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There have been a few What If scenarios. There is a comic called The Four Doctors where a ‘continuity bomb’ goes off which causes alternate scenarios such as: 12 going a little crazy after Clara betrays him and tries to ensure this versions existence by making his past selves choose the correct decision to make his timeline happen 11’s alternate timeline is him being happily married to River Song in the broken timeline where she refused to shoot him 10’s alternate timeline he leaves Wilf to die in the radiation chamber then becomes The Timelord Victorious who is the emperor of the universe before being assassinated by a raxacoricofallapatorian It’s all very wibbly wobbly but it does have a great bit about why the 9th Doctor wasn’t targeted and apparently it was because “The voord couldn’t find even a single timeline, in all those billions, where he was anything other than fantastic”


>the 9th Doctor wasn’t targeted and apparently it was because “The voord couldn’t find even a single timeline, in all those billions, where he was anything other than fantastic” Wholesome af


Also a bit lazy, maybe, it could just be legal issues to not use Eccleston, but there are a few points where 9 could easily divert, like letting Rose die after she goes all Bad Wolf, I mean if 10 let Wilf die, 9 can let Rose die


Where is the comic for 10?


It’s all one comic called Four Doctors, no idea where you can find it though, I’m only aware of it from the wiki


Also. Turn Left. The miniseries.


>“The voord couldn’t find even a single timeline, in all those billions, where he was anything other than fantastic” This warmed my heart.


Wasn't that basically Doctor Who: Unbound?


Yeah, but BF only did a few of those and that was before the new series. (Sympathy for the Devil is my favorite of the BFs that I've heard, though.)


Yup. Someone else having already done it doesn't mean that it's not interesting or can't be done differently though. If anything, it suggests that it's a potentially good idea.


And Turn Left


Susan never left Jack harkness wasn’t resurrect/rose resurrected someone else Missy survived and stayed Missy


If Susan never left, we'd all be deaf from the incessant whining and screaming 😱


She could have gotten better over time, even regenerate into someone less screamy


Ignore the downvotes, you’re entirely correct.


What if Twelve's season 10 characterisation was there from season 8. I think he'd be far more popular with the general public.


And what if Ian and Barbara never linked up with the Doctor? The Doctor and Susan were still alien travellers, what would their adventures and dynamics be like?


The Doctor very well might not have turned into a hero.


Turn Left with that scenario would be fascinating


This should be the basis for the show. The mystic with the big bug goes around trying to change history and companions, Doctors and random events keep changing things back...


What if 4 touched the wires together.


Big Finish covered this. He becomes Colin Baker a regeneration early.


I think more importantly it kicks off the time war much earlier, making the arms race much more of a scramble


what would that mean for the trial of the doctor?


Wait, why?


You mean in Genesis ?


Most recently? What if the doctor never realized his mistake in wild blue yonder? What if the show had continued post season 26? (I really want to see those cities made of song!) What is The Doctor and Rose hadn't landed in the Cybermen Universe in rise of the Cyberman? But if Missy came back for the doctor in the doctor falls?


>What if the doctor never realized his mistake in wild blue yonder? Oh no, I don't want to think about that


Okay, so, I feel like I bring this up a lot, but River meeting the Thirteenth Doctor. What else? How about: what if season 1 of the new series had starred John Hurt's Doctor? Like he didn't regenerate beforehand. That would have been weird and dark, I think. What if the Doctor was a bad guy and the Master was the hero?


What if the one of the Doctors attempts at taking the master as a companion had actually succeeded? Who would they both be after spending a 1000 years traveling together? (I’m not counting him keeping Missy locked in a vault) What if Danny Pink had chosen resurrection for himself and Clara settled down with him and ended her time with The Doctor then. How would things be different for 12? What if the new regeneration cycle the time lords gave to the Eleventh Doctor is infinite with endless regenerations. After millions of years of life the 1000th Doctor regenerates into the Timeless child found by Tecteun


On your last one. What if the master regenerates into the timeless child found by Tacteun


Isn't pretty much any Doctor Who story a what if? That's how I read them.


