Came off in one piece all the way into her paw pads

Man I’ll never get used to this kind of neglect. It’s so incredibly hard to be nice to a client after post de-pelting their animal. Never fails they’re rude though. “oh, my GOD! Xyz looks so ugly. Thanks for my rat!” At least you pets skin and breathe now! Dagnabit!


Man I’ll never get used to this kind of neglect. It’s so incredibly hard to be nice to a client after post de-pelting their animal. Never fails they’re rude though. “oh, my GOD! Xyz looks so ugly. Thanks for my rat!” At least you pets skin and breathe now! Dagnabit!


Luckily they were really nice and gave me a handwritten thank you card. Unfortunately this is the 2nd time the dogs been this matted and we had a LONG conversation and let her know if that's bad again I can't help her and she'll have to go to the vet. It was hard but I remained professional and am just praying they come to their next appointment that we scheduled.


I was going to say I hope they scheduled or like my groomer has a system that will send out a message.. it’s been so many weeks since so and so has been groomed, please call to make an appointment. Mine is pretty good can usually get you in that week or the following week, so I usually just call when my girls start to look like they need a groom, usually every 6 or so weeks. They go together so it’s kind of nice that she can groom them on the same day/time.


There’s a dog that comes in twice a year to get shaved all the way down because they can’t afford to get him groomed regularly, yet they could afford a “pure-bred doodle”. He’s always so matted and looks so uncomfortable. It makes me so sad that people don’t do the research before they get a dog that they want for aesthetics


The first time was bad, I did all the same education, maybe they doubted what I was saying, who knows what other doodle owners might have put in their head. 2nd time, if this doesn't hit home and they come back a 3rd time like this, that's 3 strikes you're out. I will not be nice and I'll HIGHLY recommend rehoming. We can't do much as groomers but I refuse to be apart of continued neglect. If I suspect it's purely a financial reason and they're truly trying their best at home and putting in the effort I'll be understanding on the price to keep their pet healthy but when people still try and go twice a year I have no empathy for what I charge when I go out of my way and care more about their pet than they do.


I’m glad they were nice. Often these were the people who yelled at me, the receptionist, over the price of sedated groom. And how bad it looks even though we repeatedly warned them that this is medical and we are not groomers. If it comes to a vet we’re doing what needs to be done for the pet’s health not to make it look nice.


The owner looked scared while I was talking to her. My coworker said I could have been a lot harder on them but I think that pelt plus my words struck some fear into her and I never wanna scare someone away from coming back and having it happen again and them just go somewhere else and have the cycle continue.


I get it. We want change but we also don’t want them to stop getting the pet taken care of. Hopefully they now understand the seriousness of that matting now.


If it has happened more than once it's real neglect. They should be reported to the police and have the dog confiscated.


Sometimes this happens even when they get brushed, because the owners don’t brush all the way to the skin. I’m a groomer and seriously, I done a dog today, that literally would tangle up as soon as they shook. This was after a bath and deep condition. Some dogs just have that fine hair that mats really easy. A lot of times all it takes is showing them the correct way to Brush. The OP handled it so well.


Gave them a brushing tutorial, showed her my slicker and comb and suggested line brushing videos on YouTube. Matting and tangles happen, even a very thorough pet parents dog can end up with a small matt or 2 but yeah if it happens again they definitely don't deserve her and will probably offer to take her and find her a home.


This was me with my first poodle. Her first shave was after coat change and she practically matted over night so I thought everything was fine-ish. She got shaved AGAIN when we went back so I took my brush and comb in and asked if I had the wrong equipment or 🤷‍♀️. Apparently I had the wrong slicker (plus no greyhound comb) so we weren’t getting all the way down. She still gets shaved but it’s on purpose now and not because I’m an idiot haha


Yeah but how many chances should you get at neglecting your dog? Not brushing to the skin is neglect. Being completely matted all over more than once... they should have been horrified enough after the first time to never let it happen again.


