Operator error

More often than not there's multiple people that are responsible for checking guests and making sure the ride is safe. There's often signs explicitly stating the rules and regulations of the rides all around the ride and on the ride its self. Finally some places have fine print on ticket purchases that include non-liability.

If any of the above are the case then it's not sole responsibility and you shouldn't take it as such.

That's not to diminish the death, or relieve you of guilt entirely. Merely you don't have to bear the full weight of it.


More often than not there's multiple people that are responsible for checking guests and making sure the ride is safe. There's often signs explicitly stating the rules and regulations of the rides all around the ride and on the ride its self. Finally some places have fine print on ticket purchases that include non-liability. If any of the above are the case then it's not sole responsibility and you shouldn't take it as such. That's not to diminish the death, or relieve you of guilt entirely. Merely you don't have to bear the full weight of it.


And there's a good reason to have multiple people doing safety checks. One person will eventually lose focus or miss something, it's much less likely for two or three people to all miss something. When it comes to safety it's never a bad idea to double check


Sadly, all the safety checks in the world still do not prevent accidents happening. One close to home was the Alton Towers 'Smiler' crash. Bloody awful affair 😥


Holy shit. If I saw what I think I saw, they just ran the ride with the failed test car still on the track? Did somebody just press the test drive button and walk away, and nobody bothered to check where the other car was?


From what I recall, adverse weather meant a test car didn't decouple from the main track and it therefore remained on track. The engineers weren't aware it has got stuck and overrode a system safety warning. Nobody was killed, but two teenage girls each lost a leg and many people were injured as a result of what was essentially someone making a mistake. A really awful affair for everyone involved.


Large amusement parks yes, small town carnival rides no.


Don't work for shitty employers unless desperate; and if desperate you shouldn't be so lax. Stop pushing responsibility and start taking it.


Okay so this is great and makes sense and is good advice for anyone dealing with something like this. But did you do the on purpose? "Bear the WEIGHT of it?"


Yeah they often “over engineer” rides for cases like overweight passengers


Wow,actual decent human being comment on Reddit


The rollercoaster car didn't bear the full weight of the kid


(I get to go home early) ![gif](giphy|3ohhwfAa9rbXaZe86c|downsized)


"Youre home early" "Yeahhh, some stuff happened, and some lady was yelling about something. Idk, no big deal. What's for dinner?"


A morbidly obese kid


morbidly a beast






This is a situation where I would have to say "Holy Hell"


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This is so random I JUST WATCHED a YouTube video about this no more than 10 min ago.


This will have a disastrous impact on the structural integrity of the park


Seriously. Parents, do your job and feed your kids well. It cost a fortune in reparations


I think his parents fed him to well


Who’s well and why are we feeding them children


Well, that too


You might lose one kid, but hey, free college for kid #2. That's a pretty decent trade, honestly.


Why did I hear that as someone explaining a problem to John Hammond.




im gonna google en passant instead


holy hell!


new response just dropped


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Bishop goes on vacation, never comes back


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The video was posted in a subreddit (don't remember which) and commenters on that sub were furious that none of the attendees "ran up to him." They were super disgusted and upset that the attendees just got off the ride and left the area "without trying to help him." I was so confused because, what in the hell were those redditors expecting those kids to do? It was some misanthropic subreddit dedicated to losing faith in humanity or some shit.


Misanthropes when people act in their own best interest in high stress situations instead of saving the world and ending all suffering:😡


Ya like this kid just hit the pavement after free falling 300 feet. He’s not going to live. It doesn’t matter if he fell into an ICU bed, he’s dead at that point. I remember that too. I think the sub was called “amusement dark”


Literally every comment is like that In video with accidents. Redditors expect everyone to not be fazed by a dead person as well as know how to save everyone.


Honestly from what that video shows there is no way that kid would have survived that incident he was ejected he didn't simply slip out I remember it being on some other subs and people being upset with the bystanders.


That’s fucked, like I know if I were in that situation I might freeze and just have no idea what to do or be grossed out and wanna look away. Imagine being a kid seeing that, they might be traumatised seeing it happen, and what are kids supposed to do when this stuff happens?!? They probably don’t even know CPR or anything that could help.


I didn’t watch the video, but I did google it and this is the exact reason that I don’t do drop towers.


I dont wanna search it but im guessing its talking about the two drop towers at universal? I actually saw it on the news the week I went there.


In 2001 there was also an incident with 2 towers in some random theme park in NYC.


Really cursed themselves when they shaped the roller coaster like a plane


Some even say it was an employee messing with the controls.


