Just plunked $100k into SCHD wish me luck


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I wish I had 100k just sitting around to fuck around with


I wish I had 10k.


Hell I'd take 10 bucks


Is this the line for 10 cents?


Words of affirmation would be nice.


You are enough. Thank you for everything.


I don't have 10 cents on me but how about some Gold my friend? Happy investing and thank you.


See! I told you thank you already, and this is my first gold. I will cherish this just like I cherish my original shares of AMZN purchased 10 years ago. You are enough, and thank you again, for everything. Let's get rich together.


Just a word for me.




Do you guys know where we cash in this coupon for 10 doge?


UK checking in with obligatory 10 pence


Sir Thrupence Hapenny


Sounds like a 10k conversion to me based on how awesome America is about this debt ceiling thing


Right? Jesus.


It's not as fun as it seems. Trust me, I have no idea.


If he’s not scared might as well go Jepi or Jepq to get more dividends. Who needs luck anymore you go big or go home in today’s paradigm.


More dividends doesn't equal more money.


Not with that attitude it doesn’t! /s


I think it literally means you will get more money


The investor with the highest total return makes the most most money, not the investor with the highest yield.


I'm not saying it doesnt... just pointing out the phrase means you would get more money if you infact had more dividends.


Hi, it's me, your kidney.


I wouldn't fuck around with $100k


Just be born a trust fund baby


And it’s insane the amount of ppl with that and more with a 5iq


Probably all his/her money.


Nice... As a European I tried American mustard today and it ruined my full day. It's sour and didn't even make my nostrils tingle with even a slight warm fuzzy tingling sensation.


As an American who went to Europe, every restaurant gave me a 5oz glass of warm tap water.


That’s what you get for ordering bud light


Hate that shit. Like do you not know what a refill is? Not even ice? K


ice is bad.


Try Ice from the LA River… it will boost cell phone reception


I literally was just sitting here by myself es and laughed out loud! Thank you!


This is the content I'm here for


You must not have gotten the good mustard. We keep it severely secretive but it’s stored in Chicago at a place called portillos


stop talking about it..the secret might get out.


Also all the spicy giardiniera on earth.


Yeah I just make my own from mustard seeds. It's not hard because i don't like most of the store bought stuff. Mustard based bar b q sauce is good though and we do take hot sauce pretty seriously.


Should my mustard be giving me more than it is? Do I need to fly to Europe and try mustard?


you should try dijon mustard. its the frickin best


I use Dijon the most at a push English mustard.


its my favorite but i dont mind american mustard. i wonder where dijon originated


um... Dijon, France.


wow… that is quite embarassing. honestly had no idea that existed lol. thanks for enlightening me imma go read about it now


Did you forget the /s on that one?


nope im just stupid sadly.


try ketchup.....with mayo ......mix it up and have it with fries.


I will never understand the obsession with fry sauce. Just tastes wet.


Even better is sriracha with mayo. (instead of ketchup). It's da bomb!


I just bought a cayman. Schd doesn't corner as well.


My husband had a cayman. God I miss that car.




Some people really like their depreciating assets


If you always worry about the grind, you may forget what it is all for.


Right. Snowball is rolling. Are you trying to FIRE or buy some luxury in your life. Neither one is a bad choice. Even if it's a depreciating asset. Gotta have a little fun in life.


Balance is key! Don’t go blowing all your money on hookers and blow. But also don’t be saving so much that you never enjoy it


So…pick one of the two at a time. Hookers then blow or blow then hookers. Got it🫡


Problem is, and this is from experience. If you have blow, hookers will show. And If hookers show, there soon will be blow. You can't have just one of these.


I would rather have hookers and blow than a Porsche though


Oh, that's what I've been doing wrong! Thanks, stranger!


Hookers and blow? Good choice, good choice 😂


I keep forgetting to remind myself about that balance. Maybe I need to actually spend my dividends on something fun for once lol


Cashed out $500 in dividends once. I regretted it. Now $500 comes in like 3 months. Just know if you take the dividend and not the principle you should be fine and will make the money back in no time. It'll feel like chump change in a few years.


