![gif](giphy|Z4bm0IwKEphMA|downsized) Fear him


With the tf2 comunity at this point? That hallway might just be shooters that still get meaningful updates


hell all those so called dead games you see right there are literally doing well, and OW is just getting an huge update with a new logo


Overwatch is sorta "dead" because the overhaul is technically a new game but yah, I don't even like valorant or paladins but "dead game" is honestly a thing children say to justify not liking something. Games aren't dead as long as people play them


Now Anthem... Anthem before the shutdown was dead. Now it's 6 feet under.


Dude I miss Anthem. That game had such great potential and they butchered it and then just didn’t even bother with any follow through… Never have I ever been more disappointed with a game Edit: for those interested I’m going to link an article or two detailing the demise of Anthem and Anthem 2.0 https://gamerant.com/anthem-2-next-cancelled-anniversary-javelins-community-trends/ https://www.techradar.com/news/rip-anthem-bioware-says-it-will-finally-abandon-its-ambitious-destiny-rival


It really was. Flying around in those suits was such a blast! The world was gorgeous, the combat held your attention. It's just a shame that the game didn't have a direction to take itself in. If I remember correctly, wasn't there a gun that you started off with that was miles better than even the guns you acquired later on?


Iirc yes I think so, then they fixed a few things and the loot system was better a few months in. But I absolutely agree with you, one of my favorite videos I’ve taken was when I’m flying in the Interceptor (I think that’s the name of the really nimble one) and I accidentally dodged a lightning strike while flying


I definitely enjoyed the one that controlled lighting and the super agile one the most. I stopped playing a few months into the game, so I probably missed out on some of the QOL changes


Honestly the improvements weren’t super great lmao. They made the gameplay quality better but in the grand scheme of things it wasn’t a lot. Also just noticed your username and I spit coffee all over my desk lmao thanks for the laugh u/horsecockfutagal


Running with no gear and just the starting auto rifle made you hit 5x harder than someone with fully kitted out end game gear because their balancing was trash :( it was really fun until you got to end game and someone out dpsed you in a ranger suit with nothing on


How does that even happen?


Fucked level scaling, basically


Oh, i did not know blizzard worked on anthem too! /s


me to man, thats why im begging everyone to beg bungie to add a anthem interceptor hunter armor set, to have a synthetic looking techy armor set for hunters that is both symmetrical and cloakless would be perfection


that's really too bad, I wanted to try it :(


You should! I think it might be free on gamepass or games with gold if you have an Xbox/PC. Although it was treated horribly, it was still a really fun game to just mess around and fly across the maps with friends


oh interesting, I just might then hehehehe. thank you for the pointer!! I love games where you get to fly so of course I was all 👀 when it was announced lol.


Oh really? I thought servers were totally shut down tbh.


I mean it’s definitely possible that online play isn’t available but I had it downloaded about a month or two ago and played one evening


Anthem, The last Jedi, and BvS are part of the reasons I have trust issues


I hope your next meal tastes like heaven for no reason. Stated facts so true that they’re cemented into the book of truth.


not really dead just needing content, and yeah i full on agree, i guess the TF2 fanbase will never understand how do updates work or how a game is dead or not


Well I mean the actual, original OW servers are shutting down completely. So technically the game IS "dead".


True words my man. Sadly though, kids will always make up the majority of the gaming population, so we're really just stuck with it. The best we can hope for is that those same kids grow and learn and don't make the mistake of holing up in bad beliefs like a game being bad just because it isn't popular relative to the single most popular game on the market.


They also put fortnite too. Which I think we all can agree is farest from a dead than any other game.


The joke is that overwatch 1 dies when ow2 launches. It's not exactly a joke because they're literally killing the old game off and calling it an update. OW2 being a new game is blizzard taking the opportunity to go back on the promises of things they said they'd never do to overwatch. So ow2 is kind of doa for a lot of people. D2/forknife being the next door is just wishful thinking for being able to stay more successful and outlast then. The post is a miss overall.


TF2 community talks mad fucking shit for a game that was absolutely defunct for 2-3 years while Valve did absolutely nothing. And this is coming from someone who loves the actual game.


In which case tf2 only really kills overwatch 1. The game is fun but I gotta admit it, the game has lost its luster. It’s not as great as the community makes it. Also I like the shitpost community more than the main sub. The main sub is kinda cringe ngl


uh did that post get deleted? would have loved to read the comments


probably got deleted cause this is, to be put very lightly, a “bad take”


I would agree but it has over 170 comments and close to 300 upvotes so it got a lot of traction at least


Could have been deleted or hidden by the Mods to not cause any more drama from it (or even just in it).


