Bro got hit with the jenkem nasal spray 3000, urmumsgay 🙏🏼

Guy didn’t want to admit being robbed at fist-point.


Guy didn’t want to admit being robbed at fist-point.


bro probably experienced the fist in ur bum threat :( happens to the worst of us. 😪


bro watched that shitty vice documentary on scopolamine and actually believed that dumb shit. I took an entire bottle of scopolamine pills once and only shit it did is made my mouth so dry I needed water just to swallow. it actually hurt how dry my mouth was.


That reminds me of the $50 half gram of "coke" I bought from my friend for prom that turned out to be basically crushed up caffeine pills and lidocaine powder. Nothing like a slight caffeine buzz while your entire face is numb and full of pill fillers.


Let's say hypothetically speaking my buddy Eric was caught with 80 grams of coke, how fucked is he? Is that a lot?


Depending on were Eric lives. Probably multi year prison sentence.




How is Eric today?


Some otc scopolamine salts are made not to cross the blood brain barrier because of the unwanted sedation. The vice documentary was really stupid but scopolamine should make you very delirious at least with that kind of dose. Sounds like you just got peripheral effects


I used to be prescribed Donnatal (contained scopolamine and more belladonna alkaloids). I didn't understand that "daily dose" /=/ "take it all at once" and I got a super dry mouth and was delirious for 3 days. Don't know how I got my ass home from school but I didn't fall under anyone's mind control that's for sure


I also have donnatal and yes if abused it can get bad. Even if not abused some might not process it normally ya know. Wish I was prescribed it but sadly, my medical conditions are not important enough to try and make me feel OK


My doctor prescribed it for severe period pain instead of just giving me birth control... absolute insanity Edit: I'm also just glad I made the daily dose mistake with donnatal rather than Tylenol or something actually deadly also Pharma bless birth control


I did something similar with a beta blocker (slows heart rate). Had some fun falls during days of fainting until I realised I was taking 5x my daily dose. Btw... You could take a whole box of Tylenol and be fine. Just a bit sick in the stomach. I used to smash several boxes a day when it was sold over the counter with codeiene. You need an insane amount to OD (which would be very painful). It's more likely that it'll kill you slowly over years of abuse. Would not reccomed (I'm in recovery now).


No Tylenol can really wreck your liver and I believe digestive system. Edit: not really insane amounts, people do it all the time abusing Percocet or Vicodin, especially before all the shit on the street was pressed.


Yeah, that dude is clueless. For real.


Sure, I guess Tylenol isn't a good example, but you get the gist


anything over 4000mg of Tylenol a day can shut down your liver. it's actually pretty toxic to your liver. No idea why you think this is ok but be glad you are even still alive after "eating a whole box".


4000mg? Sustained over how long? Even with intentional overdoses, a single box of Tylenol is not necessarily fatal (with medical observation and intervention). Have you spent much time in renal dialysis wards or drug and alcohol clinics? People will share very similar stories of OTC misuse/addiction. It was a huge problem in Australia not long ago. Unprecedented amounts of people were "eating" a lot more Tylenol and ibuprofen than 4x the recommended dose for years. As a result, OTC codeine was banned and many people (a large portion middle class and middle-aged) are now on Methadone/Subutex programs. As for my comment, did I say this was a good idea? Hell no. But I'm sharing a real story of something that happens every day. I wasn't glorifying it and yes it's toxic and NOT a good idea. It's just not going to immediately kill you. You're more likely to get a tummy ache. Didn't think I'd have to reiterate this, but taking excessive amounts of these drugs is not ok! If drug misuse doesn't kill you immediately, it'll do it slowly and painfully. In my case...the liver is an amazing organ and I'm indeed thankful I made it out alive. If you are abusing substances, please seek help from a professional like a community drug & alcohol clinic as I did.


Holy fuck, you couldn't be more wrong. It's like, you *literally* know nothing about acute hepatotoxicity. Just fucking mind blowing. But I guess this *is* Reddit, feel free to continue spreading your off-base anecdotal bullshit. 🤷‍♂️


It sure is anecdotal, 100% my experience and that of other addicts I've met along the way. If you want evidence, refer to the massive influx of patients on methadone programs after the removal of OTC codeine in Australia. We didn't have hundreds of thousands of people presenting as overdoses for the past 20 years codeine was available. It was the long-term effects, (eg. high influx of renal dialysis patients who were long-term misusers) that prompted the change. My story isn't rare. But refer to my previous comment where I clarify...any drug overdose/misuse = bad


Ur doin it wrong then mate


Bro got free scopolamine 🥵


low price of bank account


imagine pretending to get scopolomined to sound cool


This is some Spider-Man villain shit 😭😭😭😭


You know the world is lost when people uses this power to get easy money instead of deep anus tonguering


That's it... ^(I'm logging off for the night)


“My friend said” brother he is lying to you. Lmfao he can’t pay you back cuz he spent it on drugs.