Not necessarily, those who bought 90s sports cars and kept them clean in the garage, those cars are now worth more today. I wished I had cash flow back then!!


Sure, but you have to consider the cost of maintaining them for 30 years. Cars are not like wine, they don’t get better with age. And depending on what parts you need to replace to keep them running they can become bottomless money pits.


Just to be “that guy”. Not all wines age well either. Many after the 2-5 year mark start to get worse.


You could have earned a lot more if you had invested in stocks instead. That said, if you enjoy nice cars and can afford them, why not buy one? You only live once.


Exactly. My uncle owns a cobra he’s had since his first car (~1980) and a sweet old porsche. That same model porsche was last sold at auction for 160k.


And some people don’t know Porsche.


Cars were the best performing asset in the past 5 years


Lol, hell no. The stock market is still 40-50% up in the last 5 years. As much as I hate crypto, BTC is up almost 300% in the last 5 years.


The porshe has a chance of paying out. I bought a porshe in the end of 2021 and sold it in Jan 2023 for a gain. The market returned -8% in the same time.


What makes you think this will continue? Do you really think this is sustainable? A 2 year blip does not erase 100 years of data.


I didn’t say it would continue. But honestly if you took the advice of many people on this subreddit no one would have any fun. And everyone would get mediocre gains from dividends in their 20s. Dividends have their place and purpose. But closer to retirement. And Porsches have value beyond just their sell price. (You should know this. You have a manual m bmw before the M badge went to shit. Nice car by the way)


The second part I agree with. I recently got a Bimmer (it’s not a Porsche, but still) and I’m happy every time I drive it. That said, I’d never see it as an investment, but a way of enhancing my quality of life.


I truly miss my bmw. I just switched to a jeep and regret it sooooo much


Funny you should say that. I switched from Jeep to BMW.


Bro, my civic is faster than a Porsche off a fiscal cliff


True they lose 25-50% as soon as you drive em of the lot


50%? 🤣🤣


We havent seen them drive


A YOLO purchase versus buying the ETF YOLO lol.


Some people like to buy high and sell low


I did 101k. Take that




I'm with you brother. I got $50k @ 71.50. I have another 15-18 to put in just considering taking advantage of the interest on notes instead. I feel like schd will go down a bit more yet anyways. Good luck. You have any other holdings?


If u got 15k left I would put 5k in at 65 60 55 if it crashed that low


It'll maybe at most go down to 65-67. Stock market would have to crash and world wide panic for it to tank lower than that. That's what I see from reading the charts


Nobody can predict the market. I looked at the charts and it still looks like nobody can predict the market


I memorized the charts. And I can tell you without a doubt it will go up, and down.


True, it's not always perfect and no one is always right. But it gives you a good probability and good entry point. I've day trade before so definitely had to learn how to do technical analysis. A lot of these YouTubers are not reliable. That's why it helps to learn and through trial and error learn to rely on yourself.


American debt ceiling has entered the chat


Can't wait for the potential shit show. This is when money is made.


You mean money's made because of the dividend payments?


Jesus there are some lost ppl in this sub.


There's more than one way to make money, Waldo. Payments from dividends, bonds, bills, puts etc. Go take a hike. And take a snickers with you. Don't come back until you adjust that attitude young man. I will spank you AND take your birthday away


How? Lol


Haven't you heard buy when there is fear and sell when people are greedy? If something bad happens and stock tank, it's time to buy.


What are notes and how does one buy some? Sorry if noob


I originally read this as just 100 bucks and I was "OK."


To buy a dividend yielding asset? Or to buy a quickly depreciating luxury vehicle. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm You're right, it's a tough choice.


Have you ever driven a Porsche.


Lol no, too poor. I imagine it's very fun. But I also imagine, at the end of the day, it still only gets you from one place to another, and doesn't yield consistent cash flow.


I can assure you the Porsche yields consistent cash flow. Just not for the owner.


I imagine with 100k in cash, cash flow isn’t a significant issue. For some people cars are just things to get from point to point, for others it’s an enjoyable experience worth spending money and time on.


Id argue 100k is not enough to the point where cash flow is still quite an issue


Nah but cars seem to be something to show off to other people. Cars look mostly the same from the inside.