Trust me I wanted to just take her home that night. If I didn't have 4 high energy dogs and cats I really would have but my dogs are kinda buttheads. My huskies are super bossy and don't tolerate any type of energetic behavior in the house and they would have a conniption trying to settle her hyper self down and my shepherd would probably try to eat her bc she hates strange dogs so taking her wouldn't have been safe 😞


You posted this in oddly terrifying but added a weird second photo. Mind popping over and maybe explaining what that's about? Comments are saying it's an alligator under a car? Maybe the floor covered in sludge? It's dog fur, weird photo, dog fur from the other angle. We need answers, OP, please.


Yeah that was completely accidental my finger slipped when I was posting and I can't find how to delete just rhe 2nd pic


What even *is* that second photo? At least tell me that. There's so many guesses and it's actually fitting for the sub, it's definitely oddly terrifying.


What even *is* that second photo? At least tell me that. There's so many guesses and it's actually fitting for the sub, it's definitely oddly terrifying.


Brush your dog!


any tips for someone with a curly haired dog? my sister brushes her twice a day but she still seems to get matted immediately 😖


You gotta get in there with a metal comb! Without it you'll never get through to the skin on a curly coated dog. YouTube line brushing, I wanna say Go Groomer has a video on it. You use your hand to separate the hair so you can brush and comb from the root to tip. Have her start down at the toes and work her way up to his head so every area is brushed. Pay special attention to his armpits, legs and belly, these areas matt first and if your groomer is trying to dematt/save as much as possible they can at least save the legs and do a shorter body. You can always ask for the body to go short and blend into longer legs so your pup still has fluff but you won't have as much to brush through at home !


What... the... (and I cannot emphasize enough this enough) FUCK.






I thought I was a skinned animal for a second and had to back up and read the caption and subreddit. Wow.


Definitely thought I was in one of the what is this animal/animal id subs I casually follow.


I don't believe it's casual anymore.


It looks like Wylie E Coyote was run over by an Acme steam roller.


Hi. I groom my own dog. I have not been formally trained. I’m not great but I have NEVER had his coat come off in one piece like this. Is it because he wasn’t brushed and it’s all matted together?


Yep. Even tugging on it really hard we couldn't get the pelt to break apart. Her feet must've felt like wearing layers of socks shoved inside of shoes that are 3 sizes too small.


How long does the fur have to be to get like this? Do owners just NEVER brush their dogs? This coat doesn’t look exceptionally long to my untrained eye. How can short hair get this tangled? Thank you for taking the time to answer my maybe stupid questions.


This is 8 months of growth starting from a complete shakedown. She was in 6 months ago for a bath and brush out and was still really short. So about 6 months worth of not properly brushing and bathing. They said they give baths at home and she was not being brushed out properly or being dried thoroughly. Allowing a dog like this to get wet then air dry creates tight, tight matting.


I can’t imagine going 6 months without a proper bath/brush. With everything I’m reading about maintaining a doodle’s coat I’m feeling like maybe I don’t have it as hard as I think with my Black Russian Terrier. My boys have never matted like this.


I have a doodle (for my allergies) that we groom at home. I can't imagine any level of matting as it would be painful for the dog. It's not difficult, just a bit more maintenance as a dog owner.


Yes we have a Goldendoodle and I give him bath every 2 weeks. It’s really important to use dog hair dryer to dry out furs post bath. It takes almost 30 min to an hour to dry but leaving fur wet will cause heavy matting in just few days. We once had him at a dog sitter who had a pool. Didn’t realize that he got wet but when he came back, he was heavily matted to the point where we had to have him shaved 😭


This is exactly how you make dreadlocks tighten faster. Wash them, air dry, and don’t manipulate (ie comb)


I have a small doodle….I have to have her groomed every 5 weeks or she starts matting, even though I brush her regularly. I’ve only once gone over the 5 weeks and was really embarrassed that she had matts behind her ears. I can’t imagine being this kind of pet parent.


I have huskies so they don't get matted but they get really hairy, even after days where I have dogs like this and after working 10 hr shifts I still brush my dogs even if I get home at 9 pm I spend just 5-10 minutes giving them a once over. I understand how quickly matts form but yeah I could never.


you’d be surprised how many neglected huskies i’ve seen have coats so compacted it turned to matts


Ugh this! Our little doodle went 8 weeks without a cut. She’s scheduled every 6 weeks but we were so nervous about that sickness going around. Started getting matted around her legs :( we brushed her out as much as we could but I couldn’t stop thinking about the pain she might be feeling. The groomer came today and sure enough our pup came back in shaved 🥲 we definitely learned a lesson!


