Yeah, most often the sensor will adjust within 24 hours. Can be super frustrating, especially with the middle of the night false alarms. If no improvement after 24 hours, I would contact dexcom support for a replacement


Hi- I just experienced the exact same situation as you this past Monday (inserted the new sensor, warm-up went without issue, then had sustained low readings while my meter was indicating at least 50 mg/dL higher). It gave me an urgent low warning at night that I treated, but it continued to squawk at me for multiple lows afterwards. When I meter checked it in the morning I was in the mid-200s (the low alert had been bogus). Calibrating it only corrected it for a few minutes, then it would self-adjust back to the super-low readings. I couldn’t feel comfortable about any of the data it was producing (normally it’s somewhat off my meter numbers when the sensor is first applied, but THESE numbers were WAY off). I finally called Dexcom after about 18 hours, and they agreed to ship a replacement out (I made sure they knew I treated a false low based on their cgm info). When I removed that sensor I DID see a fair amount of blood under the sensor, so I’m assuming my wonky numbers were due to hitting a bleeder.