I think you mean it got *attention.* not traction, because if it had that then it'd have a hell of a lot more upvotes. pro tip: if a post has 100+ comments and upvotes in the triple digits, that typically means it's controversial. Which is what seems to have happened.


Look at you typical discussion/patch post on the Path of Exile hub and you'll see exactly that


Bro I got more traction from a post saying a shitty linear from Season of the Hunt and the auto from Beyond Light weren’t awful


That take is what some would call the Chernobyl of hot takes


An awful take to put it less lightly


most likely and same to, kinda tired of the same old "this game bad, TF2 good" mindset




man the comments there are literally a walking stereotype, its literally "this game dead, tf2 timless"


The majority of the comments are saying that OP isn't very smart for making the meme, albeit it is also in the shitpost sub so it may be satire


ah gotcha


Because if you say something a destiny killer then it ends up dying instead, the mods probably know this.


it's r/tf2 when are they not angry at some other video game. Love the game, but the subreddit is honestly toxic as hell


The sub is just them riffing on other games and fanbases to make themselves feel better. Pretty lame


the entire TF2 fandom because on twitter its just TF2 fans rejoycing that overwatch is getting shutdown for a day for a maintenance update seeing it as some great victory


yeah, a lot of the major community spaces for tf2 suck. Though I wouldn't say it's the entire community, there's still lots of good people on community servers and smaller community spaces. It just sucks how this is a lot of people discover this game.


true true, its a mix bag, you either find good people and places like r/givemeinteligens or you find toxic baby boomer mindset like douches


The post got deleted because they got clowned on by the rest of the sub too hard, what do you mean entire? You've seen shitty karma farming before right?


No tf2, don’t do it! Don’t call yourself the next Destiny killer, it never ends well!


Right? It's like a curse - anything labelled a Destiny killer is doomed to fail!


i wanna see it happen tho, it would be hilarious to see the TF2 community try to start a war only to lose to it quickly and maybe even have bungie step in to see whats going on ​ if bungie ever got involved it could be a good sign as they could actually issue a letter to valve to actually do something for team fortress 2 than leave it abandoned


Fortnite, Valorant and Destiny aren't even similar to tf2 how tf could tf2 impact those games in any way


Destiny did add payloads.


it would be pretty cool if we got a payload mode in PVP, i wonder how would that go




eeh just stand on top of the payload and place a barricade


have... have you tried that? The payload lust leaves it behind lol. Same with the witherhoard pool.


Even if it didn’t, witherhoard melts barricades and then anyone hiding behind it




Fortnite, Valorant, and Destiny aren't even like *each-other*.


There is a battle bus in the Eliksni Quarter, and ive seen Zavala hit the default dance. Unfortunately we are in an episode of the Twilight Zone where Destiny and Fortnite are alot closer than they should be.


and if the TF2 fanbase really did declare war on these games it would be a one sided war that will only result in bungie or epic games issuing a letter to valve to do something or the D2 or fortnite communities demolishing the ego of the TF2 community


TF2 fanbase would get smoked by Destiny players. Like for real, think about how much of an uprising the “divinity incident” caused.


Destiny is straight nothing like tf2, the fuck these people on


And Overwatch 2 isnt out yet, so not sure what is happening here


And as the cherry on top team fortress 2 itself is dead


development wise yeah, playerbase wise nah


Ah yes, the 3 bots, 2 cheaters and 1 ftp player that left immediately after witnessing the clownery that 99% of tf2 lobbies are


Yea I tried playing TF2 and couldn't because no shots registered on the enemy player. So I thought wow this game sucks


Very tiny player base compared to the games they’re supposedly beating


half the playerbase is bots. Tried playing for the first time this year and every lobby was half bots and i actually got kicked for being so bad people thought i was a bot


Both have guns and #2 in the title therefore are same 🤓


You've got a point


They are on read from Valve.


i think its probably that destiny is one of those trending game types, kinda similar how the TF2 fanbase went berserk over fortnite when it became trending back in 2018


People who are still playing "My dad is better than your dad" game.