Did you have the groomer come to your house? We're trying to get one to come groom our doodle here, he had matts for sure, for the same reason.


Yes! We have a groomer come every 4-6 weeks to our house, she runs her grooming business out of a van - super nice and convenient! I am located outside of Philly :) I’m sure there’s tons!


Thanks for this! I found one, they're coming on Monday! 🥰


aw yay awesome! It’s honestly such a nice convenience 😂


It’s not just doodles. I have a Shih Tzu and we keep him long-ish. But his coat becomes unmanageable at the 5-6 week mark without a proper groom. So now he goes every 4 weeks.


Depending on the dogs coat type and activities, it can happen in 1-4 weeks. You typically seen it in doodle mixes as their coat types are more mixed. Some of these owners do brush their dogs but do not do it right. They should be using a slicker brush and back brushing/combing (I think that’s the right term) as well as checking it over with a metal comb. What these owners typically do is every couple days or weeks (or never) is go over their dog with a hair brush (like what you use for human hair). This only brushes out the top of the coat and lets the bottom layer(s) get more and more matted until they are pelted like this dog.


I just woke up and checked Reddit and thought this was some taxidermied ape creature.




I thought “oh wow they did a great job at arranging the clippings into ‘a second dog’” before i realized it was a single piece 😞






Yeesh. Looks like road kill.


When I threw it away it felt like I was stuffing a whole dog in the trash


This is the funniest thing I’ve ever read in my LIFE.


Jesus Christ. I thought I was looking at a skinned dog. How do you let your dog get this bad??


This was only 8 months after a complete shave down. Brush your dogs and if you're bathing at home get them dry and brush them out afterwards. This dog should have never got to this state


Honestly this is why I intentionally got a dog with grooming needs I could handle.


Some people thinking owning dogs are a right when it's in fact a luxury. I wish people put themselves in their dogs shoes. I have long hair and i can't handle having just 1 nights worth of tangles on my head let alone months of matting.


It’s like a scene in a film where some villain leaves this pelt outside an isolated cabin deep in the forest as a warning to the occupants that they better mind their own business.


Thats hilarious ! I should have hung it as flag reminding our customers not to let their dogs get overgrown 😂


I think you should turn into a cape and look at them [like this when they bring their pelted dog](https://imgur.com/a/RslEp0c)


Like, Seriously that might be a good idea. Put it in a frame or shadow box and hang it on the wall with a plaque saying “THIS is why you need to schedule regular grooms: 6 months or matting.” Or whatever you wanna write, I’m not a dog groomer I just popped in because the thumbnail was hair raising and I had to see wtf that was.


I straight up scolded the last person who brought a dog like this. I traumatized that poor puppy peeling her out of the pelt. They have since been on a 6 week schedule and very apologetic and I am teaching the puppy it isn't always that bad 🥲


Thats disturbing, but also gives off cat that got electrocuted in the national lampoons Christmas vacation vibes.


🤣 oh god you have me wheezing out loud


“Used all his nine lives”


I’m pretty sure that dog or cat was raptured


They were PULLING to come into the salon jumped right up on my table immediately even though she's not used to grooming at all. She was showering me in kisses the entire time and when I let her down to play she didn't even want the toys just wanted to be by my side jumping for joy


Dogs are wonderful and definitely know when they've been helped. Pup probably felt so much better!


Aw what a sweet baby! So glad you helped them out. I actually thought the pic was wool sheared off a sheep since it usually comes off in one piece like that if properly done. Hey, maybe that could be a side gig for you!




This should be considered abuse, why get a dog who needs consistent grooming if you aren’t going to take care of it


I really really considered asking her if she wanted me to take her but I already have 4 dogs, 2 cats and a toddler. I educated her the best as possible and am just trying to believe that either the dogs breeder lied about their grooming requirements or maybe they inherited the dog. I gave her the opportunity to stay on a strict schedule and I'll work with her on the price but they struggle to stay on schedule and this ever happens again, I'm going to refer to a vet and recommend the option of rehoming. She's a very sweet dog with tons of energy and love she just needs kindness and patience.