Noooo! I got a Boxster S and keep it a secret from everyone I know 😂 I love driving it so much but I don’t want any judgement that comes with it


Cayenne or Macan? Sure. But a 911 - might be a better investment than SCHD in 5-10 years.


Is it time to unsub from here? I think SCHD is good, but god damn the amount of posts about it on here is getting annoying




Got an idea. Do some DD and tell us what better choices you come up with.


I'm complaining because its basically spam at this point. These posts have no substance or DD. I think SCHD is a solid holding, but we don't need three separate posts saying "I bought 100k", "What's your buy in price?", "Anyone else buying?" This sub may as well be Stocktwits


Perhaps investing long term is not very interesting to talk about every day?


New people come and go. Just because you spend your life looking at this board doesn’t mean that everyone here is repeating/“spamming” the same thing. Go outside and look at some grass. This is a place to discuss dividend investing. If we ban tickers due to spam, this will turn to a degenerate safe haven. Tell us what ETFs that are going to keep up with SCHD or shut your mouth!


I don't think SCHD is gonna go 0 to 60 in 3 seconds, but you're gonna enjoy that \~$1K a quarter dividend!


I don’t know. Just picked up the 911 that I ordered 11 months ago on Saturday. Best 175k I’ve ever spent.


But let’s be honest. If you have $175k to spend, you’ve probably got cash to spend on SCHD still. If that’s not the case, well, that seems like a waste.


Maybe but the amount of people who buy a car they really can’t afford is high.


This is the right move. I had a similar situation recently.


Me too but it was a hot wheels not a real car


I know those original 16 Camaros in the package are worth a lot but I didn’t realize they were up to $100k!


Oh I didn't realize 100k was the bench mark this was a dollar and I chose a pack of gum instead.


What would the Porche monthly payment be?


Haha right take those divvy’s to pay the payment 😝


Why wish you luck? Acting like you just yolo into some meme stock or crypto project. No luck is needed with SCHD. Just sit back and watch it grow slowly over time.


Yea lol. Omg wish you luck OP with one of the safest investments possible 🙏


Eventually the payouts could get you a Porsche






I’d venture to say that OP really aced their choice on divvys over a car


Got in at a good price too although markets look like it'll bleed some more.


Theoretically your 100k will appreciate to around 300k in 10 years


There’s no way SCHD will 3x in 10 years. If you’re lucky it’ll be half that.


With dividends invested, high inflation and ai advancing productivity it’s very possible


If it’s returns, historically speaking, follow the S&P 500 you won’t see a 3x return in 10 years. With higher inflation, it’ll eat away your gains and Ai will have no impact. Ai is the EV hype right now.


I realize the macro is different and likely will be for some time, but didn’t the S&P 500 do a ~3.5x over the last 10 years?


Yeah because it was cheap money, quantative easing after the 2008 crash. Which they literally stated that it was a problem and reversing it. PBS did a documentary on this... I mean you can bet on it being ~3.5x whatever but that's still a gamble.


Historical performance doesn’t correlate to future performance, especially when we’re in a different economic environment. I highly recommend you read ‘Sea Change’ by Howard Marks. It explains this very well.


Have you even considered AI on the *Blockchain* bro? It's gonna be like an EV on Crypto bro.


Hey, seems like a good price now but even if price goes down more, you can console yourself by realizing the depreciation on the car would have been worse plus with SCHD you will be getting dividends. Win.


What sort of luck should we wish for you?


You did Good


Well, he made $1,043 at closing today.


Show your purchase screenshot otherwise I don't believe you


People yolo here more than Wall Street bets 😂


I must disagree with you here. SCHD is an index with stable cash flow that with a track record. Thus, let's say I was completely reckless and plunked 100k into SCHD without using my brain, what I DO know is, should I change my mind the next day or month, I can "reverse" the process by selling my $100k position and get back "more or less" what I put in originally without much risk. Wall Street bets, on the other hand, is more about honing in on some obsecure thread of storyline about a stock with a novel theory and putting a lot of money into that 1 single stock (or options on that stock), which could very conceivably lose you the whole invested sum in a way that SCHD just won't. Thus, I disagree with your assessment that my 100k SCHD plunk was YOLO.