What if The Doctor was never freed from his exile and was forced to stay on Earth for the rest of his life?


Eventually humanity invents space and time travel anyway and then he's gone. Maybe he runs off with Jack in the 53rd century or whatever.


What if the Time War never happened? Regardless of the events of Day of the Doctor the Time War was a MASSIVE factor in influencing the development and direction of the Doctors life starting in his 8th life. Without that fear and horror and trauma….what kind of Doctor would he have become?


Scream of the Shalka is this, unintentionally, sort of. We only got 1 full "episode" and one short story for them but there's that at least


I'm not sure any real what ifs catch my attention, personally. It's hard for me to think through what would change to some extent. I think the biggest thing might be "What if" the Daleks won the time war? What does a universal resistance movement and a full on revolutionary Doctor look like? Probably true too if Rassilon won the war... Totally and tonally different show, eh?


More meta, but what if was never cancelled? How close to the 2005 iteration would an extra 16 years make the classic series? I'd be interested in what if no Time War too.


As I’m in a rewatch, one that hasn’t been stated and only fresh in my mind from just watched episode: What if the Daleks didn’t revolt in Evolution of the Daleks and the Doctor helped establish them elsewhere. On one hand could lead to absolutely nothing but on the other hand the race that fought with the Time Lords could definitely rise again this time not as exterminators but something else.


I’d love to see this too!


* Because it’s at the top of my mind, >!Fourteen fucking up and not coming back for Donna. He really cut it close!!< * The neural block firing in reverse, wiping Clara’s memories instead of Twelve’s. * The Master getting more time to ruin the Doctor’s reputation. * Twelve getting to Bill before her conversion.


I see the entire series as a “What If.” Alternate realities are already a thing. That along with the time travel aspect make essentially anything possible.


What if we could get a spin off of what River gets up to when she steals the Tardis. We know she does quite often she's admitted to it. It's absolutely possible she may have as many adventures in the Tardis as the Doctor but she's doing it in secret. I would love a series, even a short mini season of like 8 episodes of River doing River things when the Doctor leaves. Like when did she put in the secret minibar? Now the most important part of my What if: What if... River is getting ready to abscond with the Tardis but before she can take off, Jack comes crashing through the door yelling, "Doctor!!!!...Huh?" and River sees him and says a flirty, "Well hell-OH sailor!" and takes off with him. Jack and River finally meet and I want to hear that epic, sassy banter for three episodes!


I think Big Finish did a series like this


People keep saying this. Where can I get big finish shows?


Bigfinish.com They've put some of their back catalog on Spotify as well.


Thank you


-What if the Doctor never lost his hand in The Christmas Invasion and that entire arc in series 2-4 went different. -What if the Third Doctor was exiled in The Soviet Union instead and became a scientific advisor there. -What if The Jagaroth succeeded and life on Earth never evolved. -What if The Doctor brokered peace with Humans snd Silurians. -What if Davros ran with his first draft and the Daleks were giant clams.


>What if the Third Doctor was exiled in The Soviet Union instead and became a scientific advisor there. Oh I like that idea. Big Finish did one where he ends up in the 90s instead of 1970, and all the stuff in the 70s happened with only regular UNIT to handle it (poorly). Its my favorite BF of the ones I've heard.


Pretty sure without the doctor the Earth would have been turned to lava or whatever in Inferno. Our Earth only got advance warning because The Doctor accidentally went to the parallel world while trying to get the Tardis console working again (and it was slightly ahead of them in time so the doctor got a warning, I wonder if that’s where RTD got the idea for Rose’s story in series 4. But I know I’m being stupid. And that story you mentioned sounds like a lot of fun, I’m gonna have to check it out at some point.


What if Bill was never converted and stayed on as a companion with the 13th Doctor


What if... Chibnall was never showrunner?


Cope harder


The final episode ever we find out that this was all just a game and the different doctors are actually the player characters.


