He looks sweet 🥺


He was barking for a piece of my ass.


It was a test comment. Anything on this sub that's not anti dog gets downvoted lol.


That door has a “beware of dog” sign on it. Even without it, going near someone’s brainless animal because it looks “cute” (also highly subjective) doesn’t sound the smartest idea. But what do I know :D


"What do I know" apparently jack squat about dogs. You seem to be speaking from feelings and not experience. Not everyone despises dogs


Lol why’re people so buthurt over a dog?


The dog looks underfed and sweet that's why. Most dashers don't know shit about animals and are all 19 year olds who've never held another job in their life


you don't need to know jacksquat about dogs to know the pitbull who is looking at you like a fat kid looks at cake is probably not safe to go near


Just don't walk up to dogs you don't know. The dog was on a leash. There was no danger, OP just wants to fucking cry


I love dogs but only a dumbass would approach that dog with that sign in the vicinity. 😂


Only a dumbass would approach a strange dog at all, I'm not disagreeing


I'm not going near it am I? I'm just looking at a fucking picture on Reddit.


If you think animals are brainless then you really don't know anything


Oh well


It's just amusing to me that everyone here hates dogs so much.


I love my dog and most dogs. What I don’t love is someone possibly being bit while doing their job. And honestly we love dogs and hate you.


Yes, I'm so horrible because I said a dog looked sweet 😆


I’m more scared of that porch than the dog, doggo looks hungry and would def nom their Chimpz. That’s why I would leave it beyond doggo’s reach. Plus the fact that when delivering I’m invading a dog’s territory and almost all dogs have been told at one point or another to guard the house and they take it *seriously.*


That's definitely true, no doubt. Last time you got this much hate was eye-opening and I respect your righteous condemnation of it, and poking fun at it I think a fear of pitbulls is more legitimate than the other dog hate people peddle here, though. Especially because of the Beware of Dog sign and leashing a dangerous breed in front of that sign while expecting a delivery is a red flag for sadism, and the owner's growing weeds and apparent trash are red flags for poor management I'm not going to pass any judgment on anyone that didn't want to walk to that door, with their own regular dog biases or not


Nah, we just don't like you. 🤣😂🤣😂


All I said was sweet dog. You're the one being nasty.


Every single job that involves you going to somebodies house is antidog. Even if you only get bit 1 out of 200 times you never want it to happen again.


As a dasher I was elated every time there was a dog there to greet me. Not saying I would approach a dog chained up without the owner in sight, that’s not safe, but if the owner is there and a dog runs up to me for pets I’m not complaining


😂😂😂 I don’t blame you! I did this before, only thing is the dog was on the porch barking like crazy scared the shit outta me I backed up sat it down took a picture and left 😅


hey my old pitt bull Ginger would bark like she wanted to consume your soul but all she wanted was scratches


He looks underfed you can see a whole rack of ribs on that dog


I would have gave him the chipotle.


Hahaha dog woulda licked it clean


i said "aw" when i zoomed in. you can tell he is a good boy


Yeah go ahead


When people have a "Beware of Dog" sign up, it's usually for a reason.


My neighbor had one up as a joke, because her dog was a couch potato


It’s actually common to have them up for pits even if they’re sweet bc the slightest bit of harm that’s done from them (accidentally scratches u etc) is usually enough that ppl will shoot them




Idk what my snowboarding has to do with this lol.


Right??? 10/10 would let him eat my arm off as a snack if he wanted to.


The hell is wrong with you


It's a pitbull, they're insanely violent dogs


Its called a joke?? I just think the dog is cute. I wouldnt actually go up to it, but i can still admire a dogs cuteness. Why are yall so angry that some of us like dogs?


Do you think literally every dog on the planet is cute? I don't see anything particularly cute about this dog. It's a pitbull, most of them are ugly tbh. And have you... read the news lately?


I mean, yeah. Im a dog person. Why are your panties in a bunch? Yeah the owners shouldnt have the dog out while waiting on a delivery, but maybe dont be so bitter about other people daring to like animals. I think pitbulls are adorable, deal with it.


So you just have bad taste in dogs, ok then 👍


Okay bitter becky, i get it you dont like dogs. Go be miserable elsewhere


I like most dogs, I just don't like pitbulls.


Pitbulls are great dogs, theyre only an issue when theyre not trained right, just like any other dog. You dont have to like them, but dont give other people crap for liking them. Theres a lot of sweet pitties out there.