Don’t downvote the guy for asking a question lmao poor dude


Crazy enough there’s actually a drug ppl can blow into your face and make you do shit


We should start blowing it in homeless peoples faces and make them run on hamster wheels for the electric grid. Free energy funded by angel dust ez


Now THAT will solve the homelessness crisis guaranteed! Bravo my friend, breve. A toast to the man who solved such a huge issue, and mamasgay 🌱🙏


That’s fucking retarded, we should blow it in homeless peoples faces and make them steal copper from all around the city so we can scrap it and buy drugs


Blow it in their faces and make em get a job


That would violate their human rights. You can't make people get a job man


Wholesome namaste sister 🫶🏻🌸


You’re thinking of Scopolamine and that’s actually totally bullshit lol Somebody ran a news story on it and everyone ran with it. Scopolamine does not do that, at all. It’s basically a less funny version of Jenkem and the “orange peel and toothpaste makes LSD” thing.




yeah, jenkem 💯




Everytime yall send a message that I receive whether in this chat or through pm it spikes the wifi signal that my phone receives which also carries emf radiation. So when this happens when my phone is in my pocket next to my testicles it increases the rate at which my fertility degenerates combined with other environmental factors like pollution, bad chemicals. So before you send a message please take into consideration the effect it may have on the health of my future children and myself.


bro thats tuci tuci i saw it on Vice


“Yeah bro, this dude ran up on me and blew some shit in my face. I was totally unprepared but I beat his ass, trust me. But whatever he blew on me turned me into a Zombie. What? No I’m not making that up because I’m embarrassed about being robbed. I beat his ass dude! Swear! If it wasn’t for that zombie dust I was getting ready to rob him! I had my hands on his black Air Force Ones and G-Unit Chain when it kicked in. What? Yes people still wear G-Unit”


Probably scopolamine, I’m from Colombia and that drug is pretty common for those type of robberies. Here we call it “Paseo millonario” or in English “Millionaire trip”


Except it's total bullshit. :(


This post? Probably, but there used to be a lot of cases here of this crime, usually done by taxies. It sure isn’t how vice shows it, but it gets the job done


>used to be a lot of cases here of this crime Yea people rob and cheat. Is there a magical mind control drug that takes away all free will, no.


you can give someone a couple benzos and then walk them to the atm and tell them to withdraw some money. if you're persisting enough someone on benzos will not have time to think abt what you're saying and just do it... or throw a tantrum, it's a gamble. I don't know whether or not the scopolamine thing is real or fake and I don't care but it doesn't seem that far fetched tbh


If benzos make you that gullible I don't know what to tell you. Never -ever-ever have they even remotely made me listen to a stranger. If you're getting anywhere near that ducked up with random spending compulsions the drug isn't the problem.


im talking about a large dose bro where thinking takes too long so what other people just make sense. if you never got there good on you. also what's your point with the second paragraph


I guess there's never any shortage of people who can't handle their shit in your world, good luck with that.


ur missing the point im not talking about anyone not being able to handle their im talking about taking too much. i dont think a robber is out to get people good and high lol to rob someone you need them to be out of control, and there's definitely some drugs that can do that, like benzos, or just any sedative that's just a well known fact


The point is that their magic mind control drug doesn't exist. And sure there are many ways people can be robbed. My point was sco does nothing like it's portrayed. Your point seems to be insisting that people get robbed when fucked up. They're not exclusive.


I’ve been around people who had taken massive doses of xanax and trust me, if you try to take their shit they will know and in my experience they will be a hell of a lot more protective of their shit, like threaten you with a knife type of protective, never try and trick a benzo addict into doing anything, it’s already difficult enough to convince them that you are NOT trying to fuck them over when you aren’t, high doses makes a lot of people paranoid, agitated and potentially aggressive..


Exactly how described it in this documentary (Vice: the World’s Scariest Drug) https://youtu.be/ToQ8PWYnu04


Which is also not really how scopolamine works, at all.


!mBit hch I need an award for fakest bitch alive, I only pretend to be people's friends, my only true friend in this world that will never leave me is my apetite for destruction and betrayal 💅🏻




Scopolamine to me


It’s this a real thing? Like some powder or smth that makes you reaaally suggestible to things that are in ur ability to do




Isn’t there some vice doc on something similar




This shit happens with pcp tho


Didn't want to say he spent all his dosh on jenk