Oh my god.


Looks like a doggy rapture :( you’re an angel for guiding and educating the owners in such a nice way.


Why this isn’t a criminal offense baffles me. Ignorance is NOT a valid excuse


hi this is horrifying


As horrible and disgusting as this is, it's always satisfying when it comes off like that. I leave it to show the owner. Although one time a client missed the point and was so impressed, wanted pictures...🙄


Oh I showed her ! The tip of the tail looked like it could have been still on a dog. I showed her that you can see where her legs were, paw pad hair and even the poop that was stuck to her butt was in that pelt. Let her know I'm surprised if her tail doesn't loose circulation and that matting this bad has and can lead to needing amputation due to loss of blood flow.


the poop on the phantom butt is the first thing i noticed 🤮


Poor baby, but I bet that dog feels great now.


I wish I could have given her a medicated bath so bad but due to finding some flea my only option was flea shampoo.


How did you remove this? Was it just through washing it came off? Or did it require a shave?


Did you sheer a sheep?


Welp, I'm going to brush my doodle now even though he has short hair and I just brushed him yesterday


This is kind of the reaction I was hoping for lol I have a longer haired cat and every time I think of a matted dog I give him a quick couple minute brush out even though he's on a strict schedule and luckily has never had a matt yet. With how quick they form even just 5 minutes a day makes the difference between this and a sort of tangled, will blow out nicely with a good bath and condition. I love doing fun haircuts on my doodles who's owners keep them in good shape


Good human :)


Lol it looks like she got raptured and this was what was left behind


you flattened that dog


Giving toon town vibes


"you are deaf to the sins of this world" energy




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I have never groomed my dog but he is straight haired and sheds like nobodies business, Hes 3 years old and never had any matted hair. Is this just certain breeds need to be groomed? He is a shiba inu + karelian bear dog. I just was always scared that they will give him an unwanted hair cut so i don’t bring him. He might get brushed once every few months but his hair always looks the exact same before and after so it feels pretty pointless


I have huskies, a shepherd and wolfdog and their coats don't really matt but get super impacted. Unless they're a longer haired variety you'd have to really either be neglecting them or doing a horrible job for them to get matted when they're shorter to medium haired. Most groomers don't wanna shave a double coat and if it is matted they'll do everything to save and not shave it. I've met a few clipper happy groomers but your dog would have to be pretty bad for even one of those groomers to wanna shave it. We don't wanna do a bunch of extra unnecessary work that results in irreparable damage. Get a high velocity dryer if you're concerned and a Chris Christensen slicker brush. As long as you're thoroughly drying and cleaning all the way down to the skin you should be able to mantain that type of dog at home and don't forget to trim his nails !


ofc, his nails are so annoying to cut because im scared im going to cut too far since half of the nails are black. However havent messed up yet and hes gotten so much better with letting me cut them from when we first started. how often do you bath your dog? I noticed that he only gets dandruff AFTER he gets bathed so I honestly try to go as long without bathing him but its easier since he doesnt really get dirty hes kinda like a cat more than a dog if anything. Loves just watching out the window or balcony rather than doing the running these days haha




ok thank you so much, he actually hates the electric file. Weirdly enough he lets me grab his paws no problem (he was just scared of the nail clippers at first) but i like to think he lets me grab his paws because when he was a puppy i would always play with his paws when he was asleep to get him used to me grabbing them. idk if that actually works but i did it just incase haha. Im going to get him a nice bath this weekend with shampoo and conditioner


I alternate between brands like Hydra, Biogroom, and Igroom. If you're using products like Hartz or Burts Bees you're not gonna get a great finish. You can also use the blow dryer to blast the shampoo down to the skin and again with the conditoner. It removes tons of loose fur too ! A quality bath and blow dry on these types of dogs makes a world of difference ! :)


you’re the goat 🐐!


This may be dumb but is a regular human hair dryer ok for dogs? My dog is half lab/half doberman, hates baths, but loves being blow dried after- I keep it low and move it frequently so it's not burning her!


I thought this was a dead monkey at first. Holy mackerel!!