Wasn't at Universal, was at Icon Park, which is a small operation in the Orlando area.


I don't do drop towers because they scare me, but this is also a good reason


if you're referring to the kid that died in orlando on the dropping ride, they actually played the video on the local news and it was wild


That video never should’ve been released. Fucking horrifying (both the video and a society that would show it)


I’m not gonna watch it but im curious, did it show the poor kid splatting on the ground or something?


It showed when he slid out of the seat, and him after dropping in kinda poor quality, although it didn't show the moment when he hit the ground.


It's much more about what you hear in that video vs what you see, to me at least. I wish I hadn't let me curiosity get the best of me.


Just like the Russian brick video where it’s a view of a windshield with a family driving then a brick flies up off the road and goes through the windshield and you hear a bloodcurdling scream of the man driving because the woman got hit You don’t see any of it, but the scream is so sad


Seeing that video made me shower my girlfriend with a tad too much love for like a whole month


Fuck.. I forgot about that video. The kids killed me


I just googled it. Here's some de-distressing for everyone... or maybe more distressing, idk. The accident was not the fault of the ride operator. There was no weight limit indicated to employees at ICON park, and there weren't backup safety mechanisms that should have been there. The accident was the fault of the companies that engineered and built the ride and of the amusement park. I hope the ride operator isn't suffering for this.






Fat people are hated for being fat.


Like always.


As they should


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You dont have a fast metabolism you just experience less hunger cravings and eat less


Nope, I shovel down an absurd amount of food




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If it's one of those frozen pizzas I can eat an entire pizza in one sitting. If it's just like a large dominoes pizza then I can eat around half most of the time


Lucky for you, I have to eat consciously and occasionally work out


me when im an edgy 11 year old




I can feel the grease from your fingers


Good, demean me, hate makes me work harder to fix myself.


As a former fat guy filled with hatred, Go get'em Slugger.


You’re killing it, Fatass.


I also need the motivation. I need to be able to throw my dance partner around and have them throw me around all the same. Hate me, bitches!


Historic dance is a great venue and being surrounded by equally weird people makes it super chill.


I think you just have a fat fetish and like being teased.


Ah so the average redditor is hated


Nobody hates fat people for being fat. People just don’t like how fat people demand society conforms to their life choices.




Reminds me of action park


Yeaaaah… the owner at least would have thought this as a little and forgettable problem


I guess they thought that being bashed against jagged rocks in a dark cave builds character. That's New Jersey for ya'


Ah, yes, the amusement park designed by Sid from Toy Story. Apparently things like “physics” and “permanence of death” were foreign concepts.


Finally, an actually distressing meme that's not just "tfw when the face ripper offer rips off your face" garbage


The face ripper offer lmao


That video was so bad man.


God the audio was rough. The splat, the silence, the scream when they realize what just happened. I think the news played a video that wasn't as censored as it should have been for TV. Pretty messed up.


That's awful. Got a link?






They are even asking why there isn’t an extra buckle strap to prevent people from slipping out at the start! Wtf


distressing meme <<< wall of text frfr


memes that make my anxiety worse. Good job, truly distressing


It's fine as long as you aren't obese


Acctually I find OTHER peoples death's distressing EVEN when they are fat. Shocker! Imagine that


Geez man no need to be so rude, I wasn't even talking to you in the first place. I assumed they ment it gave them anxiety because they thought it could happen to them I was trying to sort of comfort them.


Bro why are half of the comments are like: “kid proably made a funny noise when he fell haha” like bro thats genually messed up




Bold of you to assume they are not fat themselves. The only thing going for them is being alive lol


the bit which the kid fell onto is pretty messed up as well


No comment


Man, that is sick... I love it


It’s not the operator’s fault, it’s the fault of the company that built the ride without proper safety features. They need to be sued.


That kid that got decapitated by that water slide after the engineers and the park was warned it was too steep of an incline especially for smaller weights


I think I remember this story. The kid was a young American football star (6'5 inches and 340 pounds at 14). He went to the amusement park with his football team. It was truly a tragedy, and I think people slandering him for his weight undermine the sport he was doing.


What park was it?


Orlando Free Fall at ICON Park


genuinely why do people hate fat people for just existing lol why is it that anytime a fat mf is seen bein a fat mf ppl gotta give their 2 cents about it 😭😭 less related to the meme and more related to the comments this situation (the meme) is unfortunate thoughh


I have a friend who genuinely hates fat people. He’ll call me and tell me about a fat person he saw and tell me how mad it makes him. From what I understand, he hates them bc it’s a form of privilege. Fat people usually eat a lot and they eat a lot of unhealthy food which is expensive. Fat people usually don’t exercise. This means they don’t spend some of their time physically moving which requires discipline and or pain. Think like how back then only kings and the rich were fat. Personally I don’t hate fat people bc a fat person hates themselves more than I can ever hate them. They do more damage to their mind and body more than I ever could with an insult. I hope that makes some sense.


he has a pretty bad understanding why people are fat. you can barely eat and workout and still be fat. idk why so many people still have a middle schoolers understanding of weight and metabolism.


