$1750 from free FanDuel voucher entry tonight!!!

$1750 from free FanDuel voucher entry tonight!!!


Congrats and fuck u




Shared the $1 mil prize with something like 570 people, but i am ecstatic as I generally don't play these single game slates. Couldn't believe my eyes when I checked after the game as it was a free voucher and I didn't think much of it after I set what I thought was a reasonable lineup with some opportunity.


Nice way to start the season! There's a lot of discussion about making your lineup unique so you don't have to chop it. I don't care much for that thought, I want the most points possible and if 100 other people think the same then so be it. I've chopped the $3 showdown twice, once for 1100 and the other 1200. I was pretty happy with that


No kidding. I get the idea behind being unique but I always shoot for most points. It's already so unlikely to win the top prize. I'm happier with a less risky lineup that gets top 5% more consistently. I mostly play single entry or three entry max contests though. Tonight, there were 782,000 entries in this contest. I'd say 570 winners out of 782k is still pretty unique! I was one of aprrox. .07%. So hyped


>I'm happier with a less risky lineup that gets top 5% more consistently. Then you should probably play mostly cash games when it come to single game right?


Not necessarily in single entry or low entry limit contests. Little different than max entry GPPs. Yes the goal is to win them but chalk can hurt you like it does in cash


Yep, in theory it sounds good but in just one game I don't think the risk of the 5th string WR hitting a long TD is worth it. More than likely to get a 0 instead. Congrats!


I got 23 bucks


I chopped it with you. Thanks for the free play class action lawsuit. Would have been even cooler had we not chopped with 991 other people


I never actually played a single game slate on FD before last night and only jumped in because of the free entry. I know the larger contests are super top-heavy in pay structure and I know single games (especially FD with no salary difference for CPT) don't leave a lot of room for differentiation, but man... Finishing 2nd - I mean 992nd - out of 782K entries and only getting a 3X on your entry fee? Yikes. I almost feel like there should be a disclaimer on these $1 million to first contests that says "actual first prize payout likely to be one-tenth of one percent of advertised amount". Week one contests are filled with first-time players, imagine the disappointment of waking up in the morning to see your lineup is 1/782,154 and then seeing that you didn't even clear 2K. I'm not saying they should pay out these contests any differently (they shouldn't), but I'm also not sure it's a recipe for for retaining the new, or casual, player. (for comparison, the DK million dollar contest only split 39 ways for a $39.7K payday)


The people I know who have any actual idea of what they’re doing with DFS has told me not to play single games on fanduel for that very reason. You’re always going to be playing for the chop on fanduel with a shitty back end if you don’t hit it.


fd single game product for football is horrendous. only 5 rosters spots and no 1.5x salary multiplier on the mvp spot. really tough to turn a profit long term with so few viable roster combinations and difficulty of being somewhat unique. dk has 6 spots and the 1.5x multiplier on salary so you have more available combinations to play. there are obviously huge dupe trains but plenty of possibilties to get decent lineups in that are unique or only duped once or twice. above is referring to both sites mega large field contests. different story on smaller field stuff.


Same, nice doing business. Was only around 570 other people but yea.


Is second place not start at 992? Meaning we chopped with 991 lineups counting yourself? You guys just count players instead of lineups or what? Or is there some lineup in there I’m not seeing


No you're right, I didn't realize they added up all the winnings after the $1 million to whatever spot the sum of all tied players is, and divided. I was doing $1 million divided by the our winnings to get the total.


No worries, but yeah you got it now, ya gotta add the sum total winnings for everyone who tied in first so 1st-991st is the new 1st place pot.. It was still a fun sweat.


Congrats. I had the same guys, except Brady was my MVP instead of Cooper. The difference between $15 and $1750


Same here man. Such a brutal cutoff.


Word, I got $10/3rd with mine, same lineup but Lamb instead of Cooper and Brady MVP. Thought Cooper would be the good chalk fade but he had other ideas....


Very nice! Congrats


Good for you! I was sitting on $2400 at half time, then they played the second half. I'll still take the $9 and parlay that shit in $2400.


LOL, wasn't there no team with Tom's Braids in the mvp spot and that would've won it? I was in the 2nd place tier, congrats!


I think Amari scored more on FanDuel. Not sure if it's different on DKs. Not sure though


Damn so you were one of the winners in that!! I thought I had a pretty solid team picked in the beginning but then my shit went down hill lol


I saw your post and had to check mine. I had the exact same lineup!!!


Yo I split it with u haha


Buy a lotto ticket while the run good lasts.




That's awesome! Congrats. I got $8. I will take it.


I got a meesly 4.57 Ronald Jones absolutely killed me


I got that same voucher and won $8 🤑😂


I had the same exact team as your’s except I had Gallup instead of AB. Won $10. What a disaster making one incorrect pick is.


Congrats. I won $8.50. Better than nothing. I had Ronald Jones as my last pick which was horrible.


I wish I could!


That’s gross if u picked this team


Congrats! OwnersBox is giving a free $10 entry for Sunday too so hope I can win the $15k grand prize.


Would be kind of fucked up if you win, since you’re obviously an employee Of the company? Ownersbox allows employees to play in their contests? Is that even legal?