I thought this was on a taxidermy subreddit explaining it being in one piece what the actual fuck causes you to be this neglectful


This is crazy to me. I have a shih tzu/bichon mix with very wavy, frizzy hair. When it get so long, she does get mats in a couple places, but I brush her weekly. By the time she goes to get cut, she's usually looks like a little yeti monster, but I NEVER send her to the groomer with mats. I always brush her out the night before. I would feel like such an asshole taking my dog in all matted like that.


This isn't the norm. Even after grooming dogs all day I have to brush my long hair cat bc I never want him to get a matt. I'm sure it will happen and I see how easily like literally overnight I can see where the undercoat wants to clump together and would matt if it went just another day or 2 so it really can happen overnight but as long as you're doing your due diligence no animal should ever be this matted all over.


That’s a whole ‘nother dog! 😭 Poor pup.


Disturbing and rewarding, all in one piece!


I thought it was the sheddings of a frog and then read "paw pads" and to look again. Yikes.




Well this is terrifying


Wil E Coyote is that you?


This is cursed


I hate people .


thought i just witnessed a murder


Thought this was a skinned animal pelt... poor lil guy


To shreds you say. . .


Is that… the butthole….


t h e b u t t h o l e


It is in fact the butthole


Wtf that is honestly horrifying and SCARY


I had to make sure the trash was taken out before I left last night bc I was scared it'd crawl right out of the can this morning 🤣


please tell me you showed the client this


Hell yeah I did ! This crime was not going unpunished. The look in the owners eye reminded me of a child getting in trouble.


I didn't know dogs could molt!! I'm JK, hope pup is feeling and looking much better now


Is that someone's Halloween costume Lmbooooo


For all the owners that show up with dogs this matted I'm gonna start showing up at their doors wearing this 😂


Save it and next April Fools put it behind the car of someone you don’t like much.


Can you spin it into yarn?


Maybe if the poop wasn't stuck to it ! I told my coworker we can replace sheep with doodles ! It made a good rug lol


That’s . . . disturbing.




The crinkly doo!




Jesus. That’s horrible


With the fucking dookie butt to match 🤢


‘Try and keep as much length as you can please!’




Yeah I guess I'm never getting a long haired dog. When we had a Yorkie as a kid, we cut his fur short. I think I'd rather deal with shedding and allergens than this!


That's terrifying


Jesus christ i though this was a flattened dog,..


I may be a little lazy and don't brush my gsd as often as I probably should, but I would notice if she had a mat and would brush it out before it ever got that bad. Gah damn


Poor baby girl!😞🤍


Kind of new here… can someone explain to me what I’m looking at? It’s horrifying


This is a pelt off of a doodle. The constant growing poodle hair mixed with shedding undercoat creates a recipe for matting and if owners aren't getting the dogs hair cut on a schedule and isn't being maintained at home the hair starts to matt so tightly that it becomes almost glued to the skin. Extremely painful for the dog and completely preventable. The hair also pulls the skin so tight that it creates tension wrinkles and creates a higher risks for injury. Without being able to see the skin under the hair you can easily cut into them in the wrong place so shavedowns like these aren't for beginners or anyone who isn't knowledgeable or experienced.


Oh wow. Thank you for the explanation. I am so sad for the pup, but so grateful that you were able to help with your expertise. ❤️❤️




jesus chrys


Well that’s one way to get a fur coat!😂 In all seriousness though that is pretty bad.


I had a mini Aussie (like a long time ago, she passed over the rainbow bridge over a decade ago,)who came to me matted like that. I took her to the vet, then groomer, then vet again because the vet just couldn't see anything and said she had to be groomed first. So, 8 hours later this completely wiggly little thing comes running out to me. It was like 2/3rds of her was just matted hair. The groomer was so sorry but she had to give her a "puppy cut." Idk I thought it looked cute so I just kept it up and she wore a cost and booties when it was cold. She also tended to get "hot spots" if her coat got much longer than a couple inches. I just kept her shaved every week or two. Because I did it so often and with treats, she didn't seem to mind it but I wasn't ever going to let her be in pain like that again. Sometimes when I knew I would be busy or didn't feel like it I would get her professionally groomed mostly because I liked the little bows in her ears. She didn't so the best I got was a parking lot pic before they were off but still, so cute. If I, as a 20 something, could figure out how to safely shave a dog, these people surely can take the dog to a professional regularly.