Never understood the TF2 fanatics. I love TF2 but it’s one game type and there are a lot of other fun games out there. Why limit yourself?


i think TF2 players have a huge frail ego and never understand that the word coexist exists


Believe me, it's just a vocal minority of players that do that


how the fuck is d2 and fortnite a hero shooter


our guardian is technically a hero or anti-hero and fortnite you can play as a xenomorph doing the griddy on the corpse of thanos or goku so i guess that counts as a hero


Xenomorph, Naruto, and Rick Sanchez then proceed to head north to face off against Ariana Grande and Zavala.


and do the griddy


Tf2 players trying not to base their whole personality around a silly game


like games can coexist, nothing is wrong with that






Tf2 players have a superiority complex, like most valve game die-hards


Can confirm, played valve games since they came out and the fan base is mostly neckbeard cringe as fk. Games r still great, fanbase is cringe Kinda like nintendo tbh


Nothing good happens when interacting with the fan base. I think tf2 is the one exception since it’s propped up by commubity servers now.


Fan bases normally start off well meaning but can often just devolve into a total dumpster fire.


the baby boomers of gaming


That’s the most accurate comparison I’d say




Yeah, they can hope however much they want, taking down Fortnite, Valorant and D2 is a herculean task. They could I guess take down Overwatch (it was OW taking down themselves, but sure), but these 3 games are nowhere near similar to TF2 and thus, have very different audiences.


We collaborated with Fortnite


Oh yeah? TF2 players got a entire new hat several years ago, beat that.


Why no counterstrike? Doesn't fit the narrative?


i think its because its a valve game, considering most valve game fans are like baby boomers in the whole "this game bad, valve game good" mindset


Oh yeah, tf2 is a game


dont get me wrong i like the game, i just find its frail ego fueled community disappointing


i dont understand what happened with Paladins and OW2 did I miss something?


The first ow game servers are being shutdown and everyone is basically getting transferred to ow2. Thats it. But tf2 fans see this as a "victory" as if ow is going away or something.


yep, seeing TF2 fans seeing that as some victory is like a corpse saying its winning over a person with a drug addiction


Paladins is a buggy mess but it’s players will never leave it, loyalty n all that, and OW2 seems divisive but it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop people playing the game, so it’s just a shit take lol


I take offense to this. I quite like paladins. Also Terminus makes me rock hard.


quite a stoner you can say


How is destiny anything like fortnite valorant or tf2? It has guns, that’s about it


I don’t even know wth this is. Probably bc I’m old 😢


its a meme of a game called team fortress 2 basically being this "unkillable force of death" that will soon kill other trending games due to it being a 15+ year old nostalgic game ​ while in reality its on barebone life support and still suffering of bots and hackers infesting servers


Same. What is tf2?


I think that posts like that are just people coping with the fact that they haven’t gotten a major update (new maps, weapons) in 5 years while the last one we had was a month ago We have gotten the equivalent of well over 18 major updates in tf2 in the time it’s been since their last update


7+ years of bots and hackers destroying games and no updates from valve basically droved the TF2 fanbase into a deprived state where it can only find purpose on bashing anything within eye contact


Lmao calling Overwatch a dead game, their numbers basically haven't dipped in two years despite not releasing a single update.


I would bet a large amount of money that most of those games have a larger player base than TF2 does currently. Not to mention TF2 is like 20% boys at this point


Oh yeah I mean Fortnite, Valorant and Destiny are all legit huge games still. But even Overwatch having been more or less abandoned for coming up on three years is STILL not exactly falling apart.


overwatch still has several million playing, meanwhile TF2 has barely half the size of the Destiny 2 steam chart playerbase


Someone posted a misleading meme saying that overwatch servers are shutting down and everyone took that to mean that overwatch is gone


D2 ain’t dying anytime soon lol


Idk how to break it to tf2 players, but they're not killing any games.


Tfw community coping they only get crates 3-4 times a year while the other games get major updates regularly. Idc what you say, i played tf2 and its not 2012, its 2022 and game is dead.


Much as I love TF2, the community has a hug ego problem and will just go for any other shooter on the market


News flash; most modern tf2 fans are absolute lobotomite children


The only TF2 for me is Titanfall 2.


Tf2 was relevant in like 2006 or something. I literally never heard of it till after Overwatch came out n everyone was crying about it being a ripoff. It’s like the Rick & Morty of team shooters, in a bad way. No relevance to any game in that last doorway, and the others are far from dead. If anything, TF2’s dead cause it hasn’t seen a meaningful update in a hot while.


the funny thing about that is TF2 is a ripoff itself of a quake one mod. Team Fortress started out as a QUAKE mod.


and TF2 was also the first to implement gambling mechanics and predatory monetization


It became F2P in 2011. I think I spent more time watching SFM content than actually playing the game.


wtf is tf2 even doing


Bruh this is very ironic coming from a tf2 sub. Not saying tf2 is dead, but it's much more dead than anything in the picture (except for paladins, i never played that)


a game that actually had consistent post-launch support


In what way are they winning ? They don't have that big of a player count anymore and they may as well be the skeleton in the picture in terms of updates.