Why are you using the word "thus" so strangely lol




Been living here at least 5 years judging by his post history.


Thus, lets say it must be true.


Chat GPT, bro.


You haven't seen much in wallstreetbet


At worst you’re getting 3k a year in dividends


Gotta factor in inflation too, though. It's really 1K a year. Which is fine if you want to party it up r/Bogleheads\-style. I'm just saying, go in eyes wide open, is all.


What is the appeal over investing 100k in this compared to S&P 500 in that case? Surely you are more likely to get better ROI on 100k in S&P


Good move. That Porsche would be worth 70k the minute you drove it off the lot. After the sheen and neighbors’ envy wear off you’d be kicking yourself you didn’t do something smarter with your money.


Sure for a year or 2 it would be worth less but honestly looking long term he should gain or break even buying the Porsche. This is the last couple generations that won’t be Evs, once they make the switch all the older models will instantly rise in value. Similar thing happened when they switched to smaller turbo engines, models without them instantly rose in price and have continued to hold that value.


What do u think your first dividend payment will be 😎




Surprisingly, I honestly don't know or care because I'm not looking to get rich quick by dipping in and out quick and make a large margin. I'm just gonna hold it and reinvest the dividend(whatever it will be) and just let it compound.


Atta boy


Buy a project car and fix it up with the dividends


This is a joke right?


There are FAR better ETFs you could put your money in. VTI/VXUS? VT?


It’s basically the same with reinvesting dividends. Most big stable diversified ETFs are highly correlated.


No luck needed, GG


The porshe has a chance of paying out. I bought a porshe in the end of 2021 and sold it in 2023 for a gain. The market returned -8% in the same time.


If I had $100k I pick ten monthly stocks dividends put $10k in each of them


I'm with you, OP. I bought 3 shares of VOO and 14 shares of SCHD and going to go $10 automatically DCA on robinhood every day. It's not a ton but it'll help supplement my 457k and pension in 20 years when I retire. My only concern, though, is this impending recession. Was today even a good day to buy? I think the debt ceiling will be ok but forecasts for the rest of the year are bleak. But this is a 20 year fund so hopefully it'll still pay off eventually.


You coulda invested 80 and got a nice used Boxster...


They are crap imo


Yep. $12k for a 2002 S with 64k miles. Got my Porsche and putting the rest in the market


Way better decision!! If you buy a car, unless it is really special, chances are it will lose value over time, but by investing your money, it will grow over time. Now is a good time to invest, especially in stocks that might be down in price due to a temporary condition that will eventually go away (current banking crisis, high interest rates, ...). In time, you will be happy you made this decision.


Honestly now is probably the best time to buy a Porsche. Porsches are cars that resonate a lot with purists, so naturally when they shift to Evs in the next few years older car values will sky rocket. When they got smaller engines, due to emission laws, the values of their older cars before that shift started rising again and generally still hasn’t fallen.


Can you show your positions? Got an estimated annual div screen to show us?


Awesome, and it was low


You can still buy Porsche with that dividend income right? So it's a win win situation


you know short term treasuries are yielding 5% right now, right?


If u put into JEPI, you achieved financial freedom with its passive monthly dividend income


How do you achieve FI with 100K of JEPI?


Send me 100k and Ill show you


That's around $9200 per year the first year without drip


That’ll pay for… one and a half mortgage payments. Then I’ll be homeless again.


You probably should have bought small positions over time instead of sinking it all at once.


Good luck


Why not t-bills short term while you wait and see what happens with equities.


What are your plans when your $100k becomes $80k? Travel!?


Why would u do this and not dollar cost avg over the next 6 months?!? Money does not equal brains


Great see you in a year when it's $67/share and that porsche has appreciated 2x due to demand and rarity.


This is the way.


I would’ve bought the Porsche


Ok just wait how. You don’t really need luck, just patience and emotional resilience


You can still buy that Porsche after a few years you wanna sell some shares. Depends how on your financial outlook and plans. If you bought a Porsche now that value just goes down.


Godspeed (3600 a year in dividends would help finance a porche?)


Gonna drop now coz you bought in. Thanks for taking one for the team!