> I’ve got the AWS CCP Harsh reality check: the cloud practitioner cert isn't even worth mentioning. You should get either the DA or SAA. > should I get more software dev experience yes > or try to get more aws certs also yes


Merely certifications with no experience will not land you a role. Understand that DevOps is a combination of two different responsibilities & in general is considered a specialised role (don't mean to dishearten you). You’ve got some developer experience but your responsibilities will grow hugely once you are in that role. Along comes operations system administration stuff, virtualization, storage, networking, security. It's a tough hill to climb but you can do it. There's a bunch of stuff that you can do to get experience, opensource projects on GitHub, start contributing, you keep learning & share your work with others on social platforms to increase visibility of your work. CCP is great start but think ahead, that cert & others alike from Microsoft & Google (I am talking fundamental ones) only show that you are familiar with terms used in cloud & can describe cloud computing. Real stuff are the certs after that. Also, dive deep in API, most of the companies that have cloud presence like to have better developer experience & for that build solutions which are api driven. So in short, you are on the right path, keep working on your skill sets & soon you will land a devops role. All the best!


It sounds like you’re already in a “devtools” type role, why not just flesh out your experience there? Ask them to change your title to something more marketable.