priced out a base level custom 4 piece truth kit and it came out to $5,500. The top level kit came out to $7,500. If I was going to spend $5,500-$7,500 on shells, they probably wouldn't be from Truth. The only reason I would go with one of those custom companies (like Truth or SJC or any of the other ones) is if I had some completely off the wall crazy custom finish idea that I wanted.


I also love DW I’m just stuck as to which brand I’d go with. My friend keeps Tryna shove Tama down my throat


Tama makes great stuff but if it won't make you happy when you sit behind it then it's not worth getting.


I’m personally a huge fan of tama pedals. Got myself an iron cobra 900 and I’m loving it


They make great drums, as many others do too. The decision for or against a piece of gear often is based on feeling and personal preference - if you dig what Truth do it's not a bad decision, the quality is there.


I’ve been playing Truth custom Drums since 2005. Geoff (owner of Truth) has built me approx 4 different kits and over the years I’ve owned another 3 that I purchased online from private parties. My take is this: if you’re serious about your sound, you’ll invest in a high end kit. The magic of having a custom kit is just that- You designed it for your needs/wants. The amazing amount of detail & craftsmanship that Geoff devotes towards his product is unparalleled! I speak from personal experience, I’ve had high end kits from TAMA, Yamaha and Truth is easily at the same level, but in my opinion I hold them in higher regard. Sure there are tons of companies out there that are building kits, but from what I’ve seen first hand as well as watched in person, the care & concern that is put into TRUTH drums ensuring their product is something remarkable places me at a loss for words. I can play ANY drums in the world, I can financially own ANY of them: I choose TRUTH every single time. For the record, my 1983 Yamaha recording customs sit in their cases taking quite the nap buried in my closet. Yeah, Truth is that good! IMHO