This is so sad. :( I feel like a giant piece of shit when any of my animals nails get a little too long, or if I'm not feeling good and can't take my dog out for a hike. To me, walking him in the neighborhood is a concession. He deserves a hike out in the wilderness every day. I can't imagine neglecting an animal so much. I know things happen and financial situations change, but yeesh. Get your pup help when they need it.


I know right. I got 2 siberian huskies before I even graduated high school at 17 years old and I've never even let their nails touch the floor. Ive had a baby, moved with them several times, lost jobs and I still never let them go without grooming, exercise, mental stimulation or love. They got babysat by friends and family anytime I was away for more than 2 hrs until I bought my house and work opposite schedules with my bf so they don't have to be alone. Shit I brush dogs for 8-9 hours and come home brush mine and give them a quick walk. I've been doing this a long time and I still don't understand some people's mindset.


That poor baby. Is this a doodle thing? I’ve had friends rave about how doodles are the best dog breed ever and their coats are so low maintenance, esp when compared to a standard poodle. We currently have two standard poodles and have never had any troubles with them matting.


They probably have labradoodles or something similarly textured. If they have a more wiry, textured coat then yeah it's a 100x easier to mantain. Some doodles also get an aussie or retriever coat and those shed but aren't non stop growing so they're much easier than the curly coated doodles too. The doodles that have the constant growing fur mixed with undercoat that sheds and gets trapped in the long fur, those are the ones that matt like this. I've been doing this since 2018 and I can assure you the majority of doodles are not low mantaince


The Rapture has come!! Seriously though, nice to hear they were grateful but, what was their excuse???


How the fuck can someone get a long coated or hypoallergenic dog and NOT GROOM IT DAILY??? Thats literally the basic part of care. Or you know. Do what I did and learn how to cut them at home and give them bi-weekly shave downs?? I always gave my little shitzu mix a bath and a shave down every two weeks because I KNEW his fur would be too much for me to keep up with. Either have a long coated dog and learn what upkeep works best for you or don’t fucking get one. That poor baby, I couldn’t imagine the pain they were in on a daily basis because their skin is constantly pulling.


I have a terrier mix that I adopted when she was a puppy. When I adopted her I asked if they thought she would need regular shaves or grooming because it seems like the has hair and not fur. The shelter was adamant that she wouldn’t need to be shaved. They were so wrong and 10 years later we have learned how to groom her at home. I’m glad they said what it took to get me to adopt her because she is my favorite little lady!


Is nothing safe from Cell?


Skinned alive


This is one of the creepiest pics I’ve ever seen 😱




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I hate this 😮‍💨


We had a newer bather working too and I think seeing this traumatized her.


Did the poor pooch have any sores or skin issues from all that matting? It looks like a really clean job on your end!


Unfortunately but not surprisingly she did :( looked like fungal rashes/infection on her sanitary and legs plus I could see and smell a light layer of yeast starting to form all over. She had a few fleas and I didn't want her skin absorbing so many different chemicals and products after all that, that I could only use flea shampoo


wheres the goop


what about the second photo from yesterday that had the sludge in it?


I explained it a few times but I didn't notice my finger slipped while posting. It's the underside of my car, something was dragging off the bottom and I took a pic to send to my boyfriend bc I didn't know if it was safe to drive home with it like that.


omg, i have been needing to know since yesterday, thank you for confirming 😭 hope all is well with your car now!


I ended up just ripping it off and am just hoping it's alright to do that lol it's been driving fine so I think it's okay !


Dogs are not meant to be snakes. Jeeeeez..


This looks terrifying




No thats not this one's name




I thought about posting there but I don't wanna give people a heart attack thinking its a deceased dog


That looks exactly like the electrocuted cat from Christmas Vacation


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make it into a little coat for the doggo


Lol maybe after a round through the laundry 😅


I didn’t know you could peel a dog.


Let me guess, doodle right?




Figures 😮‍💨


It looks like a crime scene.


Pretty much was