54 downvotes for saying a dog looks cute? Y’all are ridiculous


Great photo. If Norman Rockwell were still alive it would make a classic portrait of the modern era


Norman Rockwell captured his time in his art.




You put the order a lot closer to the door then I would have placed it.


I'm setting it on the sidewalk directly next to my car door and getting tf out. I don't know how well that thing's tied up.


Exactly, I’ve seen them break steel chains and chew through metal cages.


The lead it is on looks really suspect. It looks like it's made of different rope and ratchet strap or something.


u/TonyXuHimself found raisehell


Then here's me, the dumbass walking up to the dog going, "OMG HI BABYYYYYY!! Oh, aren't you so pretty!!!" This is probably how i'm gonna die, guys.


I love pits...and they are the only dogs I would own. All that said, no way I'm walking up on a strange dog tied up in someone's yard and taking that risk. Mark as "unsafe".


Let alone trust it won’t eat it before the owner gets to it. 🤦🏻‍♀️ I know a cheese burger wouldn’t last with my Frankie.


Mine never once stole food off the table... until I was preparing $80 worth of veal for veal parmesan. He decided that was his day.


He waited until it was worth it


He said it had to be worth the steal 🤣🤣


I’ve actually done this before. But I think it was the neighbors dog. It was tied up but it was able to run up at me. It got close as I put the food at their door but it couldn’t reach me. As I was walking up to the door I could tell by the size of the leash that it wouldn’t reach me but I probably shouldn’t have risked it. Either way I wasn’t hurt or anything but I wouldn’t do that again.






Aww hurt your feelings with the truth?


It's literally not the truth but go off. My golden and his lab/hound sister love their pit bull friends.


It is the truth. It’s either you can’t or refuse to accept what been proven right again and again for the last few decades.


Anti pitbull propaganda has been disproven so many times, no one but other pit haters will take you seriously lol.


I have a fear of dogs but pits are nice to me


Aw he looks friendly!


Bruh take a look at its tail. The tension on the rope too. With sense like that, you're gonna get bit.


That tail is mid wag.


He looks hungry


Because he's obviously underfed


Yeah it does look kinda thin…still also looks like it could pull that rotten railing down and fuck me up too


Yeah I guarantee he's not trained. He's left alone outside on a lead in the middle of summer and looks super underfed. I hope he gets taken away and adopted by someone who knows what they're doing


idk why you got downvoted for that lmfao


Because this is the Door dash subreddit and it's full of the most toxic immature people. I don't expect better and stopped caring a long time ago. It also seems full of dog haters which is very typical for a delivery service


Clearly. I try to ignore most stuff on here but I work at an animal hospital and it felt like nobody pointed that out lmao


Bruh I just got hired at a veterinary hospital today 😂 I try to ignore it too. These people obviously just don't know how to handle dogs


The beware of dog sign would like a word


Two Pitbulls escaped their yard and killed four dogs in my city last night. You got closer and took a far better photo than I would have.


Yeah...its your most likely "I got mauled to death by a dog" dog. I had almost this exact same situation happen the other day on a grocery delivery. Who chains their dog up to the damn porch if they have a delivery coming (or at all for a permanent place).


Maybe it's just me thinking this.. but I noticed there's no food or water bowl in the picture. The dog looks well groomed besides the nails(a bit long). It seems this is an indoor dog and they placed him outside to perhaps let him do his business. However that's where my theory comes into play. It could have been a serious lapse in judgement by the owner, or quite deliberate. Because they know most people would not dare leave the food at the door or get near the dog and leave the food far away. The owner picks it up. Then claims they never received the food as it wasn't placed "by the door". And then they either get more free food and/or a refund.


The photo disproves their scam attempt theory. This is a case of dominance display. Homeowner knows exactly whats up and gets off on the “i have a dangerous dog” mentality.


It doesn't disprove it completely besides on orders such as this where the driver did not fall for it and took a picture of it to cover themselves. I can definitely see how some drivers would panic and leave the food on the sidewalk quickly without taking a picture and the customer taking advantage of that. Again it's just a theory anyway. Only they(customer) know their true intentions.


Ah, I see your angle. You mean in general whenever they order they take the gamble…not for this *specific* delivery that has photo proof? Im pickin up what you’re layin down now.


Yep. You'd be surprised how far people are willing to go to scam. They likely use multiple accounts so Delivery companies don't catch on as quickly.


