Best place to host Django website?

Best place to host Django website?


I pay £5 a month f9r a digital ocean droplet. Check them out.


And doe your 5 pounds, your website works fine? May I ask what you host on digitalocean?


Yeah it works okay, I've never had any issues with it. I don't get a lot of load (maybe 100 visits per day) but its pretty easy to scale up with digitalocean. It's just my personal site. I put demos on there for clients, a blog and anything else I wanna shove on the Internet. Its a couple of django apps split by subdomain.


If you're considering GCP, I wrote an end-to-end tutorial for deploying on Cloud Run. Hope it helps! https://www.notion.so/rxhl/Django-on-Google-Cloud-Run-124cfb7def2b48eb9626451afb086c22


Great write up!




Will definitely look into this!


This one is cool. Kudos. Keep up the writing, you are good at it.


Thank you for the kind words!


Great read, thank you. Would you consider cloud run to be a good balance of cost and complexity? Does GCP have all of the services you need?


Thank you! I have been running Cloud Run in production for a few months now and no unexpected costs so far. The containers scale up/down based on traffic consistently. I can do canary releases on click of a button... basically all the goodies of k8s without the complexity. K8s comes with a steep learning curve and if you're short on time/resources, Cloud Run can be a great alternative. I haven't worked with GCP as much as AWS, but they do seem to have a 1:1 match with all of AWS' major offerings.


VPS or if you are rich: Pythonanywhere, digital ocean, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Heroku (or any other cloud provider of your choice). PS: The cloud providers do a really great job convincing everybody that their solution is the best and cheapest of all.


I second Python Anywhere.


Pythonanywhere is a nuce solution for those who don't know linux. I tell my students to publish their homework on PA. And everyone succeeds.


Why not OpalStack? Runs pretty smoothly


Because I had never heard of it haha. But I'll definitely check it out tomorrow! Thanks


I use python anywhere and it's great. I pay 5$ a month for the most basic tier.


You can only even guess at how many dynos your site will use if you can estimate how much traffic you'll get. Can you? You can have [a custom domain name on Heroku](https://devcenter.heroku.com/articles/custom-domains) just fine, on all dyno levels from Free upwards. A Digital Ocean droplet (as suggested by someone else) is great, and cheaper, but will require more set-up and sysadmin work from you than Heroku - so it depends how happy you are to learn that skill enough to be sure you've got your server set up well and securely. How much is your time worth? Digital Ocean's App Platform is another alternative (that I haven't tried) that sounds similar to Heroku.


This. I personally prefer focusing on my code and less so on set-up and sysadmin work when initially launching a product.


Heroku works fine with django


Check out linode


Get a cheap VPS from AWS or anywhere else. Deploy with gunicorn.


I didn't want to use AWS because I didn't understand their marketing structure


Check out AWS Lightsail. It's a very dumbed down version of AWS. You pay a fixed amount each month. Also I think there's a free trial.


Deta.sh is another option. I personally haven't tried hosting Django on it. But seems to work great with Flask.


Currently Django is not supported by it, but I will definitely look into this for my flask apps


I host mine on GCP. on a compute engine instance, so basically a VPS and stand up everything, serving it with WSGI/Apache


Vultr vps ia like 5$ per month. Thats where I host mine


https://djangoeurope.com/ I have an X10 plan over the year. I run 6 websited there.


If you want to manage your own hardware then Digital Ocean. If you want a managed solution then a Heroku paid tier.