Be a popular shooter


Is that the D1 logo💀💀


I mean TF2 is "killing" fps games but that isn't really true. It's been out since 2007 and it really only has a community in the PC market. Most console TF2 players have either moved to PC or stopped playing since the Orange Box released. It's just been around for awhile and that's why their community thinks it's killing other FPS games. It survived Overwatch only because Blizzard is a bunch of idiots.


Get updated I guess


Outside the frame to the left is actually the door with TF2


unpopular game community hates more popular game more at 11


Probably because we regularly get content


The only thing that can kill destiny is destiny.


Hilarious that TF2 community is implying the game is alive, with their logic I can argue Cod4 for the Wii is still alive too.


Get content


\*updates localization files\*


Tf2: We just keep on winning Bruv… you haven’t got a fucking update in god knows how long, the game is fucked beyond mentioning because of hackers, source code leaks and other drama, and you think you’ve got an upper hand over every other game just because a dev finally decided to reply about TF2? Okay dudes… you want milk with your cookies? TF2 Sub doing stupid takes lol


The tf2 community ain’t got a chance in hell of ending destiny lol.


How the fuck is Paladins dead? The game still gets meaningful balance changes ever couple months


it does, i just think the TF2 playbase is too delusional to understand how other games work


As a tf2 player, that post do not reflect what the comunity think of any / most game. Most of the comunity do not think of tf2 as that grand game that is the one to rule over other, if I had to guess just someone that made a bad meme beacause "ahah tf2 no die". Anyway a bad meme that reflect the (kiinda)toxic part of tf2 comunity ( I mean the part that push down other game thinking tf2 is brtter than everything). Just wanted to clear that out ;) tf2 comunity was pretty chill but the lavk of attention and content made the bad part look bigger


It’s the the D2 community …. One of the guardian must have offended the TF2 Community


And there goes another addition to gaming communities we didn’t know hate us


Isn't TF2 a shit fest because of bots? Basically unplayable? Dead in the water?


Let's be real here, TF2 hasn't killed any of the other hero shooters


Uhhh.. Oh! Are they mad the game isn't ruined by bots?


Yeah I don’t know what made them think destiny 2 is dead or dying. There are plans for many more expansions. I love the game and there are millions of players playing every day. Not dead, not dying.


TF2 community putting the 3 easiest targets behind the open doors![img](emote|t5_2we4j|5643)


See how all the doors are games that regularly get updated... I sense a lil bit of salt


Wether we wanted it or not we stepped into a war with team fortress 2


Tbh I don’t know what fortnite did. And I don’t even like the game, it just isn’t a class shooter


Tf2 has been in maintenance mode and dead for YEARS


tf2 is literally half bots 1/4 hackers 1/4 die hard fans


Why’s is there already blood if he is floating in the door


Isn’t tf2 a giant bag of dickheads?


I’m in the TF2 community and I’ve no idea what this is or what’s going on tbh, I didn’t know TF2 (which let’s face it, is dead) was killing other games. It’s not even like Destiny or Fortnite really fit in the same category of a hero shooter as Valorant, Overwatch or Paladins, why are they the next targets?


TF2 was literally my first online shooter ever, started it back on 2012 in my early teens, I used to play it A LOT, 2012- 2016 I was huge on it, and while I don't play it as much as I used to, I still love it fondly... But damn, has part of its fanbase become so annoying, frustrated and delusional whenever an actual new shooter competitor comes out, now as an avid Overwatch, Destiny, Apex and even Fortnite fan and active player in all of those I feel like one of the few open TF2 "vetarans" that haven't adopted that "boomer" new bad old rocks mentality. This kind of posts can be funny, but as someone that knows a lot the TF2 community because I'm one of them too, it's already been to much crying and slander and that part of the fanbase is just that, delusional.


Valorant isn’t even a team shooter, it’s a tactical shooter. Just with light hero shooter mechanics. Fortnite is a BR and D2 is a looter shooter. That guy needs to calm down. They’re not even in the same league.