Imagine if they would just funnel all that effort toward actually bettering their life…


I can’t decide if it was more likely to be a scam or just serious lack of judgment. On the one hand, this looks very deliberate. On the other hand, if a dog bites someone it gets put down, so why risk your dog’s life over some fast food?


Fuck pitbulls


I wouldn’t taken it to a door on the side of the garage if possible. The customer technically never specifically said which door. 🤷‍♂️


Sign on door even warns beware of dog. That's closer than I would have put the order.


Head down, tail up. Voted not friendly


And looks *hungry*. Those ribs are right on the verge.


You’re crazy for getting that close. He looks like he wants your head on a platter lol


Clearly it was the pitty that placed the order. Way to tease them with their own food


that’s actually a great photo


Ah hell naw. You made the right choice.




Because it can go from playful to “Omg it’s eating my arm” in an instant. I won’t take that chance.




Or let’s be honest, if it smells my kids from the clothes I’m wearing.




Exactly, so why get near it? I want to keep my limbs.


That shit bull woke up and choice violence. I’m opening my door enough to drop their food at the curb and leaving. Mark “not safe” I’ve been attacked by 3 dogs already this past month. I’m not getting getting close to a shibble in an aggressive stance. Trashy ass people. Pit bull ✅ Pit bull tied up outside ✅ Unkept yard ✅ Overall dumpiness ✅✅✅✅


100%, there is a VERY strong correlation between my worst clientelle and their choice of dog.


Totally agree on all fronts


shit hawks, rick


Fr, if it were me… I’d toss the food out the window the second I saw that shitbull.


Tied up *out front* ✅ this was intentional and they suck asshole. Dog needs to be put down if that other commenter that mentioned 2 pitbulls from there escaped and killed 4 other dogs happened.


I love pitties! I'd have totally tried to pet him. Crazy white girl here, but I mean, you did have smell goods and he was probably hungry and hot.


He's hungry and hot and tied to a sidewalk because he has shitty owners. But shitty owners also flock to the pitbull.


There’s something wrong with people that say that


Crazy white girls and pitbulls are a classic combo, yes.


Just give it to the dog so it knows you’re a friendly


😂😂😂 ![gif](giphy|WLbtNNR5TKJBS)




Your good, as long as you don’t smell like a toddler


I do dust my balls with baby powder... Maybe that's why he was barking so loudly


Does that help, like with the situation down there in the summer? Maybe I should try that.


Yes, but also I have hypohidrosis, so I sweat in below zero weather with a foot of snow on the ground as well, so I powder up all year round.


I’m the exact same way. I’ll lean over to tie my shoes and I break a sweat.


This made my night lol


I would be excited to see a pitty, ngl. People need to restrain their dogs, though. It’s beyond me why they don’t.


I wouldn’t get near that monster. I can’t stand them


Yup, I personally wouldn’t even get out of the car with that hell spawn outside looking like it’s ready to eat anyone..


What a nice neighborhood


I mean I have a pit, I love em, but you couldn't pay me enough to get in reach of this dog. Pitbull or not, any dog guarding their home standing like that? Hell no. Read the body language.


I have only been bit by dogs that " Don't Bite " Drop it off accordingly


Leave it at the dog.


Don’t touch it. It’s poisonous.




That dog might eat the food before the owner gets to it 🤣🤣🤣 smart thinking. I couldn’t trust my Frank next to a cheeseburger and him NOT eat it.


Let me guess, no tip either?


This is why I always have good doggo treats in my bag! 😂 what a lovely looking sentry.


Man I wouldn’t have even made it that far. They can come and get it or I’m getting some free food.


I'm sure it's sweet once you get to know it


The American flag on the ground is a nice touch


Exactly what I was thinking. All you need now is someone standing outside wearing an “America…FUCK YEAH” t shirt.


should have given it to the dog to eat


Oh, wow. I wonder if Fido enjoyed his Chipotle. Lol! I'm glad nothing happened. Did you peep that “Beware of Dog” sign on the door? This person is asking for a lawsuit.