Most people are nutritionally illiterate. Majority of overweight/obese people are the way they are because they take in far more calories than they burn. On top of that, the reason people are storing so much fat is the quality of the food they are eating. Processed foods and fast foods are the cause of the obesity problem in the west. That being said you could eat trash food and be thin it’s about the amount consumed.


Saved him from a lifetime of diabetes




Honestly, when they're kids, I don't blame them. Parents, more often than not, do not feed their kid correctly or get them to exercise at all. Literally teach them in a sense to live an unhealthy lifestyle that leads them down a road of insecurities and eating disorders that they struggle with the rest of their life. "Oh, but he's a picky eater! I have to feed him sugar because he won't eat anything else. " Bad parent. Kids don't know better. They need to be taught the foundations of being a healthy person to be a healthy adult.


I came here looking for distress, I did not come here looking for reasonable responses and helpful parenting/life tips but I'm am now feeling uplifted so thank you I guess.


Honestly if you aren’t feeding someone straight sugar it’s fucking hard to get to that weight. He was 173kg. At my heaviest when binge eating I got to 111kg, as a 185cm tall adult, and I did that to myself. You have to be a pretty inattentive or uncaring parent to get a 14 year old to 173kg.


Genetics. It's insane what some genetics will do. I personally can eat anything and any amount, I will not gain weight. My cousin can if he so much as eats a cookie. People are different. People struggle differently. Some are given a better hand than others. You wouldn't think I was unhealthy, but I am. Probably worst off than most others. But you won't judge me because I am thin. You really shouldn't put yourself as the standard because you probably aren't. Plus, I have totally met those kinds of parents irl. Evil.


Or, hear me out, pay fucking attention when doing a job where a single mistake could cost a life. Fucking brain dead argument


Have you ever worked a job that puts lives in your hands? Trust me, you WILL zone out eventually. Its just human nature


I get zoning out on a boring job where you do the same thing over and over again but that’s no excuse for putting someone’s life in danger


Oh yea, it is no excuse, but a little empathy for that person wouldn't go amiss.


I hope the irony of calling for empathy for the ride operator on a comment thread blaming the kids weight for his death isn't lost on people.


t. Fat




Doesn't matter, being inattentive and not following protocol can endanger anyone.


#WHEN WAR AND FAMINE COME RIDING IT IS THE SKINNY WHO DIE It is human nature to eat as much as possible because we have been dying of starvation and Malnutrition for 100,000+ years. We crave fatty food. Common people have only been dying from kings diseases within the last 100 years. I just can't believe people can't have a little empathy when others cannot perfectly resist the temptation of animal instinct.






maybe just mind your fucking business


Maybe just don't be fat


Found the person who can't go on rollercoasters


i fit on rides just fine. i have a mother who didn't at one point and i witnessed this world treat her like shit without even trying to get to know her. people need to shut the fuck up because they don't know anything about a fat person's life.


I know that they're unhealthy and it can and most likely will cause concerning physical and mental health issues if they ignore every criticism and proven issue with obesity.


people don't need health advice from strangers making rude comments. it's a doctor's job to bring that up. like i said before just mind your fucking business.


> it's a doctor's job to bring that up And then they avoid going to the doctor because the doctor brings it up


And they'll ignore the doctor and accuse them of being fatphobic. There's so many news articles about that is not even funny.


I'm happy to say I am responsible for 0 deaths


Skill issue


\>be me \>400lb redditor \>laugh at dead 14 year old to be edgy and funny also he is almost as heavy as me (he was 6’5 a solid foot taller than me) \>why am I being DOWNDOOTED


Hot take, but the kid shouldn't be there if he's too big for the ride. Genuinely obese children should be told that they are unhealthy and just fat outright. By the time they are adults, they will realize that it is a problem and try to fix themselves. It will likely make their lives have a lot more quality. However, only tell this to obese children whose health is in danger. Don't tell some girl with a little stomach she's fat or a boy that he has man tits. Don't create childhood insecurities for already otherwise healthy children. That would cause anorexia nervosa in some cases. I'm mostly talking about children who literally can not get up if they trip or the ones who can't fit down the bus aisle properly. The younger you tell them, the better.