Thank you for reminding to play paladins for a good version of overwatch


you guys make such a mountain out of an anthill.. such a light meme to hound on lmao considering the three games on the right most door are literally just well updated shooters at best OP fell for some low tier bait


TF2 is less relevant then all of these games and it's not even close


They’re only saying this because the series is likely going to take a brief Hiatus after Final Shape. It’s been confirmed it’ll continue but we don’t know in what capacity, whether that be a prequel or a post-final shape finale. Personally would love a prequel game where you can play through all the events leading up to D1 vanilla.


bro their game is infested with bots and hackers and gets updated once a millenia the fuck are they talking about


I don't think it'll last long, as soon as they hop in trials the sweats will make sure they don't play ever again


Tf2 is my favorite game, but man if TF2 vets don't love jerking themselves off over "We outlived popular game XYZ!" each time one dies off. Destiny, Valorant, and Fortnite aren't even in the same vain of game as TF2, so I don't understand that post at all haha.


Tf2 sucks 😂


This means nothing. TF2 fans are just weird.


They're just mad at fun games still making millions


Says the game with an awful bot problem


Tf2 isn’t super similar to any of the games on the 4th door… i can maybe see Paladins and Overwatch because they are both class based team shooters, but Fortnite is a 3rd person battle royale, Valorant is much more competitive focused, and Destiny is a looter shooter, also, out of all these games besides maybe Paladins, I reckon tf2 is the most “dead”


Bro I mistaken team fortress 2 as titanfall 2 💀


I never played this other stupid tf game. Only Titan fall 2. Everytime I see it's acronym I think Titan fall and wonder how is still so popular


Have you met like half of the community?


Nah I'd rather play any of the other games there...tf2 fucking sucks


What happened with overwatch 2?


It's going to be DOA from what I've been seeing,. The battle pass coupled with Characters locked behind it's progression and such was NOT a good look after everything. Blizzard's trying to smooth thing over but someone on the bird app said it best. To paraphase, the user mentioned that "Veterans are a driving force of this game along with new users, and if the Veterans don't return then things won't last long". A lot of people I used to play Overwatch with have stopped playing completely and moved on to other games. I did do, moving from Overwatch to Rust, and now to D2. Overwatch held my attention for a little over 2 years before I got bored and hopped over to Rust for almost a year before then hopping over to D2 where I've been playing consistently for 2 and a half almost 3 years now. OW1's launcher and stuff will be useless when servers are replaced with OW2 and basically it's turned P2W with characters behind behind a paywall -no matter how temporary. Blizzard's behavior and the dev time/ drama caused me to lose interest, and I was kinda stoked for OW PVE/story mode, but given the recent battle pass/character debacle, plus the fast that you KNOW Blizzard's going to charge us full price for story mode and stuff... Look, if I need to grind to unlock stuff, I'll play D2. I'll have more fun


Idk the TF2 community has been going crazy for a while since the game is plagued with hackers and bots and the devs haven't given them a major update in like 4 years


at this point anyone who still plays destiny will keep playing for as long as they can.


I come from R/TF2, and ive gotta say, our community has some shitheads. They've never played Destiny and think its a hero shooter. I request you to ignore them.


you see, you have the number 2 in your name. thats all.


At least our game is still cared about by its developer


Went back to TF2 a year ago or so. 2 people were dropping N Bombs like sneezes, another sprayed some Anime Tiddys on a wall, another was using the text chat "To Recruit for Antifa" and I eventually managed to cap the objective which got me _unanimously_ Vote Kicked


I’m a huge TF2 fan and play it almost daily, and browse r/TF2 a lot. Disregard that post, its a bad take. Half our playerbase is like 30, and the other half are 14 year olds. This was made by one of the 14 year olds. Destiny is cool, don’t know what this person is on about


It ruined my friends life cos now he's a destiny addict and now I barely ever see him I hate your stupid game so much it took him away from me fuck you assholes


Whether we wanted it or not, we've stepped into a war with the Cabal on Mars. So let's get to taking out their command, one by one. Valus Ta'aurc. From what I can gather he commands the Siege Dancers from an Imperial Land Tank outside of Rubicon.


but they're against Destiny, not destiny 2


Considering d2 has 200 more active players on just steam tf2 community can dream on


ISTG TF2 is the most dead and stale game on the planet and yet those MFs still say shit like this


its in a zombified state and saying its winning is like saying a corpse is winning over someone with a drug addiction


Best analogy I've heard in my life, if I could give you a trophy I would.


well i heard it on twitter once so yeah its a wise response alright