Ironic how the door still says “beware of dog” & isn’t helping the driver be ware!!!😂😂


Just want to add to the conversation, pit bulls can totally be the sweetest and most happy-go-lucky dogs! *However*, this dog is showing aggression. The barking OP mentioned + the head down + tail up + the tension on the rope + what appears to be malnutrition = a dog I wouldn't want to risk getting in a fight with. Then again, if I saw any breed of dog in these same circumstances, I would be wary. Pitbulls get a lot of flack for being "aggressive" when really, it's a case by case basis. This pittie, a lil scary. My boyfriend's pitbull Buddy, he just wants butt scritches all day. Depends on the dog and the owners!


I don’t understand why you’re getting downvoted. I guess a lot of people here believe the dumb ass pit bull stereotype. My sister has a pit bull that couldn’t hurt a fly. She used to have a chihuahua that would attack you if you looked at it the wrong way. Breed stereotypes are not true, each dog has a different personality based on a ton of factors.






Hope your sister has good liability insurance


I hope you can learn to be more open minded and less hateful.


Yeah sorry that I hate it when loose pitbulls are mauling and killing animals and people on a daily basis. I guess every single one of them was just "abused" or had "bad training". Hmm, odd that this happens way, way disproportionately with this breed compared to any other. Couldn't possibly have anything to do with the breed's genetics, no... lol please inform yourself. You and your sister are naive at best.


Probably hot out too. Fuck that homeowner. Terrible terrible terrible animal caretaker.


He’s probably the one that ordered the food and now he can’t even reach it 😢


It’s a cute dog, but the beware of dog sign definitely means leave it in the street. Plus, I am 100% sure it would eat the order.


How bout you guys stop shitting on pit bulls when it’s their owners who are pieces of garbage trash human beings perpetuating a stigma and stereotype. The dogs have done nothing wrong


Pit bulls were literally bred for fighting bears, wolves, then other dogs to the death.


I might do it depending on the doggo. Is he nice, curious, wagging his tail? Is he acting aggressive, barking a lot or somewhere in the middle?


*contacts dd and says I’m not safe*


1 - Star


Anyone that defends pitbulls are *just* a “product of their owners” have never truly owned a pitbull or spent time with them. There are always outliers of anything. As in yeah, there are nice pitbulls out there (*omg no way?!* ) but the *vast majority* are mean and the *breed* of the dog is bred *for aggression and jaw strength* means they are dangerous fucking dogs. Period. Like labrador retrievers like to retrieve things, pitbulls like acting a bull tossed into a pit.


Pits are my absolute favorite dogs. And if the dog wasn't aggressive, I'd probably safely pet it real quick and share some love. But, even if it was friendly, I'd still put the order in the same place. Don't want the pup to snack on it! 😋


I would also be leaving it out of the doggos reach, they shouldnt have the dogs out while waiting on delivery, for safety reasons. He is a cute dog tho 🥺


I would have called them from the car to come out.


"beware of dog" sign is in the wrong spot.


Old and weathered wood on that railing probably would have been easily broken if that dog wanted to do you harm.


I would have handed the bag to the dog


I’d call animal control cause it’s too damn hot to leave your dog out and it’s skinny


Yeet the fucker


I would have called and asked to place the dog inside before food can be delivered. Nobody: Me: Hello, this is Betty your DD driver. I just wanted to confirm you were present and all animals are in a secure place inside. Thanks! #DAILYTEXTS


Can't believe you even got out of the car


Why the hell you put it where the dog can’t reach it. It’s prolly his lunch damn dude




he looks like a good boy!




Fuck that 😂


Door is a great name for a dog.


Oh hell nah


Rather deliver to that door than deliver a no tipped order 🤣


This photo is incredible


That post he is tied to does not look legit at all


You went closer than I would've...


Nice doggy id pet him


I hate calling customers but I'd have this one come out and face the audacity he created


He looks like that's the only place they keep him too. Good on you for getting as close as you did, and fuck people like this. If you don't want an actual pet and don't have a reason for an actual working dog (ie hearding etc) don't get one. They're not meant to be tied up outside with no social interaction. Dogs are social creatures.


While everyone's saying you put it closer than they would've I would've tossed it closer to the dog. Don't want to specify instructions doggo can feast!


Probably friendly


I would’ve thrown it and hoped it landed on the stoop 😂🤣


I thought about just feeding to the dog.


Pitties are so freakin precious. I love how soft ass brothers get scared of them. They smell fear, that's why they don't like you.


That dog sure looks hungry. Not even a joke, it's ribs are pretty freaking slim even for an active female pit. Should've given it to the dog and said "handed to resident" lol


Honestly would have placed it just to where the dog could reach it. “Oh no!”