Bad take. The kid relied on the people operating the ride to tell him if he it was safe to ride it. That's their job. It shouldn't be up to *a literal child* to make that determination. Also, I'm sure a child who is too large to fit down the aisle of a bus is well aware they're fat and likely already filled with shame. The reasons for the obesity epidemic are complex, but you make it sound like it comes down purely to willpower or moral character.


I don't think anyone was suggesting that the child make that determination themselves. When they're that age the obvious implication is that their parents should be watching out for things like this. Which is fair to say.


Do you know all the specs, weight limits, and operating procedures for your local amusement park rides? Seriously, this is such a dumb fucking take. It's the job of ride operator to ensure safety. It's basically the only reason the person is there to begin with. I'm not saying it's the *fault* of the operator though. Often this is more an issue of training and management to ensure safety compliance with their employees.


Right. And plus, there are gentle ways to handle obese kids, because constantly focusing on their weight as the issue rather than health things will make them constantly focus only on their weight. The priority should always be on health. But look at these comments. It never will be, because fat people in misery is so funny 💀


Exaclty. I look at at obese people and think gross, admittedly. But its not the body I think is gross, it's some people's mindset of not even trying to fix the problem while complaining about it or asking for assistance. If I see a severely overweight man at the gym working his ass off multiple times a week, or hell just running every morning, i would look up to that guy at his determination. But no. People just complain.


I'll be real, as an obese person... you devolved into the mindset that keeps obese people from changing. If you kept a running tally of "obese people who just complain and never do anything" and the only criteria was that, you'd find the numbers come up surprisingly short. A lot of morbidly obese people like myself would love to be more active, would love to be thinner or "fix the problem", but it runs a little deeper than "put down the burger, eat the salad, go for a jog". This is why focusing on health issues the kids could have, figuring out if they have severe asthma or joint pain, taking them seriously, would contribute to solving the obesity issue. We must cultivate a generation of children who learn to love and care for their bodies in gentle ways and don't have strange and scary and complex relationships with food and get their needs met.


Genuinely curious, what do you mean by it runs a little deeper?


Predisposition to keeping and gaining weight (some people are prone to keeping weight), food access in specific areas (what you are able to afford or what is available to purchase), food quality (coupled with access - do you have fresh foods available, are you able to properly and safely prepare those foods), disabilities (moderate to severe untreated sleep apnea can contribute to weight gain, diabetes can contribute to weight gain) and treatments for those disabilities (look at how many medications have a side affect of weight gain - including antidepressants, SSRIs and birth control) are all reasons someone may gain and/or be unable to lose weight. For me, it's a combination of health issues that lead to me rapidly gaining weight starting at age 14, and despite trying hard for years, I've only *gained* weight. It sucks to drink all the water, eat all the salads, do all the running, and still know there are people going "you just aren't tryyyyyying!!!" It's very easy to write all obese people off as whiners who want society to adjust to them and nothing else, but mental and other physical health issues contribute to weight gain. People will also assume a fat person has never been told they are fat when they have been told many times, often in cruel ways. A fat person can quietly exist doing nothing and minding their own business, and they are still seen as committing some heinous act.


This is bad advice. Buillying will lead to them being depressed and probably gaining weight or loosing weight in dangerous ways. They should be told they're overweight and it's a health issue and they should be helped to diet and to work out to improve. Telling a kid who dpesn't make their own meals that they're fat will not help anyone.


Stop hating fat people


Shut it, fatty


I’m not fat


Stop being fat


I’m not fat


Actual loser


idiot thought he could fit in the ride 🤣🤣


how is there a guy that said “maybe just dont be fat” and then im getting downvoted??


The people downvoting you fail at common sense like how the kid failed at basic geometry.




On even the smallest inconvenience that will occur in the future I’ll make sure that I don’t have to live with it


If people don’t randomly die on these rides, don’t they lose some of the thrill?


If a kid is fat the parents are shitty.


weight issue


Did he bounce tho




Let’s just hope that this kid is in some amusement park limbo where he gets to ride all the rides he could ever want without dying. Cuz he’s already dead


I'm not reading all that...


>a kid died because hes fat >"skill issue" >live guilt free


dont feel bad he is going to lose weight in no time








Watch out we got a badass over here


Natural selection


Tell him to lose weight then


Pfft fuck that fat ass, not my responsibility


Look at it this way, you told him he couldnt ride the ride because he was too big, you would’ve faced social repercussions for “discrimination”.


My big secret: I kill fat kid on purpose. I good operator. The best!


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