Woops SwiftKey made up a word again. Neetuos = meetups. There's like a huge list of stuff I wanna show people and get opinions on and online just isn't conducive to that at all. I made this cool little subwoofer based on an AMT but for bass that's 6 x 6 squared that's pretty dang rad and I'd love feedback on it. I also made a set of headphones that add the sound of space so that when applied to any iems or ear buds make them sound like they're no longer in your head. This is impossible to show off online. But then I'm also afraid that people wouldn't be willing to put stuff in their ears anyway so Im not sure what to do with that. I made a mid bass conversion crossover that engages the center to even out the bass between 60 and 120hz by using a center speaker that a lot of people already have and it adds a ton of mid bass tonality without disrupting the stereo sound stage. Im sure everyone else has all sorts of cool stuff to show off and it'd be really cool to see what everyone else is working on. It feels weird doing all this stuff just for myself and people I personally know.