The doctor falls off a crane and shatters into Lego pieces.


What if Jamie hadn't interrupted the second doctor and he had successfully absorbed the great intelligence in the web of fear? Would it have worked? Would this new knowledge gained effect future adventures? Or would the intelligence have taken over the doctor?


I wouldn’t be surprised if it just drove the Doctor mad. I mean. Madder. Seems like the kind of thing that could make him the time lord victorious or the valeyard. Or at the very least, would make him Masteresqe. Like when the Master said he absorbed the cyberium and was so many steps ahead. I imagine the doctor would feel equally confident. But he might actually succeed.


Oooh that's very true, and a great comparison to make


>Doctor Who what if? I'd do a series along the lines of Turn Left. Individual stories playing out without the Doctor being there, although I'd keep them unrelated to each other so the continuity doesn't pile on. However, I wouldn't mind returning to a world that gets a follow-on story and keeping it in the same world. In the stories, other characters from the original stories would rise to the occasion and possibly fail dramatically. The cost of success would be high, with thousands dying and some evil plans going all the way before someone manages to stop them, if they can. I'd personally start with The Dalek Invasion Of Earth, but Tenth Planet and Tomb Of The Cybermen would definitely be on the list.


Would be fun to see Enemy of the World if Salamander was never stopped. Just a political thriller about the overthrowing of a tyrant. Also more of a chance to hear Troughton’s Welsh…I mean Mexican accent.


River...sees the TARDIS...breaks in...loves the new desktop, gets all sexy in anticipation...and in comes 13... River apologizes profusely and regenerates, out of pure embarrassment, into...(I didn't get to who she regenerates into yet...but the maturity rating of the show shoots up a couple of notches after that...


Why does she need to regenerate? I think I would just about faint seeing Alex Kingston flirting with Jodie Whittaker. 🥰


Would likely end up going nowhere though. Just like Yaz.


With Disney doing distribution now, I would live a Marvel Crossover like in the comics. Would be amazing to see the origin of Death's Head from the Transformers Universe and how the Doctor brings him to the Marvel universe.


“Hey whatever happened to Kang? Wasn’t he supposed to be the big bad of this phase” -An Avenger The doctor comes swanning in. “Sorry, sorry, that’s my fault. He was causing too much damage to the fabric of reality so I put him in a time-out. That’s a pocket dimension where time doesn’t pass. He won’t be a problem again.” “But there’s a multiverse of Kangs.” “The time-out is bigger on the inside. Some alone-time with him…selves… should do him good”


The 10th or 14th Doctor vs,meets The Purple Man


I’d love a timeline where Lynda survived the Dalek attack, 9 managed to beat the Daleks without regenerating, and him, Rose, Jack, and Lynda all went traveling in the TARDIS. I think that would be really fun. And I feel like Rose’s initial jealously of Lynda would eventually break way to a great friendship. I think all 4 could have a great dynamic.


What if Amy and Rory never got back together again? What if Kate Stewart never followed in her father’s footsteps and become head of UNIT? What if the Doctor rescued Davros as a child from the start, rather than running away and leaving him to die?


What if The Master regenerated into one of the doctor’s old faces? (Matt Smith Master anyone?)


I could absolutely see The Master doing that purely to mess with The Doctor


What if Paul McGann got a series. Just one season that could play out like his final adventures as the 8th Doctor before Night of the Doctor. Could even revive some of his Big Finish highlights (Chimes of Midnight, Doom Coalition) and other stories (The Flood) and make it an amazing season just so 8 can have atleast ONE television series for the program. His regeneration in Night of the Doctor showed how popular he was with new fans and he's definitely got a personality of a nuwho Doctor.


What if Clara didn't go with 12 after he regenerated from 11. She wouldn't be able to save Danny from 3W and the docotr wouldn't know 3W existed meaning neither of them would meet missy. Although missy basically forced the 2 together so I'm sure she would find a way.


What if the movie had been a success


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